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Glenn’s daughter Hannah formerly graduated from Fordham University on Saturday, and anyone who follows Glenn on Twitter knew he had some strong opinions about how the five hour (yes, FIVE HOUR) ceremony went. He shared some more of his thoughts on radio this morning.

During the ceremony, Glenn live tweeted his thoughts – first and foremost recognizing Hannah’s achievements.

But he had less than kind words for some of the speakers, including Sen. Chuck Shumer.

He had much nicer things to say about NBC News chief foreign correspondant Richard Engle.

On radio, Glenn shared some more details about the ceremony.

“I will tell you I was so glad that she paid for that all through a scholarship because it would have killed me to continue to pay those people. Because of what they did to my daughter and how they treated my daughter and how they treated quite honestly the things that I hold sacred. It’s despicable,” Glenn said.

“And there was practically no mention of God. In fact, one point, you know, the dean was talking about how we should ‑‑ we should serve each other, we should help each other, we should help the poor because ‑‑ and I thought, he’s on it. He’s on the money. He’s on the money phrase. Because then indeed we all will be sons and daughters of… fill in the blank,” Glenn said.

When no one could guess, he revealed it was not “sons and daughters of God” but as “sons and daughters of Fordham”.

“If you think your kids are safe any place, they’re not. If you think these values are being taught, they’re not. This generation is more lost than the last generation, and the last generation was really quite lost. The one that is currently coming up is an absolute nightmare. And these people are training our kids to be something that we don’t want them necessarily to be.”