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Today on the radio show, Glenn revealed new details on the museum that would be unveiled during Independence Week.

“David Barton and I have put together a museum with some very generous people helping us out on letting us display some very rare and never before combined priceless American artifacts,” Glenn said.

Items on display include George Washington’s original Badge of Merit, Edmund Burke’s prayer Bible, Joseph Smith’s exquisite gold pocket watch, and Arnold Friberg’s original painting, “The Prayer at Valley Forge”.

“Really coming all the way from the pilgrims to today, all the way from the Bible the pilgrims brought on with them to be able to come to America and set this up, all the way to what Marcus Luttrell was wearing and had with him on his amazing journey as the lone survivor. It is all in one place,” Glenn said.

Glenn promised that visitors that the experience would be very up close and personal.

For details on how to get tickets, click here.