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Glenn announced this morning that Laurie Dhue is officially joining TheBlaze as anchor for TheBlaze TV News. Dhue will will continue to host “For the Record”, TheBlaze’s original documentary series and anchor prime time news updates and breaking news coverage throughout the network.

“I relish this rare opportunity to be on the ground floor of an organization that could change the industry as we know it. The Blaze, a truly independent network, is ever-expanding, and an exciting phenomenon in this time of cutbacks and uncertainty,” Dhue said.

Dhue is the only anchor to have hosted shows on the three primary cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel. Dhue spent nearly eight years at Fox News, where she hosted “Fox Report” weekend edition and appeared weekly on “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Geraldo at Large”. She also served as the voice of the official launch of Fox News Radio and anchored evening news updates for several years.

Before joining Fox News Channel, Dhue hosted several shows on MSNBC and served as substitute news anchor on NBC’s “Weekend Today Show.” Dhue began her broadcasting career at CNN, working her way from entry-level to anchor in just six years, becoming one of the youngest full-time anchors in the network’s history.

Throughout her 22-year career, Dhue has interviewed countless international leaders as well as politicians, celebrities and newsmakers. She has covered every major news event since the early 1990s as a writer, producer, reporter and anchor.

Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Content Officer, said, “Laurie is an incredibly talented journalist who has done amazing work both throughout her career and as host of “For the Record.” We are thrilled to have her join TheBlaze full time as we continue to expand our original programming.”

In addition to her TV work, Dhue travels from coast-to-coast as a recovery advocate, giving speeches, moderating discussions and emceeing recovery-related events. Dhue is a surrogate for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

  • Isenbard Kingdom Brunell

    She’s talented and pro ‘eye-candy’.  

    • landofaahs

      Pleasant and non-abrasive.

    • Anonymous

      She makes the Left steam with envy. Why do all liberal carpet munchers wear husky again?

      • Mike Nelson

        You mean “musky” don’t you? :)

  • MudPuddleBunny
  • Mark Woodward

    Thank you, Glenn (for hiring Laurie Dhue).  She was always our favorite news person at Fox, and I have missed her.

    • landofaahs

      And it doesn’t hurt that she’s very easy on the eyes.

      • Jk Walker

        Easy? She is downright a vitamin for the eyes!

  • landofaahs

    Good choice.;)

  • Pachy Serrano

    Just another blonde making the crossover from FOX News to The Blaze. That’s not news, she is not that good as a reporter. Not objective enough, not the best pick in my opinion, but a good move for GBTV and the rest of the crew.

    • Anonymous

      Awww sour grapes. Another hot Conservative Woman in the media.

      Must suck to have the likes of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Nepalitano, Debbie Was-a-man-shultz in your corner. No wonder the Left is filled with gay men. I would not want to do any of those He-women…cough…..cough….either….WOlf!

      • Anonymous

        Hubby pointed out this very fact to me recently.  It does seem conservative women (in politics at least) are more attractive and graceful.  Maybe they are real ladies.

    • Mike Nelson

      I think it’s news every time another reporter leaves the lamestream and joins the Blaze, regardless how they look.

      Not that I’d want Glenn to hire Helen Thomas, Kieth Olbermann, or Candy Crowley… but if he did, I’d think it was newsworthy just the same. Things that are iconic to the culture of a society sometimes change, and when that happens, people notice.

      At least it’s not an article about Moochie’s awesome guns, or Dim Kardashian’s (un)natural assets.

  • Sam Fisher

    Nice choice. 

  • Anonymous

    Good move Glenn ,i like Laurie very much,not hard to listen to at all,may help with the hard to hear people.

  • fire lion

    Oh look a pretty princess. 

    • Guest

      Sexist liberal moron.

  • Robert StAmour

    Nice choice. I loved her on fox!!

  • Anonymous

    Have always like Laurie.  Welcome Aboard!

  • Anonymous

    Laurie’s a fantastic hire.  Nice job Glenn, and welcome to Dallas, Laurie!

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Mr. Beck! This is a outstanding woman!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent – Laurie is an amazing anchor.  It’s great to have her back on a real news show.

  • Anonymous

    Smart and gorgeous!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Amy?

  • Anonymous

    Nice choice!

  • bull57

    Glenn is stealing the talent now. Go get em Glenn…

    • Donald Draper

      stealing from who? Anyways, finally a reason to watch now.

  • Chris Chambers

    Man! I loved Laurie Dhue on Fox! She’s awesome! Good job recruiting Glenn! She is smart, professional and beautiful! Woot for TheBlaze!

    • Joe Cooper

      Too bad she’s a liberal like her radical lefty husband.

  • Anonymous

    Now please hire ED Hill!

  • Anonymous

    She is Top Notch. Good call.

  • Anonymous

    Great Job Glenn!! Couldn’t be better. Laurie we love you.

  • John Walker

    There are lots of pretty women, but just because Laurie is one of the prettiest, that’s no reflection on the fact that she was one of the best on Fox News.  I was disappointed when she disappeared, but now I’m glad she’s back in the news and on the air.



  • kenny payne

    I like the glen beck show and i really like laurie dhue i think she is really good and i think she is the most beautiful woman i ever saw

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