The Documented Obama Lies: The Obama administration’s IRS and AP scandals

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Up until the recent scandal trifecta currently plaguing the Obama administration the media had just accepted whatever lame excuse Obama offered up. Now, however, the media is starting to figure out just how dishonest this administration really is. Glenn went through the most recent scandals with the AP and the IRS on radio this morning.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The media has held Obama’s feet to the fire for a whole two weeks, will they keep up the assault until he goes into history via impeachment or resignation?

    Obama has lied and committed so many criminal acts he is proven to be no more than a thug and a domestic terrorists.

    • Anonymous

       No, the MSM is done. Back to regular programming and asking about the first ladies new hair due.

    • jen

      beck is wrong – so he thinks cnn, fox, etc.. is stupid while he is one of the lone wolf of intelligence.  media knows and is doing this on purpose.  they did the same with bush – as soon as he got re-elected, slowly they unleashed on him as well so reputation of repub and us gov’t went down.

      regardless, these are very minor scandals in comparison to arab spring/arming al qaeda rebels, fed reserve bank, ndaa, etc…

      media has long known bush and obama and most of congress including repub are all dishonest, hence their job to cover for them.

      • Anonymous

        What are you smoking Jen? The MSM was on GWB from day one.

  • Sam Fisher

    Is this day Obama lies day or something. I think you need more than a day to get all of his lies more like years. It not shocking to me liberals came after us like this. We radial the boat we screamed ice burg and was mocked and laughed at and at the same time they came around and attacked us tried to shut us up and that is why they came at us with the IRS.

  • Anonymous

    What really bothers me about this IRS scandal (crime) is the fact that some Americans think this is okay , they condone it. Pray tell what it will take to wake the sheeple up ?

  • Anonymous

    When the truth is learned, Obama will be behind all these scandals!

  • Anonymous

    No one got nothing on Teflama Obama. Political pressure is not equal to evidence pressure. As always, Beck jumps the gun like the impatient child he is.

    • Guest

      Worse than that, Beck is distorting two broken promises to make them “lies.” Beck, a liar himself, is a hypocrite for pointing his finger at anyone as claiming that person a liar.

  • Anonymous

    The orders to the IRS came directly from Barry O during the 157 meetings with IRS Director Shulman.  It really doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.  Barry is so arrogant that he thought he could do it right in our faces and then lie.  It’s not going to work Barry.  You’re caught red handed.

    They direct orders to the IRS are also documented in a letter from 7 or 8 Democratic Senators in 2010.  Chairman Camp needs to release the letter sent by Senators Shumer, Durbin, Baucus, and they all need to be forced out of office. 

    These Democratic US Senators ordered the IRS to scrutinize conservative groups and individuals.  That is abuse of power, pure and simple.  And yes, they were stupid enough to put in writing.  Now these guys are back pedaling like crazy.  Release the letter Chairman Camp.  Let’s get these guys out of office.  You just can’t be dumber than these guys.  We certainly shouldn’t be forced to pay their retirement benefits, when they used the IRS against “We the people.”  These Senators should spend their retirement behind bars in federal prison.

  • Anonymous

    The IRS needs to be demolished in lieu of a National Sales Tax.  A Flat Tax would still make us subject to the IRS to be sure we were paying the correct amount.  Only a National Sales Tax will totally eliminate the IRS from the private people. 
    We must flood our Senators and Congressmen with demands for a National Sales Tax and the elimination of the IRS for Joe Q Public.

  • suz

    people say they don’t trust the government but somehow they believe glenn is a conspiracy nut.  AND where do they get that belief? — from government hacks so they’re believing somebody.

    i don’t trust the people to discern who’s lying.  they/we’ve been lied to so long, they somehow end up believing the very thing they say they don’t trust.

    how do you kill 11 million people?  you lie to them long enough.

    …but you have to be pretty stupid to believe it in the first place if all you’re doing is blindly accepting authority.

    the people are blind, stupid sheep ready and waiting to be lied to.

    government is a show and the people like to be entertained so, in sum, the truth doesn’t matter to the sheep.

  • Anonymous

    Are the Republicans complicit in letting Obama’s lies go unchallenged?  Yes.

  • sara holy land

    We in Israel have the same problem.
    The media !

    • Anonymous

      God Bless Israel!!!:):)

  • Sharmane

    It is sickening that our beloved country is infested with vermin at the highest levels of our government.  If we the people do not demand accountability and keep up the pressure all is lost and our country as we know it will be over.  Sweep the debris out of DC mid-term elections; then clean out the rest of the rats nest in 2016.

  • Anonymous

    I find it very disturbing that the IRS is unionized.  Who was the bright idiot that came up with that idea?  It’s obvious why it was unionized.  You can’t fire a unionized workforce!  This whole union BS is just a small part of the whole problem.  “Well, you can’t fire me because I’m union so piss-off”!  Anybody see a problem with that?  And that Rep. Jim Mc-JERK-IT!  I can’t believe that nerve of that guy!  I’m suprised nobody got up & walked out of the room after that JERK-OFF ran his mouth!  I guarantee you he or none or the other socialist bastards wouldn’t have talked down to me like that!  I’d of had to punch the old SOB in the mouth!  I know if I were to talk to my employer like that & point my finger in his face as I was mouthing off, I would have been fired on the spot!  You don’t disrespect tax-payers who pay your salary!   JERK! 

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