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Nationwide yesterday, grass roots organizations got together to protest the IRS. Not soon after, it was reported that the protests were being monitored by the DHS.

Glenn took a phone call during the radio show from one man who helped organize a protest in Cincinnati where nearly 400 people showed up to stand against the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations. Alarmed by the report about the DHS monitoring the protests, this was the first thing Glenn addressed with the caller.

“TheBlaze has some pictures of all of the police, the DHS in their cruisers and stuff around these protests yesterday, and what stuck out at me was the cars no longer say Department of Homeland Security with the shield there, which they used to say,” Glenn noted. “They now say in big huge letters “Police” and then in small letters ‘Department of Homeland Security’.”

The caller confirmed that he too saw those vehicles at the protest.

“I ran into that firsthand not only there, but I’ve been at other things around town and they have their BDUs or their bulletproof vests and they say “police” in large letters now, very large letters. But then very small, you have to look closely, they say “Department of Homeland Security.” And I’ve questioned them at the angst of my wife and they say — because she’s more like, “Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything.” And I said, “But you guys are not a national police force. Why are you here?” And they don’t really saying anything. “Well, we’re operating. We’re doing this operation.” But we really are creating, and someone — congress needs to wake up.  Maybe they’re part of it. I don’t know. But they need to look into this.  We are creating a national police force that’s keeping an eye on us and intimidating us,” the caller explained.

Glenn explained that it’s important to have a police force. But a national police force? That’s a problem.

“If you have a police force and it’s out of control; you go down to your mayor and you take care of it with your mayor,” Glenn said. “But if a national police force is out of control, who exactly do you have?”

Glenn went on to note that the current leaders in the federal government can’t seem to keep the departments that already exist running correctly. There are how many scandals now…that reach how many departments wide? The idea of making more is concerning.

“Let’s remember the Department of Homeland Security was what?  What were they?  They were for the airports,” Glenn said.

“They were the guys with the really crappy uniforms that have the rubber gloves who were feeling you up at the airport and you’re laughing at them.  This is a labor union police force, a federal labor union police force.  This is not good.”