Courage among the cowards: woman stands up to ax wielding killers

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In the brutal radical Islamic driven murder in London this week, there is one profile in courage that needs to be shared. One lone woman stood out in the crowd and confronted the two killers, who were still bloody and still carrying weapons. Fearless, the woman put her own life ahead of others – an amazing act of courage. Glenn reacted to the courage and to the cowards in the streets of London.

Read the full profile of Ingrid Loyau-Kennett HERE

“There was one individual that stood up. One,” Glenn said. “It was a woman that stood up. In fact, she didn’t stand up. She first had to stand up, reach up, pull the little string to ring the bell so the bus would stop that she was on, so she got off the bus because she saw blood in the streets. She looked around all the sheep being led right directly to slaughter and walked up to the guy with the blood on his hands.”

“This woman approached him, confronted him. She then looked back at the crowd with contempt and disgust. You know what made her stand up in the bus? She said her Christian belief. She’s a Catholic. Her Christian belief. When she found out it wasn’t an accident, why did she pursue him? Because she said there were children there and she didn’t ‑‑ better to happen to her than a child.”

“Where were the rest of the sheep?”

“Here’s the difference between us and the greatest generation. The greatest generation we had leaders, and the greatest generation we had God. There were things that were bigger than us. There were things worth living for and there were things worth dying for. What are those things worth dying for anymore? What are those things worth standing for anymore? Your job? Your car, your house? How many of us will sit down to save our children? I don’t want my children to live in a world like that.”

Glenn said that people have been taught to be sheep, to be silent, and to no longer stand up for things bigger than themselves.

“Why do you think these people are so bold? Because you have been taught to be silent.”

“What is the difference between the three airplanes that crashed on September 11th? The first two didn’t know what was going on and they thought they would be left to live. They thought it was a hijacking and that was it. They didn’t think anybody was crazy enough to fly them into a building. The third plane, because they had information, they knew, and Todd Beamer stood up. It’s better to go down fightin’ than go down like sheep. We’re gonna save people. And so they rushed, and they lost, but we remember their name.”

“I will never forget, I will never forget Todd Beamer’s name. I will never forget ‘Let’s roll,’ and I am ashamed to say I will never forget the sheep in the streets of London.”

“Choose you today who do you serve? Choose today life or death. Choose today what the future is you want your children to live under. Freedom? Freedom where, yes, at times we can be divisive; or death. Because that is your choice: Submit or die. As for me and my family, I choose God.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good is turned into bad, and bad is turned into good.

    We have seen what happens when a generation or more of people have been coerced and conditioned into conformity; it allows evil to thrive and expand in all directions, as people are trained not to interfere or intervene as they themselves then become ‘the problem.’

    This was an act of terrorism, and I hold the only reason it did not become worse was for the determined stand of the woman – she lived and testified by example of deed what she holds to be true as an article of her faith.

    How many of us can make the same claim?

    How many of you are willing to bear the marks of extremists determined to kill you if you do not renounce your Christianity? How many of you would stay true to the end; and be honest with yourself and with God, for if you can truly say yes, then all is well, if not, then reexamine your faith and call on God to help you grow into it unto fullness.

    • Anonymous

      good and bad is reversed just like islam, a reversal of beliefs, antiGod!

      • americanathlete

         Antichrist — For he is a “marked man.”

  • Mike in VA

    you’re the first I’ve heard to mention the cowards who stood by and did nothing.   

  • LadybugJ

    Just imagine if that victim had a concealed carry permit and could protect himself!

    • Arne Oas

      Yesh, but even in the states, US soldiers with legitimate state held concealed carry licenses can not carry on a federal installation. So when we go to and from the base, we are not allowed to have a concealed weapon. This is why MAJ Hassan was so successful.

      • Firbanks Davida

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        • Anonymous

          Yes it’s amazing how much one can make HOOKING on a busy corner or at a truck stop…

      • Roberta Robinson

        so are you telling me the military trains these soldiers to use auto weapons and cannons and rocket launchers but do not trust them enough to have a regular hand gun? really? doesn’t anyone see the illogic in this?

    • Anonymous

      He was a soldier…just like those at Ft Hood….de-armed by their government.

    • Anonymous

       …or at least his own meat clever….

      • Sandie

        Gosh, I had to hide my pressure cookers, now I have to hide my meat clevers and butcher knives too?

        • Anonymous

          Be careful while eating this Sundays pot-luck dinner – you may get arrested.

          • Sandie

            LOL. “But officer, the blood on my hands is my own”.
            I get to working so fast cutting, chopping etc. that I usually cut myself.

          • Anonymous

            Cutco has a commercial just waiting for you.

          • Sandie

            Ron Popeil, eat your heart out.

  • Ethan Guymon

    The greatest generation believed in something.  They believed in their country, and they believed in God.  They had faith.  And the leaders did too.  We know the politicians still kind of sucked.  But PC hadn’t taken over and hippies hadn’t inundated the school system, and politics to let us know that America is evil and we need to go on an apology tour.  We need to belittle ourselves, make ourselves weaker than everyone else to “apologize” for our power, and the “evil” we have committed for 100+ years.  Pathetic.  I’m still proud to be American, proud to be a Texan.  I believe both are salvageable.  26% of eligible voting Americans elected “our” president.  I believe the majority of the country is still Christian, and conservative based.  But they’re jaded, the Republican party has always been a fractured party bit it is now more than ever.  Too many Republican politicians are giving up the conservative way to get power.  

    • Anonymous

       I keep hearing “Americas greatest generation” – so what is stopping us from becoming the greatest generation? If you recall, America was bombed into the second world war. At the time, British leadership was practically begging for our support, but for almost two years while the Brit’s held off the Germans, Americans were not overly concerned. Our nation had become isolated from the outside world and many of the so-called “greatest generation” thought Hitler was actually the good guy and would have preferred to join ranks with his socialist/fascist government. It took a direct smashing of our Pacific fleet to wake us up. Only then did we rally around the cause for freedom and liberty. Of course after declaring war on Japan, within hours of that proclamation, Germany declared war on us, goes to show you who your friends are.

      Our people are no different today from what we were back then, its simply that we have more toys today that preoccupy and our enemies are taking full advantage.

      You make the point of America becoming more liberal and that is true, sort of like a patch of rust on a car that gets worse over time, but I still feel our people could and would, rise to the occasion  if we only understood the dangers we face. You see (I’m certain you do) we are faced with a much different arsenal then what our grandfathers discovered on Dec 7th 1941….today, there wouldn’t be time enough to recover from such a blow as we are faced with atomic weapons that would completely demolish the target rendering it useless for decades if not more.

      Our only hope then is to teach our children about our nations history and by doing that, we may prevent another world war – but by ignoring reality, we might be facing a second civil war if we’re not careful. Allowing liberalism to flourish, is no longer feasible, it has become the cancer that will kill us.  

      • americanathlete

        We’re headed for civil war in this country. It’s not going to be like the last one where it’s one big war–it will be many tiny wars–two different sides engaging in mortal combat. Mobs, gangs (black panther party, communists, etc.) waging war on the peaceful Americans such as myself. If we don’t have guns to protect ourselves we are doomed. May we protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Stand strong for what we believe in!!! That woman is an inspiration! I will not allow my government to disarm me or take away any of my rights.

        • Anonymous

           If things do not drastically change – and quickly – I fear you are right and there is no avoiding civil conflict. I also agree that an 1800s French style of combat is out of the question, its more like – MAD MAX here we come. Those new tornado shelters being discussed in Ok. may have more uses than we figured. And speaking of Oklahoma, we’re now all to familiar with what the approaching storm looked like, unfortunately, the same storm clouds have gathered over the political state of America and most are unaware, but this storm, makes last weeks killer look like child’s play…lock-n-load!

  • Richard Tunis

    You have it spot on Glenn. Compare and contrast this with Israel. If this had happened in Israel, the axe wielder would have lasted, let’s be generous, 10 seconds, before 50 soldiers men and women would have had him. Sheep is a very appropriate word. I am disgusted with my fellow Brits today.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure that if YOU had been at the scene you would be the first to intervene with these terrorists. It was a good thing that a woman intervened and not another male.

  • Thad & Jen Smith


  • Anonymous

    The fact that the people have no guns to protect them may have stopped them from coming to the aid of the soldier. We here in  America are facing the same circumstance if our government has it’s way. Wake up America and tell the government NO GUN CONTROL it is our 2nd amendment right. Obama is a clear and present danger to America IMPEACH HIM NOW !!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      its not just impeach Hussein-obama but impeach the whole democraparty–they are all criminals and deserve to be in Gitmo!

      • Brian Doose

        Thats why Obama wants to close Gitmo, I get it know! LOL

    • Colette Voisard Lunceford

       I agree the people should be able to have guns to protect themselves, however, where were the real Men in the crowd?  Why didn’t a group form and take these guys down?  Show these animals the people will NOT allow this to happen again!  I would have stood with the woman who confronted them.  Everyone needs to do a little soul searching and decide where they would have stood.  I look around my community and it is sad…grown men riding around on BMX bikes like they are preteens.  Where is their car?  Where is their job?  Where is their sense of responsibility?  These kind of men and boys are prime targets for extremists groups because nothing is sacred to them and they lack personal responsibility.  We have failed our young men.  We have allowed them to be emasculated and something needs to be done to change that!

      • Anonymous

         What´s the big deal about riding a bike? What does it have to do with lack of responsibility. Does a car automatically make me a responsible person. I doubt it.

  • Linda Eubanks

    BUT I WON’T SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. I REFUSE. THIS PRESIDENT AND HIS ILK AND WHOEVER IS BEHIND HIM( I will never believe that he is smart enough to be doing all of this)

    • Shirley Day Johnson

      Preach on, Sister!  You & this great grandma are on the same page.

    • Anonymous

      I am a grandmother (63) who wishes we had smashed these progressives into the ground back in the late 60’s and 70’s when they were organizing the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, etc.  I feel a tremendous sense of guilt for the future we may leave our grandchildren if we don’t get up and do something!  I, too, have had it with the Republicans and their ways most of them are RINOS.  We, I fear, are going to have to learn to play by the Saul Alinsky playbook and that is not in a conservatives nature. If this Congress lets the 3 biggest scandels to hit the Obama administration fade away without bringing criminal charges against a whole slew of people we have lost. I continue to educate myself and share my knowledge with those people I feel are uninformed with the hope that they too will join in the uprising against this arrogant body of people now occuping Washington DC          

      • me

        When I was calling potential voters on behalf of my congressman during this last election I called a grandma.  She told me she was 92 and she wasn’t going to live long enough to see another election so what did she care about who the president was.  This woman was in full charge of her faculties.  She just didn’t care what would happen to the rest of us once she passes on.  Made me so mad. 

      • Anonymous

        Don’t feel too guilty.  The radicals went underground and metamorphosed into suit wearing liars.  We have liars as representatives in our government.  We elected liars.  They hid their agenda.  For those of us now awake, take them out of power, never allow them to serve again.  They are poisen to America.  And nothing will ever convince me muslims should be in this country.  If they can’t get rid of the radicals in their own religion, don’t allow them here.

  • Laura Martinez

    It is so sad what the world is turning into, the new generation  are disrespectful to humanity! The following letter is another example of  corruption!                                                                            I am Laura Martinez, advocate for human rights since my husband Ray (retired Army Ray Martinez) died from gross work negligence on August 1,2009. Ray was a Safety Investigator with the Federal Motor Carrier & Safety Administration,inspecting hazardous chemicals.He was sent to photograph & label extreme poisonous containers.
     Ray had requested (for more than 8 years) safety equipment  for him & his co-workers. His boss claimed the equipment was too expensive because it had to be custom made. The (FMCSA) agency kept their $ money instead of providing safety equipment to protect their employees! GREED is EVIL! Ray died with in one month with severed scarred damaged lungs. With Ray’s testimoney I notified several city officials. Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, was rude & cold when I mentioned the employees lives were STILL working under unheathy conditions! He just said, “sorry it’s out of my hands!” They (other city officials) never showed gratitude towards my report about the life threat negligence. I felt disgusted & left their office in disbelief! With Ray’s testimonyI also whistleblow OSHA the life threat Negligence. They investigate the gross crime negligence & were given a ridiculous  $7,000  unreal penalty.
       The federal agency broke their own safety law for more than 8 years & it is an embarrassment to society! This is a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS! My attorney Chris Cagle document’s & mine are on GOOGLE.. JUSTICE FOR RAY MARTINEZ. Please share & help defend human rights. Let our voice be heard, next victim could be your love one. Ray’s death was more than a WRONGFUL DEATH. Ray,s death was a PREMEDITATED DEATH! Where is justice for all? They forget Ray sacrifice his life in the military for our & their FREEDOM! My children deserve compensation, respect & justice.  Your loved one can be their next victim! This is abusive power control over citizens. Federal agencies may be powerful cooporations but at the end God’s justice will prevail.
        Please share & help defend HUMAN RIGHTS! GOOGLE..JUSTICE for RAY MARTINEZ. Thanks & God Bless, Mrs, Laura Martinez & family
     Attorney Chris Cagle’s telephone(512) 371-6101
     THE CAGLE LAW FIRM, P.C. Facsimile: (512) 597-3132  My attorney can no longer represent me ,he explained the FEDERAL TORT CLAIM ACT protects the federal agency against any lawsuits employees wrongful Deaths. I call it, THE FEDERAL TORTURE CRIMINAL ACT!  Autopsies are by law & a procedure. Ray’s autopsy was never followed! The simple fact that Ray’s autopsy was also denied & the media never published the federal $7,000  penalty, shows it is federal corruption!  ALL I WANT IS THE COMPENSATION MY CHILDREN DESERVED.        (The Petition

    • Laura Martinez

          I believe it does not matter who is Commander in Cheif anymore, either it is Republican, Democrate, Conservetive, Liberal etc… they are all just puppets control by higher power. GREED ruins countries & lives! GREED RULES the WORLD! The Bible written by men , guided by GOD for thousands of years ago indicate MONEY is the ROOT of all EVIL!

      • Roberta Robinson

        it is the love of money, not money itself that is bad, it is also the desire to be rich (not necessarily in money but in assets and power)that causes people to stab themselves over with many pains, which then means others pained as well.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is so sad that he died leaving a family behind. This woman stood up to Satan and looked him dead in the eye. She prevented this son of Satan from killing more people innocent people in the name of a false god. Pray for this fallen warrior’s family and pray for this brave woman.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t prevent anyone else’s death. The attackers had a single target, and were only interested in publicity after that. Nothing away from the courageous woman though.

  • coneil5150

    England had already surrendered. What does it tell you enemy when you tell your soldiers don’t wear your uniform in public for your own safety ?

    A wise man once sang ” If Adolph Hitler showed up today, They’d send the limousine anyway ”

    I think he spent some time in England too.
    Thank god we still have our guns here. 
    Now if we could only get some bullets.

  • Roy Guthrie

    In no way do i condone the actions of those who stood and did nothing, but what do you expect from people who are put in jail for defending themselves. if you hurt a home intruder in Britain you can be held financially responsible for their medical bills and forced pay for their upkeep if disabled, and go to jail for assault, all this for a home invader. if you would to the defense of others you would be guilty of assault yourself.  anything you might do would be considered adding to the violence and you just as guilty if not more so than the perps.

  • Anonymous

    yeah what’s wrong with those people?  why wouldn’t you rush somebody who had just hacked someone to death showed no signs of intending to attack someone else and still had a handgun

    • greywolfrs

      Sorry, but your stupidity makes you a coward. You think they had enough bullets to kill everyone? I doubt it. You think they had enough knives to get everyone in that crowd? I doubt it.

      • Anonymous

        yeah but they had enough to make the situation significantly worse than it already was.
        it’d be a different story if they tried to go on some killing spree and mobbing them would have accomplished something. But from what i’ve read they got the guy pretty fast and then waited for the police to show up. You don’t just run to your own death unnecessarily.

        • greywolfrs

          They hit him with a car, then they did all of the rest. Yet, you claim this happened quickly? I am not sure where you get that idea from, but if there are people around when a guy gets hit by a car, why would they not do something?

          • Anonymous

            looking at the pictures there’s not a lot of people around to begin with and if they managed to hit just one guy with a car it cannot have been very crowded if at all.

            Guy gets hit by car, first instinct is going to be look around and see what the hell happened. Two big guys jump out of a car armed next reaction is oh shit this isn’t good. And then the kill the guy and stop and three ladies go to help the dead guy and they talk to the killers who make no signs of aggression towards the people who have now gathered to see what the hell was happening. Now if they had kept on attacking people then the few aggressive types in the crowd probably try and take them down and most people who don’t have that aggressive streak that makes them chose fight over flight get the hell away. But they didn’t keep on killing, they stopped and the people were smart to not provoke anymore and let the trained authorities handle it.

            on a side note: big game tonight, good luck. I hope my Red Wings make it through to kick some Cali ass in the next round.

          • greywolfrs

            Sorry, but my first instinct when someone is hit by a car is to help that person, not stand back and wait to see what happens. If two guys jump out the car with weapons, it is what it is, but *I* would not stand idly by and do nothing. That’s just me.

            Hockey: I want the Wings to win and move on, if they face the Sharks, I hope they go to the finals. If they face the Kings…
            The Wings are the only other team I root for, I want them to pass Montreal for most cups.

          • SoThere

            The London police wouldn’t have to shoot those two, I would have done it. OH that’s right, London is safe because no one has a gun.

            My friend over there calls London “Londonistan”.

          • greywolfrs

            Yeah, I would have done it also.

  • Anonymous

    Wow — I lived in London for a number of years and I have nothing if not tremendous faith in the resolve of the English people … and frankly, that encompasses the kinship they feel and continually express toward Americans.  To call the rank & file Englishmen at the site of this heinous execution ‘sheep’ is really offensive and to my mind unwarranted.  They are shell-shocked. The Brits have long suffered the lax immigration policies of the Labour Party which resulted in permitting foreign enclaves to be established within their borders eg; foreign rule of law like Sharia, that is clearly at odds with the English rule of law.  To be honest, we too, are battling this trend.

    So, that’s a bit of history — The question remains, where do they (or we)  go from here ?  The fact that we are applauding the actions of one woman pretty much says it all.  Does anyone really think that she is the only one that wanted to do something – to question or retaliate ?  I don’t think so.

    I must say, I hold the Brits in the same light as we Americans.  No matter the challenge or possible harm, we will (and do) rise to the occasion.  Our resolve did not pass with what is termed “The Greatest Generation”.  We are the ‘next’ greatest generation — mark my words !

    • Margaret Goff

      Thank you for understanding. I am disgusted with the comments of this man. He had no right to judge the people that witnessed this awful crime. We are NOT sheep, we are NOT cowards, shell-shocked is exactly what we were and still are. This was a wicked and despicable act. We are on the whole a tolerant society but this has sent shockwaves across our nation. I fear for the next generation, something needs to change!

  • Mary Anne Plank

    My dad served in WWII and if he were alive today to see what is going on he would roll over in his grave. What do you do first to the enemy? Shoot before he shoots you first. I can’t see that you can’t say terrorist in this country. That burns me up when we are supposed to keep quiet.All my life we had the right to say what we believe. I don’t believe in stopper’s.  

  • Anonymous

    and this is what they want us to do is give up our 2nd Amendment Right to BEAR ARMS, this is what they did to England and look where that has gotten them. and This pos will end up copping  pleas or rot in a cell on the taxpayer dollar, I wish she had a gun to shoot the two of these COWARDS.

  • dreadracin143

     Even the Muslims can’t follow their own teachings as evidenced here:  “The universal verses of the Koran (eg 49:13,
    “O humanity! We have created you from male and female and made you nations
    and tribes so that you may know each other: the most honoured of you with God
    are those most God-conscious: truly, God is Knowing, Wise”) promote full
    human equality and leave no place for slavery, misogyny, xenophobia or racism.”

  • Judith Druin Dentino

    Pay attention world!!!   Glenn is right!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,

    I am unsure as to what you are trying to convey with respect to your reference to “the greatest generation” v  Us.   Are you saying we have no values, no reason to take the high road to preserve our way of life ?  Nothing worth living or dying for ?  Is this what you are peddling? 
    I am truly disappointed in you —

    My dear friend, you are definitely looking at the glass half empty v. half full.  I refuse to believe that we are doomed — Sorry, but maybe that’s just me and I suspect a whole lot of others around the country.

    Things may not be easy or perhaps we show our resolve, faith, compassion and patriotism in different ways than “the greatest generation”.   That doesn’t mean we are void of all of these  important aspects of life.

    I guess, much like you, I get just a bit embroiled in the day to day events — perhaps to the point of not being able to “see the forest for the trees”.  Hopefully, this is not the case!

    With that said, I understand what you are saying — but don’t you think we could give more credit than demerits to “We The People”?

    • Anonymous

      “Followership is a condition of mind and heart to willingly yield ones own power to another or to a cause, readily accepting direction without reservation.” Stephen Love

      This sentence says a lot.  If everyone looks away, keeps silent, lives in his or her own little world, then soon our own thoughts will be stifled.  The consequences will be dire.  When I went to college the students around me asked: ” Why did the German
      people trust Hitler?  Why did they not stand up to him?”  People in a free society do not understand how fragile freedom is, how fast it can be lost.  The woman in London saw that people stood around too frightened to even scream at the murderers.  She did not yield her power to others, she was a leader, although too late to help the victim.  People in the third air-plane did not yield their power to the Islamic terrorists. Todd Beamer was a leader, although he had not the resources to overwhelm the foe.  This is what Glen seems to be talking about, “We the People”, are being slowly turned into followers, sheep who will no longer be able to find the right path, but being lead into
      this “New World Order”, where individuality will not be tolerated.  You must follow the leader or you will be eliminated.  The Greatest Generation understood what was happening in Europe, they were not willing to sacrifice their freedom so they stood up and fought.
      Not many people remember these times but they should.  History should teach us that mistakes of the past should never be repeated so we all can enjoy the future together in freedom.  Wake up America! 

    • Anonymous

       the greatest generation wasn’t even that great, and by that great I mean not as flawlessly awesome as we hold them up to be.  lots of instances of rape in france during the Allied liberation.  French mayors begged for brothels to be opened up near army camps so they wouldn’t bother the local population, but the army said that would look bad to the folks back home.  The military also advertised france as a giant sexpot to try and recruit more people to join.

      • Anonymous

        Okinawa !!

  • Anonymous

    no body knows how to communicate with each other any more with the invention of email and texting.. no body communicates with each other with the invention of television! the difference with the greatest generation is that had put God first even The Greatest President George Washington, Put God First…way unlike this current-tv President who thinks He Is God! greatest generation morals!
    “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord,God Amighty” and not darth vader/ lord sidious (Hussein-Obama/Soros) The Difference-life and death -Lord God Almighty or the Almighty Dollar?!

  • Anonymous

    all the world is a stage and the people are merely players…says Shakespeare and the acting President NarcisistCelebrity-In-Chief Hussein-Osama oops Obama!

  • Anonymous

    islam = mass insanity on a world-wide scale.  If only a comet could pass by the earth with a virus that would kill this entity.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be too hard on the bystanders in this case. I would not have confronted the knife wielding lunatic myself. The man had a knife and had already used it. You have to be trained and experienced to go up against a man with a knife without a weapon. As it was it took the police with guns to take the man down. What chance did a defenseless bystander have. You have to use some common sense here. The woman was certainly brave but she was also very lucky. The woman with children should have been running at full speed to get away from this man and not standing around watching.

    • Anonymous

       there is a reason cops and stuff always tell people to not try and be a hero.  good way to get more people hurt or killed

  • Rhonda Guthrie Brand

    Amen  and God bless you, Glen Beck

  • Myles Standish

    Brave is one thing thugs are NOT. They either run around in packs, or they pack lots of heat — always in gun-free zones, or in this case, a gun-free nation. So terrified are they of guns in the UK that even law enforcement personnel don’t carry them. They’ve never heard of a Second Amendment across the pond. Enter the likes of Piers Morgan, who comes over here just so he has something to gritch about (in his mind). He’s still steaming mad that those countrymen of his had the audacity to come over here and start a new country based upon life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Granted, that marvelous creation of their’s only works when the people don’t take all these rights and privileges for granted, and gradually turn things around to where the government no longer even remotely resembles what it was originally intended to be, and when God is replaced by technology and enlightened elitists, and is booted out of the country because He gets in the way of the pursuit of happiness, which is the sole focus of today’s indoctrinated youth. Well, that and relying upon the bloated government to help provide much of the financial means to attain and maintain that happiness through so-called entitlements so that they are not required to toil — which is so highly overrated and old-fashioned. A lazy, fat, never-vigilant, complacent and ungrateful populace that is so far removed from its roots is ripe pickings for the power mad seeking an easy in, and sad to say, the aforementioned populace is getting just what they deserve (and voted for!) in the unethical, egotistical, morally-bankrupt, republic-dismantling mob that is the obama White House.

    • Anonymous


      Are you kidding me ? 

      Yes, we have enormous problems that ‘We The People” need to address, but my friend, reading your note, it seems to me you have already decided that we are a doomed, corrupt society — so why bother !  Have I misunderstood you ?  If  history tells us nothing, it reminds us that anything worth defending is certainly worth our time & effort — no matter the cost.

      So, rather than referencing “a lazy, fat, never vigilant, complacent and ungrateful populace” , why not take a look at the positives in our society with the understanding that, yes, there is much room for improvement but there is also much to build upon.
      For at the end of the day, that, my friend, will save us from what you describe as an “unethical, egotistical, morally bankrupt, republic-dismantling mob”.

      Regards,  JEF


      • Myles Standish

        I wouldn’t be wasting my time blogging if I believed in “why bother!”. Think about it.Are we “a doomed, corrupt society…”? Absolutely, positively, and without any doubt whatsoever. We are going the way of the Romans, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and countless other civilizations who all had their day in the sun until Godlessness, corruption, sloth, apathy, hedonism, perversion, moral relativity, disrespect, incivility, and a culture of death (to name just a few) prevailed and took root, I will take it a step further, JEF, and state emphatically that we are “a doomed and corrupt” WORLD. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. We are ignoring it and repeating it with step by step abandon. There is no stopping the inevitable. The handwriting is on the wall. Those who don’t see it are either blind, hopelessly optimistic, believe that man is inherently good, and/or think this is all there is and are therefore desperate to squeeze every possible minute out of it that they can.Fortunately, I come from a generation that believes in fighting to the end — but not out of desperation, but because that is what we are called to do. Unfortunately, I come from the LAST generation that for the most part believes this with any high percentage of seriousness, and backs it up with deed and action.Thanks for your opinion. We will agree to disagree. Bed is calling my name. By tomorrow, I will be moving on to yardwork, home preservation, new news and new blogs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, JEF!

        • Anonymous

           Spot on Myles, even bible prophecy backs up your words…indeed we are doomed – BUT – we will ultimately be saved out of it. God will change us, in spite of ourselves and on his timeline. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately, our people have yet to enter the tunnel and our darkest day still lay before us.

        • Anonymous

           …diseases that they had no immunities for wiped out the Mayans and the Aztecs.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Margaret –

    I agree with you – frankly I question the sanity of the woman who confronted the attackers / terrorists — unarmed with no back-up!  Thankfully she escaped unharmed — but let’s call them like we see them — she could have been fatally harmed….and what on God’s green earth would that have proved or accomplished ?

    No, to my way of thinking, one must be ‘smart’ with respect to how we deal with or confront the “true believers”.  Not an easy task…

    I survived both NYC World Trade Center attacks (1993 and of course 2001).  I thank God every day for my escapes.  Life is precious and just to have it said, we need to seek comfort / solace from our family & friends … even our co-workers !  For these are truly the ties that bind.

    As one of my Scottish friends would say “Keep Smiling” — we do have the ability to change the world — it’s just one step @ a time.

  • Anonymous

    I was with you Glenn..up until the ” no offense to women, no offense to girls” comment. Hello..that is offensive. Then you follow it with a story about a Woman who stood up to the crazies in England. Bad form. I’m sure there where a thousand other ways to get your point across about weak leaders without calling them girls. Expected better from you…

  • Chrystal Hallam

    Ban knives!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Please, please, PLEASE read the book Leadershift!  This is what our country needs NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Please please PLEASE read the book Leadershift!  You are right, we need more leaders and we need them NOW!

  • Philip Ballou

    Hay glenn did you hear about the governor of Vermont he got caught trying to steal property from a mentaly handicap person

  • Anonymous

    The monologue oozes egomania and bottled-up hate… I’m sure there are better ways to get loving messages through… I don’t like this angry/sick Glenn.

    • greywolfrs

      It doesn’t matter how he presents it to you, you don’t like Beck. Stop trying to split hairs, finestupidity.

  • Anonymous

    The souls on Flight 93 didn’t lose, they saved unknown numbers of potential victims.

  • Anonymous

    I am quickly loosing faith and i fear that Glen is also,  I can hear it in his voice.  It is hard to have hope in a better future for the kids when things are like this.  People are so passive in this world and they dont stand up for each other or have any pride.  The future dosent look so bright :(

  • Glyde Carter

    When are the American people going to see that we have one of these Muslim bastards in our white house a damn liar fraud a disgrace for the human race,I will stand with the Muslim is the winds blow (how?) the son of a whore is standing with these evil because he was born one reared one educated by the communist and has contempt for the Christian people of the world and more especialy the American christians as he will try to say all the greatness of the Muslim world or what they have given to society,most is a damn opinion of his or a simple lie, the most I ever learned about these Muslims is that they are insane idiots who will strap a bomb on one of their own children and instruct the child to blow them self up in order to kill other people and the Christian is always a target,however,the three different sect of the Muslims will kill each other in the same fashion,they are evil mean wicket people with little values for right and wrong,morals? And we should understand that his agenda is to rule the world him self with the assistance of fools stupid and sorry un-Christian un-Godly wicket evil bastard,and many are American citizens holding office in the senate yet so damn sorry they are standing with this son of a whore and kissing his ass like they were loyal Muslims or believed the Islam is the way for America to live!!If we do not stop the movement we will too soon be seeing the same in the streets of America,damn Muslims murdering at will and protected by the same son of a bitch that is protecting the damn Muslim down in Fort Hood who a so called doctor yes a damn Muslim murder who has killed several not one or two and injured many in the name of Allah and the son of a bitch sitting in the white house called it a work place accident.And has protected the Muslim bastard because he is a no good Muslim son of a whore him self.Where is congress on this issue (silent for the most part and if one of members does say a word they are told they don!t know how congress is to work!!In other words keep silent,it will not set well with the commander and chief.Do not cause him any problem he is too important to high on the list of VPIs.

  • Anonymous

    Weakness breeds aggression. Always has always will.

  • Anonymous

    No guns allowed nor pepper spray for citizens of London. I’m informed that even the Police do not carry guns. Difficult for a citizen to face a gun wielding terrorist with no form of defense. So is the case for those in London. 

    • Anonymous

      The terrorists did not have guns. And the British police shot them. 

      • Margaret Goff

        Citizens do not have weapons and pepper spray is banned for us too. Our police, the everyday beat copper, does not have a gun, he has a baton and a taser now too. They have to send special armed response teams for events like these. The officers were authorised and trained special arms unit, so yes those few officers had guns. The two men had knives, cleavers and gun, they rushed the police and got shot.

        • Anonymous

          All three of you are correct about the gun. I was wrong. 

      • Anonymous

         i read one had a handgun which they intended to use on the cops

      • Anonymous

        They did have a gun.

  • Anonymous

    They ran him over with the car first did they not. The crowd might have been all Muslim I do not know was not there.

    • nutt

      They did. That is the only part of your post that is correct.

      • Anonymous

        well nutt if I ran over you with my car you just might be dead before I took knife to your neck what do you think !

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “Its better to go down fighting then it is to meekly sit by and die” Really? The last I knew – dead is dead….no, its better to solve the problem well in advance, to save us from death in the first place, then it is to die fighting or otherwise.

    Why wait until we are faced with men wielding meat cleavers to act. Do it now. Why wait until our cities become gathering centers for Islamic terror.

    The answer is…most of us are not concerned with the times we live, we have to many toys that distract our attention. When our personal routine is abruptly disturbed – only then will most take anything serious.

    There are those in power who call for the retraction of the second amendment, but what would really make us safer as a nation, would be to outlaw golf-courses, fitness-clubs, I-Pads, Television, Movies, etc. We are to caught up in our own little world to take any notice of the big picture. Maybe Americans should be tested every four years or so,  on current events – if they don’t pass, then its a mandatory two weeks community service.  

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    God bless you Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    When does the saying, “its not my problem” become our problem. I remember years ago when returning home from a trip, I was gassing up after leaving  my hotel room trying to beat the rush hour traffic. Yet somewhat groggy, as I stood there filling the tank I heard screams coming from across a five lane highway. Repeatedly, I heard the frantic calls for help from a woman in the direction of the gas station across the road. At first I figured that the problem would be solved by those who were present, but to my astonishment, the calls for help continued. Bewildered, I stopped pumping and took a long hard look at what was going on across the busy highway, but still no help. It was as if this poor woman was all alone, those around her simply ignored her calls and continued pumping their gas.

    When I realized no one was willing to get involved, I left my car at the pump (including my wife and kids) and ran across the street to see if there was anything I could do to help this poor woman. I ask her what was wrong and she frantically replied that her ex-boyfriend was stealing her purse and she had no way to pay for her gas. So I looked at this man (who by this time had seated himself inside her front seat) and ask him to give the woman back her purse. To my surprise, he actually did give it back, of course lacking the wallet, and that’s when things went downhill fast, I stuck my head in the window once again and ask this guy to please give this lady back her money, that’s when he pulled out a pistol and aimed it at me – telling me in so many words to “get the #%& outta here” at that juncture, I felt, maybe I should have minded my own business and simply did what everybody else was doing, but that’s not my nature, so I went into the station to have the attendant call the police, which had already been done. Before I got back out, this dude was charging down the road with this ladies truck, leaving her stranded there with no way to pay for the gas, so I gave her the amount she owed.

    About that time the cops arrived and I was held over at the local police station for hours being questioned as a witness to the event.  Later I was told, that this nut had been caught and it was discovered that he was an ex-Miami police officer who was known to be somewhat unbalanced – in fact, that is why the force let him go.

    Afterwards, I realized just how serious the situation was and how I almost became a victim myself – today, I’m not so sure if I’d react  quite the same way, but I think I would at least still try to do something, rather than only being a bystander helplessly looking on. Of course I do have that bad hip and my journey is so many miles before I get home and I wanted to visit that park before lunch today and well, there’s a million excuses why Not to do something…..but what if it were you who needed help, that’s what I hope will still prompt me to act in the future, that is, if a new situation were to arise. 

    • Brian Doose

      Something simular happen in my town, Montevideo MN. A deranged young man attacked a girl on a parking lot, stabbing her over 30 times with a hunting knife. The parking lot was that of a Pizza Ranch, at 8 oclock when the restaurant had multiple people inside. No one tried to help, except for one young man, who almost got killed himself and had to retreat to avoid being stabbed. No one came to help, the Police arrived 5 minutes later, it only takes 2 minutes to drive through the small town. In the mean time, many people witnessed the stabbing, there were multiple items within the restaurant that could of subdued the criminal, just a chair to the head of the murderer could of been enough to save the young woman, but no, people dont want to risk their owns lives anymore, I mean cmon, whats more important, saving a life or going home save and sound to watch American Idol? People are becoming cowards, and the Govt loves that, they tell you they will protect you, but protection only comes once the crime is commited. Armed citizens capable of stopping such acts is the only REAL solution, and it could of been a game changer in your story also. 

      • Anonymous

        I think part of the problem we face, that is, for anyone taking the logical step to action, might be caused by our ever present television sets. These common household items are nothing more than a ready-made-daydream, the viewer needs never to act, but simply sit back and view the screen. Transfer those lazy habits over to a real-life situation and there you have it, we have a nation populated by a majority of onlookers, rather than able body persons and in the case of the helpless girl you bring up, this poor soul lost her life. Its almost as if these thugs know before hand, that nothing, or no one, is going to stand in the way of their dastardly plans. Recent history, such as the header story above, prove that to be the case. If we can no longer rely on each other for help, about the only thing we have left is obtaining our own personal firearm.

  • Brian Doose

    That woman has more courage than our Commander and Chief! Do you see Obama standing firm to Islamic sympathisers? No, he bows to the Saudi king!    Go British Lady!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I often said, Removing the instinct from bird dogs to hunt birds  can not be breed out of them. Nor can the will to clan and kill be removed from from Africans. With that said,  98 percent you think that racist. The fact is you have been taught to be political correct and can not and will not stand up as your grandfathers did. So we continue to cry and scream for more government intervention. That intervention is where we are today. SUCK IT UP!

    • Anonymous

       That dog don’t hunt. There are many African Americans who hold conservative values. And yes, people can and do change. The reason the majority of Americas blacks support Obama is mainly due to his skin color. They fail to understand, that he is not one of them and only manipulates them by using bribes and deceit in order to gain their vote. Its a means to and end. He (Obama) is well aware how the race-baiters have kept most blacks in the bondage of inner-city slavery. These people are the same as anyone else, they just haven’t been given ample time to figure that equation out for themselves. 

      Will America witness race wars – I think its unavoidable at this late date, but it doesn’t have a thing to do with what you present. SUCK IT UP

      • Anonymous

        You are right on most  accounts. The apple never falls far from the tree and very few roll away.  Fact is, nothing can and never will be done about it, to many pacifist in left field. This is what abolitionist gave us. So until the people get tried of it, we have to suck it up.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll agree that our nation faces problems too difficult for the average person to understand or figure out. The greatest document ever recorded by man has helped steer this nation through the good, the bad and the ugly, the later involved abolitionism. That worthy document declares us to be a nation where all men are considered equal. All men have a right to pursue freedom and liberty. There is no color differentiation discussed, it simply states “all men”

          It might be argued that where we went wrong, was by not returning our former slaves back to their original homelands, it also must be considered, for those born here, that this is their legal homeland. It therefore isn’t an easy solution of how to fix the division that now separates our peoples? Do we devote a certain portion of our land for the use of blacks only, perhaps even renaming it New Africa?

          I’ll relate to you a story that very few know or have even contemplated before. Most who do hear it will not agree, well at least, not in this lifetime, but that doesn’t render it erroneous.

          This whole race thing was brought about by God. If our nation would have remembered our long history and where we came from, we would have realized that our peoples (the whites) were slaves not all that long before coming to North America. This nation was indeed meant for our peoples, the black man was also supposed to be mixed in among us. Although, at that time, their standard of living (prior to arriving here) was despicable before God and that is why he allowed these people to be captured as slaves and brought here – it was to punish, to change and to educate and one last thing and probably the most important, it was to show them by our good example set down by our righteous standard of living, how to live lives worthy of God.

          The bible was not fully understood until these very days (about 90-years on now) our people have been given every opportunity to come to a full understanding of knowledge of who God is and what he expects from each and everyone of us, which should have (long ago)led us back to him in mind and spirit. But, we have practically outlawed this divine creature and now, the heathen among us (the black man added to a whole mix of other nationalities) has become a thorn in our side, verses, obtaining a trustworthy citizenry among the melting pot that our founding fathers truly envisioned. God wanted it to work out that way. IF, our people (the whites) would have repented of our ignorance (our sins) and returned to God, we would have, at the same time, insisted that the same lifesaving knowledge be given to our former slave population, who by the way, would also have repented of their ignorance and joined us for the common good.

          You and me both know, neither scenario has played itself out. Instead of being partners working toward building up our nation, we have been further divided by the likes of the current administration and his lap dog advisory, who want to rip us apart.

          As God formerly punished the blacks by making them slaves here and around the world. He will use the same exact formula to change our people and bring us to a full repentance once and for all.

          There will come a day in the not to distant future, where once again, America will set the example for other nations to strive for. But until that day come – you are right – we’ll have to suck it up and deal with the consequences of our actions.

      • Anonymous

         Abolitionist= Prior to 1796, farmers mostly occupied government. They we’re support by plantations. Back then there was no federal money the way Lawyers have made it today. In order for the Northern Federalist to gain control they had to change, remove the backing behind the farmers.(Usual politics of today). With a little research and common sense everyone reading this should figure out the rest.

    • Anonymous

       no that is racist, judging people based on their race is being racist.
      of course just b/c its racist doesn’t mean that it is factually inaccurate.  merely dismissing the observation as racist is not enough and to do so only allows this sort of thinking to continue to exist.
      Genetics and geneticists would vehemently disagree with you.  As would historians.  Africa has long been a diverse and integrated continent where there is interconnection, hardly clanish.  The book Guns, Germs, and Steel thorough quashes the idea that a difference in genes between races played any role in the fate of human civilizations.  People are people, the success and failure of different societies/races all depended on where you were.  Eurasia was an ideal location for development, the Americas not so much until key elements from europe were introduced such as pack animals.
      People from poor down trodden areas are more likely to be smart b/c you have to be smart and lucky to survive.

  • Snorri

    The day will come when liberals rue the time that they dragged their respective civilizations and themselves into the barbarous world of sharia law, religious murders, and superstition. All in the name of alleviating guilt and feeling righteous. A notable Englishman wrote about the process in “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

  • Marty Bleiker

    Amen! Nothing more needs to be Said. America needs to repent & turn their eyes & ears back to the Lord. We need Revival.

  • Ray Burke

    I am a 28 year military retiree with a concealed carry permit.  I have yet to be confronted with anything like the London affair, but if it ever happens I know exactly what I will do.

  • Anonymous

    No one will ever convince me that Flight 93 wasn’t shot down by U.S. military aircraft. Tom Brokaw looked down at his watch and said, “The F-18s (?) should be there by now.” Why do you think you can’t get close to the crash site?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Miles,

    Thanks so much for your reply — honestly, I really do value your opinion.  Frankly, I’m not so sure we disagree that much.  For example, do I see a break down of the family unit (society) ?  Yes, I do.  But I also see folks like you, me & Glenn (to name only a very few) that are more than willing to lend our voices to the problems and solutions – of which there are many !

    I get it – really !  I had the fortunate opportunity to live in London in the early eighties and thus I have kept in touch with some of those folks.  The English are appalled at how their very liberal immigration regs have produced foreign enclaves to the point where these enclaves have their own laws (eg; sharia v. English).

    These European folks (English, Scottish, Spanish & Italian — to name a few) constantly warn me, that if we Americans are not paying attention, this could happen to us as well.  Believe it or not, they still look to us to lead the charge – to help rid the world of the ‘blight’ (for lack of a better word) to which we all seem to be subject.

    I just hope I am not being painted as a ‘pollyanna’ here — believe me, it’s not my intent or belief. I will however, ‘fight the good fight’ to attempt to ensure that we do not go the way of the Roman Empire, the Mayans etc. 

    As I said before, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth defending !  I think, perhaps, you may indeed feel the same way.

    Have a great Memorial Weekend — hope to chat again with you soon !

    Best regards,  Janet (JEF)

    “Forever Hopeful On Long Island”

  • suz

    thank you for your strength glenn — it’s contagious.

  • Anonymous

    This is why we MUST be first responders when faced with such violent acts in our nation, communities, and homes. Because if we don’t, no one will. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong to defend yourself and those around you.

  • Beverly Elaine Sisk Lemings


  • greywolfrs

    That crowd was big enough to stand and stop this happening. Instead, they choose to be scared and do nothing. This guy did not have to die…

  • bucketnutz

    I wish the Media would stop showing this savage with the Blood of this soldier on his hands. Can you imagine being the parent or spouse of that slaughtered soldier and seeing his blood on the hands of this barbarian? My God,,it is bad enough to know the terrible death that he faced but to put his blood on TV every ten seconds is too much. They wouldn’t show his body so why show his blood?

  • Anonymous

    Why is right-wing pudgy pundit not covering the white supremacists rioting in London? Why is he not speaking against those calling for a an all-out deportation of all Muslims who have committed no other crime than believing in their religion? Why is he sooooooo preoccupied with a persecution against Christianity in America when it is Islam that is falling under the attack of bigots? Why is he all of the sudden deaf about the religious persecution that is going on, right when it goes against Muslims? Why, why why?

    • Anonymous

      Islam is falling under the attack of bigots? You are joking right? David Cameron was quite PC in his description and response to the attack. Religious persecution here in the states against muslims? really?  Where is the public face of a unified Muslim community in the states or England standing up against these criminals; stating publicly that any member of any mosque will aid in the effort to ferret out the radicals who use the militarized view of the koran or follow an iman searching for a larger audience as justification for murder? Where are the leaders of the Muslim community who believe in peace? Is their muted reaction reflective of the fact that putting too big a face on opposition to jihad subjects one to being targeted by jihadists?

      You expect the current generation of the National Front types to march peacefully in the streets? You do not know much about the English working class do you?

  • Haywood Wellington Wentworth

    Let’s not forget crazy ass Christians (I am one) were responsible for some of the world’s worst atrocities that rival anything “crazy ass Muslims” (Crusades, Iraq, Vietnam, Bosnia-Serbia, Trail of Tears, Jim Crow, slavery, Catholic priest abuse of innocent children, Monsanto GMF, etc.The list is astounding Sir Beck. Blacks in America have also been taught to be silent. That’s why we white Americans continue to abuse them. We taught them to fear us. Now that they no longer do, they are maligned with Muslim terrorists. Muslims don’t hate us..they hate the crimes against humanity we have committed in the name of our God. See the attached poster that really should also include Colin Powell under whose command I served (that was a sinful error on my part).

  • Thomas Mikluscak

    Glenn I enjoy your show and try to listen to you as often as possible,But I must disagree with one thing you said,Todd Beamer did not lose,Him and those brave men and woman that stood up and fought saved lives at the cost of their own.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :[   many  verry  bad  aghost   used  muslim  name  religion  for  do   them  bad  thing  :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    untill  many  people  wrong  learn  muslim  religion:[  :[   :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    look  like   your  verry  bad  aghost  barack  obama   used  also

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    i  hate   yours    verry  bad  aghost   barack  obama,im  tired said  to  you   take  back   yours   flag   ,your  country   :[   :[   :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    dieing  people    not  yet  finish,still   have  in the next.     you  see  later    :[   :[   :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    a head   country   job  is   work   and  thing  about   many  different  public   :[     :[    :[      .  but……………no  body   at   office  governmant  know  about  public  ?   :[  :[   :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    is  so   …………………..:D     bad   a ghost   barack  obama    so  arrrougant  ?      he  dont  know   nothing   about  this  job.  more   funny  agains    you   public  ,how  much   blain  stupid    all  you   still  allowed verry  bad  aghost  kill   you  own  and  kill   your  future   live,kill  your  kids  live   :l

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    take   back  :[    ,is   not   verry  bad  aghost   barack   not  him  :[   :[    :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    he  can  not   work,he   brain  work  is  not   for  safe   many  different   alive  public

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    is  not   :[  :[   :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    please   safe   kids  live ,a live  a  girls   :[   :[   :=

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    if   the   country  loose,if  the  herro  loose.   we  die   :[     :                                 and   so……………………………………………………………………………………:=

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]    you   see   indonesia  kids  girls  :[   ,they  dont  know   nothing.   all    stupid    brain   mistake  indonesia   governmant  to   them.   they   still    dont  know  yet  :[   ,they   dont  know  what  to  do  yet   :=   ,but  my  head is  so  heave   already.  than   if   i   help   them  i  will   to  be  crime  :]   ,couse   all   they   do  is  wrong  :[     :[    :[

  • Andrea Ross

    CHOOSE TODAY, WHOM YOU WILL SERVE…AND STAND UP FOR, I WILL NOT BE A SHEEP, NOR WILL I TRAIN MY CHILDREN AS SUCH!!! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! The truth is the truth, not matter what and the truth will never change. Choose today whom you will serve… Amen, Amen… Where are you men and women of courage??? Let the watchers become warriors, let the people of God arise… 

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