What if The President is telling the truth?

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It’s been painfully obvious the administration is distorting the truth and even outright lying when it comes to the scandals plaguing the White House. But what if the story the White House is spinning is actually true – that the President, Holder, Hillary and other top officials don’t know anything about anything. What does that say about the administration? Glenn had more on radio today.

I want to go over something I went over last night on the TV show. It’s a really simple question, really simple question. With these scandals that are going on around the White House, it’s time for the American people to use some logic and ask themselves this question: What if the president and the top officials in his administration are actually telling the truth? Let’s take the man at his word, and it’s really hard to do seeing that this ‑‑ the truth keeps shifting six or seven times just in the last few days. It makes it quite a leap of faith to believe anything that they say. But today I really want you to take him at his word and let’s say they really didn’t know about any of these scandals. The story line the administration wants you to believe, and they want you to believe it because that somehow or another is better for them. If it’s really the truth, does it matter? It’s really hard to believe that this is the truth, but I’m going to give it to you just as they have laid it out and then ask you if you believe it and then ask you to believe it for a second and ask what does it say. Where does it leave us? What does it say about the future of our country? What does it say about this president? Are we headed in the right direction? Will we and our children be more safe or less safe? Let’s follow their lead. Let’s take them at their word. The mantra of this administration in the face of all three of these scandals is “We don’t know, we weren’t aware, I don’t ‑‑ I don’t know exactly, I certainly didn’t know anything and there certainly was no knowledge at the White House.” Those are all quotes. So pull back and think about those things. Three huge scandals and no one in the White House or around the president knew. That’s what they’re asking you to believe. But I want to ask you to believe it for a second. What does that mean if it actually is the truth? On the IRS the president wants you to believe that even though the IRS commission visited ‑‑ the commissioner visited the White House 118 times and the IRS commissioner knew about the scandal for over a year, that most of his senior White House staff knew of the scandal for over a year, the media was reporting on the targeting, TheBlaze had broken the news in 2012. And I want you to know we know for a fact. We know for a fact that this president is very aware of the things that we say. We know for a fact because we know people who have been in rooms. We know for a fact that this president discusses the things that we discuss on this program. So despite the fact that not only us but the media was reporting on the targeting in February 2012, this president had no idea. The charges were brought up at a congressional hearing last year. He always seems to find out things from the news. That was in the news. No one told him. He didn’t ask. His own team was debating internally at the White House with IRS officials on how to manage the public relations fallout, and somehow or another he didn’t know. Despite all of this swirling around, despite the fact that a president is also a political animal, politics matter, no one went and cracked open his door and said, “Mr. President, we have a problem.” No one asked him anything. He still doesn’t know anything. Carney has said “We weren’t aware of any activity or any review.” Really? The president has said “I can assure you I certainly didn’t know anything.”

It’s virtually impossible for the president to have not known anything about this scandal. It’s virtually impossible… unless he is completely isolated. There are millions of ways he could have found out: The news, his staff, 118 visits, little coffee klatches, actually listening to people. But he didn’t know. Let’s take him at his word. What does that mean? That means that this president, the IRS commissioner reports directly to the president. The IRS commissioner was meeting at the White House 118 times. It’s under the treasury. He meets with the treasury. It is literally down the hallway. You’ve got to go downstairs and through a hallway underground and you’re in the treasury building. The treasury is next door to the White House. It’s not across town. They report directly to the president, and he didn’t know. The only way that’s true is he’s out of the loop, he’s disengaged, he’s not in charge of his people, he has said “I’m going golfing; you guys take care of it.” He is more his wife who says she hates the White House, she hates politics and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. It’s ‑‑ he’s really asking us to believe that golf is ahead of knowing what’s going on. If that is true, if it is true that he doesn’t know, why? How can he effectively govern if he doesn’t know? And if he’s not the one being informed and updated, if he’s not the one setting the course, who is? Because we elected him to oversee. We elected him to get to the bottom of it. We elected him, not somebody else. He appoints all of these people. Did he give them carte blanche and do whatever they want and then don’t call me about it; I don’t want to know. I’m busy golfing. What is the story?

Being that our government is made up of elected representatives, the American people have the right to know who’s calling the shots. Is it the president or is it not? And if it’s not, fine; just tell us who is calling the shots. Is keeping the president out of the loop, is that intentional? I mean, remember with the Iran contra thing, the problem was they intentionally kept the president out of the loop. That was one scandal. This seems to be everything in his administration. This president doesn’t know what’s going on.

If the president president’s story line is accurate, either he’s not in charge or big government is failing… or, you know, the other, of course, we won’t accept for the purpose of this monologue as being true: He’s lying. The Associated Press, this thing shifts so fast, I don’t know how you can figure out what they’re saying to you. But the Associated Press and Fox News and CBS scandals where they’re wiretapping, they were wiretapping the phones of journalists. Once again, the White House just doesn’t have a clue, other than ‑‑ and this is a quote ‑‑ from hearing the press reports. Wow. Why even have an executive summary in the morning? Just pop on the TV. The man in charge of the DOJ, the attorney general, Eric Holder, doesn’t have a clue. He claimed he didn’t know anything about the AP, yet today we can report that he is now, new information, the guy who ordered the hit on Fox. But for the AP, Holder said he certainly didn’t alert the White House. Really? The reason why he did the AP is because he said it was the third biggest leak, one of the top three biggest leaks he’s ever seen, since 1973. It was vital to the nation’s interest and one of the most dangerous internal leaks he’s ever seen.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if we’re ‑‑ if we have dangerous leaks and one of the top three and the guy who reports directly to me ‑‑ remember, Eric Holder’s boss is the president. There’s nobody in between him and the president. Eric Holder’s boss is the president, and he never decides to go over in all of his meetings and crack the door and say, “Mr. President, we have the most ‑‑ one of the top three most dangerous leaks I’ve ever seen.” He never briefs the president on it? Not once? What does that mean? If the president didn’t really know, was your life put in harm’s way because they didn’t alert the president? He called this one of the most serious leaks of all time. If it was such a serious threat to national security, you didn’t alert the president of the United States as to what was happening? Americans were in danger and this president wants us to believe that for some reason, I don’t know what yet, but for some reason he was so detached from the office of the presidency, either campaigning or campaigning for gun control or playing golf or going on vacation or planning another party at the White House, that he didn’t even know a serious leak, one of the top three, was actually threatening American lives. If the president is not informed on serious threats to national security like this, who is being informed of these things? Who is calling the shot? Who does Eric Holder actually report to? What other security threats is he not being informed about? What else is he missing? What else doesn’t he know? Does it make America less or more safe? What does it mean for free speech that the president, who’s the one who lifted his hand and said to protect and defend the Constitution of America, what does it mean? Does the president’s indifference and disconnection from the issue promote free speech or stifle it? Does it keep the government in check? What message does it send if the president shows no interest in the stopping of the systematic targeting of whistleblowers and members of the press? Will it cause more people or less people to risk their livelihoods in order to keep government accountable and tell the truth? If less people are willing to speak out against the government, does that increase or decrease government power is this does it increase or decrease government abuses of that power? Is it good for you and your family if there are no whistleblowers?

On Benghazi, on top of ‑‑ on top of all of these things, the top officials in the White House had no earthly idea that trouble was on the horizon in Benghazi. All of them have said they didn’t have any intelligence prior to, but the facts now show they had plenty of intelligence on it. The president said he didn’t know that there were requests. He was, quote, personally not aware of any requests. No one in the administration knew. They weren’t told that they wanted more security. Well, who was? Who was? If the administration could miss all of the intelligence warnings that came in advance of the Benghazi attacks for September 11th, the day of any day we have to be more prepared and they weren’t aware of those attacks, they didn’t hear the voices crying out from the desert in the most dangerous place, if they couldn’t hear that, how did they miss that? If the president and the secretary of state didn’t have any information, any connection or apparent interest in the safety precautions for Benghazi at that time on September 11th, are public servants less safe or more safe today? Is America less safe or more safe? If they’re willing to go against the intelligence reports and concoct a bogus story about a video while claiming it was the best available intelligence, which it wasn’t, we now know, but they say they ‑‑ that’s all they saw, well, don’t you think we need to find out who put that bogus intelligence in and then claim to the president that’s the best we have? Shouldn’t we be firing that person right now? Shouldn’t the president be smoked beyond belief? Let’s just say that he still doesn’t get it. If he still doesn’t get it and he really didn’t know and he’s not really interested in finding the person that really put that bogus intelligence in there and then said that that was the best intelligence available, what else is this president being fed lies about that he’s gullible enough to believe?

For the purpose of this monologue, what else is he willing to be ‑‑ to believe because he’s just so disengaged? And in seeing that they haven’t been outraged by the YouTube video lies and haven’t fired the people responsible, does that make it more or less reasonable that they understand the security of the United States of America and your family the way you do? Seeing that the leaders around the world, including the president of Libya, came out on television the very next day and said “This is ridiculous; this was obviously a terrorist attack” and then we send Rice all across the television to tell the lies, the president did from the rose garden. Will the rest of the world trust us and our vision and our common sense more or less? And if the president laid out, you know, went to bed, as Leon Panetta said, had a quick briefing with him at 5:00 and then went to bed and then never heard any ‑‑ never heard a peep from the president or the White House, nobody contacted to find out what the Pentagon was doing. The Pentagon made all of the calls; the president was uninvolved; does that make you comfortable? Let me ask the left: That means the military industrial complex is not being watched over a guy you elected. That means the president of the United States said, “You just take care of it. Whatever you want.” Really? You’re comfortable with that? Because even a hawk like me, I’m not comfortable with that.

The president exercised his executive privilege and claimed Eric Holder was not aware. He and Eric Holder of Fast and Furious, he says he has complete confidence in that. Now here’s ‑‑ this is a gun‑running operation. Really? Help me out with that. Help me out. What does it mean? The president of the United States and the top man at the DOJ have no earthly idea that their own people are literally arming drug cartels with thousands of guns. Does that make Americans and our neighbors in Mexico less safe or more safe? If some rogue government underlings can get away with arming deadly drug cartels with guns and escape the notice of the management of the United States, what other dangerous activity are they engaging in that they don’t know about? How can the president lead if the president doesn’t have a clue on what’s happening around him? He doesn’t know what’s going on at the IRS; Americans become victims. He doesn’t know what’s going on at the DOJ, and both American citizens and members of the American press become victims. He doesn’t know what’s going overseas and Americans are victims, murdered in cold blood. He doesn’t know what’s going on with Fast and Furious and American border patrol agents like Brian Terry become victims, murdered, and people across the border are killed by the guns that were run by the DOJ.

This is the scenario that our president is asking you, hoping that you will believe, a scenario where through their incompetence and indifference Americans suffer as they get to the bottom of it. But they haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. There’s been celebrity parties and vacations. There’s been campaigning against the Second Amendment, and there’s been a lot of golf. You tell me. If that’s what they want you to believe, how bad is the truth?

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Obama knows the truth of all that has been going on from the beginning. There is absolutely no way, no possible way, he could have not known on any of the criminal dealings from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP, FOX-gate and so much more.

    Obama is too much of a hands-on, revenge-oriented, oppressive tyrant for it to be otherwise.

    He knows all and his list of criminal activity grows by the day.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Obama sees himself as a god-king, one who is above the law and cannot be wrong on anything nor held to account for his crimes; when will enough be enough and he is stripped of his office by impeachment?

    • http://www.facebook.com/joel.laperry.3 Joel LaPerry

      Close your eyes, make a prayer and hate Obama HARD with clenched fists. Maybe then he will be magically impeached.

      • Anonymous

        I think most people don’t really hate Obama, they just dislike his country destroying policies.

      • Anonymous

        Friend, hatred only hurts the hater.  When I had a very difficult time with hating someone all the time, the thoughts became so unbearable that I finally prayed and the answer I got from God in the Bible was, “Be not dismayed, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”  I found a sense of peace and things turned around.

        • Anonymous

          That’s wonderful for you.  You’re not the President.

          • Anonymous

            My point was that hatred does not benefit one and only makes the person doing the hating miserable. I wouldn’t recommend it.  I don’t remember their name, but a famous person once said, “If I wished to punish my enemy, I would make him hate someone.”  I found that to be true in my experience.  Just like there is a law of gravity that operates whether one knows about it or not, there are laws of God in operation, whether one knows about it or not, or even chooses not to believe it.  God is Love.  It’s when I stopped hating, that I got my freedom.  It also freed me from terrinble migraine headaches and never had them again.  The President cannot make his own rules contrary to the laws of God and prosper himself or succeed in his intent.  What does not fulfill the First Commandment will fail. The two Great commandments – to love God and your neighbor as yourself are the fulfilling of the law.  If you obey these, God will take care of the rest. There is only One God and anyone who tries to take his place will find that out.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Obama knows the truth of all that has been going on from the beginning. There is absolutely no way, no possible way, he could have not known on any of the criminal dealings from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP, FOX-gate and so much more.

    Obama is too much of a hands-on, revenge-oriented, oppressive tyrant for it to be otherwise.

    He knows all and his list of criminal activity grows by the day.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s not leave out the drone conundrum

      • Guest

        Lying is not an impeachable offense. Actually, the drone assassination of an American is the ONLY reason Obama should be impeached. Violating the 5th and 14th Amendments ranks a little higher than “conundrum.”

        • Anonymous

          Misleading the American people that resulted in the death of 4 Americans is an impeachable offense.  Thank you very much

  • Amy Henson

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  • Guest

    “It makes it quite a leap of faith to believe anything that they say.”

    Uh, Earth calling Glenn Beck; your gullible followers make that “leap of faith” every day about the utter nonsense that you spew.

    For example: On May 3rd, Beck claimed, “As a journalist and somebody who runs a journalistic organization, here’s what I want you to look for.” Then, three days later Beck said, “I have always said that I am not a journalist.” 

    That was a lie.

    Then on May 13th, Beck called for a Special Council to pursue impeachment of the President over Benghazi and the IRS scandal where they targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny in their 501 (c) 4 status. Beck said, “I have not suggested that anything rises to … the level of impeachment…There’s documentation on this. I believe it is time for the American people to demand that a Special Council is appointed …” Except Beck only recently did suggest just that. On April 19th Beck said, “when America knows the full story on this [Saudi student, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi] if she doesn’t stand up, and quite honestly and demand impeachment and a mass firing …we don’t stand a chance.” 

    He had suggested that his fake conspiracy around Ali Alharbi was something that was worthy of impeachment.

    He lied.

    I could go on and on: FACT is, Beck is a liar!

    Beck’s followers have been programmed to believe otherwise with slogans: “Truth lives here,” and “Truth has no agenda” along with his many other false claims about telling “the truth.”

    Now, instead of defending the liar, Glenn Beck, his devout followers will attack the messenger. 

  • Anonymous

    Saul Alinsky tactics to “transform”
    America explains everything about the Obama agenda and management style! The
    Mafia successfully used it, Hitler successfully used it, and Chicago
    politicians successfully use it and the public majority votes for it.


    Nobody can touch the leaders because they are
    taught to leave a firewall of ignorance and incompetence between themselves and
    the criminal activity they commit. They are masters at circular defense arguments
    and blame shifting.


    The Obama administration has no power except that
    which God and we-the people give them.


    • Anonymous

      “The Obama administration has no power except thatwhich God and we-the people give them”
      Tell that to the IRS.  I think he is actually grabbing power that the people did not intend to give him and that’s why there are sooo many scandals right now.  Otherwise, everything would just be hunky dory.

    • Anonymous

      God does not share His power.  Most of the general public had not the slighted clue as to whatr he was all about and are responsible for the kind of governmanet we have.  It is taking this second term forf it to come out for all to see.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    I have a hard time seeing that he was not involved with all three. I have questions of my own. Does it seem a little odd that they reveled all of this when the Benghazi investigation was underway? Why did they expose themselves? Why where the phone tapping reporters after they got the all clear from the CIA to repost the story that was leaked? Why again attack Fox News with these phone taps? See I think there is more to this than meets the eye and I think the only reason why we even know the other two things happen because they told us. Meaning logically with this White House they are covering up an impeachable or even criminal offence which I Believe ties into Benghazi somehow. Something does not look right with the timing.

  • Guest

    “We elected him to get to the bottom of it.”

    No, Mr. Beck; you did your utter best to elect Mendacious Mitt.

    Benghazi?  Made up “scandal” by Fox and the right-wing media.

    IRS? Scandal that was local. When did the president find out? What difference does it make? He is as outraged about “targeting” as anyone, and he IS getting to the bottom of it.

    AP and Fox reporter phone records?  THAT’s a scandal. The AP should and may sue, but the Court virtually always sides with the President on national security issues.

    “…there’s been a lot of golf.”  I didn’t hear Beck bitching when Bush was cutting bush on his ranch for much of his disastrous presidency.

    Double standards is routine in the land of make believe, Glennbeckistan.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, GUEST, we did elect him to get to the bottom of it. How does he do it? Simply by appointing himself to investigate himself. the outcome? “I didn’t know about it until I read it in the news, like you did.” Yup. In other words, “I know nothing.” 

      Mendacious Mitt? Really? Who was calling him that and worse, and repeating it ad nauseam until it became “The Truth — because I said so, and repeatedly.”

      IRS scandal? “Scandal that was local. When did the president find out? What difference does it make? He is as outraged about “targeting” as anyone, and he IS getting to the bottom of it.” Again, effectively appointing himself to “investigate, and get to the bottom of it.”

      AP and Fox reporter phone records? NOW you sayTHAT’s a scandal. Really? Your criterion for judgement?

      And finally, your last comment:

      “…there’s been a lot of golf.”  I didn’t hear Beck bitching when Bush was cutting bush on his ranch for much of his disastrous presidency.Double standards is routine in the land of make believe, Glennbeckistan. (Are there REALLY standards at work, here?)Did you REALLY listen to Glenn’s comments in this clip? Evidently you heard only enough to make a negative comment on each point. BUT did you “get” what Glenn asked us to do, take the president at his word, then ask, if the president is really out of the loop, then who IS responsible if not our dear leader? Where is the truth? What is repeatedly told us, never mind if it really is the truth, just what we want you to think about it. That, then, becomes”The Truth, because I said so.”And we are so gullible to accept that. And so gullible to accept the statements of our president, where responsibility ultimately lies, and go along with his lack of governance. “I didn’t know.” “The buck stops with you.” Yup, you, not me. Besides, “You didn’t build that.” So, what can we take away from all this?Nobody did nuthin’.And at this point, what does it matter?Yup. Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”? Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Beck’s point is great.  And quite simple:

      Did Obama know or not know in each of the scandals. 

      If Obama knew, he’s lying.

      If he did not know, he’s incompetent.

      Obama states he is outraged, but he has fired no one that he has appointed for keeping him in the dark, or directing illegal activities.  In fact, he has laterally transferred some of his supposed firings such as the Fast and Furious director and knows the IRS guy was due to step down 2 weeks after he “resigned”.

      Oh, by the way, none of this is about Bush.

  • J Nelson

    I wished he was the most incompetent man on earth but I’m not that lucky.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    Even if, as this headline states, he is “telling the truth” which I seriously doubt, at the very least then he is utterly and completely incompetent to be president.  I am of the opinion he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    If he’s speaking the truth, he would have had zero knowledge of the raid on osama binladen. Glen, your assumption is rediculous!

    • Anonymous

      I believe Glenn said “imagine” he had no knowledge of it not, “believe” he had no knowledge of it.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    very well stated. I don’t need to add a thing

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    C’mon folks! How do you say or think OUR President believes he is god-king or above the law. Sometimes conservatives assume things about this President like they know him personally or he is so kind of thief or con that likes to hide things from the American people all the time. Presidents are humans. They fall, they made mistakes, they made stupid decisions sometimes, they lie. He is not different than any of us. He is an American like you and me with his flaws and virtudes. And for those who still believe those falacies about Obama being someone that he is not. Stop the BS! All our Presidents screwed up at some point and this one is not different. I am starting to believe that, maybe, just maybe, we are trashing him because he is black or because he is liberal, or because we just don’t like his name or his upbringing or whatever it is . . . Grow up people and please, don’t fill yourself with hate, hate leads to misconceptions, to injustice.  

    • Tiffani Mills

      hate? Do you always stereotype anyone that does not support Obama or speaks out against him? MANY– do not hate him but rather do hate his anti-American tactics! If it isn’t obvious to you— by now— go back to your slumber! If actually been paying attention the last 4+ years — you would have already identified all his acts against us and wrong doings rather than handing him a free pass and turning your head. Obviously you have been sleeping this whole time…….

    • Anonymous

      What planet does this guy Pachmo live on and whatever drugs he is using must be terrific. Someone Please explain where he has been living for the last 6 years. Has anyone checked to see if the mental hospitals are missing a patient.? 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000042825727 Susie Falconio Macko

      OMG this has nothing to do with skin color, it has ALL to do with love of our country!!
      So very sad.  I agree with alot of what you have said, but it is not this:  we are trashing him because he is black    we are NOT trashing skin color, what we are trashing is the state of our country right now!!!   I feel so very sorry for the few WWII veterans that our country celebrates – can you just imagine what they think??  My father fought for his country in WWII and the Korean conflict.  I am glad he does not know what is going on. This is what we, who love America, TRASHES, not SKIN COLOR!!!!

    • Anonymous

      barry is known as the most liberal congressman in our country’s history b/c of his view points and voting record. consider this please, if there are senators and house rep’s to the right of you, politically speaking, and they are themselves admitted socialists, what does that make the one to their left?
      a communist by default. this isn’t difficult. barry, though, handsome and suave was indoctrinated through out his formative years to appreciate socialism and disdain capitalism and America et al. I don’t want him to be in pain. I just want him to leave office in 1/17.

  • Anonymous

    Fox News had a good suggestion…. a moratorium for the President and Valerie Jarrett-(this one is a huge problem), the DOJ and IRS.  but it needs to last 42 months…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1826062151 Joe Robinson

    poor Beck.

    a couple of weeks ago he had this conspiracy going that there was a terrorist from Saudi Arabia that Obama was trying to hide in the hospital (after the Boston bombings) and that he would be impeached for that.

    every week since 2008 in Beck’s world there is an impeachment offense by Obama. 


    • Anonymous

      Joe, I love the use of the word “conspiracy” to automatically describe anything that might be considered contrary to The Truth as put out by the left, who repeat, ad nauseam, the negative statements that they want us to believe. Then it is a “conspiracy” if we humbly present the truth, as opposed to The Truth according to what  we said.


      Conspiracy = You lie! You are trying to defame us patriots!

      Truth = A conspiracy statement. See above.

      Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?
      By now, “What does it matter?” that four men died? Oh, but that’s conspiracy to talk about that now.

      Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Joe – why don’t you share whatever it is you’re smoking? 

      Beck has spent years educating Americans with facts and history.  Clearly, your IQ puts you in a category of “unteachable”. 

      With all of the BS we’ve gotten from Obama and his team, it’s incomprehensible that there are still people like you left in our society.  Obama, Holder and Clinton will be held accountable. 

      The point Glenn is making is really quite funny.   We have a government that thinks it’s better to say “We don’t know anything about anything.”, on every one of these scandals.  That’s pretty funny.  They think that admitting they are totally incompetent is somehow better than coming forth with the truth.  If they have nothing to hide they should provide the documents they’re being asked for.

      But they won’t because they’re criminals.  Pretty soon someone is going to provide testimony on what actually happened on each one of these scandals.  They’ll be given immunity, so they can’t plead the 5th without going to jail, and then even folks as dull as you will see that what Glenn has been saying, is absolutely correct.

      Until then, I’ll just enjoy listening to everyone in this administration telling us how incompetent they are.  And oh by the way, that is not a lie, they really are incompetent, on top of being guilty.  Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get to the truth, but we will get to truth.

      Keep that bong going Joe……………even the unions are starting to coming around on Obamacare, so that should be a clue to you that you just might have been totally BS’d.

    • Anonymous

      beck is a piece of work, that is for sure.

    • Anonymous

      you may’ve meant ” impeachable offense “.. of which there have been.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is right, it is scarier to have a government who thinks that claiming “incompetence” is their best defense.

    It just doesn’t get any lamer than that. 

    So the entire Obama administration comes down to Nancy Pelosi saying “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill.”.   Are you sh*tting me?

    And to follow up that brilliant statement, we now have all of the department heads (e.g. State, Justice, Treasury etc.) testifying under oath that they have no idea about what’s going on within their departments.  You just really cannot make this stuff up.

    Barry is a Chicago punk and needs to impeached.  Then he and all of his “I don’t know” friends should all be sent off to prison.  They have violated the Constitution and we MUST make an example of these people.  Otherwise America will never regain its place in  the world.

  • Anonymous

     If the President is telling the truth then he must fire his entire staff and most of his cabinet. He is after all saying that they lie to him.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460198902 Brian Doose

    Two possibilitys, either Obama knows about these crimes and is covering them up, or the people in his administration are getting orders from somewhere else than the Oval office and are lying to our Comander and Chief, either way, Obama has some cleaning up to do (and he’s not doing it) and he should resign from office for incompetence (or be impeached by the people)

  • Anonymous

    Attorney General Eric Holder was ‘armed’ when he took part in protest at Columbia and occupied a school office for five days

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    layin’ it out in full — practically spoon-feeding the aimlessly wandering fools.

    hot herbal tea, fresh lemon, agave; sip all day and when you get home, refrain from talking.

    oh, forgot, two, okay, three cookies and don’t call in the morning.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they don’t know anything about anything because Valerie Jarrett is running the country. But, without a doubt, Obama is in on everything.  He just promotes his phony facade of “I wasn’t told…….” to the American people.  America needs a leader, not a lying s.o.b.  It’s time to impeach!

  • Guest

    What if Beck is telling the truth?

    That would be refreshing.

  • Anonymous


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