IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner pleads the fifth

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IRS hearings took place all day today and began with a bizarre set of circumstances. Lois Lerner had planned to plead her Fifth Amendment right but was immediately questioned after she delivered an opening statement.

Lerner read, “I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules and regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. And while I would very much like to answer the committee’s questions today, I’ve been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer questions related to the subject matter of this hearing.”

“They use our systems against us. Look at this. I mean, you have the IRS investigating people who are teaching the Constitution. When they get questioned about it, they take the Fifth,” Stu said.

Glenn said that while she does have the right to take the Fifth Amendment, it doesn’t usually go well when that happens.

So what should people do if the IRS is dodging the accountability the American people demand? Well, the American people should demand that Congress do to the IRS what the IRS has done to the American people: monitor them, investigate them, and punish them financially if they don’t comply.

“Here’s what you need to do. What you’re asking for is very easy to find. America, it is time we turn the security state against itself,” Glenn said. “Why isn’t the security apparatus that you can watch us 24 hours a day, you can listen to us 24 hours a day, you can read our e‑mails, you can scan everything, you keep everything, what the hell are we doing? What’s wrong with us, America? You paid for it; you own it. You’re the boss, or are they? Why isn’t this security system turned around on them? Let’s monitor them in the White House 24 hours a day. Let’s monitor them in congress an at the DHS 24 hours a day. Let’s make sure we know where they are. Let’s make sure we read their personal e‑mails. Let’s make sure that they are available.”

“See, what people don’t understand is equal justice. We’re not looking for vigilantes. We’re not looking for social justice but equal justice. If you can do this to me, why can’t we do this to you? If you can close me down without a warrant, if you can garnish all of my wages, if you can shut and seize my bank accounts, if you won’t comply with the law, then why is it we don’t do that to you? Congress, demand that you seize their assets. Demand that you close them down. Demand that you put stop payment on absolutely every paycheck until they answer the questions. I don’t want to pay their salaries anymore.”

  • Anonymous

    Because we are a secular, immoral nation, our laws are used against us.  When the immoral among us are our representatives, the doors to hell are opened.

  • Sam Fisher

    I bet she knows where the orders come from and that is why she did it so she can take the blame for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    She gets pulled by both ends. Why did you tell from one side and what are you hiding from the other.

  • Pachy Serrano

    She is doing almost the same as Oliver North did during the Iran-Contras controversy. And yes, Reagan SOLD arms to terrorists and he gave the order, but there wasn’t enough evidence . . . like right now folks . . . No enough evidence . . . no crime . . . no jail . . . no impeachment.
    CASE CLOSE!!! and move on with the real issues facing our nation. By the way, the economy is doing much better and jobs are being created in the private sector. Check it out !!

    • Anonymous

      Sure, Pachy, forget all the lies that have been told.  No evidence does not mean that the people are innocent.  It just mean that those who are looking for the stinking fish have not found it yet.  I prey they will find what they are looking for.  The real issues facing our nation are dishonesty and cover-ups.  You might be happy to believe that nothing is “Foul in the State of Denmark” (as Shakespeare wrote), but I tell you there is.  The people need to know!  The government should be honest to its citizens, or freedom is lost.  Wake up, America!  

    • Anonymous

      Nothing to see here folks. Everything is fine. Go about your business. Yes, your husband has not found work since being laid off in the summer of 2008, but things are getting better.

      Oliver North did the same thing so it justifies Lois Lerner doing the same.

      Core Requirement:
      Introduction to Liberal Thought ILT-301 (3Crds) Prerequsit – Psychosis I: Psy B105 and Psychosis II: B106 or Consent from your Mental Health provider.

  • Draxx

    If you ask me, I would say things are starting to look more like how the Ancient Romans Did Things, There were Aritstocrats, Politicians, Career Military, Common Folk/Peasants, and SLAVES, Slaves, Slaves…  Anybody that was deemed “Unfit” was Simply Murdered and Discarded, and if you tried to stand up for them you met the same fate! A common dog had more rights to live than ANY Slave did, and if the Master didn’t like you then your fate was almost sealed that you would die by the Blade (Master’s, Soldiers, Gladiators).  Many people in the world Lust For Blood To Be Spilt, especially if they have Protection more or less from being the one who has their blood drained…

    We call ourselves Civilized as a Modern World, but in actuality nothing has changed much!  You need to decide sooner than later whether you are going to be a Champion or Victim, and time really is running out!  (Those of you that are nay-sayers, I HOPE that you are the First To Go and Die By The Hand That Feeds You…!  As for myself, I Will NOT Go Silently Into The Darkness That Is Coming!)

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Question – With Lerner having testified earlier on other occasions does this negate her ability to take the 5th amendment against self-incrimination, or would that apply to new questions asked and testimony she had given previously?

    I am hearing differences of opinions and wish to find out more.

    • Anonymous

      You can invoke this at any time. You can invoke it on any question you do not want to answer or for the entire session. There is no waiver I have ever heard of. They could offer her a deal where she answers the questions and she has immunity to prosecution. The best thing Congress can do is hire Special Prosecutors but as we can see, they really do not want to know the truth or it would have been done right after Benghazi.

  • crazy betty


    • Anonymous

      I agree!!  IMPEACH!!!

  • Anonymous

    The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve.  Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Lerner are all perfect examples.   Those who not agree are either dragged along for the ride, kicking and screaming OR the actually fight back.  The regime can’t have THAT !

  • Anonymous

    She does not want to tell this country that Obama gave her the OK to target Republicans

  • Anonymous

    As a woman, it makes me sick to see grown men kid glove these women.  Issa dismissed Lerner.  Oooh, oooh – she said she didn’t do anything wrong and Issa doesn’t want to make a scene and upset her.  Same thing when  Hillary threw an orchestrated tizzy fit and the male panel backed off.  This is a contrived play by the left, knowing that the weak kneed conservative men have been brought up to over-respect women.  These women wanted equality, they broke the glass ceiling and are wearing big-boy pants.  Come on you guys, it’s up to you to insure they get it.  Now man-up.   P.S.  Gowdy for President.

    • Mike Nelson

      HELL YES!

    • Anonymous

       She should not have been dismissed. Every single question they wanted answered should have been asked – even if they had to make some up on the spot. Then she would have had to plead the fifth for every question. Now we would have her on record on what questions she was scared to answer. They should have kept asking questions until the Biatch was hoarse and a borderline case of Laryngitis.

  • Anonymous

    Another democratic lying sack of shit.  Well, sack of shit.  Why aren’t they questioning the moslem ‘crook in chief’ himself? Obumhole, you effeminate, immasculated son of a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100 % with Beck. It is our system for our protection and our use. So lets use it against them The IRS, and the rest of the corrupt government. It`s about time to take our country back from the political correct and the immoral bunch in DC. Demand from your congress people and all elected officials the truth and transparency we should be shown.

  • Take 2

    (i) The invoking the Fifth


    (ii)  I don’t recall?  

    (i.a) I want a deal to save my job.


    (ii.b) I got a deal & saved my family thrown in.

  • bull57

    This is the Chicago way! Everyone knows who is in the middle of this. All they want is a single credible witness the say that one name.

  • Anonymous

    I might have this all wrong here, but I remember during the 1950s and early 60s mafia types taking the 5th.

    I was under the impression the 5th Amendment was to protect one from self incrimination. If one has “done nothing wrong” why would one invoke the 5th?

    Sounds like talking out of both sides of her head to me. 

    • Anonymous

      Simple, when one lies, they forget the lie. When they get caught with the lie – they have to lie some more to cover the first lie. The lies to cover lies continues in a spiral. It rolls down hill, like a ball of crappola, picking up speed and getting bigger.

      This is what is happening to this Administration. From Obama on down the line. So many lies have been told – they cannot remember their past lies and nothing they say makes any sense. Everyone in the Whitehouse contradicts each other.

      If they told the truth, then every time a question is asked – the same answer comes out because the Truth is not forgotten. It is just the Truth.

  • Pat

    “I don’t want to pay their salaries anymore.”

    But we taxpayers do pay their salaries and we’ll also pay for their defense. Sickening, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if there was a threat to her and her family if she did not plead the 5th.  This administration is in deep do-do.  The People deserve the truth.  Seems we have said this on other situations from Fast and Furious to now.  Stone walling costs the People Money.  Give us the truth ……and let the chips fall where they may.  Finally, it is hard to believe that Pres. Obama did NOT know about this. 

  • Anonymous

    “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace as in all the churches of the saints.”  I Cor. 14:33  – It’s all about Liberty, not politics.  I’m with Glenn and getting the security system that we paid for being used for this country’s purpose and life!  These people have created so much confusion, division and destruction – do we not see what the Bible says about this?  “The thief cometh not but for to rob, to kill, and to destroy…” John 10:10a –  The thief being the enemy of our souls and God.  It has become so MUCH MORE evident in the last months the stark evidence of light and darkness –  we truly  “wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  And the “church” – BELIEVERS OF THE WORD OF GOD – are the ones that have the power to come against all this.  Your challenge to Faith Leaders is right on Glenn.  I thank you for your wisdom and courage to stand up … it;s truly all about Liberty, not politics…and all through out history its been shown (Biblically) what happens to countries that forget God or kick him out of their lives.  But I believe there is a “remnant” here and in the world and we are being called to unity – unity in BELIEVING IN GOD AND COMING FORWARD WITH THAT AND THE POWER THAT HE HAS GIVEN US THRU THE HOLY SPIRIT.  This is truly the ONLY POWER thru people that will make the difference. God bless you and protect youGlenn and all that are in your camp. 
    Jennifer Vance, CNC
    “It’s all about Liberty, not politics…” 

  • Anonymous

    Just like Clinton isn’t going to say Obama probably gave her  the  order not to fly troops into Benghazi to save our Americans there.  Everyone is protecting Obama because he wants to be the next world leader.  I like Gowdy – that is the type of leader we need.  he does not mince words.  I would most definitely vote for him.

  • suz

    she’s protecting somebody…or herself…’cause she did something wrong.

    even if she was told to do unconstitutional things, she is not protected because the i.r.s./admin. told her to do it. she is still personally responsible for her actions. she should know the law and if she doesn’t, too bad. she’s not immune because the government pays her salary.

  • Greg Williams

    My son is a police officer.  If he claimed the 5th, his employment would be terminated immediately.  Same should apply to government employees when asked questions about their official actions.

    • Anonymous

      They also should  lose their pensions and medical benefits from the government completely and cancel out  their government matching funds for their savings programs too !!, If government employee misuse their government position with government actions they should be facing jail time too !!  Maybe if congress can press them to talk by holding over these  penalties   over the obama fall guys heads!! They may answer in who the higher ups are behind the slanting of our elections by misuse of government powers to retain some of their goodies and less jail time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should just like in private industry when the executive fire a person from wrong doing and they are working for WE THE PEOPLE ,we are paying their salaries and we are the boss and we the ones who hire them indirectly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we should be able to fire them indirectly with no pension or benefits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I would rather doubt the HeWhoIsObama has DIRECT ties to this-they have learned from recent history to maintain just enough distance to have Plausible Deniability. But a clever lie is still a lie. Luckily Representative Issa has allies such as Trey Gowdy who understand such clever and sophisticated Bull. But the bigger question is how does a Representative Republic allow an all powerful agency such the IRS and the tax code to exist?

  • Anonymous

    Politicians lawyer up to stay out of jail..furnished one by the gov’t to just testify, testifying or relaying infomation in an investigation contains some impunity in all but perjury.. So , she didn’t want to perjure herself, and lie to congress, thats what the 5th is about, you aren’t required to turn evidence and condemn yourself.

  • Jules P. Guidry

    Another elitist who skirts the law of the “fifth”, or any other law, and gets away with it. So far. Now lets see if the Congress critters have any cojones to prosecute her and the others who denied the Free Speech of the conservative groups who applied for tax exempt status and was put on hold for the re-election of the “messiah”.
    No doubt in my mind that all these “scandals”, actually illegal activities by  the current administration and its minions at all levels, were designed at the highest level in this administration.
    Prosecute and jail ’em all. Pronto. Especially the IRS folks. They need some of the same treatment they level at the tax paying citizen.

  • Snorri

    I think Ms. Lerner is attempting to get immunity from criminal prosecution. She not a dumb woman; she probably has e-mails, memos, witnesses and meeting minutes secreted for the day she knew that her illegal and criminal activity might come to light. Monica had to be told to keep the dress with its telltale splatter. Ms. Lerner doesn’t have to be told.

  • Anonymous

    The obama administration misuse and abuse the powers of the IRS to intimidate groups and  individuals of opposing obama policy prior to 2012 election to slant that election illegally !!! Then knowing this scandal will be coming out  obama  IRS stall investigations until after the 2012 election !! Then right after the  election have IRS a planted question at a event ,to have the scandal come out at the best distance from the 2014 election so have least damage to obama and him loosing more seats in congress in 2014 election !! Our president  & IRS instead of informing citizens immediately of scandal he stall  until after 2012 election for ( perfect timing)  and then with planted question bring the scandal out from the furthest point from 2014 ( perfect timing again)  !!!!!  So obama & IRS guilty of slanting two elections by setting the (timing factor when IRS scandal come out)  1.) the delay of informing U.S citizens until after 2012 election  2.) setting the time of scandal to come out to do the least damage for 2014 election !!! Our President and Vice President should be impeach and his whole administration should be thrown out !!!! For taking part in putting a fix in with setting of timing in informing U.S citizens of the IRS scandal for two elections to slant them and corrupt our elections process by misuse and abuse of government powers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question l Democrats and Republicans in congress are they letting & allowing our country to become a third world country with corrupt elections & fix election process by not doing a full press investigations hearings of IRS scandal and also not appointing a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of IRS scandals and put a stop of fixing of our elections !!Also of giving jail time to any guilty party and throw out anybody in any government positions for their misuse of governments powers to fixed and slant elections !! Or these congress investigations hearings just a ruse and nothing will really happen to guilty parties ?????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Saul Alinsky tactics to “transform”
    America explains everything about the Obama agenda and management style! The
    Mafia successfully used it, Hitler successfully used it, Chicago politicians
    use it and the public majority votes for it.

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