Glenn attending another graduation

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Glenn is preparing to attend the graduation of his daughter Mary. He talked on radio today about how excited he is for Mary to graduate, explaining how she was able to overcome self doubt in order to get to this day. Glenn says he’s learned more from Mary than any other person – and he explained more on radio this morning.

“My daughter, Mary, is graduating this weekend, and here is a girl that when she was born, the doctor said she’s not going to be able to walk or talk or feed herself. If it were to happen to you, there’s no way – she had several strokes at birth and, there’s no way you would be a functioning human being. But there’s always hope.”

“It has been a white-knuckle ride for her mother and I the whole time, you know.”

“Anybody who doesn’t believe is in denial that your parents at some point in their life didn’t say, ‘Lord, just take that away from them, give it to me, I’ll do it. Please’ you don’t know who your parents are. Or maybe you do and I’m sorry for that. But every parent I know has done that. ‘Just let me — I’ll take it. I’ll take it.'”

“And she has struggled so hard. She just learns differently, and she has struggled so hard. And she graduates this weekend, and she graduates with A’s and B’s, and I am so proud of her. So, so proud of her. Remarkable girl and even a more remarkable woman.”

“I’ve always felt that I have, in the end, probably learned more from Mary than any other human that I have encountered. She has challenged me more than anything else in my life and I think I’ve challenged her. But all in a good way. And she has made me a better man. And she makes people better around her. And I’m just excited for her to now begin her journey and see where it takes her.”

“This was an important thing for her because when she was 16, 17, she thought, ‘I could never go to college. I’ll never make it.’ And I hate to sound like Yoda, but that is why she struggled so hard in the beginning of college. Because she didn’t think she could make it. And she took a break and she came home and that was the thing that I tried to break her of, was — you’re in your own way. Get out of your own way. Start to believe in yourself. Start to — start to see how strong you are. And now look at her.”

“And despite being in the university setting, she has still kept true to her values and her principles. And both of my daughters have, both of my daughters have. And that is such a remarkable accomplishment. I want to stand and applaud both of them for that.”

“Not only did they both do great in college, but they came out the other and without the indoctrination. They struggled through it and — but they came out saying I know who I am. I know what I believe. And as a dad, I just couldn’t be prouder.”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing.  We too have a child who couldn’t learn in a regular school setting and took years to learn how to use his unique mind.  He is finally doing well college and he has mastered his math phobia so he can major in his love of science.  I too have learned much from him that has made me a better and more considerate teacher and person.  We both have been blessed by our children.  That’s why I want to reduce the size and regulations of government so we won’t lose the opportunities for success that our Nation has offered for generations.

    • Edith R. Conaway

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  • Anonymous

    Glenn… Can we meet Mary . Ask her

  • landofaahs

    Controversy sells radio, TV, books….well you get the idea, but it does not add true value to life.  Every man a farmer or a farm supplier is the future.  They will consist of 70-80 percent of true economic activity, in my opinion, unless the end comes.  When it comes right down to it, Jesus told us that if we are clothed and fed, that we should be satisfied.  But that is not how our sinful nature sees things.  
    The modern amenities of life are great, they give us more time and comfort.  We have more time to make our hands idle for the devil’s playground and more comfort to make us lazy and envious of those who have more because they work more or smarter.  Simpler is better in my book.  It takes out the clutter and keeping busy creates a satisfaction in life.  There is much to be said for the Amish way of life, perhaps they had the right idea all along.  At least in the physical world.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Mary…

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Congratulations Mary!

  • suz

    mazel tov.

  • Anonymous

    “And despite being in the university setting, she has still kept true to her values and her principles”.  Thats the point of University to hear see and experience new things and take from it what you want

  • Anonymous

    Excellent story. It continues!!!! I don’t know if you will ever see this but please contact me if you can find a way. Was recently going through some paperwork and memorabilia and found a high school prom picture with MC. that should be enough to help you figure it out. I can’t pm you and I’m not putting my email in here.. Really hope to hear from you. Either way good luck to you and the family.

  • Anonymous

    Hey!!!! Great news…keep it up. On a side note I was going through some memorabilia and found a prom picture of mc in Ny. Never forgot how fun that was. I’m really trying to contact her though. Please find a way to contact me.. Facebook maybe?

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