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As the details of the horrifying terror attack in England emerged yesterday, where an unarmed soldier was attacked by two terrorists with meat cleavers and machetes, many Second Amendment supporting Americans couldn’t help but pose the question to the left, ‘if the soldier had been allowed to arm himself, could he have survived?

Radio host and friend of TheBlaze Dana Loesch happened to be one of them.

Piers Morgan was not.

Given all of the scrutiny the mainstream media and the Democrats pour on the NRA for violence in the U.S., Dana had a few things to say about such a gruesome attack happening in a country with some of the most strict gun laws in the world.

This quickly erupted into an epic Twitter brawl where Piers, in his typical fashion, put words in Dana’s mouth, accused her of doing things she wasn’t, and, of course, made himself out to be a giant hypocrite.

A bold statement coming from a man who was fired from his job as an editor in the U.K. for publishing fake photos of soldiers being abusive.

Stay classy, Piers.

Piers, a man from England who provides commentary on American politics for a living, clearly didn’t enjoy when an American commented on England’s stance on guns and other weapons, which left one of their own soldiers defenseless against terrorists. The heated Twitter exchanged ended with Piers Morgan banning Dana from ever appearing on his show again. Oh, and he “unfollowed” her.

…the nerve…

This morning Pat and Stu revealed the sheer depression Dana must be suffering from now that she has been banned from his show and its 11 viewers.

“I’m sure she’s very upset by this,” Stu said.

“Oh, my gosh. How do you even go on once you’ve had a tasted of the Piers Morgan show and then you’ve been banned from it!” Pat joked. “She must be distraught.”

The spat with Piers — who claimed to be outraged over ‘disrespect towards the troops’ — brought on an avalanche of violent and disturbing tweets Dana’s way from his Twitter followers. The defender of respect, ironically, had nothing to say about the individuals that followed his lead in the attack on Loesch.

Dana’s many supporters were quick to defend her, and earlier today launched the hashtag #DanaLoeschPenalities. A clear jab at the idea that being “banned” from Piers’s show would somehow be a major loss.

Ironically, Piers (or his staff) must have been far more distraught at the thought of Dana no longer appearing on his show, because earlier today Dana tweeted this:

Stu and Pat suggested they send Dana flowers. No word yet on weather they are for sympathy or congratulations.