Here it comes: Common Core & unapproved iris scans

Glenn has been warning about the centralized national curriculum that would happen if Common Core was fully implemented by all 50 states. The depth of overreaches in this education plan is stunning, as evidenced by what happened recently at 3 Florida schools. Without parental permission, students were subjected to iris scans.

Glenn invited Common Core experts and people involved with the project onto last night’s TV show:

Part 1:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Control and power, that is what is being established, and predominance of the State over the Parents in rearing of the children.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, they are just trying to teach all children a set of core curriculm so they can compete in the global market, somthing you toads were utterly unable to do when you led the country

      • Anonymous

        Actually Critten, if you did a little research on the topic, you would find this curriculum is seriously flawed and involves questionable methods and policies.  This should not be a partisan issue and I would encourage you to read up on common core- not just Beck output but the actual DOEd and your state education dept documents.

        • Anonymous

          Flaws?  Probably, and some informed critics may find ones they think are serious.  It’s an attempt to improve educational standards nationwide.  A project of this scope inevitably has flaws and critics.  What it’s definitely not, however, is a plot of any kind.  Beck is creating real mischief – as is his MO – by spreading unfounded nonsense.  

      • Kanak Attack

        Regurgitating political talking points only makes you look like more of an idiot critten.

      • Max

        In the words of Dr. Jason Zimba, co-author of the standards, “Common Core is intended to prepare students for a community college level education, not a university.” If you’ve ever helped a child with their math homework, you would understand how convoluted, at the least, the arithmetic portion of the standards are. As my children progress through school, I expect to find more examples of this. I do not wish my children to be Guinea pigs. Conversely, your post displays poor grammar, zero proof reading, and a lack of critical thinking. You basically parroted the talking points, and threw in an insult. Forgive me if I do not recognize you as the authority on education.

    • Anonymous

      Of interest, in Scotland they’re talking of allocating all newborn children a government ‘guardian’ for the first five years of life. A kind of pre-school overseer. Also, a retiring UK Judge has declared children of parents who have drug history or criminal records should by default have any offspring taken for adoption !  You may think the latter isn’t a bad idea, but where that sort of thing ends..

  • Anonymous

    Our kids school in Rocklin CA has been doing this for some time.  By the end of a kids freshmen year they are put on either a college-track or a labor-track.  Kids that are not college-bound and encouraged to go to the “other school”  (Victory school).  This allows the high school to get these kids off their books and keep their average GPA high

    • Anonymous

       Problem is, college ready (in relation to common core) is community college ready.  NOT university ready.  That is a problem.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure we even want our kids to be “university ready” these days. I would have to indoctrinate my kids in Communism,political correctness and a host of crazy, non-educational garbage…times are changing and few universities offer an education worth having…let alone, worth paying for!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but today’s stories were mostly with videos and since I have a lot of difficulty hearing and seeing what’s on those videos I cannot join the conversation since I don’t know the content of the ‘rest of the story’.  I surely wish all the stories in addition to videos for those who are not visually or hearing challenged that there would always be a printed translation for the rest of us who are aging and in some areas not aging well.  Thanks for letting me vent a little.

    • Anonymous

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      • Jake Thomas

        Why don’t you go troll somewhere else you ignorant POS.

        • Anonymous

          But this is where the bumpkins are.

          • Anonymous

            evidence of such a label?

          • Guest

             Only when you’re here – then it is Bumpkins population of 1 – critten

          • Anonymous

            Dear Criten: I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception

          • Laura

            When you win a Mr (or Ms) Olympia let me know, otherwise you are literally that far beneath me

    • Edith R. Conaway

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      • Jake Thomas

        See my comment to Zigy.  Both of you are assholes.

        • Anonymous

          Start flagging these sales pitches people!  I just did and do when I see these.  Flag them and get them removed as soon as they pop up.

          • One_Pissed_Off_American

            Just grab their IP Addresses and turn them in to their ISPs. I turned in 3 to Comcast and got $100 gift card.

          • Guardian

            How did you get their IP addresses?

        • americanathlete


  • crazy betty

    they should take a stamp print of my butthole.

  • Anonymous

    But our State BOE just promised we would only do the curriculum part of the Common Core.  Anyone else smell a camel in the tent?

  • landofaahs

    Rename it “common (Core)uption.

  • Anonymous

    We have some women in our group working on this now.  We really have to get the word out to parents, grandparents and concerned citizens whether they are R or D. 

    • Anonymous

       My sister put it to me this way.  Appeal to democrats on this by suggesting the following:  Imagine your worst nightmare as POTUS….say  Sarah Palin (not MY worst nightmare btw).  Imagine she pushed that common core curriculum included mandatory gun safety classes, creationism, abstinence among youth, etc, etc.  Would you be okay w/ common core then? We know the answer.  So, yes, Florida783, we should appeal to ALL, R or D.

  • Sandie

    This was the way the USSR did it. They chose who would follow a path to Medicine, who would be trained for Olympic sports, who would become teachers, who would be moved to different labor vocations. It was all done with the intention of strengthening the state, and they figured that their judgment was superior to the little people.  They would orchestrate how many people were developed into certain occupations. The individuals desires and needs for self actualization were irrelevant. They had a society of unhappy automatons with a high suicide rate.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    as I shared this on facebook; do you have children or grandchildren in school? do you want them to have their iris scanned as identification? I gotta say hell no!

  • Daryl Revok

    Glenn Beck is a stooge…..he’s out their acting a complete goof on purpose….he’s a disinformation troll that disseminates daft conspiracy delusions alongside perfectly rational libertarian ideals in order to rob them of their legitimacy. Its a tried and true propaganda ploy. Used with great success by the vested interests.

    • Jim

      Did you have anything to say about the subject of the post? Maybe you could give some evidence to support your opinion about Glenn (though that would be off topic.)

    • Anonymous

       He’s no troll, Daryl, HE owns the site.  You, however ARE a troll.

  • Anonymous

    Once Obama’s kids are subject to all of the ‘profiling’ of Common Core and The President and Michelle answer all of the unconstitutional questions – I still won’t support this concept.

    Return education to the States.  Period.

  • Brian Johnson

    A Prayer:
    Father in Heaven, I kneel before you to give thanks and
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    to please, please send some crack pipe hittin mother fuckers to invade
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    your infinite wisdom, decide on the details but if nothing else perhaps
    at least the usual bolt of lightning or pillar of salt. I ask these
    things in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Anonymous

    If you want to keep your emails private from the gov. you need to look at this new company

  • Anonymous

    Stop being so flipity flop old, please. There was a story somewhere just yesterday(Friday)that iris scans are the the new passcodes. Just like in science fiction movies. Sometimes iris scans double as fingerprint scans as well.

  • sara holy land

    holy cow  !!

  • Anonymous

    If more parents would make the sacrifice to pull their kids out of government schooling–by the thousands–school officials would listen. As long as parents are willing to roll the dice and hope nothing “really bad” happens, school officials, the government, etc. will continue to roll over education like a military tank. Yes, it is a huge sacrifice to assume responsibility for your child’s education, but it can be done and it can far surpass what the government calls an education. I’ve home educated eleven kids for 18+ years and I promise you, we studied algebra, forensic science, British and American Literature, etc. We wasted no time on teaching our kids that it’s OK to abort your babies as long as you don’t tell your parents. We speny ZERO time teaching them to be global citizens. We did not waste precious educational time teaching our kids to embrace “alternative lifestyles”. And, by the way, we spent A LOT of time teaching that one subject the government does not want taught: Constitutional Literacy!!!

    We’d better all get busy arming our children to defend AND UNDERSTAND the Constitution or they may well be marching to the beat of tyranny and oppression when they grow up. What will it take for parents to draw a line in the sand??? I watched in shock as parents hustled kids into schools during the days of the DC sniper…really? A spelling test that day was worth the risk of taking a bullet? Remember when every time you turned the news on, another teacher had had sex with a young student? What are people thinking when a crazy person goes and shoots a bunch of kids in a school and then parents run kids through “therapy” and hurry them back to school? We can’t pray at school, we can’t support the Constitution at school, we can’t eat a lunch Mom packed for us unless it meets Mrs. Obama’s specifications, we can’t have kids weighing too much, we can’t have kids speak out against moral decay in America….the list goes on and on…and now, we’re scanning their eyes???!

    It really is a case of a frog in boiling water. Until parents do the unthinkable and start to back up their rejection of a school system gone terribly wrong with actual ACTION…nothing will change.

  • Dirk The Pizza Jerk

    If we get rid of common core, they’re no doubt going to attempt to replace it with essentially the same thing. So what we need to do is get rid of common core and then make sure nothing else takes it places.

  • Brian Johnson

    Once again Glenn Beck is running around like Chicken Little
    sounding the alarm about a falling sky. I wish he would just give himself a
    heart attack and spare us all his regularly appearing disasters of the month
    that never materialize. I’m taking the time to write this even though I’m
    doubtful that any Beck fans are even open to reasonable debate.
    Iris scans:
        What’s the big deal? It’s simply a way of identifying
    someone and certainly we want the people watching our kids to keep an eye on
    them. In the past we’ve simply used a paper check list but that method is labor
    intensive and prone to mistakes. Swiping an ID badge is an improvement however
    kids tend to lose things. I would think a thumb print reader would be easier
    and less expensive than an iris scanner but they accomplish the same thing:
    keeping track of where little Jimmy is and quickly alerting officials should
    little Jimmy go missing.
       Why would anyone object to setting standard for your kids’
    school? When choosing a private school for your kids the most important
    criteria one uses are a school’s quality of standards. We can have a discussion about what the standards should be but certainly there should be standards and
    they should be uniform across the states that way if you move to a different state
    your kids don’t find themselves a grade level behind in their new school.
    Data mining:
        It’s no secret that our education system is
    broken and even if it wasn’t it’s something that we should always be analyzing
    for ways to improve. In order to improve any system you must observe it,
    collect data on it and then using this information, develop ideas for improved
    systems that can be tested for effectiveness and implemented if found to be effective.
    It is true that data mining, which is essential to the process of systems
    improvement, has the potential for nefarious uses and has been used that way in
    other places and times but that doesn’t negate the necessity of it. The state
    issues drivers licenses to certify that someone has met the requisite skills
    needed to operate a potentially deadly machine yet this same licensing scheme
    can and has been used to help the state control and subjugate the population.
    If we avoided every action that has the potential to be misused we would never
    get anything accomplished. So how about we move forward and if and when the
    government starts actually doing the terrible things you think this stuff
    enables them to do, then we all stand up and say no. In the mean time we should
    get behind any reasonable effort to improve our educational system.

    Thank you.

    • SRM29

      It’s more likely every answer we give will be unreasonable to you. I don’t get why you are here if you find Glenn Beck crazy.

      Don’t you pay attention to current events? The government is already doing terrible things. Corruption, treason, etc. Half the country is saying no, but the government doesn’t give a damn. So no, we don’t want the federal government’s hands anywhere near our children. If you can’t see this… I don’t have anything more to say.

      • Brian Johnson

        The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts. The federal government will not govern the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The Initiative was and will remain a state-led effort. NGA and CCSSO are committed to developing a long-term governance structure with leadership from governors, chief state school officers, and other state policymakers.
        So what exactly is the federal government doing to your children?

        • Anonymous

          First off the Government is in fact using this data mining for nefarious reasons.  The first thing to do when you take over a country…take it away from the people is to remove the country’s history so those who follow do not know where they have come from.  When they don’t know where they came from then they don’t know that what is being done to them now is wrong.  That’s a very simple philosophy and the folks that pull Obama’s strings know this.  The people who are stealing the country away from us have studied people behavior for years and know exactly how to do it.
          Second, although the Common Core is state regulated it is directed by the government and must meet the governments criteria or the Feds will not provide funds to the schools not falling in line.  If you cannot see the writing on the wall you are exactly the type of person they can control.  You refuse to think for yourself or use any “intuition” you might have been born with.  This is exactly how their control works.  Make people believe the government is looking out for the best for the public.  If you have ever had children of your own, then you know that by their very nature they will, at times test what they can and cannot get away with.  Or they can be very argumentative and defiant.  Do you think this is due to their upbringing?  No!  It is the nature of human beings and one of the things that makes our species advance.  We are not a herd of cattle or sheep.  Picture how cattle are herded,  often times they want to go their own way but the herder on his horse chases them down and aligns them with the rest of the herd and gets them going in the direction they want them to go.
          With that analogy said, know too that sometimes the heard will stampede.  So too will the public.  No one, including me, wants that to happen but at some point the people will have had enough and will need to push back in order to save what is left of America as we knew it and rebuild.

          • Brian Johnson

            You start off with the statement that the government is
            already using common core data for nefarious purposes but can’t or won’t articulate a single one of them. Then you switch to a rant about our history being removed as part of a “take over”. Schools and colleges still teach history last time I checked although I will agree that the U.S. history taught in k-12 is somewhat distorted in that they don’t fully teach the truly despicable actions of our country throughout its history. We also have unrestricted access
            to books, publications and the internet where there can be found endless resources for anyone interested in history, just watch out for the pseudo-historians like David Barton who publish revisionist history to suite their agenda.

            What I’d most like to know is why all the noise about iris

          • Anonymous

            Have you seen the recent Maxine Waters interview? Enough said about that. How about the recent news reports about the NSA? I understand that this all started under the Bush administration and the Patriot Act but that doesn’t mean it has to continue.

  • Anonymous

    I want to add an unrelated comment because I don’t know where else to express it and I wanted  to know if anyone had any insights.  It appears that America and American’s are being silently pushed to live the way the Danes do.  They work hard and pay 50-70% of their salary to taxes.  They have to have a mortgage or they have to pay a tax penalty. Their healthcare and college education is free, but they have no disposable income.  They government gives them a pension when they retire and this pension is invested in the mortgage loans.  Business do not think about making a profit.  They are only concerned with supplying jobs.  This is probably why they cannot save any money.  I just feel this attitude is being pushed on Americans.  All I hear is “We have to create more jobs,” which is true.  But I don’t want just any job.  I want opportunities.  I want the chance to be financially independent.  I want to have enough money, so that I can help others in  need and show them how they can be financially independent as well.  I want to be able to pay off my house and not be charged a penalty for doing so.  As for education, when getting my bachelor’s degree I worked and while attending school (engineering school) and paid as I went.  I am continuing my education and I will say tuition is getting so expensive that paying as I go is getting harder to do, but this is what I am talking about.  It is like they are making education so expensive that  the only way you can get a higher education is if the government pays for it.  But then when I am done, if 50 – 70 % of my new salary from my new job goes to taxes, it will not be worth it.  Getting an education will be more like a luxury.  It makes me want to start my own computer/engineering business and hire people with no degree and train them myself.  That way they do not need  to pay for college.  Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?  

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Sharmane

    Carter’s useless DOE should be completely disbanded.  The federal government has no business being involved in education and has usurped the power granted to the states and the local school boards.  Since forming the DOE education has deteriorated and been dumbed down to the point where we have situations like in NYC where approximately 80 percent of graduates cannot even read at grade level.  Those powers not specifically enumerated as being federal powers defer to the states – period.   Just so no to federal government intrusion.

  • MudPuddleBunny

  • Robin naser

    Common core saves us from the local uneducated idiots choosing curricula that don’t work for the most amount of children.  Shame on you for not actually looking at a test.  Children cannot be who they wish to be if they do not have Math, Science and English basics.  Parents do not have the time or desire to open their childrens’ math or science books.  The Common Core forces an even playing field.  Mr. Beck, you are clueless as to the garbage education that is fed to our kids.  Take a look at CPM (College Preparatory Math) which is fed to mine and tell me she will be be able to determine the interest paid after 20 years on her student loan. National Honor Society, driven determined student but, failed the Biology Keystone.  She does not know the male and female parts of a flower.  Her honors bio teacher said he would be “happy to provide her with the special needs power point”.The Cheney Grad (do you need SATs for this school?) who dictated our curricula for Social Studies and Science, I’m sure, could not pass. Our kids deserve the best and you are not helping with your conspiracy mumbo jumbo crap. We are falling behind the world because of your crap and a dumbed down education.  Wake up!! Do some research on your OWN!!!

  • One_Pissed_Off_American

    Does Common Core deal with teachers and their lack of educational skills? No! All the other countries above us in education all have the best and brightest teaching. Here we have to bottom feeders that couldn’t make it other fields. Our little local paper printed each public school teacher’s name, college attended, QPA, and salary. People were shocked! Many real professionals were earning much less than their kids teachers and that wasn’t considering that teachers work only 184 days a year.

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