Why are so many people moving to Texas?

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For close to two years, Glenn has been talking nonstop about how everyone needs to move to Texas. (editor’s tangent: Seriously, he won’t stop talking about it. Every time I see him he tells me how great Texas is and how I need to get out of New York as soon as humanly possible. I mean, we talk about other stuff but it always come back to that. Sometimes he just mocks the New York staff over Skype when we’re in the morning meetings. It starts like a joke and then it’s all “No, seriously. Move to Texas”. Joel gets it the worst. End of tangent). Well, it seems like the rest of the world is catching on to what Glenn’s known all along: Texas is a pretty sweet place to live. Shockingly, the BBC is the latest outlet to espouse the virtues of the state with their Top ten reasons so many people are moving to Texas. Did he agree with their points?

Let’s start at the top:

1. Jobs

Well, it’s hard to argue that Texas is kicking butt when it comes to job creation – but Glenn has been on the record that the #1 reason people should be going to Texas is for the freedom. If you find a job in Texas (which you probably will) that’s great, but freedom comes first.

2. It’s cheaper

Yup. As the article points out, it’s just easier to make your paycheck last and to obtain the things associated with a middle class lifestyle. Glenn agrees.

3. Homes

Cheap land? Can’t argue with that.

4. Low taxes

So far so good.

5. Pick your own big city

Lot’s of options including Houston, Dallas, and Ft. Worth. Not so much El Paso even though it’s pretty big. But that brings us to the biggest disagreement…


Really? Austin, TX is one of the TOP TEN reasons to move to Texas? Stu stuck up for the city and praised it’s great food and music scene, but Glenn couldn’t believe that the city made the top ten list.

“Liberal progressive hippies that’s who love (Austin). People who just want to be weird and they were like ‘You know, San Francisco used to be weird, but now it’s too big city weird. So I want to go do weird someplace else’. Would you stop wrecking the whole country?” Glenn said.

Ok, moving on…

7. Family-friendly

Agreed, although the BBC article has to specifically point out that San Antonio is home to the largest community of gay parents.

“We have to differentiate?” Glenn asked when he read that.

8. Fewer rules

Freedom. BOOM! Seriously, how is this not the number one reason?

“If that’s not the very fabric of this state, we’re done,” Glenn said.

9. Texans are normal people

Yes, they are – but does that really need to be pointed out and put on the Top Ten list? Glenn took issue with the way that media portrays Texas to the rest of the country and how the cowboy in a ten gallon bucket hat has become the stereotypical Texan. He also took issue with a woman who was quoted as saying “[They] realise that Texans aren’t all Bible thumping, gun-toting people.” Uh, would it be so bad to live in a place where people had faith and exercised their rights?

10. And they’re not going anywhere

The segment ended before they got to number ten on the list: Native Texans stay in Texas. Why? Because it’s awesome (source: Glenn Beck every day since he moved to Texas)

  • Cameron Vance

    This was fairly nice, considering I live in Texas a well.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    I still want to move their so badly. 

  • landofaahs

    Some say a Texan is a Mexican heading for Oklahoma that ran out of gas.  Just teasing folks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000069807015 Julia Thompson

    It will be ruined by the time I get there….I’ll just stay where I am.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=543326783 Jessie R. Louthan II

    What they left out was the horrible weather (hot and humid don’t mix), all of the McJobs, not to mention all of the mouthbreathers…wait, that’s most of Glenn’s fanbase. Nevermind, y’all move here, I’ll move somewhere else. Someone can take my place.

    PS Austin is the superior city in Texas.

    • Anonymous

      Austin, steers and queers without the steers.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      All the McJobs

      Guess those “McJobs” are paying higher than minimum wage, then:


      “In addition, an IBD analysis of the data finds that conservative,
      Republican states vastly outperformed liberal, Democratic states over
      the past decade on jobs and economic growth, and attracted more people
      to their states.”

      Maybe you should quit mouthbreathing and actually do some research instead of blindly parroting what you read on Media Morons.

  • Margaret Price

    I got the hell out of New York State for Texas in 2009. I’m in Austin. There are conservatives here. But, yes, PLEASE don’t move here! The traffic is horrible enough as it is!

    • Anonymous

      Do you go to Austin City Council Meetings on Thursday? We need more Conservatives to show up and oppose liberal agendas by Mayor Left Wing Fail and his cronies’.

  • Robert Gingrich

    Just got to Frisco(north of Dallas) 1.5 years ago. Absolutely in Heaven!

  • landofaahs

    People who live in a good place don’t say much to others.  They want to keep their place a haven.  Just keep movin’ along folks, nothing to see here.
    We even tell people that it sucks where we are at so people don ‘t come in and mess it up like they have done in areas of Montana and Wyoming not to mention Colorado that used to be great.

    • Anonymous

      You are right!  Colorado has changed and not for the better.  The Liberals mess up even the most conservative places, once they get a foot-hold in the place.

      • Anonymous

        Yup – I was born in Colorado and lived there for 24 years.  It’s not the same, and I won’t go back.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Davidson/100001017183306 Keith Davidson

        That’s why Dallas is now a blue city. And Austin as mentioned in this article.

    • Mr_TrueReality

      Re: paragraph 2 in above:
      Thats funny…are you aware of the story why the norsemen (Vikings) called the two land bodies they discovered “Iceland” vs. “Greenland”…it’s the same thing but almost 1000 years ago 😉

      • Anonymous

        Iceland has no ice on it and greenland is not green – it is all ice. go figure!

        • ALski

          Iceland had ice on it when it was first discovered by Vikings.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=40305620 Nicole Lynch

       Idaho is getting that way too. :(

      • Anonymous

        Too bad. I was born in Idaho in 1936. Always wanted to move back to Emmitt Valley.

      • Anonymous

         Salt Lake City has people openly badmouthing Californians.

    • Anonymous

       About 30 years ago I asked a guy from Bellingham, Wa. why they allowed that stinking factory in the middle of town to smell up the place and he said they loved that smell because it kept people from moving there.

  • Anonymous

    BUT — just wait until the liberals dig in and take over as they did in California. . . When we moved to California in ’79. it was an exciting, happening place. No more. If I could, I’d move in a heartbeat. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1202053969 Lynda Anderson

      I’d also leave California in a heartbeat if I could.  My daughter graduates in two years.  The truck will be loaded and immediately after her graduation party, we will be on the road to Idaho (where we were raised) or Texas (where she will go to college and where my family roots are)!  I hope they don’t change Texas before I can get there!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=40305620 Nicole Lynch

         Good for you! Yes, come back to Idaho if you can. We need more like us here before they completely take over.

      • Anonymous

         You need to get to Texas at least a year before your daughter starts college in order to get in state tuition.

  • Anonymous

    You just better be careful with all that hype, you may attract too many Liberals. They are politically motivated to change things everywhere. You better hope the tornados scare them away.

    • Anonymous

      It’s worse than that. They’re like cuckoo birds with regard to their “nests.” They foul their own nests, then whine about the stench, look around for someone else’s nest that looks clean and nice, then move there, take that nest over and then set to work making it just like the one they left.

      • Anonymous

         Sounds like a familiar refrain……isn’t that how slums are eventually formed when all the riff raff move in to an area?

        • Vjay

          Sshh..don’t let everyone know the truth.
          Who built the neighborhoods and were the first to inhabit them? Remember when neighborhoods use to have nice landscaping? Now they look like pill boxes on a battlefield. A stark building on a crappy lot in a neighborhood that looks the same.

    • Anonymous

       That’s exactly what happened to Colorado.  Used to be a great place to live until the Californians started their mass exodus in the 90s….  :(

      • Anonymous

         You can see the signs of California Disease all around Denver and Colorado Springs. It starts with sign laws and spreads until the only jobs are desk clerk at a B&B.

      • Anonymous

         Ex-actly. And now you are seeing more and more the transformation of your state into Colofornia. Same thing happened to Idaho. Boise is now Boisangeles, north Idaho is now a retirement community for ex-LAPD officers, and the whole state might as well be re-named to Idafornia.

      • Anonymous

        People just trying to have better life, its nor only about you :(, anyway look at the ligulae immigration in to TX and its still is the best to live in the stat.
        free moving quote

    • Anonymous

       Colorado has become the California Liberal ‘suburb’ & consequently is fast becoming the Liberal’s”  MECCA who don’t want to pay Gov. Brown’s exhorbitant taxes..Texas can look forward to ‘similar’ circumstances as the ‘liberal’ progressives & their ‘progeny’ infect & contaminate it as they increasingly multiply!!

    • americanathlete


  • Anonymous

    Personally, I can tell you it’s also hope for secession when it comes to that.
    I know a lot of people won’t admit that, but I’m not one to beat around the bush.

  • landofaahs

    Investment truism: By the time you hear it’s hot, it’s not.  

  • Anonymous

    Republic of Texas. Just sayin’.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1663364923 Lisa States

    I was raised there.  East Texas.  Marshall.  Have you seen the signs…”Drive Friendly”?  And folks do.  And folks are.  

  • Germey

    Meh, Texas is an illegal alien state.  It will turn blue soon enough, as Hispanic majority is right around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    I am concerned that too many yanks are moving to Texas and that the state will turn blue as a result.  They leave their miserable states and move here for a better life, yet they continue to vote for the same ideas that caused the misery they left.  Makes no sense.  Glenn, stop promoting Texas!  We have enough traffic and outsiders coming in.  

    • Anonymous

       I don’t live in Texas but have to say I agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      One needs to start asking the Californians if they are progressives or conservatives. If progressives they need not come to Texas.

    • Conrad Ryder

      As a conservative New Yorker who is completely fed up with the taxes, regulations, progressive liberal policies and dirt bag politicians (Cuomo et al) I would love to come to TX and add my “red” vote. However, I am very concerned that TX is going to catch the progressive plague and be the same liberal piss hole that NY is in 10 – 20 years.

  • Gryphon

    Sorry, but Glenn looks like a boner with the cowboy hat. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1104904640 Michael Barnes

    Just leave your liberal politics where you came from.

  • Gryphon

    Moving to Texas doesnt automatically make you a Cowboy. 

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It doesn’t make you anything, You are what you are and if you’re a lib stay right where you are. You aren’t needed or wanted in Teas.

  • Anonymous

    Hey beck followers… you are all sheep. No Republican will ever be President again unless you knuckle draggers get your mongoloid heads out of your asses. Btw sheep Hillary will be the next president. Haha. Glenn Beck males Alex Jones look credible.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

       Hillary has buried herself with the Benghazi thing and won’t be president of anything.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Irelan/1204880258 David Irelan

       Well, at the rate California’s hemorrhaging jobs, it won’t be too much longer til it loses enough electoral votes that it becomes a non-factor.  Kinda sad to watch it go so totally down the tubes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

         America is losing jobs in general not just California. How can companies lay off or eliminate say 10 jobs then hire back 3 people and consider those 3 jobs as being created? they were already there!

    • Anonymous

        A Hillary follower calling someone a sheep?….. That`s a good example of what the word “schmuck” means.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1594213917 William Bruce Lowry

    Glenn, You have told them once that moving to Texas is a good thing. They have chosen to ignore you or hang on to their delusions. If they are that dumb, Texas don’t want em’!

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       All Hail Beck……. Beck knows the secrets of AMERICA!!!! or you all could do some research and actually make decisions for yourselves and not stand for corruption and greed that has lead to our current situation. How is moving to another state the answer? Anyone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.burgess.33 Nancy Burgess

    We need conservatives to move to Columbus,Cleveland and Cincinnati  hear in Ohio so the vote go’s our way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1249433296 Carolyn Turner Alley

    Born here in Texas… married and moved to upstate NY….Came back to Texas after 12 years.  There is no place better

  • James Clifford

    No love for San Antonio…Glenn includes Austin but not my home town. Tragic.

  • Bridget Burton

    For Californians, I lived there for 10 years and have some incredibly amazing friends and family there. Oh and love the weather!  Had some wonderful times there.  Many people are looking at their bottom line and seeing the future – the will to survive kicks in.  My family moved to TX for jobs.  I’m a proud Texan now.  Moved around and there are other places with beautiful people, so if you’re looking, there’s hope.  Good and bad everywhere but we all have to agree some are better than others.  We’ve personally had friends move here recently from Ohio and CA and many of my husbands work associates have moved here because of JOBS from all over the US.   We had an awesome realtor and now even our kids own homes.  Helping each other is what it is all about – really.

    • Anonymous

       I read that there’s lots of muslims in Texas as well…..and also the schools leave something to be desired because of the socialist curriculum. Don’t know how true all that is but that’s what I read somewhere?

      • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

        Thank God someone is actually reading. Who cares if theres more Muslims in Texas? what does someones religion have to do with anything arent we all supposed to be AMERICANS?
        School systems in this country leave something to be desired. when you have exchange students laughing because they are bi lingual if not trilingual and have known calculus since 6th grade where do you think the problem is?

        • Anonymous

           Well didn’t I preface my remarks with.. I didn’t know how true the reports were? I thought someone would expound on it but I see all you did was dismiss it? How come you didn’t have something to add to it or at least give some statistics if you know so much about it?
          As for muslims and what religion has to do with anything…..it has a heck of a lot to do with everything!  You must not know much about the muslim faith or you’d have a different view point I believe. I for one will not have anything to do with them or live near them because I do know something about them. And NO we’re not all supposed to be Americans ‘cos there’s a heck of a lot of illegals running around this country in case it had escaped your attention.

          • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

            “Seperation of church and state” Your ignorant of true Islam if you believe that Muslims are the only religion that has issues. Christianity has lead wars against other nations for their beliefs just like many other religions. How about the crusades? Christianity has even gone so far as to not allow people to practice because of their decisions? what about this teaches tolerance or acceptance or even forgiveness for your sins?

            And yes there are alot of illegals running around and who’s fault is that? Our country’s or the companies that hire them to increase profit?

            As for education how about real comparisons of industrialized nations? http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0923110.html

            And I wasnt refering to the Illegals as Americans I was referring to the groups of people who are so quick to argue with each other and put each other down. Like:
            Why are people so quick to apply labels and start pointing fingers when the only way that things will work out is by working together and accepting that we are not all going to agree on every decision

          • Mr_TrueReality

            Let’s see if I can help you out here buddy….
            >>Seperation of church and state<>
            As for education how about real comparisons of industrialized nations? http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/… <<
            American students and the scholastic system have been bastardized into beliving that the system should show/teach the student everything they need to know to succeed but this is falacious. The Ancient Greek model of contemplation and critical ananlysis has been abandoned for the currently preferred 'programming' of the student. Point of consideration..Why is it that very few students in school are taught how to make and hold money or wealth?
            Pepole are quick to pigeon hole others since it is an easy solution and it satifies a frustration for conflicting opinions and tension within the sea of information we all are now in.-Human nature is what it is-
            Listen to this song to close this thread bro….
            Mr TR

          • mike_in_kosovo

            How about the crusades?

            1000 years ago, and the Muslims are *STILL* acting the same way today.

            Did you have a point?

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Actually, Texas ranks quite well in schools:

        Texas score / US nat’l average
        Scale Score, Grade 4 Math
        240 / 239

        Scale Score, Grade 8 Math
        287 / 282

        Scale Score, Grade 4 Reading
        220 / 220

        Scale Score, Grade 8 Reading
        261 / 261

        Scale Score, Grade 4 Science
        150 / 149

        Scale Score, Grade 8 Science
        143 / 147

        Scale Score, Grade 4 Writing
        154 / 153

        Scale Score, Grade 8 Writing
        151 / 154

        • Anonymous

           Looks good.

      • Bridget Burton

        I too read there are muslim sects in TX but have no idea where they are. No matter what state you move to there impoverished and scary areas to live. We’ve moved around a over the years and for us, The Woodlands/Spring/Austin/Conroe and other areas are excellent family places to live. There is no “common core” in TX schools. As anywhere, there are some areas in which the schools are better because of the parental involvement in schools. We love the family atmosphere and how friendly people are. And JOBS JOBS JOBS. I love it here.

        • Anonymous

          I loved Texas too after visiting there over ten years ago. I was impressed with the friendliness of the people and the community atmosphere……I even went back for two more visits. Sadly my family are all grown and gone now and I’m too old to pick up and move again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

    hippies arent the problem with the country intolerant assholes are who are we to judge eachother ? I truly hate how everyone in America is so quick to put labels to who is the problem when from a logical if not scientific approach the entire country or about 90 percent is the problem. For real people gte up off your high horses and own up.

  • dd

    Low Taxes? I disagree… no income tax sure, but an oppressive property tax hurts us all. Our property taxes are higher than most states income and property combined!  And it never goes away and never goes down. Take a lower paying job? Retire? Your property tax goes up every year  regardless unlike an income tax. Also lets not forget the wonderful margins tax that hurts every small business in the state. So this illusion that Texas is a low tax state needs to end.

    • Hawaiianfive0

      I agree 100% and I don’t understand why this is never mentioned. My brother has told me that his property taxes keep going up. My family is trying to get me to move there and it doesn’t seem like a good move with the property taxes being so high. It makes the house payments so high there.

    • Anonymous

      Which Jeff Wentworthless voted for, along with Senator John Cornyn, and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in support thereof. It’s no surprise that Ted Cruz won against Dewhurst in 2012!!!! I am hoping Ted Cruz runs for President!!!
      Now, that Jerry Patterson, he is the right choice for Lt. Governor. Wentworthless and Dewhurst voted in support of increasing the cigarette tax in 2005 (there was a bill among the RINOS and the Democrats that would have taxed bottled water) I hope Dr. Campbell holds on to her seat next year, because Elisa Chan hasn’t voted down enough wasteful spending during her tenure as a City Council woman.
      Thanks to the margins tax, your DSL bill went up.
      I kind of wish that David Simpson was Speaker of the House instead of Joe Straus.

  • Debbie

    Stop telling people about Texas – the liberals ruined their own states and now they are going to come here and do the same.  They don’t know how to take care of other’s things.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       Oh God Don’t announce the existence of the biggest state to the country they will never know -_-

    • Frank Milella

      How about all us Californians that agree that the Liberal, PROGRESSIVES ruined our state too. You make such bold statements about ALL Californians. Some of us were hostages here and do not chose to accept the progressive, ruin everything lifestyle. Have you even heard of Redding CA? more Conservatives here than anywhere per capita but we’re losing that fast and are surrounded by idiot Libs. So I was considering moving to Texas too but reading these comments it looks like you are getting just like progressives here in CA. by being hateful without considering all the mitigating circumstances and taking some facts in to account.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phyllis-Bickham/1714010295 Phyllis Bickham

    Most of those that won’t move to Texas are the ones who can’t take the heat, I don’t mean the political, or Bible thumpin, I mean real heat and humidity.Plus drought,tornadoes, hurricanes and illegals.  Other than that it is great.  I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  There is always something going on in Texas, good or bad.  Oh, yeah and you get to carry a gun without everyone suspecting that you are going to do harm with it.  Gotta look out for the rattlesnakes you know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

    I would love to see how people reacted when they moved there and realized that the cost of living is lower but the wage rates are much lower as well, been there done that. Texas is cool but it is being over exagerated you cant promise people gold and when they get there they realize they are in the same boat if they are no well educated Texas isnt the miracle solution to peoples problems its just another way to avoid solving the actual problems

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let what happened to Colorado happen to Texas – too many California transplants, and they ruined what used to be a conservative, freedom-loving state.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       There you people go again blaming one group of people from another state for changing Colorado? Couldnt be that Colorado’s government see’s a need for change?

      • Conrad Ryder

        Why Colorado’s “government”? That was a very strange and telling thing you said. If the people don’t see the need for change, why would the government work against the will of the people? It almost sounds like you think that the government is responsible for shaping the ideals of society. That, by the way, has been tried.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Irelan/1204880258 David Irelan

    And lo, as God created the heavens and the Earth, behold, He did get sidetracked on the creation of the Rocky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon, and did spend too much time on them, making them pleasant and easy unto the eye to behold.  And as the day grew old, the sun sank in the sky ere He reached Texas.  And darkness fell upon the unformed mass of creation, and He and His angels had to knocketh off for the day.

    And when the next day dawned, Texas had hardened in the night.  And the angels of GOD cried out in great lamentation, for lo, the sun beat down on a barren, flat, treeless plain, and the wind howled unceasingly across the waterless flats.  And the angels did cry out unto the LORD, saying LORD, what shall we do?  We cannot form this land now, for it hath hardened overnight, and behold, it resembleth a concrete parking lot! 

    But the LORD assuaged their grief, saying, This land shall not be forever forsaken.  Behold, I shall perform my greatest miracle yet: I shall create a people that liketh this land…

    Ladoshians, 3:10-33

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

      wow… really? you people really are retarded making things sound biblical when in all reality it is just some non sense that someone wrote about.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Irelan/1204880258 David Irelan

         SHHHH!!!  I’m trying to scare the liberals away!

        • Mr_TrueReality

          Go on Dave, I’ve got yor back!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.navarrete.39 Kimberly Navarrete

    We heard what you all said about El Paso and were not happy. It is a great place to live. I’ve lived in Houston for 25 years, born in Waterbury CT. I’ve lived in El Paso for 29 years and I like it better. No humidity Wow that right there is a big plus. I have never lived in Dallas or Austin but I’ve been there many times. Too much traffic and way to humid. Once you come you’ll understand.

    Another fact it is a very safe place to live believe it or not.

    Come Visit. We’ll show you around.

    I Love your Show but give El Paso a chance………

  • Anonymous


    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       a little thing called research its no different than finding a job online locally or looking for a new house. If you need step by step instructions like the rest of your fellow sheep friends try out Google it works wonders

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1336100107 Rhonda Owen

    Shhhhh!  We don’t want all those people from NY, or especially California, moving to TX and turning it into a liberal blue state.  We let you in, Glenn, but  wish we could control the border from the north! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       God forbid you accept other people and unite instead of labeling people into one lump group. and if you want to control the border succeed from the USA and you wont have to worry about it

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4DW23G4VU2HJAPBFZ7OHNC2FVY John

        They are registered to do so Shane. You are obviously a Liptard, so when the Collapse comes and you are looking for food that you can’t buy with paper money because it is not accepted anywhere. Then Texans will not let you in, you have to have proof that you are not a Liptard. No Liptard can do that as it requires something that you do not have. the secret to that I will not tell you as I will not aid a Liptard in anyway.

      • Mr_TrueReality

        What is supposed to happen is somewhat expressed in your comments:

        1) We are suposed to unite as AMERICANS

        2) We are supposed to accept each other as AMERICANS in a “melting pot”  while appreciating and protecting the values of America as founded by the Constitution of The United States Of America!!

        3) We are supposed to control our country’s borders so that only those that agree to and accept items 1 and 2 are allowed to seek residence and citizenship within OUR country and State!!!!!

        Don’t they teach Civic’s in school anymore???????

        • Anonymous

          Nor gramma’r.

      • Anonymous

        You mean the way that Republicans and people right-of-center are accepted in New York or any other deep blue hell-hole? Liberals don’t want to unite. They demand that everyone tow their loony party line. And it’s “secede,” not “succeed.”

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    unfortunately, their (liberals) goal is to transform it, so they ain’t gettin out.

  • Anonymous

    I visited Texas on a couple of occasions years ago….Dallas and Houston. I liked Dallas better I think for the short time I spent there. I wouldn’t mind moving there but my hubby wants a colder climate……he hates the southern heat in the summertime and lack of snow in the winter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oldmangardens Daniel Beard

    There are some serious reasons why some New Yorkers complain about Texas; first is the humidity. They even point out that the cars sweat (moisture condensation on the windshields due to the cab being cooler than the outside atmosphere) and the associated heat. Texas is for a fact hotter than hell. The other complaints are mosquitos and fire ants. But other than these inconveniences, Texas is truly God’s country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

       Really wouldn’t all land be considered God’s country by Christian standards? As well as by most other standards?

      • Mr_TrueReality

        God’s country is still in the state in which it was created.
        (Double entendre intended!)

        • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cavaliere Shane Cavaliere

          Thats retarded to think that one place is deserving of a name like God’s Country,
          land was filled with seed-bearing plants and trees, and their seeds
          produced plants and trees of like kind. And God saw that it was good. ” Genesis ch1 vs12
          God created the world so how is one place so special? And if one place was so special wouldnt it be the Garden of Eden

          • Mr_TrueReality

            You live in the city don’t ‘cha?…..It’s obvious

      • Anonymous

         Excuse me, Dr. Schmuckenstein, but the term “God`s Country” refers to any place that seems to be especially blessed as opposed to other places which do not appear that way. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1337979004 Randal Phillips

    NEVER ask someone if they’re from Texas. never ever. If they are from Texas, they’ll tell you without being asked. if they’re NOT from Texas, you don’t want to embarrass them. 

  • Anonymous

    Libtards not welcome we go outta our way to make you feel unwanted because your not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/desiree.mortenson.3 Desiree Mortenson

    I grew up in Texas and I moved out when I became an adult.  I do not miss the weather except for the beautiful springtime and the open spaces.  The people are as friendly as others in most states.  There is a definite predominance of Republicans and ranch style folks as well as Texan pride and toughness.

  • Anonymous

    As a  Austinite I hope all liberals will come to Austin. They will love the place and will move here to be near their like thinking loons. (Cable cars in downtown Austin because they are so cute, sanctury city, etc.)
    I’m all for putting them i the same bowl even though I used to love this town so much. I’m sure things like the video of the rattlesnake I killed on my place in West Texas last weekend will keep them right here in Austin where they can soak up all the stench of the liberal BS that has ruined what used to be the most wonderful town in the world.
    I know exactly why all the positives on the list can be tacked on a map of Texas. I can give that to you in two short words.
    Couple of years ago the Republicans in the state managed to look forward further than the next election and passed this wonderful legislation. Now Texas is finding out why I almost cried tears of joy when that passed because the rest of the USA was beginning to hurt (lberal BS like Fannie May and Freddie Mack!) and I guessed rightly the doctors and the industry they would bring a would be much better industry than the industry trial lawyers brought in.
    Most repubs are crap to me also but in this case they hit a home run that may win the game for Texas!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamala.fry Pamala Hibbard Fry

    I would move out of California if I could afford to. The recession has hit us hard. Sad thing is…I love California, it’s a beautiful state, great beaches, wonderful produce, and magnificent mountains, but a conservative can get pretty discouraged going to the polls in such a liberal state. Texas sounds kinda nice…..maybe someday.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with anyone moving to my home state.  HOWEVER, don’t bring your liberal ideas with you!  The problem is that too many Californians, New Yorkers etc are moving here for the lower cost of living but can’t seem to get why their former states are going broke and people are leaving.  Liberals have slowly been taking over our great state.  It is scary.  The goal of the Dems is to turn our state to Blue.  We have pockets of Blue and if we aren’t careful, they will turn the whole state!  Conservatives need to stand strong!

  • Anonymous

    AHHHH, Texas.  Born and raised here – I have lived in several states but wouldn’t live anywhere else.  We have 11 acres and love it.  I don’t think the liberals would like it here, we are much different then they are.  No place like it anywhere.  The people are the friendliest anywhere.  Great!!!

  • Stephanie McDonald

    As a Texan, I do not want to see any liberals in my home state when I move back. That being said, I agree with Glenn. DO NOT go to El Paso, Austin, or for that matter, Midland/Odessa. As for the people who are asking where the cows are, move to Hereford, or Amarillo. You won’t miss them when you smell them. :) God Bless Texas!! I’m ready to move home!

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t you leave along side librals?

  • Anonymous

    Texas sounds like a good place to spend winters in. It’s supposed to be nice and warm while everywhere else gets snow or weird weather. So maybe it’ll be the next “snowbird” place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/2skare Patrick Skare

    Oh yeah everyone lets just all move to Texas so that the price of living will go up and fuck the rest of us who were here first.  Fucking morons.

  • Anonymous

    You really want that lying lady up there you must have had too much of that shit you are running.  That b–ch let our people be slaughtered in Bengazi and she is too much of a coward to stand up and say mea culpa.  Shame on you !

  • Marcos Hardy

    Agree with Glen. I think that all of Beck’s people should move out of New York. To Texas or even Kansas or South Dakota or wherever. OK, Texas sounds fine. And if anyone needs help packing I’m more than willing to help. And then… Then, they can secede!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathleen.e.janiszewski Kathleen Ellen Janiszewski

    It’s best to keep it quiet!  I lived in San Antonio for nearly 5 years (in the late 90’s) and I absolutely love Texas.  They are friendly, down to earth, and my kind of people….but when I go back to visit the town I lived in on the outskirts of SAT, I don’t even recognize it!   “Ant farm, cookie-cutter” housing developments have popped up everywhere…and the farmland where I once watched longhorn cattle graze is now home to schools and businesses.  I realize this is great for the state, but it lost a lot of the appeal it once had (for me at least).  No state income tax is a big plus, but you’re going to pay through the nose to find decent land anywhere near a big city.

    I have since moved back to the quiet hills of West Virginia where I grew up, which is constantly made fun of for it’s gun-toting, hillbilly rednecks, and backward ways….but that’s fine by me!  We’ve had something like 1% growth in 10 years and I like it that way.  There’s a reason why W.V. is called “Almost Heaven”…

    • Anonymous

      Got to evict Nick Rahall from that state, he was the legislator who banned incandescent light bulbs. Rahall is also an Anti-Semite from Lithuania.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jolene.Sharp60 JoLene Sharp

    Part of the problem is they go a place that is conservative and has values because it looks like a nice place to live then then start trying to change it and instill they values then it goes down  hill

  • Anonymous

    Dumb, poorly written article. Apparently English is not the writer’s first language. That or he went to public school in Texas.

    Give Texas to the conservatives. They continually vote for idiots like Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, and work hard to ensure that the poor and non-whites get the short end of the stick. Spent 18 great years in Texas and finally left due to the increasing idiocy and extremism of its conservative voters and their attempts to legislate people’s lives, the crumbling education and healthcare systems, and skyrocketing property tax rates. Conservatives want to turn Texas into an independent republic of judgment, hate, and control through fear-mongering and misinformation imparted on its undereducated, impressionable populace. Go ahead, let ’em. I miss the cost of living and the abundance of jobs, but there are FAR, FAR NICER places in America to live where people aren’t so proudly ignorant and hateful. It’s worth paying a little more for beauty, compassionate neighbors who care about the environment and each other, and a greater sense of unified community in other parts of America.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      We’re just as glad you left, Zeke.  Do us all a favor and don’t come back to visit, y’hear?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t democrats want to ban fats, sugars, and salt? Who is Felix Ortiz (The Salt Nazi)? HE’S A DEMOCRAT.

    • Conrad Ryder

      I know, right. Like it is so much better voting for intelligent, articulate, honest, competent people like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Biden, Cuomo, Holder, Sebelius, Waters, Napalitano (just to name a few who aren’t already indicted or in jail). Funny, I’m getting ready to “finally [leave NY] due to the increasing idiocy and extremism of its[liberal progressive] voters and their attempts to legislate people’s lives, the
      crumbling education and healthcare systems, and skyrocketing property
      tax rates.” You’re funny.

    • Ismael

      Thank God there are less ppl like you in Texas, and thats why we have a friendlier group here, because your kind need to stay out!

  • Elena

    You want weird — try Key West.  It’s where the weird go to go pro!

  • Anonymous

    Texas is growing too fast.  Too many leftists are moving in.

  • Patrick Geraghty

    When Francis Drake claimed what is now California in the name of Elizabeth I, 1579, my ancestors Caceres were already there and had been in the New World for more than a hundred years. We real Californians are tough, gun toting people. These other progressive types, that have spread to Colorado, originally came from other States. Even back in the fifties, you couldn’t find one kid born in California. Don’t let the progressive hoard taint your idea about the Big Bear State. It used to be a wonderful place!


  • Linda Oliver

    Definitely attracted to Big D, but loving the quiet life would probably have to live on the far edges of it!

  • Anonymous

    As a native Texan, got to agree with Glenn. Especially about Austin, otherwise known here in Texas as Berkley on the Brazos.

  • newjerseykills

    I wrote the same thing twice on accident! BECAUSE OF LIBERALISM!

  • newjerseykills

    The fact that Glenn Beck doesn’t like Austin, does make me so much more content with the fact that I’ll be living there in about two – three months.

  • Jerry Zaf

    Hey Texas is cool place to leave in, I have moved here 6 years ago from Brooklyn NY,  to Dallas TX and opened here a small business, what I noticed is that people don’t have as much money to spend like n NY but the insurances here are so much cheaper, so its balance it self but the quality of life is way better and your money will go much longer way!
    Dallas movers  

  • movers Houston TX

    I’m from Houston TX I also lived in NYC before and can tell you that Houston is much nicer to live in, there is less stress and the air is so much cleaner and the feeling of freedom is so mush greater.
    movers Houston TX

  • Frank Milella

    Sorry I accidentally posted this as a reply to Debbie. I meant it to be a new post like this:

    How about all us Californians that agree that the Liberal, PROGRESSIVES
    ruined our state too. You make such bold statements about ALL
    Californians. Some of us were hostages here and do not chose to accept
    the progressive, ruin everything lifestyle. Have you even heard of
    Redding CA? more Conservatives here than anywhere per capita but we’re
    losing that fast and are surrounded by idiot Libs. So I was considering
    moving to Texas too but reading these comments it looks like you are
    getting just like progressives here in CA. by being hateful without
    considering all the mitigating circumstances and taking some facts in to

  • ALski

    I wonder how long before Texas legalizes gay marriage and pot…. If that happens, I would not call it Texas anymore..

  • PissedoffTEXAN


  • Cindy Smith

    I hate texas…It’s a ugly state in my opinion…especially dallas…My father was transferred to this place and for some reason my husband liked it and wanted to stay too.

  • friendnotfoe

    Anyone bother to check the higher crime rates there? Do yourself a favor and check it out.


    GB is a dumbass and should not have claimed Texas as his state. He’s lived all over…what a grifter;)

  • The Educator!

    Texas is becoming more urbanized every decade.
    Sad to say, the Texas of the 1980’s is vanishing as well as its iconic frontier image of conservatism and independence.
    Every major city in Texas with the exception of Midland, Odessa, Abilene, and Amarillo still vote overwhelmingly liberal Democrat. South Texas is the same.
    Whites, now a minority, account for 41% of the Texas population.
    A clash of cultures has been underway.
    Illegal aliens have overrun the state and are a major cause for the inner city black people moving into the traditional white suburban areas.
    In 2008, Obama received 43.63% of the vote. In 2012, he received 41.4% of the vote.
    If the illegal immigration amnesty were to succeed, then the state would in NO DOUBT become a liberal democrat stronghold like CALIFORNIA.
    I challenge anyone to check out the statistics for themselves.

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