What did Glenn think of his daughter’s graduation from a prominent New York university?

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Glenn’s daughter Hannah formerly graduated from Fordham University on Saturday, and anyone who follows Glenn on Twitter knew he had some strong opinions about how the five hour (yes, FIVE HOUR) ceremony went. He shared some more of his thoughts on radio this morning.

During the ceremony, Glenn live tweeted his thoughts – first and foremost recognizing Hannah’s achievements.

But he had less than kind words for some of the speakers, including Sen. Chuck Shumer.

He had much nicer things to say about NBC News chief foreign correspondant Richard Engle.

On radio, Glenn shared some more details about the ceremony.

“I will tell you I was so glad that she paid for that all through a scholarship because it would have killed me to continue to pay those people. Because of what they did to my daughter and how they treated my daughter and how they treated quite honestly the things that I hold sacred. It’s despicable,” Glenn said.

“And there was practically no mention of God. In fact, one point, you know, the dean was talking about how we should ‑‑ we should serve each other, we should help each other, we should help the poor because ‑‑ and I thought, he’s on it. He’s on the money. He’s on the money phrase. Because then indeed we all will be sons and daughters of… fill in the blank,” Glenn said.

When no one could guess, he revealed it was not “sons and daughters of God” but as “sons and daughters of Fordham”.

“If you think your kids are safe any place, they’re not. If you think these values are being taught, they’re not. This generation is more lost than the last generation, and the last generation was really quite lost. The one that is currently coming up is an absolute nightmare. And these people are training our kids to be something that we don’t want them necessarily to be.”


  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    I still think college is a waste of time but good for her.

    • Anonymous

       It is true that college isn’t for everyone…and there are many professions where it is not necessary…but don’t write it all off.  If a student has a goal and is willing to WORK at it..and if they are hoping to get into a profession that requires that degree it is fine.  Our three children have all graduated from universities here in NYC…and not ONE of them has lost their soul to the progressive agenda.  Flying in the face of it as actually strengthened their conservative convictions (and debating skills)…and one of them now works part-time as a college instructor.  (Memo to progressives…we conservatives are in places you might not believe…we are everywhere).  In fact, they were pleasantly surprised to find that there ARE people there (more than one might think)…students and instructors alike..who share their views.  The problem in is that young individuals  fear expressing those views and rebelling against the “collective.”  We have taught them to try to be fearless in that regard…to sacrifice the “A” if necessary to be true to themselves.  The older conservative student is far more secure as an individual in expressing those views.  That said, we have also always ascribed to the idea that not every kid MUST go to college…and we offered that option to all three of our offspring.  College worked for them…and brought them to careers about which they are passionate.  Encouraging kids to work at what they love is far more important than that piece of paper…but sometimes that paper is necessary to do just that.

      Congratulations Hannah and the entire Beck family!

      • Anonymous

         Well said, LauraNYC.

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        It just does not have what I want or has anything want to do with my life.

      • phylly3

        Conservatives are everywhere because they are locked in place, frozen in thought and terrified of change. Raising children is a privilage and seeing them fledge, though hard, is the goal. We never intended to raise clones and delighted in their individual gifts, work ethic,( that they did eventually model), their intellect and their OWN discernment. Their ultimate joy in their chosen careers that they multi-task with the families they have created is awe inspiring. We have learned as much from them as they have from us, as it should be.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Sam – personally college or no college should be up to the individual; if they seek a career that requires the education such as for many engineering and medical fields, then there is not much choice left.

      Mind you, I have some college experience yet consider what I have taught myself to be of equal value in the area that knowledge is applied.

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        I just feel I can spend less money and actually have a job that pays well out of trade school. I know some friends how are making more than average college grad. I feel not many people put much stock in things like this and besides not nocking college but I prefer to work with my hands on motors than any desk job and if I restore old cars or get into custom motor cycles I could make more money in a job I would love. I just got to find work so I can pay for all of this training.

    • Brian

      Judging by your ignorant comments in the past, it’s almost a shocking you think higher education is a waste. Now, go get my fries, loser.

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        Seeing that is how most college grads will end up getting someone fries to begin with instead of their field of choice thanks to you liberals. Are you trying for the irony reward here?

    • medavinci

      Unfortunately, today you can’t find a single job (other than ble collar) without that and a masters. The dopey kids at the Ivys who got in on legacy or daddy’s money, are shameful. But the old boy network and cronyism own us all. You can’t imagine the private school kids who have been drinking since middle school, get in Ivys with money, and then get jobs with daddy or his friends. Same with show business. As you see the sons and daughters (ALsion Williams and Douglas Willaima, Brian Williams kids, had no problem finding work after Yale and Elon; pur kids? Forget it…same with Kathie Lee, her daughter who is average at best. Will get a job in the business somehow or wind up on her Godmothers show – keeping up with the kartrashians…the world is a mess for our poor children especially those who work so hard to just be able to survive in this world).

  • Anonymous

    I watched the man on the street doing candid reporting through cold questions.
    They asked several young adults – – “excuse me what do you think about Benghazi” – – none even knew what the heck Benghazi was. Probably thought it was a drink.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Ingalsbe/100000432271314 Terry Ingalsbe

    Congratulations on a major accomplishment!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670889808 Patti Robbins

    So Mr. Proud daddy you spent your daughter commencement…tweeting???You are the asshole and the speakers were not!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/LitlDog-Too/100002801606837 LitlDog Too

       Wow -way to go, girl. Nice language.

    • Anonymous

      Well at least he was listening and not sleeping – he was engaged. Probably much more than the majority who were there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Squires/1580058045 Greg Squires

    The Jesuit order has morphed into the communist wing of the Catholic Church.  We did a retreat at Gonzaga Univ. several years ago and the two priests that came to hear confessions  hadn’t gone to confession themselves for years.  Our retreat master made them before he would allow them to hear any from the folks going through the retreat.  I still haven’t found in the Bible where Jesus tells us to go  forth and scam as much as you can from the government and the rich.  You would think that the “Order  of Jesus” could figure that  out.  Apparently spending too much time in the library with the wrong books.

  • Anonymous

    Our family has heard UpChuck’s speech 3 times now…2 undergrad and 1 grad school graduation.  He gives the exact same stupid speech EVERY TIME.  He is truly nauseating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670889808 Patti Robbins

    Shut up Glenn Beck…this country again is suffering tonight..  shut up with your stupid statements!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670889808 Patti Robbins

    Congrats Hannah!!  Absolutely!!  But I congratulate both of my daughters whom have graduated in the last five years.. I didn’t make it political…but he did!! Give it up Glenn!!!   YOU tweeted during your daughter’s graduation because of politics…think you should have thought a lot more about the graduation versus your political view!!  Shame on you!

  • Anonymous

    And for the bigger picture, an education, college or not, is the reason we are here on Earth, to learn how to work harmoniously with our fellow man. Earning a living, marrying, raising kids, are adjuncts to the big picture, and how we go about it all speaks volumes to He who will judge us in the end.

    Yeah, there will be those who disparage such thoughts, and who also disparage learning, sometimes even higher education in general.

    I would ask of them, for what purpose is your knowledge, your intelligence, to ultimately be wasted to dust in the grave? Surely there is an overarching reason for it all. Otherwise, why has “evolution” led us to such a high level of understanding of the universe, and all that is in it, including ourselves?

    Hannah’s accomplishments are very commendable, and now as “commencement” she moves in to a productive period of her life.I expect her studies to serve her well now in “commencing” the rest of her life.  I wish her well.

    For the rest of us, for the present problems of life, Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    My son will graduate from a private catholic high school in about a week…he was planning on and accepted to a state school here in PA..we figure it will cost him about 70-80 thousand for a 4 year degree…….he is doing this on his own…yesterday he told us that he might not go…he might want to live at home and attend a community college..he said the debt is making him sick and he does not think it is worth it!……music to my ears……..

    • Anonymous

      @marthasusan40:disqus –You’ve done at least a major part of the job of parenting very well, and likely in other areas, too ! You’ve helped your son develop a sense of accountability and restraint that is already serving him well-an attribute not often found in teens.May God bless him on this path-and protect him from Marxist lecher liberal profs who spew their ‘beliefs’ & allegiances, not facts. Facts and history have no value to them, just a hindrance to the cause of many. In 1972-4 my psychology prof was as liberal and cynical as it comes. He was so full of himself with a captive audience. I was 35 & taking pre-med classes. I felt so badly for the 17-23 y/o students-still very impressionable kids, really.And this WAS a community college in a fairly rural area.  There is wisdom in ‘getting your feet under you’ after HS graduation-before thinking of heading off to LaLa land of the creeps teaching at most colleges. Scholarships are important-financially—but at what cost are we knowingly putting our children under the tutelage of uber-liberal instructors, whose venom they may never recover from. It will certainly strongly influence many of them into buying the lie of the ‘you owe me and it’s my right’ Nanny state mentality that undermines individuals, their families and our country. 
       Hooray for your son–tell him to not feel pressured into jumping into something that will affect him for a lifetime, and not only in the ways we hope for our children.

    • Anonymous

      Of course he was “accepted” at the State school, how else do you think the profs are making their wages ??  Multiply his $80,000 tuition by all the students entering
      this (and all other universities and colleges) school and guess what??? do the math his $80,000 tuition (if that college has 2000 students) in his 4 year period would collect 160 million $$$ Now you know why the campuses  all look like parks and the profs drive bmw’s!

      • Anonymous

        You are 100% correct…we are having a family meeting today hopefully my son will finally understand the insanity of borrowing this amount of money for something he could accomplish in a much more economical way……..I pray that he will make the right decision !

    • Shari Carder

      Look at a small college in PA named Grove City College.  They do not accept any federal funding and tuition is around $22,000 per year.  I was also impressed the college has zero debt.  When they build a new building, it is already paid for prior to construction.  The orientation that we went to before anything happened they had prayer.

  • Anonymous

    How does the topic of Islamic radicals come up at a graduation ceremony?

  • Anonymous

    You need a better editor. I think they meant formally graduated not formerly graduated.

    • Anonymous

       Pickey, pickey. Sometimes the computer just cannot keep up with spell check, (or is thta speel-cheqeck or  spiel stheke) :-)

  • http://twitter.com/SkyFlyer60 Ken Lane
  • Sapere Vedere

    Relax and let your “success mechanism” (unconscious) work for you.  We could relieve ourselves of a vast load of care, anxiety and worry, if would could but recognize that our Creator made ample provisions for us to live successfully in this or any other age by providing us with a built-in “creative mechanism.” 

  • Anonymous

    I went to the graduation ceremony of one of my goddaughters last week at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC and was overjoyed to hear prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, the singing of hymns, and the prominent mention of God. It reminded me of the way graduations used to be done.

  • caleb gosa

    Glenn, you can pretend that you are a Christian all you want to but ALL HYPOCRITES DO.

    God tells you in John 3:36 ; he who does not OBEY the Son, the WRATH of God will abide on him.

    You DO NOT OBEY Christ in Luke 14:26, Matthew 23:9, Matthew 19:29 and many other commands that Christ REQUIRES you to OBEY. You PICK and CHOOSE the commands that you think He means but not the ones that you do not like.

    God tells you in Acts 17:24 and other verses in the Holy Bible “The God that made the world and all things in it, is Lord of heaven and earth, DOES NOT DWELL IN TEMPLES MADE BY HANDS;

    You and all members in the temples made by hands say God is LYING because you LIE and say ‘He is in your heart’. Jesus tells you that your HEART IS FAR AWAY FROM ME but you LIE and call Christ the LIAR and your pastor will help you weave the words of God into a beautiful TAPESTRY OF LIES if you pay him the money that Christ told you to give to the POOR.  Jesus said to feed the hungry but your church ROBS the money from from the suffering of the world except  for a STRAINED OUT GNATS amount but your church SWALLOWS THE CAMEL’S PORTION to dress up the house where God says the throne of Satan is. Jesus calls them ROBBER’S DENS.

    I would tell you more but your screeners will destroy the TRUTH as the DEVIL tells them to do.

    This will open the GATES to HELL for them. 

  • Dean Winchester

    I can’t believe what the colleges in america are turning into. Also, nice name Sam Fisher.

  • Dean Winchester

    I can’t believe what is happening to the colleges in america. It is a real shame. Also, awesome name Sam Fisher.

  • Joseph McLaughlin

    Welcome to the world of progressive Catholicism.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am a devout, continuous since baptism, faithful Roman Catholic Christian, and I love my faith.

    Let me tell you a story with which you may not be familiar. At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century ( you may recognize the timeline as the great [and attempted universal] progressive initiative for the whole world, Christianity was not exempt).
    There was a young Jesuit French Priest, exiled from France who settled in the British Isles under the tutelage of the Irish Jesuit George Tyrell, his name was Pierre Tielhard de’Chardin. You can look up his theology if you so chose to, suffice it to say that confusion of basic Christian beliefs, especially among the Catholic religious community was his chief goal and for reasons only God knows, he proved to be quite pervasive and effective. In the United States this was manifest mostly in east coast seminaries, convents, and (you guessed it) colleges and universities. Eventually he was silenced by his superiors but by that time, by his own admissions…”he had friends throughout the hierarchy. Through John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and I hope Francis, The church is coming back to orthodoxy and sound Christian/Catholic principles, and as you say, firm believers know how it ends.

    Please research and God bless you.
    Joe McLaughlin
    San Antonio, Fl

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