THE HORROR!?!?! Dana Loesch banned from Piers Morgan Tonight

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As the details of the horrifying terror attack in England emerged yesterday, where an unarmed soldier was attacked by two terrorists with meat cleavers and machetes, many Second Amendment supporting Americans couldn’t help but pose the question to the left, ‘if the soldier had been allowed to arm himself, could he have survived?

Radio host and friend of TheBlaze Dana Loesch happened to be one of them.

Piers Morgan was not.

Given all of the scrutiny the mainstream media and the Democrats pour on the NRA for violence in the U.S., Dana had a few things to say about such a gruesome attack happening in a country with some of the most strict gun laws in the world.

This quickly erupted into an epic Twitter brawl where Piers, in his typical fashion, put words in Dana’s mouth, accused her of doing things she wasn’t, and, of course, made himself out to be a giant hypocrite.

A bold statement coming from a man who was fired from his job as an editor in the U.K. for publishing fake photos of soldiers being abusive.

Stay classy, Piers.

Piers, a man from England who provides commentary on American politics for a living, clearly didn’t enjoy when an American commented on England’s stance on guns and other weapons, which left one of their own soldiers defenseless against terrorists. The heated Twitter exchanged ended with Piers Morgan banning Dana from ever appearing on his show again. Oh, and he “unfollowed” her.

…the nerve…

This morning Pat and Stu revealed the sheer depression Dana must be suffering from now that she has been banned from his show and its 11 viewers.

“I’m sure she’s very upset by this,” Stu said.

“Oh, my gosh. How do you even go on once you’ve had a tasted of the Piers Morgan show and then you’ve been banned from it!” Pat joked. “She must be distraught.”

The spat with Piers — who claimed to be outraged over ‘disrespect towards the troops’ — brought on an avalanche of violent and disturbing tweets Dana’s way from his Twitter followers. The defender of respect, ironically, had nothing to say about the individuals that followed his lead in the attack on Loesch.

Dana’s many supporters were quick to defend her, and earlier today launched the hashtag #DanaLoeschPenalities. A clear jab at the idea that being “banned” from Piers’s show would somehow be a major loss.

Ironically, Piers (or his staff) must have been far more distraught at the thought of Dana no longer appearing on his show, because earlier today Dana tweeted this:

Stu and Pat suggested they send Dana flowers. No word yet on weather they are for sympathy or congratulations.

  • Sam Fisher

    I think Piers Morgan is mad because the United Kingdom’s gun ban was proven a big waste of time yesterday.

  • Pachy Serrano

    At you Mr. Fisher.
    You might be right on this one, but England has much less crime and massacres than us here in US, so in a way, they living more peaceful with their strong ban on guns, don’t you think?

    • Christopher Shelley

      Much less crime? Are you joking? Maybe you have heard of Google?

      Look at the last line – UK is much higher then the US and can you believe the UK police SHOT the guy with a GUN, Oh no! Hope they charge that bobbie with murder.

    • Anonymous

      Address the specific situation at hand or suffer at the hands of your own inability to grasp the significance of an event.  In this one isolated scenario, this one isolated man was not adequately equipped to defend himself against an attack.  Before you can make the leap that England “has it right on this issue,” you have to be able to justify the fact that this one man was not armed when it is in fact clear that no justification could ever exist.  

      The only thing you have left are EXCUSES not REASONS for why the man wasn’t armed.  

      You may not be aware of this but, there are some Conservatives, myself included, who do not have a gun in their homes.  Without gun control we have one choice that we can make as citizens.  As with any CHOICE are two equal and opposite DECISIONS to make.  Decision 1 is yes or no should I have a gun in my house.  Decision 2 is yes or no shouldn’t I have a gun in my house.  It sounds like two versions of the same choice right?  But it’s not.  There are two sets of people and ideologies at play.  Those who choose not to have a gun in their home are allowed to not do so.  When gun control comes about, their rights have not been trampled upon since they forfeited them in the first place.  Gun control disenfranchises every single solitary person who has the desire to own a gun for the express purpose of protecting their household.  No one is disenfranchised except them.  Why can’t you and the gun control advocates see that no one will give up a right that they actually want to keep when they know that the very guns they own are the only way to preserve that right?  

      So I ask you, why don’t you see that gun control applies to specific isolated incidents and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL?!  If we are a “gun loving” culture then aren’t criminals gun loving too?  

      • Anonymous

        So clearly, I cannot choose the wine in front of me…..

        • Anonymous

          I have no idea what you mean by that at all.

        • Anonymous

          Wait okay, took me a minute but no, you can’t, because of wine control legislation…

    • Anonymous

      One thing is for certain….England has much fewer law abiding citizens protecting themselves from armed criminals.  And the criminals like it that way!  I wonder if piers has an armed body guard. My money is on “yes”.

    • greywolfrs

      Peacefully? Are you really this dumb? The Second Amendment is part of the Constitution for a reason. If you do not like it, please feel free to move to England.

      P.S. It only takes one good person, not part of the “ambush,” to make this situation turn out well.

    • Mike Nelson

      It’s funny; if you just don’t count certain events as actual crimes, then crime is already cleaning itself up!

      I know: let’s all follow the Detroit model, and just not respond to certain 911 calls!  Then we can say that the incidence of “real” and “actionable” 911 calls has decreased – which must mean that crime has gone down!

      Oh, what a wonderful, Progressive day!

      See how you really can legislate civil order into reality?

      “More peaceful?”  Really?

    • Anonymous

      Pachy don’t stand behind me.
      And I will choose free will .

    • Anonymous

      So, ignoring certain crimes equals less crime. I see the progressive logic.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Piers Morgan?

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s spelled Piers Moron.  Or at least it should be.

  • Anonymous

    I posted a similar argument on a facebook acct.  I guess I won’t be asked to appear on Piers Morgan.  Darn.  That was on my bucket list, too.

  • Jon Galt

    ROTFL.  Banned from morgans show?  How much longer can he last with no ratings?

  • Nathan Hangen

    Piers and Dana are trolling each other in order to get ratings from you, the viewer. 

    • Anonymous

      If PM has been reduced to trolling Dana for higher ratings, his show and popularity must be even worse than it appears on the surface.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, CRAP. Dana will never appear on Britain’s Got Talent, now?!

  • Anonymous

    The UK and EU probably deported old PM so they wouldn’t have to put up with him.  Maybe BHO can re-deport him back to where he came from … or to the middle east where he can really experience their racial hatred first hand … then report back to us … if he is still alive.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the UK likes Piers.  They’re smart enough to have gun control laws.  We had approximately 10,000 people die from gun violence last year.  The UK had less than 50.  

      “Oh, but they’re smaller than us”
      True, but only to the extent that they have 1/5 of our population.  That is, if you adjust them up to our size, about 250 people would have died from gun violence.  

      Piers Morgan is trying to stop people from dying.  So what?  

      • George Jackson

        Are you intentionally attempting to mislead people or are you just not thinking clearly?  

        1. The UK is known for having “virtually no guns” so the comparison of gun crime to gun crime is useless. It’s like saying, “More people are killed by lions at the zoo than lions in NYC apartments.  If you really wanted to be intellectually honest, you’d compare violent crime to violent crime. 
        2.  Germany has a 25% lower murder rate than the UK, despite having 30% gun ownership rates. Does that mean UK needs more guns to be safer?

        3. The US has an overall crime rate of about 3.8% while the UK ranks in with about 10.3% crime rate.  (I would compare “violent crime” to violent crime, but it would take to long to account for the different definitions used in each country.)

        4. “They’re smart enough to have gun control laws” implies that we are not, but we actually do have gun control laws.  The only problem is that areas with more gun control seem to have more crimes. Go figure.

        And that, my friend, is the “so what” you were looking for.

  • Snorri

    When confronted by sudden, unexpected, immanent lethal harm there is very little one can do even if armed with a gun, knife, an umbrella or self-defense skills. It’s called an ambush and one’s only option is to get out of the kill zone. In the US as well as the UK being extra aware is critical: i.e.: being able to avoid, evade, disengage, escape. Reference: “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker. Mr. Morgan is justified to be horrified by the horrific death of the British soldier. Perhaps, Mr. Morgan should hold responsible the UK politicians who let such Muslim savages into the UK. Likewise, by extension, Mr. Morgan should consider the untoward and unintended consequences of US immigration policies where he and his family now reside. I would expect that both Mr. Morgan and Ms. Loesch would put aside their puerile tirades and express condolences to the murdered soldiers family.

  • Anonymous

    Someday the NMA (national machete association) is going to be held accountable for the murders  they cause.  Sounds silly, don’t it.  Machetes don’t kill people, radicalized, hateful, murderous, disgusting, pieces of human excrement kill people.  Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of African Christians have been hacked to death just like this by people following this “religion of peace”. Usually right in front of their kids, that are kidnapped into the armies of these low life scum. Not negating the newsworthiness, or horrific nature of this crime in London….but muslims are hacking people to death every single day, by the dozens/hundreds. Wake up world.

    • Anonymous

      Accountability for wrongdoing isn’t a progressive specialty since progressivism is based entirely upon moral relativism and nothing else at all period.

  • greywolfrs

    PM is a complete idiot…

  • Mary E Sellers

    Who wrote this?? There is a difference  in”weather” and “whether”…Good Lord- no proof readers??? The last sentence, Bud.

  • Anonymous

    Not being on Morgan’s show isn’t that like not having to use an way overfull outhouse what has one missed .

  • Anonymous

    I do wish that it were possible to ban Piers from ever appearing on American airwaves again, but that would be censorship which is bad, isn’t it? Oh wait, Piers just did that to Dana. So, is Piers a censor of free speech? Perhaps a foe of the First Amendment?

    • Leisa Hale

       Piers is an opponent to all of the amendments. 

    • Rob

       Piers LOVES the first amendment.  He uses it to attack the second all the time.

  • suz

    so upset she can’t stop laughing.

  • MagicPhysicist Tesla

    They are easily fooled which is why they hired Morgan.

    If you fall for the BS on that channel you also most likely believe a person with a British accent is intelligent and wise.

    Morgan proves every day that is  far from the truth.

  • scott

    I wish piers Morgan would ban himself, I have.

  • UnwantedFoe

    Lmao… this was hilarious

  • Kay Headley

    The multiple spelling errors in this article are horrible. Who is your proofreader? They should be flogged!

    On another note, the article is right on.

  • Anonymous

    Just in…..The UK is now a machete free zone

  • alexander

    Yawn! I’m over Peirs. I don’t care anymore, but I still laughed about Dana’s first tweet about this. 

  • Michael John Naretto

    After American Idol he should have just disappeared.

  • Clifford Deal

    Go get ’em, girl. This yo-yo couldn’t find his own backside without assistance..

  • Tyler Wallace

    When I first read her tweet, I thought she meant NRA (National Republican Army), the terrorist group, not NRA (National Rifle Association) the political group. Is that unreasonable?

    • Pete Sikes

      Peirs would say they are the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why so many took such offense to what she said…. she was making a point about self defense.  geesh!  Some of those remarks were satanistic, racist and just wrong!

  • Nightmoves Cee

    Oh nooooo,now we have to ban meat cleavers!!!

    • Pete Sikes

      You already have to be an adult to buy any kind of silverware…

  • Burton Trattner

    I want to know how the murder got a meat clever without a background check?

  • Autumn Grey

    I love The Blaze and all that Glenn is doing. But, if you want to be major league, have someone proofread your articles.

  • Terrance D. Way

    Didn’t Piers swor that he would leave if the gun ban was not passed here? What’s the holdup Pierse what are you waiting for.

  • Jeff Wagner

    Piers Morgan a British man who appears to be still carrying a grudge for losing the Revolutionary war.

  • Sara J Stewart

    It is always interesting that people who disagree with your views will try to paint you as the hater. But, they are the ones who spew hate. Take Bett Midler. She accuses the Tea Party of being haters, but she was full of hate when she said it. Piers is another one who likes to accuse others of things he does himself!

  • Draco Morrison

    Piers still has not deported himself?
    I know he’s too comfy in his cushy job to keep his word, but I don’t want him to forget.
    PIERS MORGAN, You have given your word– which proves means little– That you would LEAVE our “free” nation if you fail to destroy our 2nd.  I will happily see you give honor to these words(/your name).

    • Anonymous

      You realize the move to deport Piers Morgan wasn’t really a move to deport him, but a move to draw attention to the pros of the second amendment, right?  Piers Morgan has first amendment rights.  He’s not trying to destroy it per se; he wants to see if the second amendment is still a truly necessary part of the bill of rights

  • Anonymous

    Is this Chick married Glenn?  HOOK ME UP MAN!!!  :-)—~ For real hook me up!

    • George Jackson

      Sadly, yes… and she surprisingly has a teenage son.  She looks much younger, doesn’t she? 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, she looks really good.  I was thinking maybe 30 at most.  I was “shocked” to see that Kim Guilfoil was only 23!  I guess it was her make-up she wears.  I thought she was around 27.  She’s just a kid compared to most FOX viewers.  Martha McCallum is like 49 or 50 I think.  I almost passed out when I read how old she was.  They must not spend very much time in the sun or tanning beds.  I’m still trying to get used to seeing Megan Kelly with child each year it seems.  They must have like super husbands or something.  Great personality & a pile of cash in the bank to boot!  OH WELL.  I guess it never hurts for a man to dream & use his imagination.  I’d have to have a pile of cash in the bank to go along with my handsomeness to land a hottie like them.  It’s always the same story, different babe.  So sad indeed.  I have to say, Megan’s red nail polish she wears is quite irresistable to admire.  FOX must have a “BABE-CLAUSE” papered in their work environment for women. The list goes on.  He-he-he.

  • Don Wirth

    I would consider it a badge of honor if that jagoff banned me from his show. He should be banned from the USA.
    His father in England ejaculated in a pansy pot and raised a blooming idiot.

  • Anonymous

    This ‘closet queen’ has to create some imagined outrage so his 5 remaining viewers don’t change the channel for infomercials about a cure for ‘jock itch’.

  • Anonymous

    Morgan is an effeminate twat.  Nothing but a redundant, slobbering sissy of absolutely NO value whatsoever

  • Anonymous

    The British police cannot carry a gun, so they had to wait until a “special team” came in to shoot the Islamic butchers. Good thing they  happened to stick around or they would not have been caught.

  • Anonymous

    go give yourself  a break?  They are glad they don’t have to look at that jerk anymore – but it is like with all trash soooner or laaater you have to get rid of it!

  • Anonymous

    here we go again its the size and the amount – well if I see someone running toward me with a clever, a machete or anything that can kill me I will defend myself – and it is not going to be pretty – but there is a point – where I don’t care anymore what happens to me or my attacker. And  To get back on your crap did you evaluate who, where, when, why against whom I am sooo sick of this Theme.  I really wonder what you would do? beg for your life? hope they let you go because you are sooo nice?  wake up !

  • Anonymous

    you bet you it is  !!  and getting more and more important each day!!!

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