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Since the White House scandals begin to break a few weeks ago there have been brief moments of honest journalism scattered across the mainstream media. As the DOJ’s tapping of journalists with the AP, Fox News, CBS emerged, journalists entrenched with the mainstream media awkwardly found themselves on opposing ends of the Obama administration.

After 5 years of this White House, multiple members of the White House Press Corps finally stood their ground against the Press Secretary. Jay Carney found himself pinned down on a Holder lie regarding the DOJ scandal with no way to get free…so he caved.


Ed Hentry:  On the say quoted, this is not something I’ve ever been
involved in, heard of.  We know he was involved in it at the very
least.  Was he not telling the truth on that point?

Jay Carney:  Involved in what?

Ed Henry:  He signed off on a search warrant.  Are you not involved.
Refer you to the Justice Department.  You guys are inflating the
subpoena with prosecution, and I think it is — again, what the
attorney general said. Technical accuracy you’re holding onto?

Jay Carney:  I’m not.  I’m saying based on what I’ve seen in published
report and what the attorney general said, I don’t see a conflict, but
I refer you to the justice department.

“Are you blind?” Glenn asked after hearing the audio, wondering how he could possibly claim not to be able to see the conflict with Holder.

“Why are we accepting this?  We — they would never accept this from us,” Glenn noted. “They would never accept this in a private company, they would never accept anybody, if the press were there, to get answered, what is going on
with your company.”

“If they don’t play by the same exact rules, if there is not equal justice for all,” Glenn added. “See that’s what Martin Luther King was all about, equal justice for everybody. I just want an equal shot. I want equal justice.”