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In the brutal radical Islamic driven murder in London this week, there is one profile in courage that needs to be shared. One lone woman stood out in the crowd and confronted the two killers, who were still bloody and still carrying weapons. Fearless, the woman put her own life ahead of others – an amazing act of courage. Glenn reacted to the courage and to the cowards in the streets of London.

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“There was one individual that stood up. One,” Glenn said. “It was a woman that stood up. In fact, she didn’t stand up. She first had to stand up, reach up, pull the little string to ring the bell so the bus would stop that she was on, so she got off the bus because she saw blood in the streets. She looked around all the sheep being led right directly to slaughter and walked up to the guy with the blood on his hands.”

“This woman approached him, confronted him. She then looked back at the crowd with contempt and disgust. You know what made her stand up in the bus? She said her Christian belief. She’s a Catholic. Her Christian belief. When she found out it wasn’t an accident, why did she pursue him? Because she said there were children there and she didn’t ‑‑ better to happen to her than a child.”

“Where were the rest of the sheep?”

“Here’s the difference between us and the greatest generation. The greatest generation we had leaders, and the greatest generation we had God. There were things that were bigger than us. There were things worth living for and there were things worth dying for. What are those things worth dying for anymore? What are those things worth standing for anymore? Your job? Your car, your house? How many of us will sit down to save our children? I don’t want my children to live in a world like that.”

Glenn said that people have been taught to be sheep, to be silent, and to no longer stand up for things bigger than themselves.

“Why do you think these people are so bold? Because you have been taught to be silent.”

“What is the difference between the three airplanes that crashed on September 11th? The first two didn’t know what was going on and they thought they would be left to live. They thought it was a hijacking and that was it. They didn’t think anybody was crazy enough to fly them into a building. The third plane, because they had information, they knew, and Todd Beamer stood up. It’s better to go down fightin’ than go down like sheep. We’re gonna save people. And so they rushed, and they lost, but we remember their name.”

“I will never forget, I will never forget Todd Beamer’s name. I will never forget ‘Let’s roll,’ and I am ashamed to say I will never forget the sheep in the streets of London.”

“Choose you today who do you serve? Choose today life or death. Choose today what the future is you want your children to live under. Freedom? Freedom where, yes, at times we can be divisive; or death. Because that is your choice: Submit or die. As for me and my family, I choose God.”