Another scandal looming?

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Is there no limit to the overreach of the Obama administration? New reports show the DOJ also targeted Fox News, and now even more reports claim there is something even more embarrassing to the administration about to drop. Can it get even worse for the administration? Glenn had more on radio today.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    That should be how many more scandals are coming down the road for them. 

    The admin has been caught completely red handed, and is fighting with growing desperation by the day. We see this with the ever growing and changing web of lies and deceit they forge about each and all scandals and their criminal deeds.

    What I wonder is, is it news of the arms smuggling to Syria and the terrorists, or something bigger?

    • Anonymous

      Obama and his cronies broke the law with the AP and now Fox, where does it really end. They are career criminals. These current scandals are only what they have been caught doing. How many other Americans and Congressman have this Administration been tapping. You can consider Obama reign over as of two weeks ago. If he is not impeached by the end of his term – he will not accomplish a thing as these scandals will consume his Presidency.

      • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

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  • Sam Fisher

    Well I was wondering when this would come out so it was all attack and has nothing to do with leaks.

    • Anonymous

       Illegal tapping, is that Watergate?

  • Anonymous

    What about the EPA scandal where most liberal groups got waivers on FOIA request fees and most conservatives didn’t?

    What about the FEMA scandal where they dramatically increased properties included in flood zones last year so as to force them to buy flood insurance even though most of the properties AREN’T threatened?  (my bluff top property had been added despite being 120′ elevation above the river).

  • tom

    Check Obama’s latest approval ratings. He hasn’t been affected. He’s still hovering between the 47-50% he typically averages.

    If there was another presidential election tomorrow, he would win. And despite what you may say, every one of you knows that.
    So bring on another scandal, bring on ten more scandals, or a hundred… throw everything you have at him, just as you’ve done for the last four years—- it makes no difference. 

    • Guest

      Obama couldn’t win a legal election in this country.  Believe me, people are noticing.  When you involve the IRS in your illegal scheme people notice.  Now Obama has put one of the people involved in the current IRS scandal in charge of the IRS administration of the Healthcare bill.

      Let’s see, a special IRS department denying Conservatives healthcare.  It sounds pretty far fetched but just look at what those liberal Obama Cultists did for the Tea Party, denying them the ability to organized to defeat Obama during the election in 2012.

      Liberals suck and Obama Cultist suck the most. Liberals are liar and cheats and shouldn’t be trusted to walk your dog.  Tom here is one of them.

    • Anonymous

      Keep it up–right on!

  • Anonymous

    How about Dr. Paul R. Houser, Hydrometeorologist being fired because he blew the whistle on the DOI falsification of dam destruction documentation? 

  • coneil5150

    Here’s a new Scandal for you.
    How did a state agency become the country’s largest affordable housing provider right in the middle of the largest mortgage crisis the world has ever seen. Without anyone noticing.
     Since 1982 through their forward commitment mortgage program SONYMA state of new york mortgage agency has been slowly becoming a major player in the mortgage provider industry. Then in 2006 they really took over through their Keeping the dream program for re-financing. 
    The reason I say it’s a coverup is because if you look up SONYMA anywhere ,the history of the agency has been changed to erase the the original purpose of the agency. Which was to buy mortgages from banks within the state to free up cash so that they could provide more mortgages. That changed in 1982 they became a mortgage provider but kept the powers of the liquidity program.
    I know this is hard to believe but these days with an incompetent and corrupt press anything is possible.

    If you have any doubt just look up a document. State of New York State Tax Commission petition no. M840123B
    I’m no law expert,  but have you ever seen it said that a law must be” liberally construed so as to effectuate it’s purpose.” then the purpose of that agency is completely changed ?

    If this interests you you can check THEE book on the mortgage crisis Reckless Endangerment, they aren’t even mentioned.

    Now Eric Holder & the banks are forgiving mortgages as a settlement. 
    Which mortgages and why ?

  • Anonymous

    Another day, another scandal. The dems will deny everything that is thrown at them and the sheeple will continue to ignore all the lies. As long as the media refuse to report the truth, nothing will happen to obummer. There are no people with balls big enough to take the necessary action against this administration.

    • Anonymous

      You are so very right the sad thing is know matter how far they drag us even us who do get it we go for the ride too.

  • Anonymous

    This administration is like a bottomless pit.  They have no shame and certainly no honor. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Helter Skelter they just keep on stabbing and cutting and all we get to do is bleed pray on your knees God still listen’s.

  • Anonymous

    I feel that if they get away with the lies on Fox News (James Rosen) they will have a green light on checking and getting any information they want on us.  This is just a start to the Communism we are facing.  We just cannot let them get away with this.  It is not right.

    • Anonymous

      The thing I dont get is how is it possible that none of the “Other” NEWS Organisations have not been targeted – At least in the beginning Obummer could not have been sure that they were all up his – , so – have they not checked or have they really never been checked out?  btw  – no honor under those ‘so called reporters either. The other thing that is making me physically ill is the thought of all these islamic touched people  fiddeling around in our WH and Senate and Pentagon  –  really are we also part of those governments ????? I didn’t think so.  TREASON  –  right there.  Sorry but I have to keep up the thing with Bengazi HC – future Pres.  no way — who told the seal to stand down?
      Treason there too  they all need to go to jail  send them to Guantanamo for real! Then they can pray to allah together. That would be a good way to take care of those sob’s

  • Anonymous

    When did the election/reelection committee suggest the IRS play dirty tricks. Also the EPA and Osha. have the mind set of using papers and judgements, to further their causes. Christians have to be inspected too.

  • Anonymous

    There could be a half dozen scandals looming on the horizon and Barry Hussein will skate on them all. Now a few of his underlings and myrmidons might go down, and might do time if convicted, but not Der Wunderkind. His firewall is bullet-proof. The only way Barry Hussein will leave office early is if ‘they’ catch him red-handed molesting a child, snorting cocaine or mowing down the House with an Uzi.

    • Guest

      Forget Obama. You won’t get rid of him. Concentrate on the 2014 elections and the Senate. Neuter Obama.

      • Anonymous

        That is basically what I’m saying. There is no way they are going to run the first black president out of office. We can hope that gaining the Senate will make him a lame duck, but since he seems to have the Supremes on his side, winning the Senate won’t be an outstanding victory. His mighty sword is his power of the Executive Order(s).

        • SoThere

          You can challenge executive orders if you control the House and the Senate.

          Executive orders do have limits.

          • Anonymous

            Good to know. Do they know that?

        • Anonymous

          !00 % Correct again.

        • Anonymous

          Technically he is not the first black president.  He is now the second black president.  He can be removed if we find new congressmen/women with the balls to do so and who are willing to change the government establishment.  The only way to do that is to remove all the old timers so they can’t teach the new guys bad habits.  There will be some rocky roads by doing this but if they follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights we will get thourgh it.  Get rid of PAC’s too.  No more payola for voting what they want.  They need to vote for what is right for ALL not for the one with deep pockets (PAC’s).  Those who are voted out go back to being normal citizens, no lifetime benefits above what us normal people would get working all our life to earn.  If we make them normal people rather than putting them on pedestals in or out of office then I’m sure many of the laws they put in place would be benefit ALL in the right way.  No more pork attached to bills.  Each need for all states is weighed against all others and prioritized and budgeted, just like a business would need to do.  That means states won’t get all of what they want right away but there is a give and take that has to occur to make it fair for all. 

    • Anonymous

      You got it! Amen!

  • Mike

    Nothing seems to stick….we should look back at the Reagan admin. The complaint from the Left at the time was that Old Ron was made of teflon. No matter what he did or didn’t do…he was loved.

    Same for the President who is clearly the antithesis of Mr Reagan.  Thing is, I think Ronald Reagan was a good and honorable man.

  • Anonymous

    Another scandal waiting to be uncovered – the way the federal gov. took over student loans, and many involved are getting RICH on the rigged, monopolistic system.

  • Dale Durbin

    EPA,    DHS does nothing productive like most government workers! DoE

  • Anonymous

    The camel jockey rag heads In the Middle East like the Japs in WWII have the answer—  the Kamikaze human firework. If history has taught us anything it is that anyone at anytime can be terminated if one man or woman or even a child is determined to volunteer to sacrifice themsevles because of a religious belief, a political ideology or simply for revenge. There is no way to stop such an individual.  If you have more than one involved in that simple task the completion of their goal is almost certain. That’s why terrorists of that type are virtually impossible to stop or prevent them from blowing up —whoever. There is nothing complicated about what they do. Guerrila warfare is and has been the way wars are being fought. The Viet Cong, the IRA, Alkada, all the special ops teams are nothing less than guerrila trained soliders. Lock and load people. Remember the motto of the Boy Scouts? Better hurry though before it is changed to “Broke Back MT”

  • Kelley Eidem

    Considering that the job of the 40 Czars is to generate as much criminal behavior as possible to overwhelm, there should be a crime a day being revealed. 

    But they have overshot that mark. That’s what organized criminals do. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you need a catch phase to make more people aware of the type of President administration  that our citizens are dealing with !!  With updates on your channel of the President administration !!. Should be announce on your TV show  and channel  like (Today updates) or just updates from the administration of the four evil monkeys with their picture of the monkeys in the background or split second showing of picture of monkeys before your channel gives the administration updates news flash !!!  This may get more people to question all obama administration statements and what he really up or doing or is he trying to hide  something from U.S citizens   !! ??? The  four evil monkeys are hear no evil,see no evil, speak no evil (of lies) and do no evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Obama and his henchmen should be arrested for TREASON. He is acting just like Hitler. Maybe because they are both Communists.

  • Anonymous

     Question did obama and the White House knew of this looming IRS scandal investigations and lie to citizens when he found out ?? Done some pre-emptive damage control by moving the  IRS director in-charge of tax exemption for targeted groups at the critical time before election and replacing her with a fall guy director who was going retire within 6 months and give him a little extra pension for playing director until he would be force to resign for obama show ruse ??  Question when did the White House announce the move of this director with dirty hands to enforcement of obama care may indicate that obama knew of the IRS scandal some time before what he stated to U.S citizens !!!!??????????????

  • philmon

    It’s Bengazapalooza.

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