According to Progressives, the Violence Against Women Act does not go far enough!

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Another great moment in progressive history. The violence against women act needs to be more specific in order to help women.

  • Anonymous

    What The F u c k ? ! ? It’s this was passes as political comedy? There is not even the glimpse of an effort to be intelligent about the critique that it being offered. Only worn out stereotypes about stereotypes about stereotypes, all wrapped in a barely silly, though I’ll admit it, ridiculous pundit-spouted-media bite that has no other use than to make you dumber and blinder in your hate against women’s rights activists. Do take lessons from the likes of Stewart and Colbert…

  • Jim Letourneau


  • bucketnutz

    So they will be prosecuting Muzlim men in the US that beat their women because their religion says they should?

  • Sharmane

     Typical lack of a sense of humor exhibited by the left.  Learn to lighten up and laugh once in awhile.  You might actually enjoy your life.

  • 001Observer

    Was this supposed to be funny…?  There is a salient point to be made about this law, but this “satire” missed the mark badly.

  • 001Observer

     I am not the “left” and this wasn’t funny.  Satire should be cutting and on point.  This wasn’t either.

  • MudPuddleBunny
  • Stephan Bruno

    Wow. Where is the comedy?

  • Sam Fisher

    I am sure that somewhere on YouTube someone is making a
    childish cock joke that you might like.

  • Sam Fisher

    But yet they still will not women protect themselves in colleges in Colorado.

  • Sam Fisher

    No that would be racist. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    You sort of have a point, but joking aside, I do believe there are some pluses to this legislation. I haven’t read the complete and final wording of the law, but it is my understanding that it does address the questionable efficacy of allowing domestic violence perpetrators to share custody, or even have visitation with the victim’s children.

    Remember the man who, a few months ago, blew up himself and his kids to exact revenge on his wife whom he had apparently abused (they think he murdered her) and her family, because she dared leave him?

    Less severe versions of this happen routinely when there is divorce due to domestic violence and judges with no common sense, order domestic violence perpetrators to have visitation with the kids. It puts the kids in an emotionally really difficult position and causes them significant psychological problems (Why do I have to visit Daddy when he beat up Mommy? Mommy says it’s not OK to hit, but Daddy does it and he says it’s OK if somebody made you do it.).

  • Anonymous

     The legislation was modified to allow concealed carry on campus.

  • Joshua Turner

    This was about as funny as watching a grown man BAWL on his television show about how much he loves “Amurica”. Oh, did I say funny? I meant depressing…

  • Anonymous

    It is all fun and games until the w_ite people get pizzed off.