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I want you to know that I am proud to say I’m your friend. I am proud to claim you as an audience. I want to spend a few minutes, and just before we get into all the news of the day, sometimes you get so close to something that you don’t see it anymore. And I want to make sure that you take some time today to see what you are building.

I grew up at a bakery – and you’d never guess by fluctuating weight. When I grew up, we all worked in the bakery, and high father was a fantastic baker. We used to have bubbling chocolate and bubbling butter always on the stove at the bakery. And that was because if something hot came out of the oven, you could just dip it in butter or dip it in chocolate and you could eat it. And I mean, it was fantastic. But I got so sick of it because I was so close to it.

My father’s bread was just some of the best bread ever. I have a dear, dear friend who makes bread in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s got to be in her 70s now. It’s the best bread I’ve ever had. Every time I go, she makes a loaf of bread for me. And it’s the best bread I’ve had since my grandmother or since my father. But I used to take my German chocolate cake this my lunch and I would trade it for Wonder Bread at school because Wonder Bread had chemicals in it. Wonder Bread was the greatest. And we couldn’t have Wonder Bread.

I was so close, the kids would look at me and and I know now they were teasing, but they were like, ‘We got Wonder Bread. We got some Wonder Bread today. What have you got?’ I’d be like, ‘I got German chocolate cake.’ ‘I don’t know. Okay.’

But I was too close to it. So I didn’t see it.

I want you to see who you are.

I believe this radio audience and this growing network has the most incredible listeners, readers, and viewers in the country, possibly the world. I don’t know how you measure this, but here we are a little group, a little group of people that are mocked and ridiculed, held out as hate mongers and everything else. We’re not a religious organization. We’re a group of people that actually believe in something, and to categorize our beliefs into something as shallow as politics is to grossly distort what is actually in plain view for thin to see.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who really do believe that the world can be a better place. All you have to do is care for one another. Love one another. We don’t have to agree with everybody. You don’t have to legislate or tax kindness or charity. In fact, you can’t legislature self into a place of love. What this audience and what this staff suggests is the world can be a better place if we just live our principles and our values.

Through Mercury One we were the first, if not the first on the scene for Hurricane Sandy. The stories we didn’t tell of the people who you fed, you clothed, you gave shelter, you gave water to is astounding. How you changed of Chris Kyle’s children and in 24 hours you stepped to the plate and offered what is going to be a million dollars, by the end of this hour will be a million dollars, a million dollars for disaster relief. I give you my word every dollar of that, every dollar of that will go to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. What media group can claim this? None. Not NBC, not ABC. How much money, honestly how much money do they raise when they do their hurricane relief funds and they have every band and they spend millions and millions of dollars?

I got home night before last at 6:30 or 7:30, I don’t even know when the first tweet came out and I said, ‘Tornado. Give. We’re going to go ‑‑ I need some trucks. We’re going to deliver some food that we have through Operation Blessing. I need two semi‑trucks, two eighteen‑wheelers.’ An hour later I had them. An hour after that we were packing the trucks. Four hours after that, we were pulling into a church parking lot, just down the street where the devastation was, and a woman came up wearing flip‑flops and a T‑shirt in the middle of the night and said, ‘Is this where I can get some food.’

Ponder today and accept that you are part of a growing group of people that is truly amazing. Understand that you make a difference. If you are still filled with those silly or old‑fashioned ideals that the world scoffs at, that the media mocks, that Hollywood tries to tell you doesn’t exist and never did, know this: Mr. Smith does go to Washington but only when we expect him to be there.

When we accept that Frank Capra was panned over and over again by the same kind of jaded insiders that too many times we find ourselves listening to today. When we accept, then we can choose a different path and change the world. I do believe, and I think you do too, that whether it’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by Frank Capra or It’s a Wonderful Life, another movie pronounced dead on arrival at the time of release, just know this: That world does exist, even in small doses. But because you live, the world is a better place. Because you choose to believe and strive, neighbors in the end really do rally around friends, strangers, and neighbors. Because you refuse to give up, there are people who went to bed last night, even if it was on a cot in a church hallway with the press outside trying to talk to them and ask them how they feel. Because you live, perhaps somebody went to bed last night thinking to themselves, it really is a wonderful life.

The good news is it has just begun.

There are miracles on the horizon.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The miracles are not just on the Horizon, but around us each and every day.

    All too often we seek the ‘big one’ (for lack of other words) that will change everything in an instant, and overlook the smaller ones which happen at the same time. 

    We are in a time, in my opinion, of open spiritual warfare between the light and the dark, the call for individual freedom and responsibility against that of tyranny where the collective is a system of tyranny over everything.

    Yet we still have life with each passing day, and so long as we do not give in and give up, so long as we can still laugh at things, we have the greatest and subtlest of all miracles:


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    • Anonymous

      The “big one” comes not but that a multitude of little ones build it up.

      Just as an internal combustion engine it requires many small sparks to move the world.

      • Cayzer Ratcliffe

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    • B D

      Snowleopard, join reality some time. There’s no such thing as supernatural demons and angels. Man, you live in LA LA land.

      • Jon Galt

        You must have a twisted mind to see demons and angels in Snowleopard’s post.  Look in the mirror once in awhile, but I warn you, you might not like what you see.

        • B D

          Snowlepoard “We are in a time, in my opinion, of open spiritual warfare between the light and the dark”   =  supernatural angels and demons.  Or call it whatever suits you, snowleopard believes the supernatural is real, when there’s no evidence to support that belief. It’s 2013. Science has discovered the Higgs Boson particle at CERN. If the supernatural was real, we’d have proof. It’s not. It is a myth. Grow up.

  • Sam Fisher

    To be honest I see things getting worse. 

    • mudslide

       That’s just more opportunity to excel….depending on how you view things.

    • Diane Thompson

      Sam, you just see the glass half empty, whereas I and many others, see it as half full!

  • Diane Thompson

    Thanks to you Glenn, as well as your crew of Pat, Stu,etc.  You have done a great service and I am sure the people in Oklahoma are grateful for what you have done!

    • TH

      We are VERY grateful……for everybody and everything that has been poured out in love and kindness in this time of disaster.  Thank you so much.

    • Anonymous

      Pat would like to give every man in Oklahoma a blow job until completion. Because he cares. Meet him at the usual rest stop bathroom

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like a Feudian slip there tommy boy!!

  • bull57

    Obama is scheduled to visit tomorrow and I called the governors office and asked that she boycott Obama’s visit as its just a photo op for him. Stay away Barry as we okie do not want you in our great state. We okie’s will take care of our own. Stay the f@ck away!!!

    • Anonymous

      you should be proud that the American people elected this president and that he is coming to visit the victims, not slathering your knob between Glenn’s man boobs. Just sayin’

      • Mike

        And speaking of Boobs… are you there “Tommy Boy”

      • Tom Musso

        WHY should we be proud they elected him?  He is a dirty dealing weasel with no moral values.  Am I missing something?  

    • Anonymous

      So I assume you would also turn away the hundreds of millions of federal dollars and the personnel providing most of the heavy lifting that American tax dollars are paying for?  I don’t guess Okies want you speaking for them.

      • Anonymous

         $$$ are OK. Just the self-serving hypocrite who is not wanted.

      • Virgie Morgan

        Don’t worry, Barry would never give tax payer money to a disaster relief when there is no political gain in it for him. He will talk a good game but he won’t deliver..just ask the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. But Oklahoma folks are our neighbors and just like us, they take care of their own. And Glenn was the first one to show up with two trucks full of supplies and food and they’ve raised over a million dollars. What have you done to help even yourself? It’s people like you who will sit in the stadium and wait for FEMA to come and rescue you while people all around you are dying for lack of help. God helps those who help themselves. Oklahoma will be just fine, just like their neighbors in Joplin.

        • Anonymous

          You have no idea of my experience. I saw the effects of Sandy first hand. My family had severe house damage. I was on the scene as eight feet of sand was being hauled off of the highways in heavy equipment. I have a company that provided electrical repair. Believe me, without federal assistance, the situation would have been more dire. The cost of recovery is in the billions.

  • Anonymous

    So happy to hear about the $1,000,000 for those affected by the tornado in Moore, OK. However, to be comparing it to what other networks may have collected seems a little prideful…charity is for charity’s sake.  Not, ” I raised more than you did “

  • Anonymous

    Thanks from an Oklahoman to all those who care enough to put their money where their heart is. True religion is giving to widows and orphans in distress. The Lord says what you do unto the least of them, you do unto me. May your generosity be rewarded and your lives be blessed.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn did a great thing with Mercury One and I commend him and all contributors.  Unfortunately, he also denigrates federal disaster relief   The federal budget for helping fellow Americans through disasters is $12 BILLION.  That’s 12,000 times the amount from Mercury One.  That’s how much Congress believes is necessary to help Americans recover from disaster.  You all contributed to that budget and are helping those people with professionally trained personnel and military scale assets.  That too is something to be proud of.  So when Glenn says “where’s FEMA?”, remember, he’s mocking the good people helping there and YOU.

    • Anonymous

       Thanks for this, it’s very well-put.

      I agree on almost nothing political with Glenn Beck, and have no taste for his juvenile, paranoid, hateful rants. But if he’s raising money to help with disaster relief, and the $$ is actually getting where it needs to go, then more power to him. That’s totally cool and his fans should be proud.

      But it seems Beck can’t stop his ego from getting in the way of good works: he always needs to frame things like this as “we are great and all you other people suck”. Why? There are many awe-inspiring organizations who have been doing charitable work for generations and there’s no need to cut them down. And FEMA (when it’s well-managed)  has resources that smaller groups like Mercury One simply do not have. With extreme weather events becoming more common and more damaging due to climate change, really large-scale responses like those FEMA can provide are (sadly) likely to become only more necessary in the coming decades. Why not try to support those efforts, and push for improvement, instead of just slamming them with childish barbs?

      • Anonymous

        Beck’s audience is relatively small and well defined. They are generally independent God fearing types. Beck is very perceptive and has moved the sight of his message over the years finally focusing on the supporters that came to light as a result of the demographics obtained from his online members. These people are evangelist conservative and libertarian. The psychological profile of his audience is generally uncomfortable with complicated or incomplete answers, which naturally follow complicated challenges. e.g. Syria. They prefer black and white, good vs evil. That is why Beck behaves so one-sided. He understands that’s what satisfies his audience and what they’re willing to pay for.

      • B D

        “But it seems Beck can’t stop his ego from getting in the way of good works: he always needs to frame things like this as “we are great and all you other people suck”. 

        Beck does this for a reason, and that is to keep his “US against Them” narrative alive in the minds of who he thinks are his core followers. Not all of them buy into this propaganda though. But enough do to make Beck a dangerous, divisive figure in America.

    • Tom Musso

      The problem with FEMA’s $12 billion is that it gets filtered down.  It pays for the managers, administrators, etc.  Then you have the waiting period to get your money after you fill out the paperwork and live in a hotel forever (see Sandy Hook storm victims)  This is money that is put to use NOW, which is what people need.

      • Anonymous

        Before Sandy hit, 1,032 FEMA personnel were positioned deployed along the East Coast working to support disaster preparedness and response operations, including search and rescue, situational awareness, communications and logistical support. Without managers and administrators, how would you suggest disbursing the billions of dollars of relief in an orderly way? You couldn’t stand on the streets and give cash to everyone because there would be massive fraud and no accountability. Obama signed the papers to release funds for Oklahoma immediately according to the governor. While admirable, Mercury One’s ability to support victims cannot compare to our government resources and expertise. Why do you think the primary source of help governors look to is our government? Americans should be proud of contributing to federal disaster agencies.

        • Elaine Lopez

          It’s known as passive aggression… you gallantly defending FEMA from a mocking that never occurred.  When you wrote the words “our government” is it safe to assume you were including all of us, the Americans whose views are aligned with our Constitution and Bible, right?  I ask because you come across as a competitor.    

          • Anonymous

            First, Beck said at the disaster scene numerous times that he hasn’t seen FEMA. Funny though, since as he was saying that, there were video clips of federal personnel working on the scene. Beck’s point by saying he hasn’t seen FEMA is to discourage trust of government to do anything right. The mission of Murcury One is for people to do more if government is to do less, which is fine. But give credit where it’s due. Of course I’m including those aligned with the Constitution and the Bible since they too are American citizens whose tax dollars are directly paying for the majority of the relief effort. In this way, you and I really do help the victims.

  • WhenRightIsWrong

    Drive By Trolling: Of course your pal Glenn Beck is proud you, his audience. You’re all dumb enough to beleive the garbage he spews forth, all the while opening your wallets to him. Making him an uber millionaire, and all you get out of the deal is “entertained and enlightened.” Sucker born every minute.

    • Anonymous

      Jealous because you can’t make it on your own?  Or is it because Uncle Georgie only pays you minimum wage??

      • WhenRightIsWrong

        Wrong on both accounts, but nice try…go for the obvious #RWNJ stereotypical talking points.

    • B D

      Just like this youtube video says.

      And Glenn always doles out the praise and love on his audience because it’s part of the psychology he employs to keep his business running. 

      “Placing Beck in front of the Lincoln Memorial (at one of his rallies) and attaching Beck to that national symbol was a very clever move by Beck and his team. The rally was a perfect project for the need of love and belonging. Beck´s speech was full of fitting metaphors in that regard and he included a lot of elements to pay respect to the attendants. In other words, he was very well aware that esteem, another need recognized by Maslow, was important for the crowd. Beck routinely says on his show that his audience isn’t stupid. He seemingly shows respect when the exact opposite must be the case. Yet it works because of the need for esteem.

      Pretty much any of Beck comments can be attributed to one of the layers in Maslow`s model. He exploits the so-called deficiency needs on the one hand, and on the other hand offers with his respectful and friendly remarks towards the audience the sense of belonging to a well informed community of honorable people. The love and esteem Maslow included in his hierarchy of needs and on top of it Beck has also the solution to reach self-actualization. On a psychological level working with Maslow is the main guiding line for Becks propaganda it appears.”

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    May  23,  2013,  Glenn,  You  are  not  my  friend  if  you  steal  my  Debit  card  #  from  that  free  tomato   seeds  online.    You  do  not  have  the  RIGHT  to  my  private  information………  No,  NO,   You  cannot  have  my  card  #  and  then  not  ever  even  give  me  that  lousy  FREE  tomato  seeds.  what  is  the  deal???????   Jesus  Christ  would  never  do  that  to  me.    Do  not  ever  use  my  Card  #.  Do  you  hear  me…….???????

  • Jamie A Hope

    Miracles do happen. Here is my story of overcoming a stillbirth and the ugly warts surrounding it.  I know Glenn Beck has been candid about his past…here is mine in an attempt to promote an important movie that should be supported, Return To Zero.

  • Jon Galt

    God Bless you Glenn for all of your charitable work!  We know it goes directly to help those affected.  With FEMA, we get the “workers” staying in 5 star $500 per night hotels in NYC after Sandy.  

  • Elaine Lopez

    What can any of us say to you, Glenn, that would or could place a value on everything you are doing and have done for us, your Countrymen, your brothers and sisters?  It’s immeasurable.  I can say with full confidence in its truthfulness that this time in our history God sent us you.  Thank you for answering the call.

  • Take 2

    Having an experience flat lining…ugh Demons Angels Miracles Conversation’s with God!  why not!  Life can end in the blink of an eye…!      

  • Anonymous

    Glen is correct.  We have to care for one another.
    But, we also need to get the people wanting to harm Americans out of this country and be willing to put our lives on the line, again, to do so.  And you all know what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, Thank you so much for all that you do!!! You cannot know what an impact you have had on my life for the better. I try each and everyday to be worthy of the merit that comes along with being a member of your audience. I have come so far, I have grown so much, all because of the questions, and people I have surrounded myself with over these last few years! From the bottom of my heart and soul, THANK YOU for all that you do, and all those you inspire. God Bless!!! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, yes, speaking of bread: how about those bread lines? I thought there was supposed to be breadlines.

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