DHS monitors nationwide TEA Party protests of the IRS

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Nationwide yesterday, grass roots organizations got together to protest the IRS. Not soon after, it was reported that the protests were being monitored by the DHS.

Glenn took a phone call during the radio show from one man who helped organize a protest in Cincinnati where nearly 400 people showed up to stand against the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations. Alarmed by the report about the DHS monitoring the protests, this was the first thing Glenn addressed with the caller.

“TheBlaze has some pictures of all of the police, the DHS in their cruisers and stuff around these protests yesterday, and what stuck out at me was the cars no longer say Department of Homeland Security with the shield there, which they used to say,” Glenn noted. “They now say in big huge letters “Police” and then in small letters ‘Department of Homeland Security’.”

The caller confirmed that he too saw those vehicles at the protest.

“I ran into that firsthand not only there, but I’ve been at other things around town and they have their BDUs or their bulletproof vests and they say “police” in large letters now, very large letters. But then very small, you have to look closely, they say “Department of Homeland Security.” And I’ve questioned them at the angst of my wife and they say — because she’s more like, “Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything.” And I said, “But you guys are not a national police force. Why are you here?” And they don’t really saying anything. “Well, we’re operating. We’re doing this operation.” But we really are creating, and someone — congress needs to wake up.  Maybe they’re part of it. I don’t know. But they need to look into this.  We are creating a national police force that’s keeping an eye on us and intimidating us,” the caller explained.

Glenn explained that it’s important to have a police force. But a national police force? That’s a problem.

“If you have a police force and it’s out of control; you go down to your mayor and you take care of it with your mayor,” Glenn said. “But if a national police force is out of control, who exactly do you have?”

Glenn went on to note that the current leaders in the federal government can’t seem to keep the departments that already exist running correctly. There are how many scandals now…that reach how many departments wide? The idea of making more is concerning.

“Let’s remember the Department of Homeland Security was what?  What were they?  They were for the airports,” Glenn said.

“They were the guys with the really crappy uniforms that have the rubber gloves who were feeling you up at the airport and you’re laughing at them.  This is a labor union police force, a federal labor union police force.  This is not good.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Now we have the Department of Homeland Insecurity building its own National Police Force?

    Did not Obama at one time declare a need for a second defensive force along the lines of the armed forces we already have? But one which answered to him and him alone?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

       He had mentioned a “civilian” force as well funded as our military during his first term.

    • Anonymous

      Snow, you now know why Big Sis Nepolitano needs over 1 Billion rounds of Ammo, thousands of AR15s, and hundreds of Riot Vehicles. The “New” National Police Force needs outfitted.

      Also notice in the pictures these Renta-Cop Wannabes are parked in Fire Lanes and Visitors Spots. How Liberal of Them. I would wager there was not a Handi-Cap Spot for miles around these Unionistas.

    • http://www.facebook.com/angela.rich.313 Angela Rich

      Dictator ringing any bells. America will never stand for a dictatorship, but one is being created right under their nose and no one is paying attention. This is scary and should not be tolorated by Americans.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Dept Homeland Security has in the last months purchased quantities of armored vehicles, firearms and ammo for a small army – or could it be for a National Police force or something akin to it?

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      They are starting to look like the SS if you ask me. 

      • Draxx

        Sam, you mean the DHSS…!

        I was saying a few years ago that the Police were going to become the Military Force that Controls People’s Lives and Determines Law Breakers/Abiding Citizens!  Too many people called me a conspiracy theorist (even after I mentioned that it was a Police Officer Friend of mine that told me about New Dept Policies and Training Practices).  He said that they ALL had special training in Disarming “Destraught” Citizens with little or no friction/confrontation, and the training stated that people were going to be upset by Politcal Matters! 

        Now, today we see exactly that kind of Intimidation, Coercion, and Police Action… (Who’s the conspiracy theorist now?  When it is based on Reality!)

        Also another thing that they do that is Totally illegal, TAKING Cell Phones from Law Abiding Citizens because they Video Tape the illegal activity.  Most people don’t even know that they Do Not Need To Surrender Their Cell Phone Without A Warrant/Court Order…

        All I can say is EXPECT Much More Activity Like This Until We Take Control Of Our Own Gov’t Again…!

        • http://www.facebook.com/angela.rich.313 Angela Rich

          scary Draxx

        • http://www.facebook.com/jules.p.guidry Jules P. Guidry

           I saw this coming a long time ago, too. I just wondered how it was gonna play out. Now I know. Multiple “scandals” to possibly arouse the conservatives to action, giving the administration an excuse to set the DHS on the citizens to quell whatever disturbance they see as over the edge.
          Hopefully, Congress sees the possibilities and takes actions against the perps of these abuses before anything can actually happen to cause the “national police” to act, which will be the end of this nation as we know it. And the Constitution.
          Ya can’t be a “conspiracy theorist” if there is actually a conspiracy. Draxx, trust me, there is actually a conspiracy to bring this country down.

    • Kanak Attack

      Has it not occurred to anyone but me yet that all these scandals were brought out in the open on purpose?  Has it not occurred to anyone that this administration WANTS violent confrontation with conservatives?  When all this stuff started coming out all at once and I learned that it was being admitted to by top level administration I immediately got suspicious of all these “scandals”.

      I believe this is all part of the plan.  I mean at some point they were going to have to make it okay by the public to target their political enemies.  If they can get certain conservative groups to react violently to these scandals by confronting government police or officials then they can clamp shut once and for all the free-use of domestic surveillance, prosecution, and killing of citizens they consider “terrorists”.

      • Kanak Attack

        To further prove my point, has anyone read the newest scandal?  They’re now “admitting” to killing not just one but FOUR Americans using drone strikes!  I mean it is Eric Holder admitting to this!

        This is a two-fold mission:  Get the majority of the country used to government surveillance, policing, and arrests/killings.  Get conservative groups to react violently so they have an excuse to wipe them out of the picture.

      • Anonymous

        I also thought it was strange that O would allow all this stuff to hit the fan at the same time. He, or his handlers, control all the news all the time. Benghazi was 9 months ago, the IG report was completed over a year ago and the WH and IRS new about it two years ago, the Rosen phone record collection was two years ago. Something strange about all of it coming out at once. Let’s home the conservatives can keep their cool and just root out the evil in gov without taking it too far. So far, the Rep leadership seems to be going slowly and I hope they can keep things calm. There is no way this will harm the Dems and O – he is too well insulated and the Dems give away too much free stuff and legitimize illegals to change the votes of the low info voters. Most voters do not even know about the latest scandals. I hope I can stay away from DHS while still protesting what the gov is doing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/angela.rich.313 Angela Rich


      • http://twitter.com/p3driver p3driver

         Good points, I’ve had the same nightmares. 

    • Bonnie Somer

      that is the idea this is obamas private army 

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    Obama and his liberal followers don’t give a damn about other people’s Constitutional rights. they claim that they did nothing wrong with IRS attacks but yet even Pierce Morgan Jon Stewart get that it was such bull but yet you see the Obamaunist saying it was perfectly legal. You see them wiretapping reporters phone lines but yet the blind Obamaunist like Al Sharpen and Chris Mathews think the outrage against this and the IRS is because Obama is black. I guess now the entire media is racist as well as the network the work on. These idiots still don’t get it that what they did was unconstitutional. Hell these are the same morons the claim that the Constitution is outdated. I wonder why maybe it is because they want power to dictate over us like a fascist ruler.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    GB, can you please stop the paranoia! Soem conservatives are very small and they know better, but this kind of reporting creates less unity and more fear within our citizens. DHS is not out of control, our Police force is not out of control, our Govt. agents are not the Gestapo and Govt. officials and other Law enforcement officers have always take a deep look at protesters since democracy started in this country. Pushing for things that are not there is the main reason our we are so divided now. On your comment about a police force being “unionized”. Big discovery GB?? All Police forces and Govt. agents are unionized and that’s not new. Duh?/

    • Kanak Attack

      Well history says you’re wrong.

      • Anonymous

         Actually Kanak, facts prove him wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing to see here folks. Everything is fine. DHS does not exist. Total ReCall….

      Critical Thinking…..whats that?

    • Anonymous

      The official PA security interface to Homeland Security had to apologize and resign, because he had police collecting license plate numbers at tea party rallies. This was about 2 and a half yrs ago. How many states are cooperating ILLEGALLY with DHS in this manner, yet just haven’t been caught?

  • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

    Obama’s Brown Shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Now we know what the ammo is for! Real bullets, not dum-dums. Federal Police = Gestapo.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right.  If anyone knows their world history, they know what is coming at us.  This is scary indeed.  Right now it says: ” Police-Homeland Security “.  But soon they will only have leather coats on, stay in front of your door and then take you away.
      You will never be heard of again.  And some people believe, this could never happen in a freedom loving nation like America.  Wake up, America! 

      • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

        Wait until the IRS starts collecting all those fines for Obamacare.  It won’t be long.

      • crazy betty

        no boxcar for me.  i will fight until the bitter end before they hauled me away.

    • Sandie

      They said they needed all those bullets for target practice – funny thing is, they bought hollow points, which are expensive and aren’t used for target practice. They are used for causing great damage and death.

      • Anonymous

        Another thing ‘they’ don’t know: We are not stupid! lol

  • Anonymous

    This is Obama and the Democrats intimidating the Republican Party, they would not do the same to the druggies that attended the Ocupy Wall Street  Protsters because that’s there kind of people

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the New United Socialist States of America. Study your world history. The rise of the SS. Originally Homeland Security. The alarm should be ringing extremely loud about right now America. Time to wake up and see reality for what it is. We are about to have the rug RIPPED out from under our feet. If your not ready, well you really should have been paying more attention and you only have yourselves to blame. Prepare or parish! Responsibility is an individual thing!

  • DinahLord

    They were at Denver, too.  Nice, big, shiny, new SUVs with DHS personnel.  I counted 4 of them.  In addition, to the building’s rent-a-cops, Denver PD motorcyle cops and plain clothes officers.  Have been going to Tea Party events since their inception and I’ve never seen this kind of police presence before.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.h.durham Edward H. Durham

    Glen The DHS provides security for all IRS offices. I was at the Tampa 912 protest in front of the Tampa IRS office. The Commander of the Security explained we could not block the parking lot. That was the only rule. Since our protest was on the public sidewalk this was not a problem.  The officers(2) were nice and did not interfear with our protest in any way.

    • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

      The DHS is not a police force.  They do not provide security for the IRS.  The IRS provides their own security in conjunction with local police.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1711757149 Pat Wolden Adams

    I was at an IRS TeaParty rally in Orlando, FL.  There was a DHS truck there and a regular policeman.  As I was leaving, talked to them and made a comment that they have an easy job with us TeaParty people.  They said they had no problems with us but were there not to watch us but to protect us from harm.  I thought that was interesting. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.rich.313 Angela Rich

    Sorry to say, but this is the first step to a one world government. People are not engaged politically these days, it all about what I can get from the government. This sets us up for a rude awakening. The government is intruding and taking over our lives. Most people not see it and don;t care. I pray for this nation….we are in for some tough times. The smarter we get as a race the more we dismiss our creator. There will be consequences for this. I pray America wake up. Our very way of life is crumbling before our very eyes. You wanted hope and change. How is that looking now? Scary isn’t it. Now a national police force intruding on our civil liberties. They take away the guns, create a national police force, and our currency is underminded….where is this heading? We are ripe for a global take over. Yikes, American’s better get on their knees and ask God for forgiveness and turn to Him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.hedgecock1 Denise Hedgecock

    And our local police will be at DHS bidding to do the initial “dirty work”. They are already being trained.

  • Anonymous

    Those of us who were listening in 2008 remember the campaign speech promises of a new national police force. Liberals laughed and shrugged off any suggestion of fed overreach as ridiculous. Well, it’s not like he wasn’t telling us exactly what the plans were. Is DHS requesting permission to attend or monitor events in local police jurisdictions or do they just show up and tell the local police that they will be there? It’s looking suspiciously like the promised national police force has been created, funded, trained and is ready to follow orders. The libs and progressives will still shrug this off and lecture us that we’re being ridiculous. 1984?      

  • Snorri

    Does the DHS have a warehouse full of old Nazi Brown shirt and SS uniforms, but such stuff can not be used publicly, yet? So is the DHS is resorting to a variant of the old Communist tactic of having rioters wrap lead pipes in Jewish newspapers, only now its DHS cars and its agents cloaked in the authority of local police?  Are the DHS agents waiting for a riot from peaceful protestors exercising their Constitutional rights or is the DHS there to instigate / simulate a riot for propaganda purposes via the main-stream media? Depressingly, nothing untoward from Obama and / or his administration surprises me anymore.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the ” PRIVATE NATIONAL” police that Obama wanted when he was first elected. All you dumb local cops will have to kiss their asses or you’ll be out of a pension!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Folks, if we want to take control of our Govt, we need to start voting for the right people. Wait! We usually think we have the right choice, but democracy and good candidates don’t always match each other. We can’t expect a perfect Govt. cause that will never happen. Our leaders are not perfect and we don’t want them to be . . . its a fantasy! Obama have made mistakes, Bush did, Bush Sr. did, Clinton did, Reagan did and the list goes on and on . . . What’s the paranoia!! If we go to the Bible there is nothing we can do to stop the bleeding. It’s destiny.
    Just be kind with others, including those on the other side, love, pray, and work hard. That’s the recipe, folks. No GB, NO Rush, No FOX News, NO Tea Party, NO MSNBC, NO Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the administration wants violence so they can declare martial law. The only thing wrong is that they feel they are prepared for the response of the people of the USA. Like the NAZI and the other facists felt they were well prepared, leftist fscistists always have that ego problem that makes them the loser every time they provoke free people. Just like the brown shirts are past history, the leftist fascism of the USA will have a place in our history of the failed idiocy in trying to bring back fascism. Mr fraud Obama, just try to “Lock Down” the USA and suspend our Constitution and you’ll find yourself the biggest loser in history.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wampus133 Sandra Kessler

    Homeland Security is now the signal for Police. Are the locals in this or is this in addition to our locals. I could see them needed for entries at boarders. Now they are all over our country we must hold on to our weapons and get ammo. (new or reload) because these are part of the DC gang with Obummer at the helm

  • Anonymous

    I never have liked the term “Homeland Security.”  It is way creepy.  These new reports of DHS activity at and around the sites of legitimate protests against IRS abuse are doubly disturbing.  They do, interestingly, help answer questions about why DHS would participate in roadblocks in various parts of the country.  It would seem that, yes indeed, the DHS is a new federal police force.  THAT is a shocking cause for concern.

  • Anonymous

    Rapid growth in government creates chaos within their operating agencies.  But when we care… they could care less because they’re running amock with corrupted power at all levels..including Congress and the SCOTUS when they sit idly by and do absolutely nothing… so it is a multi-branch corruption.

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