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Girls dress as boys and boys dress as girls. Gender switching is what a group of young school children are learning at one Milwaukee school, to the dismay of at least one parent. Despite the complaints, the event will go on as planned – although it did get a slight name change. Glenn had the story on radio today.

“I want to leave you with a story this hour of Deidri Hernandez,” Glenn said. “She has a 7‑year‑old son she’s not sending to school today. She has a 7‑year‑old son that goes to Tippecanoe School For the Arts and Humanities.”

He continued, “They are holding their Switch It Up Day. Now, this was originally billed as Gender Bender Day, but Tippecanoe officials made the name change after they called the principal. She said, ‘I don’t have a problem with the title; I have a problem with the activity.’ She says, ‘it’s ridiculous and creepy to ask elementary boys to come dressed as girls and girls to come dressed as boys. Having the students dressed as transvestites is not what I’m sending my child to school for.'”

“But apparently in Milwaukee, it is, according to school officials,” Glenn said.

“Switch It Up Day. They changed the name. It’s no longer Gender Bender. It’s Switch It Up Day,” he said.