White House Press Corps pushes Carney for real answers

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Since the White House scandals begin to break a few weeks ago there have been brief moments of honest journalism scattered across the mainstream media. As the DOJ’s tapping of journalists with the AP, Fox News, CBS emerged, journalists entrenched with the mainstream media awkwardly found themselves on opposing ends of the Obama administration.

After 5 years of this White House, multiple members of the White House Press Corps finally stood their ground against the Press Secretary. Jay Carney found himself pinned down on a Holder lie regarding the DOJ scandal with no way to get free…so he caved.


Ed Hentry:  On the say quoted, this is not something I’ve ever been
involved in, heard of.  We know he was involved in it at the very
least.  Was he not telling the truth on that point?

Jay Carney:  Involved in what?

Ed Henry:  He signed off on a search warrant.  Are you not involved.
Refer you to the Justice Department.  You guys are inflating the
subpoena with prosecution, and I think it is — again, what the
attorney general said. Technical accuracy you’re holding onto?

Jay Carney:  I’m not.  I’m saying based on what I’ve seen in published
report and what the attorney general said, I don’t see a conflict, but
I refer you to the justice department.

“Are you blind?” Glenn asked after hearing the audio, wondering how he could possibly claim not to be able to see the conflict with Holder.

“Why are we accepting this?  We — they would never accept this from us,” Glenn noted. “They would never accept this in a private company, they would never accept anybody, if the press were there, to get answered, what is going on
with your company.”

“If they don’t play by the same exact rules, if there is not equal justice for all,” Glenn added. “See that’s what Martin Luther King was all about, equal justice for everybody. I just want an equal shot. I want equal justice.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Carney was cornered and caved, then another journalist came to his salvation and changed the direction of the conversation. When an adversary is on the ropes, finish it once and for all.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

      I bet it was MSNBC.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    It has been entertaining to finally see this White House beat up by the press.

    • Anonymous

      but no one is going for the jugular.

    • greywolfrs

      But they have not really beat up the White House, it’s like a child trying to walk, they act like they can do it, then fall down again and again.

    • Pamela Peltonen

      Yes it has!

  • landofaahs

    Ben Ghazi ,Ben Ghazi, Ben Ghazi.  Don’t be distracted.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even Israel with their new found Nat Gas in the Med. need a place either through Syria or Iraq to get it into /turkey and over to Europe.  Russia wants Europe depending on Russia for the nat gas.
    When Obama leaves office just watch and see where the cash for his speaking engagements comes from, not to mention money for his library.  Follow the money.

    • Anonymous

      you are right.always follow the money.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Carney is the America version of Baghdad Bob.   Both are world class lairs !

    • landofaahs

      Carney the carnival barker….ruff, ruff. Here’s your doggie biscuit Jay…..Nice doggie.

    • Mike Nelson

      I know you meant “liars” but since I sometimes wonder what terrible creature lives inside each of their skins, it’s funny to me that you said “lairs” 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Maloney/100002346762606 Joseph Maloney

    Just watching Carney with all the questions of late is a defining of “a rock, and a hard place”.

  • greywolfrs

    What a joke, like the “press” is ever going to hold this administration’s feet to the fire. Just when you think they might actually do it, their balls crawl back up their ass and they chicken out.

  • Anonymous

    You ever notice how appropriate the  Press Secretary names are?  We had Snow…  (snow-job)
    now it’s Carney ….. a Carney is someone who works for a carnival or circus they usually tend the games that are rigged to cheat anyone foolish enough to play….. seems to fit this administration….. 

    I like the Urban dictionary version of Carney :
    A desperate person who survives through trickery and the eating of human flesh. They have no life or soul and can be found in trailers, carnivals, and on a couch drinking GO2 Cola. Much like thiers zombie bretheren they can only be killed by cutting of thier head or destroying their brain.So what would one expect a Carney to say……

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1040259298 Diana Hedin

    The press needs to ask the tough questions. It seems to me that it’s taking them too long to react. Perhaps the problem is because they’ve been asleep…they might say that they haven’t practiced on how to do it. Somebody needs to motivate them. Any ideas???

  • landofaahs

    Was that press corps with a definite pronunciation on the p in corps….Frankly the modern press is a corpse.

  • Nauyuno

    I think it is long over do for people to start calling him by his actual name, “Jay Blarney”. 

  • Take 2

    Tokyo Rose 2013-

    American soldiers you die today. Why are you here! When your own President is out golfing and tonight another special hand picked (Anti-American) concert. All the while you have nothing to go back too! Still No jobs! No budget! Only increased unemployment and Food Stamps! The Presidents IRS is attacking your Parents and all of their loved ones into submission…ya-He just got caught red handed. Xommon boys he went to his soft over-sized bed on you in Benghazi!  Stand down I am sleepie! And Fast and Furious murders he flat out slammed the case closed on all of you. Why do you think? That you will never win this War on Islamist Terror? Be honest you know he was only born and raised by us kind…He is not!
    He is a Game Player while you get blown up! He has you here to die for your Country BUT is transforming your Home into the same type of place that Your Grand Pa’s died preventing…and is removing your Christ Your God not ours fool…what do you think while he is praying on a secret carpet in his new sound proof secret office acting like a Commander and Chief…Soldiers you are nothing but make-believe plastic and disposable. We talk more tomorrow boys…

  • bucketnutz

    They are going to find this little Dork in a closet in the Whitehouse ,,sucking his thumb and mumbling excerpts from the Obammunist manifesto

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