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On radio today, Glenn mentioned the shocking video that hit the internet which appears to show Syrian rebel army leader Abu Sakkar cutting the heart out of a dead Syrian soldier and eating it. These are the radical rebels Obama is arming — so what does that mean for the new Syria when Assad is ousted?

“There’s two stories here that most people will just avoid. On the front page above the fold, Russians send better missiles to help Assad. The second story is war’s pressure is causing Syria to break apart. Even if Assad leaves, deep splits imperil the nation’s integrity. That’s good for Turkey, and remember who the best friend of the president is: Turkey. It’s good for Turkey, it is good for Iran, it is horrible, horrible for the Middle East.”

“We are fomenting democratic revolution and we are helping them break these things apart so there can be a new Caliphate. This will end up hurting Jordan and whatever crazy stability Saudi Arabia actually supplies.”

“Now, there’s one other story and I’m trying to confirm, I’m trying to confirm if this is one of the rebels or the rebel groups that we are actually supporting, and I just got this in. Human‑based ‑‑ or U.S.‑based Human Rights Watch identified the rebel as Abu Sakkar, well known rebel leader from the city of Homs, according to BBC News,” Glenn said. “This, we’re going to post, and I warn you it is absolutely horrific. Came to my attention yesterday afternoon. It is a Syrian rebel shooting a Syrian soldier and then coming over, taking a knife, jamming it into his chest, ripping his chest cavity open, cutting his heart out and then eating it. And it has been as confirmed as you can possibly get.”

“Now, what nobody is talking about is I believe these are the rebels we are arming. If you think you can have a better regime from a group of people who will actually eat soldiers’ hearts, you’re out of your mind. And this is what ‑‑ this is bigger than the scandal. This goes to your security. Are we arming the Syrian rebels? If we are, we’re in a de facto war with Russia because Russia is arming the Syrian army, and we are certainly on the wrong side!”

“This thing is going to turn into an absolute nightmare. Christians and Christian churches, you should be opening up your arms to any, any Christian that wants to come ‑‑ you should be reaching out to any Christian that wants to get out of the Middle East, any Jew that wants to get out of the Middle East, although I think the Jews are probably in the safest place. I was thinking about actually getting a place, someplace right in Jerusalem because at least I know God will protect that. We are ‑‑ we are battling powers of darkness beyond your wildest understanding.”

TheBlaze has more. You can watch the graphic video of Abu Sakkar  here.