Ohio State President slams Catholics

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The President of Ohio State University Gordon Gee is in some hot water after making what he called a bad joke. His insult was directed at Notre Dame and many think he crossed the line. Glenn had the story on radio this morning.

Glenn explained that Gee said Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten conference because the their priests are not good partners. He joked that “you just can’t trust those damn Catholics”.

“The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week,” Gee said during a meeting with students and staff.

“You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that,” he said.

Gee also insulted the academic integrity of the SEC as well as the University of Louisville.

When discussing the story on radio, Stu felt that the comments needed to be put in more context and that while they may have crossed a line, it could have been done as part of the typical joking insults between sports rivals. Glenn, however, felt like it wasn’t an excuse.

“He’s a Morman. Would you take this? Because if Notre Dame would have said that about BYU, I would be pissed,” Glenn said.

Glenn suggested trying to bring Gee onto the show to talk about the remarks, which he thought were damaging to the effort to bring people of faith together based on shared principles.

“I find it reprehensible. After all of the work that we’ve all tried to do, all of us in all religions trying to bring our religions together, the last thing we need is somebody who says something like that,” Glenn said.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    I bet it is more liberal tolerance or what normal people call it bigotry.

  • http://erielookingproductions.info Stephen Michael Kellat

    We need to bring back the old rule that no state employee in the State of Ohio earns more than the Governor.  That would incentivize more appropriate behavior in at least one respect.

    This was an avoidable failure.

    • Anonymous

      When Babe Ruth was asked why he thought that he deserved to be paid more than the president, he replied.  “I had a better year than the president”.  E. Gordon Gee has raised billions. Look at the results of his fund raising efforts.  He had a lot better year than the governor of Ohio.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Call it for what it is, from the Democrat Socialists they call it “Political Correctness,” when the truth is – Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Hatred, Spite.

    All of it is another variation of the same poison centered around Hate; and it is still as all consuming in the end, no matter how it is presented.

    • landofaahs

      Gee, the idiot probably did not even give a thought that not so few buckeyes are Catholic.  He’s not so much a bigot as he is an idiot educated into imbecility.    

  • Anonymous

    Too bad there aren’t any islamic colleges up there. He could have shot off his big mouth and the problem would’ve been taken care of over the weekend.

    Not funny Gee. I could offer up quite a few Morman slams that are much funnier, but I spare everyone.

    Obviously a liberal…It’s all funny to them until someone slaps them back…then it’s all “Haaaaate!”

    • landofaahs

      Fatwa, fatwa, fatwa.

  • Anonymous

    sports illustrated ran an article about this, Gee has a history of bad jokes…and isn’t Glenn the guy who only a couple of days ago was telling people that you will get offended in your life so just get over it and move on? and isn’t he also the guy who rarely has anything good to say about islam?
    this is harsh for a guy who’s on radio and tv all the time and has on several occasions shoved his foot deep into his own mouth.

    • Anonymous

      How often does Glenn say “anything good” about Norwegians?  Or gas station owners?  Or plumbers?  Islam is only newsworthy when we have a terrorist attack.  What would be the reason to talk about them otherwise?

  • Anonymous

    Another example of the liberal bias in academia.  As others have said, libs think it’s ok to insult other religions, etc., but when the joke is turned on them they go crying to the ACLU.  I heard on O’Reilly last night that of 100 commencement speakers booked for this year at all the top universities, only FOUR were conservatives.  In education is where conservative, traditional values are being attacked and obliterated.

  • Anonymous

    As a Catholic, Notre Dame and Penn State Fan, I found his comments hilarious. Love to see someone at a University not play the PC game for once.. SEC part was the funniest. Love Glenn, agree on all the “serious issues”, but this is where his sports acumen hurts him a bit. If he knew a little more about College football….But it is Glenn… Begrudging kudos to THE   OSU. 

    • Guest

      Why do you have to lie about who you are Ike?  You’re a Catholic (Christian)  hater, admit it.

      There wasn’t anything funny in the comment.

      • Anonymous

        16 years of Catholic School you little shit, ( 8 w Jesuits). 1988 Fordham BA, 1992 ND MBA, Penn State Season tickets, Club Level, SLC Row AA. Can’t stand Ohio State. Now, if you have ANY courage “guest”, come say hello. 

        • Anonymous

          And just for complete “Truth”, 3 year neighbor of Glenn in Philadelphia suburbs, have done several business presentations with him. Admit who you are…or apologize. It is people like you, who make mindless accusations because you disagree with an opinion, give us (Practicing Conservative Catholics) a bad name. We resent it.

          • Anonymous

            I know your comments were in response to “Guest,” but I have to agree with that person.  Ike, we Catholics have been thick skinned for a long time.  We’ve made jokes about ourselves and laughed when others made jokes about us, but we’re living in different times now and people are making unlinking comments and jokes that send an “under the table” message.

          • Anonymous

            I was a good (according to them , not God) catholic for over 60 yrs. and a convert at that.  We,my husband of 61 yrs  and I have been out since 2001.  It is a faux church, run by men who dislike women. There is no GOD there.  .  The only bible you get,  is the gospels preached  at mass,…The gospel according to men not GOD.  which is the  only way they want you to believe their way   

             IMO  the rcc is the worst evil that could be found in  they’re so called christianity.  .

        • Anonymous

          8 years with the Jesuits?  A priest that visits here and says mass almost every summer likes to kid a little at the end of Mass by saying “and pray for the conversion of the Jesuits”. (Most are left leaning) 

          • Anonymous

            How right he is.  Why doesn’t leave this evil place.  ????Fear????

    • Edith R. Conaway

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    • Anonymous

      I understood that it was put in the context of football, but as a Catholic I’m upset with the negative remarks that people use in and out of their agenda to bash my religion.  Sorry Ike, I won’t excuse this guy and Notre Dame shouldn’t either.
      Other people went off subject and talked that ND was wrong to invite Obama and cover up the crosses.  I agree this was shameful.  We should never have to lower our beliefs and standards for anyone–not the president or any person of prominence who disagrees with our belief.  And we shouldn’t ask anyone else to sacrifice their belief for our comfort.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000069807015 Julia Thompson

    As a practicing Catholic, (just got back from evening Mass), I heard the joke and I thought it was funny.  I love Notre Dame — the whole family gets together on Saturdays and we cheer for them.  I wasn’t offended…jokes are jokes.  Since when can we not laugh a little at each other?

    • Guest

      You don’t have to lie Julia, come on out and say you’re a Catholic hater.  There’s nothing funny in what was said.

      • Anonymous

        I felt the same way. This “guest” takes him/herself way too serious. A leftist intellectual I would think. Always keep Liberty and your opinions Free! God Bless. AMDG.

  • Anonymous

    If it was a joke it wasn’t at all funny. It would have been more thought provoking and better served if he made comments of the Catholic hierarchy’s bent on government socialism. It is no coincidence that the majority of Catholics vote progressive socialism.If you want to give away money don’t take it by force from another.

  • landofaahs

    Frankly, some of the priests have helped bring this criticism on, yet, it’s not fair to brush them all with the same brush.   That generalization applies only to liberals of which I am sure many of those priests are.  Gee, did you ever think of that?

    • Anonymous

      I never thought of that, and I hope I never do.
      Delores Smith

  • Anonymous

    As a Catholic Navy vet, I question whether Notre Dame is even Catholic. Richard McBrien runs the theology department and Father Jenkins appears little more than a figurehead.  How many ND grads do you really think voted for Mr. Romney?  The liberal wing of the Catholic Church would rather support abortion and the social justice of the Obama Administration and its radical Catholic feminist leadership.  The real Irish D-1 football school is Boston College (2-10) and not Notre Dame (12-0).  Alabama taught them some humility.  The Catholic hierarchy has some type of deal in place to work with the socialist Obama in spite of abortion.  The target is to obliterate in one swoop both the Republican Party and capitalism and with it the Protestant Reformation.  Now, just where do you think that Mormonism fits into the grand scheme of things? 

  • Anonymous

    I think that we would all expect more professionalism from a college president.  Too many of these outspoken leaders are losing regard for themselves and the public.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ran-Kelvin/100000674993311 Ran Kelvin

    Catholics, particularly Notre Dame played the most damaging remark to themselves when:

    They invited obama to speak at the university
    and they covered up our Lord and Saviour as if he was some crazy uncle.

    • Anonymous

       The fact that Obama covered up the cross should be very disturbing to everyone that is a Christian. Christians just do not cover up the cross so as not to offend someone. When is everyone going to understand that Obama is not a Christian. No matter what he says. Everything he says he turns around and says and does the opposite.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for having the courage to say it. Obama is not a Christian. I’ve said this to people who don’t even like him & they don’t believe me.

      • Anonymous

        You are correct Carolchiristine. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He can not be trusted and is far from a Christian. If you are a true Christian you do not compromise your beliefs, not for anyone.

  • Anonymous

     I am a Catholic and Gordon Gee is correct about Notre Dame. Especially the Pres. John Jenkins. He invited Obama to speak @ND in 2009 after Obama had demanded the Jesus symbol cover-up at Catholic Georgetown. Not only is Obama Chief pro abortion; he fought successfully 3 years in the Illinois legislature against protecting infants who survived abortions! And the heathen Jenkins knew this. To prove he’s a heathen, Jenkins again invited Obama back to ND in 2012  just before the election. And this after Obama had forced Catholic institutions to pay for abortions. Jenkins is one damn Catholic you can’t trust!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581834054 Ginny Auldridge

    thanks Glen

  • Kay

    “You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that.” Ha. My dad’s side of the family is catholic. This is pretty much true. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daryl-Revok/100001326652468 Daryl Revok

    Glenn Beck is a stooge…..he’s out their acting a complete goof on purpose….he’s a disinformation troll that disseminates daft conspiracy delusions alongside perfectly rational libertarian ideals in order to rob them of their legitimacy. Its a tried and true propaganda ploy. Used with great success by the vested interests.

  • Jeff Noncent

    the president of Ohio State need to get fired from his Job along with the President of the United States of America

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Charles-Acker/694102440 Jon Charles Acker

    Typical comments from someone with short man’s complex in the B1G Cupcake conference.  I can’t wait for THE Ohio State Testicles to play a SEC power in football.  You can’t get better bulletin board material.  The beat-down will be merciless. 

  • Anonymous

     I don’t see that big deal here. I thought it was hilarious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/margaret.swartz.712 Margaret Swartz

    Luckily Gee did not make a similar statement  toward the Muslims, by now he could have had himself beheaded!!!

  • Anonymous

    I grew up very,very Catholic. Lots of clergy in my family. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in adulthood. As a Catholic I would have laughed at the comment…… My uncle who was a priest could cheat at cards better than anyone in the family! He would have laughed at the joke, too. Also, most Catholic clergy is not offended by most profanity.
    As a Mormon…..I’m part of a church which has been persecuted since the beginning. Our people have been on the receiving end of prejudice which is rooted in delusional paranoia. Lies about our doctrine and our ” objectives” and every other imaginable thing have been spread consistently and unceasingly, and there was even an extermination order for us, issued by the governor of Missouri, which was thankfully lifted in the 1980’s. Contrast that with belonging to a faith whose clergy is near royalty, and their leader is still heralded the world over, by the press and others, even non-Catholics as the ultimate authority on all matters of church and “state”.
    Yes, Glenn, we’d be upset, but we come from a much, much different place than they do. And that can make all the difference in the world.

  • Anonymous

    why on earth would a catholic school ever cover up their cross?

  • Anonymous

    is a “morman” the same as a Mormon?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lester.hasty Lester Hasty

    Catholicism is a cult and pointing out the obvious is one thing but please be tactful about it.

    • Anonymous

      The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are separate yet one.  The Catholic Church, created and established by Christ, is given authority directly from Christ.  Any other perception is Deceived.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Dear Carol and Romill, how I could say that you are not Christians without knowing you personally, which it is wrong. So, please stop the paranoia about Obama not being a Christian. How much more he has to do or show without being called a muslim or a not Christian President. By the way, who cares? We suppose to accept people of any religion or faith and that don’t make us less American or unworthy of being a President. It funny to see GB defending Catholics now, but when Catholics defend and advocate for “illegals immigrants” or “social justice”, conservatives pundits like GB are the first ones to question OUR faith or OUR intentions. And yes, Catholics support social justice and will stand up against abuses and misinformation about our fellow Christian neighbors, who happen to be “mexicans” looking for a better life for themselves and their children. That’s what Christ called us to do . . . “To love one another like I loved you . . .” Thank God there are Catholics standing up ’cause many conservatives Christians are moving into the far-right of the political spectrum by forgeting the real roots of our faith . . . Jesus teachings.  

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