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The IRS has been under fire this week for all kinds of abuses of power – from targeting the Tea Party to targeting professors, it appears they operated with political motivations. Was the IRS even used to target Glenn Beck?

In 2010, Glenn told listeners, “Last year I was audited. I owed exactly zero to the IRS. I overpay my taxes. I have for years because when in doubt, give it to them. I don’t want to hear from IRS agents. But I heard from them. Wonder if I’ll hear from them again. Wouldn’t that be a weird coincidence? By the way, Pat, you were audited, weren’t you? Isn’t that a weird thing.”

Yes, Pat Gray was audited too. As did Editor-in-Chief for TheBlaze Scott Baker. Weird.

“It’s very odd,” Stu said. “It’s so interesting because they can use this as a weapon so easily. I got a letter in the mail about a month ago that said that I owed $650, or something like that from a year or two ago taxes. And look, my initial reaction to that letter was, write a check and send it to them. Like that’s what I thought. That’s what I was going to do and I thought, I should at least send it to my accountant and see what she thinks about it. And she looked at it and said, no, you don’t owe this money. You’ve paid this already. I would have just paid it.”

“How many times are they doing that around the country?” Stu said.