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Glenn made a bold declaration on radio this morning when he said that 9/12 Project groups are “the Civil Rights movement of this generation”.

“The 9-12 Project, as it was in my head and should be in anybody that is practicing the 9-12 Project, is about values and principles. It is about the restoration of honor and courage and love. That’s what I’ll about. Always has been,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that he has worked with David Barton and other to bring religious organizations together to provide leadership to the coming movement. He said he has worked with different groups that all believe in tolerance, decency, honor, love and service and asked them to leave.

“I believe in you. I believe that you are the people that will make the difference. I believe that we cannot conquer darkness with darkness. We cannot conquer evil with evil,” Glenn said. “We must fight darkness with light. We must not tear down, but buildup.”

Glenn said when he sees events like the one in Tennessee where the DOJ is holding an event to educate people about the consequences of anti-Muslim speech, he sees signs of trouble on the horizon.

“Will you stand with me for freedom of conscience? Above all things, freedom of conscience,” Glenn said.

This isn’t the first time Glenn has said that people who believe in small government and freedom are in the middle of a civil rights movement. During his NRA speech, Glenn declared, “We must begin to teach the American people how to stand for civil rights, with the same vigor and discipline that was taught to Alveda King and those around her by her Uncle Martin. We must learn what it means to passively resist.”