Wonderful World of Stu: Is Renewable Energy the future?

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Is ‘renewable energy’ the future?

    Possible, given sufficient time and investment and motivation via the private sector to work out all the bugs and make it efficient, practical and actually work.

    There will be no ‘one source fits all’ but a union of many types such as solar, nuclear, bio-fuels and, if they can ever make it work, fusion-power; but only when they can surpass the energy provided by oil, gas and coal.

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      Problem is that liberals don’t want any of those. Look what they did to GM’s hydrogen fuel cell car when Obama used our money to buy the place.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jon.galt.5454 Jon Galt

       Absolutely!  It is the future, NOT the present.  There will be breakthroughs that push solar into a real competitive position, but probably decades away.  Nuclear is actually very cost effective and safe, if the govt would stay out of the way.  I think it is foolish to produce bio-fuels in place of food.  We should not be putting our food supply into our gas tanks.

      The problem is that the lib-tards would have the govt spend OPM (other people’s money) to force outrageously expensive energy onto the market.  Like the bio-fuel for military jets, which costs about $60 per gallon vs. $5 for oil-based fuel.  Or “free” money to green energy companies that have zero hope of success.  Or rebates on “electric” vehicles that only the wealthy can afford anyway.

      • http://www.facebook.com/vacman1 Richard Vacman

        You’ve been listening to the foxttutes for too long, you don’t have a clue.

      • Anonymous

        Solar panels are now selling at 50 cents per watt and last for 25 years.  Average house uses 7000 watts, that’s $3500 for 25 years of power.  Add about $1.20 for the balance of equipment and installation and your at $1.70/watt.  That’ an all in cost of about $12,000 for 25 years of energy.   That comes out to $40 per month for electric.  How much do you pay your utility?

        • Anonymous

          My house has a Peak Demand Systen which indicates maximum current draw during any given month. It’s a small house and my peak is: (averaged), 15 KiloWatts at 240 V AC. Your 7000 Watts figure (7 KiloWatts) is grossly under rated and does not account for maintenence nor night time hours when there is no solar energy to harvest.
          P.S. P=IV so at 12 volts for a solar panel’s typical DC output that means one needs to have 10 times the power output at 12V to meet the demand of your avg household at 120V neglecting transformation of the energy into alternating current.
          BTW-one cannot feed energy back into the grid without the sine wave of the electrical energy being synced…..I have yet to see anyone doing this to date. Glenn has a sponsor who promots this bogus stuff….he should drop them as soon as posible to maintain credibility.
          Mr. TR

          • Anonymous

            The average system size of 16,768 homes in New Jersey is 8.2 kW. Typical panel is 240 W outputting about 32 VDC. These are all behind-the-meter systems.

          • Anonymous

            One should not design around average demand. You have to allow for peak demand plus about 15 %. The panels you are referring to are RATED at 240 W. that doesn’t mean a user gets that performance if the potential doesen’t exist from the source and……it isn’t 24/7.
            Solar photo voltaic is cool (I’ve played with it since the 60’s) but, the needed energy just isn’t there.
            If it was, the surface of the Earth would be similar to the planet Mercury in temperature. People use a great deal of energy.

          • Anonymous

            Neat website. I didn’t mean to imply that systems should be designed for average demand, but that the average system size in NJ is about 8 kW. Systems are designed there to not exceed annual usage. Some months will exceed demand for which there is no monthly benefit other than not needing any utility supplied electricity. Other months will fall short. The average system size in NJ is also limited by roof space.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t see a reply button to your last post so I’ll throw it in here.
            The article you are referencing is most likely bogus information and here’s why…I can prove it with a real world example:
            The average electric clothes dryer drawas 5000 Watts= the average home electric water heater is 3000 Watts, the average bread toaster, space heater, can opener, microwave, and a few others is 1500 Watts each.

            These homes in New Jersey must be heated with fuel oil, use steam heat radiator distribution for the boiler system, have natural gas water heaters and clothes dryers.

            Bearing all of this in mind-these are indeed old homes and what kind of immediately available disposable income do you think these people have to upgrade to a localized solar system?-probably not much.

          • Anonymous

            I did not reference an article. I posted a link to the actual data of the real installations. It’s an spreadsheet of all the installations in New Jersey.

      • Anonymous

        Information for all-France has been over 90% nuclear powered for more than 15 years without any issues. The vast majority of nuclear power plants world wide have not had any significant ‘incidents’.
        Most people are wary of nuclear power generation due to iratinoal fears based upon ignorance.
        The ideal renewable energy source will ultimately be Hydrogen derived from the electrolysis of water which covers 72% of the planet’s surface in the form of oceans.
        When this finally is achieved, the water vapor in the atmosphere resulting from the combustion of Hydrogen will return to the surface in the form of rainfall, replenishing the water tables and aquifers globally.
        Solar will never be practical since the max average wattage per square meter delivered to the earth by the Sun is approximately 45 Watts per square meter so, do the math…the entire state of Nevada covered in panels would power 1/2 of Los Angeles for 12 Hrs per day (sunshine hours if it’s clear sky) during the summer months.
        This does not include converter losses to make DC into AC and transmission losses. The energy problem is quite complicated-WAY too complicated for polititians to be attempting to ‘solve’.
        Right now, they aren’t solving anything….it’s all back door politics and crony capitalism.

    • Draxx

      I am currently in the process of setting up a Solar Panel Array and a Small Windmill to power one of the barns on the farm, and today’s weather was so cruddy that neither would have produced enough electricity to Power the barn…  I am doing this for someone else because the rate of return from investment is too slow for me!  A few thousand dollars and it is worthless on days like today…  (I am working on a solution but have not found it yet).

    • Anonymous

      If this type of energy was workable the private sector would be doing it……not to mention they been trying it for decades…..one way it could work if we stopped all production of oil and or if we had prices of $8 to $10.00 per gal. which has been tested but,Obama fail again Kleptocracy any way you look at it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vacman1 Richard Vacman

      It’s sad you think we can still burn fossil fuels.  Why do you hate your kids? 

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Why do you not see the amount of time it will take to bring these alternate sources to fruition and seem to imply we will one day be 100% free of oil, gas and coal in the near future?

        One more leftist troll.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Burton-Trattner/1605691503 Burton Trattner

       The only way it will work is if there is a profit motive behind the development.  Other than nuclear fusion power, all the popular renewable energies like wind and solar could not compete against fossil fuel in free markets.  Of course our government doesn’t even have to invest a dime into renewal development.  All they have to do is ban fossil fuels altogether.  Then the free market would jump in… but energy produced per dollar invested will remain low.  The result is world economies would collapse due to high energy prices.  That doesn’t bother the elites & environmentalists BTW.  They have been so indoctrinated into hating oil, that they would rather shiver in the dark than let others stay warm with their fossil fueled furnaces.  It’s the Obama admin plan anyway.  That is to demonize and handicap exploration and production with regulations forcing gas prices high. For example: At $1 gas ethanol would collapse (Yay! cheaper food) and the electric car would become a historical moment only.  Even with a cheap battery that could store enough juice for a 500 mile trip wont help realistically.  The real problem is transferring generated energy (from any source) into the car’s battery fast enough.  Transferring is easy with gasoline.  Takes about 5 minutes for a fill up.  Even a 30 minute charge from such a large battery would require a mini nuke station inside each pump.  A refueling station with 20 cars recharging at one time (like gasoline) would require so much power it’s just not feasible.
      Oh!  What about the planet and climate change?  That man made co2 is destroying the world is all baloney!

      • OpenMinded

        I know that there is technology in the works that will lower the co2 (for those that want it) but that is a by-product of better efficiency.  Clean running engine that is true multi-fuel (diesel,gasoline, bio made from non food plants, natural gas .. can run all these fuels in any COMBINATION)  fewer moving parts and less metal to make . No oil changes needed. Can run anything from a small car to a 18 wheeler.. and more.  Its still in the building/testing/proving stage and I won’t say without hard facts behind me that it will work out 100%.  I’d love to post the url for this but the moderators won’t let me usually.  Try SpinDyne (not the CA company).  Most folks seem to want this tech.. until they are asked to help out or give it a chance. At that point they walk away without actually asking questions.

    • Anonymous

      Surprisingly, I agree with Snowleopard.  The solutions will be a mix.  Solar energy is now near economic parity with utility prices in some areas.  Due to the economies of scale achieved by government and market incentive programs, solar panels are now selling at 50 cents per watt and last for 25 years.  Average house uses 7000 watts, that’s $3500 for 25 years of power.  Add about $1.20 for the balance of equipment and installation and your at $1.70/watt.  That’ an all in cost of about $12,000 for 25 years of energy.  That’s viable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darius-Jackson/100003705849906 Darius Jackson

    we can get energy out of the air! its called Orgone its what causes orgasms! We’ll all havebetter orgasms

  • Anonymous

    Nothing GREEN as beat oil products, most everything green has not turned a profit

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, eventually, IF THE FEDS WILL KEEP THEIR A$$ OUT OF THE WAY and let nature take its course.  Consumerism has always been the best a determining a viable product.  The feds have no business trying to force an issue.  I’m still waiting for my FREE Volt and solar panel array. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlos.mateus.7568 Carlos Mateus

    The energy of the future is not green energy, it may not be fossil fuels but I am sure is going to be Cheap Energy what ever it may be, developed by the private sector. The world to survive and for its economy to grow needs cheap energy. Right now the cheap energy is GAS, lets go for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.rigg1 Richard Rigg

    The future is FREE Energy.  Tesla and others discovered It. JP Morgan squashed it because he had already run copper wires to control it.  Tesla’s was wireless and could not have a meter attached.  the Torus and Tetrahedral Geometry are the most important discoveries modern man. In essesnce we have re-discovered what was left for us to find and use long ago.  Energy is abundant like water.. We have to re-learn how to use it!  visit: http://youtu.be/lEV5AFFcZ-s  for more info!

  • Anonymous

    Nuclear power and natural gas are the renewable energy of the future. 

    Natural Gas is a naturally renewable heaver than air vapor energy source, produced by the ecology of biological material decay, it is part of the process of the natural composting cycle that produces fertile soils and natural gases were ever biological materials collect and then decay. 
    All man needs to do is recover it.   We should not take edible resources and use them for energy until they have first been used as food. 

    Their are many types of nuclear power (the Sun is a nuclear energy source and the radiation from the Sun is nuclear radiation).  Several new forms of nuclear power are under development.  It is essential that our energy supply be available on demand.   This is not the case with solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn
    Beck and ,

         My name is Brad Snipes. I am an Engineer,
    a scientist, and an inventor.  I am also
    a Christian and a servant of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Unlike John
    Galt, I attribute my vision and my technical capability to God.      

         I share your dream of an independent
    self-sustaining community like Independence, Texas. In the following, I show
    how it is possible to convert many hundreds of square miles of arid or
    semi-arid desert farm land into fertile farmland using the Suns energy. I also
    show how a Micro-Grid solar energy system can provide for all of the energy and
    water requirements of Independence, Texas and a surrounding agricultural region.

         Independence should never tie in to the
    Grid. As you must know, Obama’s threat to shut down coal burning power plants
    will devastate our economy. He said himself your “electricity bills will
    skyrocket”. And what about the many jobs that will be destroyed when the coal
    companies go out of business? And what about those who struggle to pay their
    electric bills at the current prices? Will they have to choose between food and
    air conditioning?

         Should the people be made to suffer
    because of an unproven theory?  The
    science presented by the IPCC is ridiculous. In fact, it is not science at all.
    It is the intentional manipulation and distortion of a very meager data set of
    world historical temperature data to suit a political cause. The cause is
    governmental take-over of the energy sector of our economy.

         Obama is a “looter”. Our Federal
    Government is moving towards control of the Grid. Independence must never tie-in
    to the Grid. You would be at their mercy. 
    Ayn Rand prophetically portrayed the evil government now in control of
    the people. Obama, and all liberals must be evil or they must be ignorant.
    Obama is very intentionally and purposefully trying to destroy our economy.

         If Obama succeeds with Cap and Trade
    Legislation, it will be the final nail in the coffin of our freedom.

         I am a 64 year old Mechanical Engineer. My
    passion has always been Solar Engineering Design.  I have been a student of solar energy
    technology for many years. I have many years of diversified work experience
    mostly in the petrochemical industry, and the steel industry and the aluminum
    industry. Throughout my career the design of a concentrating solar energy
    collector has been a goal and a hobby. I now have a published utility patent
    application and am preparing several additional patent applications or a
    continuation in part to that application. My final design is now complete and I
    am ready to build the most economical and efficient solar collector in the

         In the following, I describe my design for
    a Combined Heat and Power Concentrating Solar Photovoltaic Collector, the
    Bradford Collector. I explain how very high efficiencies are obtained and the
    cost per square foot of solar collection area is very low. Thus, the cost per
    kWh of electricity produced by Bradford Collectors will be very low as compared
    to the conventional solar technologies and as compared to the cost of
    equivalent energy from the Grid.

         I also describe how this approach to the
    collection and utilization of solar energy will be a perfect solution to meet
    the electrical and the water needs for communities like Independence, Texas.

         A 32 foot diameter pedestal-mounted
    Bradford Collector will produce about 5 kW of electricity, about 500 gallons
    per day of distilled water from seawater, and about 2 tons of air-conditioning.
    Since air-conditioning and heating are accomplished with the thermal output,
    the electrical needs are only for lights, appliances, and electronics.


    The Bradford Collector


         Thus only about 500 Watts will be required
    for a typical home. The remaining about 4-1/2 kW of electricity can be used to
    produce about 2 kg per day of hydrogen. This is equivalent to about 4 gallons
    of gasoline daily, if the hydrogen is consumed in a fuel cell/electric automobile.

         This hydrogen can also be used to produce
    ammonia which is an economical way to store hydrogen.  Ammonia can be used in several ways. It can
    be used in fuels cells or internal combustion engines. It can also be used to
    produce fertilizers.

         Solar farms of Bradford Collectors can
    produce hydrogen for the automotive hydrogen refueling stations, ammonia
    plants, or to meet the electrical storage needs of the community.

         Since the thermal energy collected by a
    Bradford Collector must be utilized close to the place where it is produced, it
    can be shown that my design is best suited for Off-Grid applications or
    Micro-Grid applications. In fact, I will never want to tie-in to the present
    Grid.  As Obama has said,” your electric
    bills will skyrocket”. The Grid, under government control, will be used to
    control, oppress, and dominate the people.

         I contend, that the implementation of any
    “Cap and Trade” System would be a governmental take-over of the energy sector
    of our economy.

         Concentrating Solar Photovoltaic became
    possible in 2002. Spectrolab, in partnership with the, US DOE developed
    multi-junction solar cells. This new kind of solar cell achieves much higher
    efficiencies in the conversion of solar energy to electricity. They convert
    about 40% of incident solar energy to electricity, almost three times the
    efficiency of standard solar cells. But, the most important advantage, of
    multi-junction solar cells is that they have the capability of receiving very
    concentrated solar energy. This makes possible the use much cheaper materials
    per square foot of solar projected area. A Bradford Collector concentrates and
    focuses 1000 Suns onto a dense cylindrical array of multi-junction solar
    photovoltaic cells.    

         The Bradford Collector effectively
    utilizes about 75% of the suns energy. No other collector in the world can
    claim this kind of efficiency, except for Zenith Solar in Israel. Their
    collector has about the same efficiency as a Bradford Collector. The efficiency
    of the Zenith Solar Z-20 collector has been proven in the field. This is
    advantageous to me because they have proven the concept. They sell electricity
    into the grid for a profit while concurrently providing hot water for a

         The Zenith Solar Z-20 collector is the
    first and only solar collector in the world that produces both electricity and
    hot water. The Z-20 was introduced to the marketplace in December of 2010. My
    design the Bradford Collector will soon be the second.

         Please visit http://www.zenithsolar.com

         The Bradford Collector has several
    advantages over Zenith Solar Z20 collector as described below.

         The Z-20 Collector produces 90 OC
    hot water. The Bradford collector achieves 100 OC as needed to produce
    low pressure steam. The thermal output of the Bradford Collector is steam at 0

         This is significant because low pressure
    steam can be utilized for desalinating seawater in a Multiple Effect
    Desalination Plant. The Z-20 output cannot.

         Another advantage of my design is that the
    area projected to the sun has only one degree of curvature and may be
    fabricated from sheet metal similar to parabolic trough thermal collectors. The
    sheet metal will have one surface highly reflective to solar energy. Materials
    having a solar reflectivity of 95% are available and very economical.

         A highly efficient receiver tube assembly
    is positioned at the focal line of multi-segmented conical reflecting
    concentrator.  A cylindrical array of
    multi-junction solar cells is positioned coaxially with the conical
    concentrator so as to receive all of the reflected concentrated solar
    radiation. A secondary clear cylindrical refracting concentrator encloses the
    cylindrical array. The cylindrical concentrator further concentrates and
    focuses this solar energy such that essentially all of the concentrated solar
    radiation is nearly perpendicularly incident upon the front faces of the eight
    linear multi-junction solar cells. Solar concentrations in excess of 1000 Suns
    are easily achieved using this two stage optical concentration system.

         I hope to build a manufacturing facility
    to produce Bradford Collectors somewhere along the Gulf Coast. This location
    will be largely determined by the soil quality and the scarcity of water. It
    must be reasonably close to the coast line. The available solar energy for the
    Texas Gulf Coast region is about 4.5 to 5 kWhr per day per square meter which
    is adequate.  

         It will be possible to convert hundreds of
    square miles of semi-arid Texas land to fertile, irrigated farmland.
    Independence, Texas could in the middle of such an area as I would love to help

         It is worth noting that this land,
    currently with no water for irrigation and little for livestock may be acquired
    for a very low price. Of course, as the land is made into fertile farmland by
    the addition of desalinated (distilled) seawater, and fertilizer, its value can
    be expected to increases immensely.

         As you implied in your presentation,
    surrounding farms and ranches would provide food for the community of
    Independence. Until the monetary system collapses, agricultural products can
    also be export from the Independence area.

         Independence could also provide a
    workforce for the manufacturing facility. There will also be many jobs created
    for installation and maintenance of Bradford Solar Collectors and Farms.

         I have many questions about Independence,
    Texas. I am hopeful that it be Christians only. How would the local government
    operate? I adhere to God’s laws only and submit to man’s law only when it does
    not contradict the law of my God. For instance lying and adultery are illegal
    under God’s Law but are accepted and encouraged by our government. Politicians
    may legally lie with impunity in order to get elected and thereby acquire more
    money and power over the people. They are never held responsible for the truth
    or fallacy of their speech. Homosexuality and promiscuity are daily promoted by
    our government and most of the media.

         In the name of religious freedom and
    tolerance, we are expected to accept Islam. Yet Islam is an enemy to Israel and
    to Christians, and to freedom itself. Islam is an evil religion and the Koran
    teaches destruction of infidels. Islam and Christianity are oil and water. They
    do not and should not mix.

         Therefore, I expect to be part of an Independent
    Self-Sufficient Christian only community.

         I will serve as a Principal Engineer in
    the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Solar Farms of Bradford Collectors.
    I will dedicate the entire production to my community.

         I would like this to be a co-operative
    effort of the community. It would be owned by the community.

         I am
    hopeful that we can establish a location and that a group of likeminded
    investors will partner with me in this effort.

         It will require the purchase of large
    tracts of semi-arid land. This land will have much greater value when water is made
    available for livestock and irrigation.

         When the present monetary system
    collapses, and it will, the resulting chaos will make life in the cities

         “Then the woman fled into the wilderness
    where she has a place prepared by God that they should feed her there one
    thousand two hundred and sixty days.”


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