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  • Paula McGee

    It is the 150th
    Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, PA.

    On July the 6th there
    will be a 15,000 uniformed re-enactment of the famous, historic battle.

    Horses, Yankee’s,
    Rebel’s, cannons and muskets.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

     Talk about Noah Phelps – Noah Phelps practically handed Ft. Ticonderoga to Ethan Allen. Read the full story here:  Every time you hear about Fort Ticonderoga, Noah gets little or no credit, it is all Ethan Allen and the Green Mtn Boys.  I’m sure there are many little stories like this one that get little or no attention.  But they ALL ARE part of our American history.  If not for one or the other, we may not be here today. 

  • Cathy Smedley

    During the Korean War, my father in law, was saved on several occasions.  We have the history in his own words and his own hand if needed. Before he left, he was given a promise by his church leader that if he would honor his priesthood he would not be harmed.  He was a man who loved his parents and a lesson he learned from his mother also took him off the front lines and he eventually became the personal cook of the general.  But, not before he had some amazing experiences, including being a survivor of Pork Chop HIll, which he describes in his memoirs.  But one experience that amazes me is when he was in a tent with his unit, settled in for sleep, and he was awakened by the sound of bullet rounds coming into the tent.  He laid on his cot, his mummy bag completely zipped up around his head. He listened in horror as the whistle of the bullets rounds came instantly closer. The mummy bags, and the entire tent and men were riddled with bullets holes and all were dead.  He however was unharmed. Once he came to, to his amazement he was no longer in his mummy bag, but in his skivvies under his cot.  His bag was still on his cot riddled with bullet holes as well, and was still zipped up.  Not one bullet touched him.  He was the lone survivor in his tent, and only a handful of soldiers that survived that attack.  On another occasion, he was in his unit marching along and a snake chased him causing him to break ranks.  He shooed it away, but it would not leave him alone and for some reason singled him out.  Eventually his unit rested on the side of the road and he sat under a tree.  There was that snake again, and this time “he” was going to kill it, because he would not be breaking rank.  He got up to “get” the snake and as soon as he did they encountered enemy fire, and the very tree he was sitting under to rest had taken a hit and was blown up.  Saved by the snake on the trail.  At some point later when he was back behind enemy lines he heard the old man was also near by.  The old man was the general. George  had an idea.  He spent many years watching his mother make homemade cinnamon rolls over the years as a kid.  He asked the kitchen if he could make some cinnamon rolls for the old man.  They said he could and from the memory of watching his mom (he never actually made them until now and he did not have a recipe) he made homemade cinnamon rolls and they were given to the old man.  When the old man tasted them he asked if he could meet the young soldier.  He asked George if he was a cook by trade.  George said no, I just watched my mom through the years.   The old man was impressed, and appointed George Smedley to be his personal chef for the rest of the time George was in the Army.  He was now safe behind the enemy lines.  We have George Smedley cinnamon rolls at family reunions, and that recipe from his memory, will rival any Lion House or any Kneaders cinnamon you can ever eat.  Maybe I should find a place to publish it! 8157 cedar circle south weber utah 84405

    • Resa LaRu Kirkland

      Cathy, your dad was on Pork Chop?  Does he know this story, unique forever only to the Korean War?

      FORGOTTEN WARRIOR:  Twice In One Day —

      There are two write ups in the ABOUT section under the video…I’m trying desperately to get Beck to publish this Pentagon-verified once in history story.  I live in Provo, would love to hear from you and your dad!

      My name is Resa, but my Korean War Vets (my hands down favorites!) nicknamed me:  WARCHICK

  • Richard C Peeples Jr

    The Peeples/Peebles family. 1646 Capt. David Peebles settled the Santee river in Georgia( Prince George’s county). He died there from wounds he suffered from fighting the native Americans. 1775-1785 Lt Col Robert Peeples, 1st continental army. Lt Lewis Peeples 1st Georgia regiment had his leg amputated at Gettysburg. There has been a Peeples/Peebles in EVERY war America has fought. We are the red stripes in the flag. We are the People! 

  • Vae Victis

    Here is a quick history lesson that Mr. Beck doesn’t want to talk about, natural born Citizen.

    In 1775, Charles Dumas sent Benjamin Franklin three copies of Emer Vattel’s Law of Nations, to which Mr. Franklin sent him this in response:

    “… I am much obliged by the kind present you have made us of your edition of Vattel. It
    came to us in good season, when the circumstances of a rising state make it necessary frequently to consult the law of nations. Accordingly that copy, which I kept, (after depositing one in our own public library here, and sending the other to the College of Massachusetts Bay, as you directed,) has been continually in the hands of the members of our Congress, now sitting, who are much pleased with your notes and preface, and have entertained a high and just esteem for their author…”

    In the Chapter XIX of Mr. Vattel’s Book I, we come across the definition of natural born Citizen:

    § 212. Citizens and natives. Natural-born citizens are those born in the country of parents who are citizens – it is necessary that they be born of a father who is a citizen. If a person is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.

    Twelve years later in 1787 during the Federal Convention, John Jay wrote a letter to George Washington who presided over the convention:

    “…Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government and to declare expressly that the Command in Chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen…”

    Who was John Jay? Only one of the authors of the Federalist Papers and the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to name a few occupations in his resume.

    Now we come to Art. II, §1, cl. 5 of the US Constitution

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person
    be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    Does Barack Obama meet that criteria? The media and politicians of both the left and right are complicit in allowing the Obama fraud to happen and continue.

    If anyone (especially Mr. Beck) would like to learn more on this subject or other Constitutional issues, here is a good place to start:

  • MudPuddleBunny

  • Stephen Blevins

    The story of our people not being told in the light of gun control and so on. I live near this fort several of my ancestors were in this battle my family settled here. Please do this story for our country! Tell it !!!
    The Scotch-Irish and the Battle of Kings Mountain

    • Tory Quinton

      My ancestors fought at Kings Mountain. In fact I tell my son that we come from a long line of King slayers, who fought against the Crown in both Ireland and America. I fear that in time he will have to pick up that old family sword and fight another despot right here at home.

      • lapin.grove

        I also had ancestors at the Battle of King’s mountain . SC  mounted militia.

        • Tory Quinton

          My ancestors were Captain Alexander Barnes and some of his family serving under Col. William Campbell out of Washington Co. Virgina.

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    Do  not  use  my  debit  card…….

  • Caryn Parks
  • Caryn Parks

    Little known Battle of Athens, TN to rid government of corrupt politicians.  Rather timely subject, no?  😉

    • Firbanks Davida

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  • Anonymous

    Here’s an original thought, its 2016 and America has come to blows yet once again in a second round of bloody civil-war. Its black against white – liberal against conservative, female against male. A story we are all familiar, but none willing to fully contemplate.

    The opening segment takes us all on a special tour of American FEMA camps, decoraded with barb wire fences and heavily armed guard towers. Empty at first, these scattered facilities soon become overcrowded as the war against God-fearing, hardworking citizens begins to reap its heavy toll. Having nothing to combat the arsenal of the mighty American military – the Tea Party is quickly snuffed out, all conservatism is on the run, though many brave acts for love of country have been heroically performed – they are but a gallant effort for a lost cause, there’s just too many of the enemy, their youth is their biggest strength. In these, common sense has been replaced with the new progressive thought of  comradeship, a philosophy  borrowed straight out of the history books of the old USSR.

    Oh…my bad….this subject is supposed to be based on historical truth, guess I’ll have to wait until 2017 or so…

  • Ron Chavez

    what a great picture…. Glenn with his  squad of ‘tax dodgers’…..

    • Guest

      Another leftist spammer scared shitless by Glenn Beck. 

  • Anonymous

    A piece of trivia. Army Colonel Carl Reuben Dutton was the original selectee to head the Manhattan Project. The Army delayed the decision to build the bomb for six months by which time Col. Dutton (my grandfather) was assigned to build three TNT plants. Then in 1943 he was assigned to be ACOS Logistics for Gens Stilwell then Wedermeyer, eventually becoming the most decorated American officer by the Chinese government during WWII. (But then, he was the American bearing gifts (military supplies), so they wanted to flatter him).

    Chinese military intelligence told my grandfather about the atomic bomb two weeks before it was dropped.

  • Anonymous

    September 11, 2001… US President George W. Bush sat in a classroom of first graders, when an adviser whispered in his ear that the second tower of World Trade Center had been hit by a plane, and the country was under attack. President Bush promtply shat a creamy river of diarrhea into his taxpayer paid for suitpants, and then sat in his own fecal stew for nearly 10 minutes until Andy Card escorted his rank soiled sorry ass out of the classroom. The event forever cemented Bush’s moniker, “The Wet Fart President”

  • Anonymous

    After clicking on the “I
    agree” to the terms of submission button, I clicked on the continue tab
    that opens to a form. This is where I submitted my story and clicked the
    “Finish Survey” tab which then said something to the effect of having
    submitted successfully. I’m a little confused by all the postings of stories


    Can someone on Beck’s staff post a
    clarification for submitting and what the time frame is to expect notification
    if your story is chosen? Like, “If you don’t hear from us in a month, you
    won’t.” Sorry, I need more information or I will drive myself nuts
    checking my email.

  • Anonymous

    After clicking on the “I
    agree” to the terms of submission button, I clicked on the continue tab
    that opens to a form. This is where I submitted my story and clicked the
    “Finish Survey” tab which then said something to the effect of having
    submitted successfully. I’m a little confused by all the postings of stories

    Can someone on Beck’s staff post a
    clarification for submitting and what the time frame is to expect notification
    if your story is chosen? Like, “If you don’t hear from us in a month, you
    won’t.” Sorry, I need more information or I will drive myself nuts
    checking my email.

  • Anonymous

    The SS United States.  Waiting to be rescued, docked in Philadelphia.
    – Holds the Blue Ribband for fastest crossing of the Atlantic, both ways, achieved in the 50s
    – Could go faster in reverse than the Titanic could go forward
    – Known as the Big U, or, “The most famous ship that never sunk”.
    – Passengers included: JFK, Grace Kelly, Salvador Dali and “The Mona Lisa” 

  • Rick Hoffman

    By the way, I have my Dads service records,his official records were burned in the Missouri Archive Fires. There are also classified records which I don’t have clearance to have.

  • Anonymous

    America’s Posterity is in danger. We The People’s Constitution is in danger. We The People are in danger! The Threat. We The People’s evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees!

    We The People’s homeland is called The United States of America. Anyone with common sense can see that We The People’s evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees are working extremely very hard to create The Divided States of America and We The People are providing the tax revenue that enables this division!

    We The People’s evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees are busy turning America’s Posterity into homosexuals. Not in the Constitution!

    We The People’s evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees are right now hard at work to make foreign illegal invaders into U.S. citizens. This has been going on for 30+ years. Not in the Constitution!

    We The People’s evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees are at war with a terrorist nation. Instead of going over there to the battle field…We The People’s employees are busy importing the terrorist to American soil where the terrorist can kill innocent Americans! Not in the Constitution!

    All the while We The People are very busy entertaining ourselves…We The People’s
    treasonous evil tax paid elected and non elected government employees are actively destroying life in America as We The People grew up to know it!

    We The People…We Really Need To Talk!

  • Anonymous

    The Complete “Star Spangled Banner”, our National Anthem

  • Anonymous

    Being Texas born and raised, I find a troubling fact about the Battle of the Alamo, in that, the Mexican Govt. was not for Salvery, and wouldn’t condone it. But the independent fighters for Texas “Freedom” saw things differently, and were willing to die fighting for the right to have and own slaves ? ? ? Is that what underlies the fight against Mexico in the 1800’s ??

    • Tory Quinton

       Depends on yoru point of view Are you to be a slave by legislation as in America, or a slave by circumstance under the system of control in Mexico? Think about it this way England was very proud of the fact that they freed the slaves. But they still took advantage of the cotton coming from the slave holding American South. In fact this proved to be such a benefit that the English actually saved money at home by enduing the slave trade while giving so much money to the Southern States that the presence of Slavery grew exponentially.

  • steven kane

    Why was Beck fired by Fox News ?

    • Chuck Teal

      If I may, Steven;
      Usually, when someone is “fired” by a TV network, there is a new talking head the next day. Glenn announced he would be leaving Fox about a month before he left, and he had been hinting on the radio even earlier that other things were in the works. Those who hate him are quick to say he was fired, but whatever happened wasn’t the typical method. Also, his new network went online only a couple of months after he left Fox; an endeavor that generally takes quite a bit of time to prepare.

      Glenn said he needed to leave network TV “to save my soul.”  What do you think happened?

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think he was

  • Lynn Herndon


  • Resa LaRu Kirkland

    I’ve been after this story for 22 years, and sent it to you a bunch of times but can’t get past all the assistants.  If you’re serious, walk the talk, because this is Pentagon-verified a once in history story, yet the story is hugely unknown despite its once in history, never happened before will never be allowed again story from the Korean War. 
    FORGOTTEN WARRIOR:  Twice In One Day —
    There are two write ups in the ABOUT section under the video…I’m trying desperately to get Beck to publish this, have been for over 2 years now.  You will not, guaranteed, find another American war story like this one, and I have the Pentagon’s word on that.
    My name is Resa, but my Korean War Vets (my hands down favorites!) nicknamed me:  WARCHICKs

  • Vincent Kresse

    Whatever comes out of this search it is going to be awesome

  • Anonymous

    My great
    grandfather four times over, Daniel Hart had spent a great deal of time
    splitting logs and building a fence for his father’s land. One night in deepest
    winter, he finished the job. Even though war was raging all around life had to go on. We don’t know if it was that
    same night or shortly thereafter, but General Washington had decided to camp
    and rest his troops at his friends place. Washington dismounted in the yard of
    John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence.

    John’s sons
    Edward and Daniel greeted the General. The pitch black of the night just got worse. The
    first troops gathered around small campfires as wood was scarce. They were clearly worried and stared down the road wondering if their nearly frozen comrades would
    find the safety and small warmth of the camp.

    some troops began tearing down the split rail fence to build fires to guide the
    troop’s home. Washington was furious and rebuked them for destroying their host’s
    fence. John Hart quickly placed his hand on the General’s arm and told him it
    was alright.

    it down boys, bring them home.”

    were built up and the last of the troops reached camp and were safely bedded down for the night.
    No knows how Daniel felt, but I’m sure he agreed with his father. It is said,
    that later in the war, older brother
    Edward Hart may have been one of the local boys who guided Washington across
    the Delaware and to the Hessian camp.

  • Krzysztof Trelski

    Did you know that America fighter pilots fought in a war with Soviet Union? Their squadron flew 400 missions and was instrumental in victory?

    In 1919 8 American volunteer pilots arrived in Poland forming Kosciuszko Squadron, because they believed they owed the man who fought in an American Revolution. In a few weeks their number rose to 21 pilots. Most of the Squadron’s flights were directed against Soviet’s First Cavalry Army. The Squadron developed a tactic of low-altitude machine-gun strafing runs. 

    The Kościuszko Squadron was the first air squadron to use a railway train as a mobile flying base with specially designed railroad cars that could transport their aircraft as the front moved and developed. The train also included the squadron’s operational headquarters, aircraft spares and repair workshops and living quarters.

  • Garrison Seeger

    Dwight D.
    Eisenhower never wanted to be President. He only ran for office because he was afraid the lefties would win again and bring on a welfare state nation or communism. I also believe he was the last president who paid for his own car and morgage from his own income. He also rebuilt Germany and China to stop the tyranny from being created all over again. He gave them a constitution of there own. He learned this lesson from WW1. The end of WW1 allowed Hitler to gain power and start the tryanny of fascism. Hitler himself hated communism. Russia tried to take Germany away from America to create more communists after WW2. This all and more can be seen on Netflix in ” The Color of War”. Real pictures and films that are proven accurate. Worth watching. A real eye opener for all true Americans to watch and learn real history.
    How many people really know that China invaided American soil in 1943? The island of Utta, Alaska. We lost thousands of army troops there. China has a shrine there to prove it. 
    The Korean War. China was behind the north, pushing them to over run the south. All in the name of communism. 120,000 communists to our 40,000 americans and we still kicked their butts. Chosin was the town in Korea I speak. Also on Netflix to watch.
    Also, only 10% of all SS Nazis were convicted of their hateful war crimes to Jews, Russians and Americans. The scary list goes on and on.
    Is this history being taught in our schools today?

    • Betty O’Donnell

      what ℂhristℴph℮r r℮spℴnd℮d I’m in shℴℂk that anyℴn℮ ℂan g℮t paid $6747
      in a f℮w w℮℮ks ℴn th℮ ℂℴmput℮r. did yℴu s℮℮ this sit℮ link.

    • Juho Jalonen

       Please check your facts: He did most certainly not rebuild china as he viewed china as an enemy nation. Upon that time China was a young, very stalinist state which stood by the Union of Sovient Socialist Republics. And Russia did “take Germany Away” as the sovient forces occupied the Eastern parts of The republic of Germany.
      The rebuilding to which you are referring did happen, and it was called the marshall aid, however, this succsecfull program strarted and ended under president Truman.
      You should not implie that there is anything negative about a welfare state, as all of the best countries are welfare states( based on studies of the quality of life in the wold made in 2012).
      Besides, Eisenhower was a progressive president as he continued most of the new deal policies and set up the department of health, education and welfare. A quote from eisenhower: “I have just one purpose … and that is to build up a strong
      progressive Republican Party in this country. If the right wing wants a
      fight, they are going to get it … before I end up, either this
      Republican Party will reflect progressivism or I won’t be with them
      Due to the numerous factual errors in you comment your finishing question needs to be amended to : id history being taught in our schools anymore?

  • Joshua Szafranski

    Fort William
    and Mary

    New Castle, New

    The First, First shots of the Revolution


    The assault on Fort
    William and Mary (also known as Fort
    Constitution) is not widely known
    but should actually be regarded as the first shots of the American Revolution.


    The fort guarded access to the harbor at Portsmouth
    and served as the colony’s main munitions depot. In 1774, it was the only
    permanently manned British military post in New Hampshire.
    It was manned by soldiers of the Province
    of New Hampshire who reported
    directly to the royal (i.e. British) governor. The fort was akin to today’s
    National Guard armories. It was manned by local citizens who were in the employ
    of the government (which happened to be England).


    As tensions increased before the American Revolutionary War,
    Lord North’s ministry became concerned that the profusion of arms in New
    England would lead to bloodshed. On October 19, 1774, King George III
    issued a confidential Order in Council forbidding the export of arms and powder
    to America. Word
    of the order reached operatives in New England’s patriot


    The port at Boston
    had been closed in punishment for the Boston Tea Party, and the Portsmouth
    Committee of Correspondence kept in close contact with friends of liberty in Boston.
    Tensions in Massachusetts nearly
    erupted into violence in the fall of 1774 when redcoats seized provincial
    gunpowder during the so-called Powder Alarm.


    Upon learning of the Order in Council, patriots feared that
    the British military would make another attempt to seize colonial stores.
    Patriots in Rhode Island moved
    munitions from the fort at Newport
    inland for safe keeping without incident. In Massachusetts,
    rumors flew that troops from Boston
    were headed to reinforce Fort William
    and Mary and seize its powder and arms. On December 13, 1774, four months before his more famous
    ride in Massachusetts, Paul
    Revere rode to Portsmouth to sound
    the alarm.


    On the morning of December 14, Captain John Cochran knew the
    gentlemen who came to the gate that morning as they were neighbors. Cochran was
    bound by the obligations of his service. However, locals could sense the
    situation with England
    degrading and were forced to take preemptive action before it was too late.

    Sources suggest that the leaders of the insurrection had a two-part plan for
    claiming New Hampshire’s
    gunpowder. As Langdon was rallying his men in Portsmouth,
    New Castle operatives were tasked
    with infiltrating the fort by trickery. Once inside, the plan was to abduct or
    detain Cochran and his five men. By timing operations to the tides, it was
    possible that New Castle might have
    the fort under control before Langdon’s volunteers arrived. The Portsmouth
    men could then simply load the booty onto gundalows and haul it away to safety.
    If, however, it proved impossible to take the fort by subterfuge, the
    intimidating show of force provided by Langdon’s volunteers might be enough to
    convince the garrison to surrender and turn over the powder without unnecessary
    trouble. If even that failed, there would certainly be enough men on hand to
    storm the little fort.

    Some time between 11:00 AM and noon, two New Castle
    men, Stephen Batson and Henry Langmead, visited Captain Cochran at his post,
    professing to be concerned with a small matter of business. Since the two were
    locals, the visit seemed innocuous and “[i]t being very cold and not
    suspecting them of evil Designs,” Cochran graciously “suffered them to sit by
    the fire.” Within half an hour, they were joined by New
    Castle resident Samuel Clark, who claimed to be looking
    for Batson and Langmead. “[I]nstantly,” three more men, John Simpson,
    Robert White and Matthew Bell, also paid a visit. All of the men were local sea
    captains and Cochran, who had formerly been a sea captain himself, “had no
    suspicions of any Plot or Intentions against himself or the Fort or any thing
    therein.” That changed a few minutes later, when one of the soldiers reported
    that 4 or 5 men were approaching from various directions. It was now clear that
    something was amiss and Captain Cochran “first began to suspect there was some
    unlawful Scheme contriving.” He also belatedly remembered the Governor’s order
    to examine every person who came into the fort.

    Cochran asked his visitors, as a group, what brought them there and was told
    by Bell that they merely had some
    leisure time and chose to pay a social call. As Cochran wondered aloud why, in
    his nearly 4 years on the job, the men had never paid him such a visit before,
    his wife, Sarah, whispered that she suspected he was being “betrayed.” She
    punctuated her message by handing Cochran his loaded pistols.

    The Captain decided to get to the bottom of the matter by questioning the
    visitors separately. He called Simpson outside and asked “what was meant by so
    many Men of Newcastle Coming into the Fort.” Simpson replied on his word of
    honor that he had no idea why the other men had come but that he himself simply
    wished to pay a visit, adding (perhaps tongue in cheek) that he had heard the
    Captain “was soon to leave the Fort.” Cochran answered that he “knew no such
    Thing as yet” and that he was certain Simpson was lying. He ordered Simpson out
    of the installation and began questioning Robert White. Even as he did so,
    Nathaniel Batson, Thomas Trunday and two other New Castle
    men entered the fort’s gate, presumably to visit the soldiers in their
    barracks. There were now 9 visitors inside the walls of Fort
    William and Mary; three more than
    the number of men on duty.

    Cochran told White that he knew what the visitors were up to; that they
    planned to take the fort “by Stratagem.” White evidently assumed that Simpson
    had told Cochran their plan and responded by confessing that the group was in
    fact there to seize him “if they could,” but that he himself “abhorred such
    cowardly ways.” Cochran wasted no time in ordering White and the rest of the
    conspirators out of the Castle, proclaiming that he had no intention of being
    taken prisoner. As the men made their way out, Cochran “instantly pointed three
    Cannon toward the Gate and other Places where I thought they would be most
    serviceable to prevent Persons from Coming in as I then began to be
    apprehensive a sudden Attack was intended to be made upon the Fort.”

    A few minutes before noon
    on December 14, a drummer, his beats muffled by the falling snow, marched
    through the streets of the city sounding the call that everyone recognized.
    Before long, he had collected an entourage of more than two hundred men and
    boys – a group which included militia men and officers. Governor Wentworth had
    been made aware of the crowd’s intention and had sent his private secretary to
    warn them of the high treason they were about to commit. He had also sent a
    message to Captain Cochran at the fort, to be vigilant against any
    intruders.  Around 3:00 PM, John Langdon and a crowd of 400 arrived at the fort.


    Langdon and Captain Robert White were both admitted into the
    fort to discuss their issues. They were sent out again after disclosing their
    intention to capture the powder, with the warning that they would be fired upon
    if they tried.  Minutes later, both men
    made good on their intentions.  Captain
    Cochran fired cannon and musket on the approaching crowd – arguably the first
    shots of the Revolutionary War.  The mob,
    seeing the cannon’s wicks burning, “made for the wall” and avoided the cannon
    fire, then stormed the fort before they could be reloaded, capturing Cochran
    and the fort’s seven defenders with no known casualties. The captured powder
    was sent up river through the Piscataqua ice to be hidden in various cellars
    and barns in the surrounding towns.  In
    addition to securing the 100 barrels of powder, the colonists demonstrated a
    second purpose to their visit as they pulled down the large British flag to a
    round of “Huzzahs.” It was a direct challenge to the British Empire
    and its power, an overt act toward a military confrontation.


    The next day, December 15,
    in conjunction with John Langdon’s previous attack, Major John Sullivan led a
    larger group back to the fort where they went after everything else of military
    use that they could locate and carry, including 16 cannons.




  • hilchar

    What happened to my post.  Yesterday I saw it and today it is gone. 

  • Joseph Allen Kozuh

    Improving the Pledge of Allegiance … !!!!!!

    Here’s the current US Pledge of Allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    However, there are three BIG PROBLEMS with the present wording of the PLEDGE:

    (1)Many orthodox Christians, Jews, and Muslims refuse to pledge allegiance to an object (statue, star, Moon, Sun, flag, tree, animal, etc) because of commandments they find in the Bible and Koran; however, most of these people do NOT object to an OATH of Office involving the Constitution. 

    (2) According to the US Constitution, the USA is NOT a NATION but is in fact a UNION of States, similar to the European UNION. 

    (3) A US Constitutional Convention has the power to make major changes to the US Constitution and even to abolish it. Such a convention can also add NEW States or remove OLD States from the Union, so the Union is NOT really INDIVISIBLE. 

    We can fix these three BIG PROBLEMS by adopting the following improved version of the PLEDGE:

    “I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Union under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

  • hilchar

    Here is one that we never learned about in American history.  The Bonus Army.  I guess the powers that be were too ashamed to teach us about it.

  • Anonymous

    During The US Civil War, my great-grandmother, a darn good horse rider, sewed Union letters in her dress and rode through enemy lines to deliver letters to Union operatives.

  • Anonymous

    Our Founders made Two Big Mistakes … !!!!

    Since the end of WW2, the Secularists have been using the US Courts to relentlessly “bastardize” the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.Our Founders created a magnificent CONSTITUTION, but they naively failed to define two key words in the 1st Amendment, namely, RELIGION and SPEECH. Secularists have taken advantage of this “definitional vacuum” to convince the Courts that (1) a RELIGION must involve a belief in the super-natural and therefore can NOT include stealthy SECULAR RELIGIONS such as Environmentalism and Humanism and Statism, and (2) SPEECH includes a wide variety of EXPRESSIONS such as pornography and flag burning.To defeat the Secularists in Court, we need to pass a Constitutional Amendment ASAP, that will simply define RELIGION and SPEECH according to the ORIGINAL INTENT of our Founders, namely: (1) A person’s RELIGION is the set of core values and beliefs by which that person gives THE MEANING to his/her life, and (2) SPEECH means the spoken/written words used in political debates.

  • Anonymous

    Is The 4th of July a … WHITE LIE … ??? We Americans have been conditioned to celebrate the 4th of July as the BIRTH of OUR NATION. However, this is a double WHITE LIE. Let me explain.First, the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE** actually declares (1) the 13 American colonies to be 13 SOVEREIGN STATES, and (2) these 13 STATES to be politically independent of the STATE of Great Britain. Note that for our Founders, STATE = NATION. Second, the original 13 States did NOT form the USA on July 4, 1776; the UNION was formed 5 years later in 1781, once the 1st US Constitution had been RATIFIED by all 13 States.BOTTOM-LINE: The USA is NOT a Nation; the US Constitution did NOT create a NATION; it created a … UNION … of 13 States/Nations … just like the European Union (EU) is NOT a Nation but is a UNION of 27 States/Nations. Moreover, this Union has nothing to do with the 4th of July.


  • Daryl Revok

    One look at this web page reveals how into himself Glenn Beck really is. Wow.
    Glenn Beck is a stooge…..he’s out their acting a complete goof on purpose….he’s a disinformation troll that disseminates daft conspiracy delusions alongside perfectly rational libertarian ideals in order to rob them of their legitimacy. Its a tried and true propaganda ploy. Used with great success by the vested interests.

  • Anonymous

    How about a history of 1986 immigration promises compared to 2913 S744 promises. 
    There doesn’t have to be any actual enforcement, S744 just calls for a plan.The DHS already has dozens of plans. The plan does not have to be implemented much less shown to be effective, it just has to exist. Same bull as 1986.

  • Serenabit

    precursor to the Secret Service was disbanded under Abraham Lincoln
    due to a lack in volunteers in 1861, and in actuality president
    Lincoln may have been assassinated to protect the secrets and
    treasure of the Knights Templar’s.

    know that the above statement sounds like it came out of a movie, or
    a conspiracy theorist’s latest novel, but my great-great-great
    grandfather Richard Dawson Goodwin was a close friend and confidant
    of the president and I have family documents which tie him to the
    president and the Knights Templar’s, as well as evidence as to how
    Secretary of War Edwin Stanton may have been more than just complicit
    in the assassination.

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