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World War 3 could be right around the corner, and Glenn laid out how he thinks it’s going to happen and why based on the news in the Middle East and around the globe on Tuesday’s TV show.

Opening the show, Glenn pointed out that throughout history countries come and go and empires rise and fall – no nations have truly been made to last, with one exception: America. When the Founders conceived of America, they built it with the Constitution and based it on principles of freedom and liberty so it could adapt to any problems or issues. Since it was created with freedom at its core, it could always be reset back to freedom if America ever went down the wrong path. That’s why George Washington rejected the title of “King” and three branches were established with checks and balances.

Today, however, the ideas of freedom and the self-evident truth that all men are created equal has come under attack while hatred and evil rise. Glenn pointed to the rising destabilization in the Middle East with first the Arab Spring and now Syria plunging into chaos as the early signs, and predicted that Europe would soon be in trouble as well.

Glenn said that as destabilization occurs, three groups will be left vying for power: The Caliphate (Radical Islamists), The Controllers (Also known as the Communists, Socialists, Progressives), and the Survivors (the 90% who don’t fall in the other categories).

In a World War 3 scenario, Glenn explained that the Caliphate is really the end goal of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, whom fall into Sunni Muslim ideology. They are often in conflict with Shi’a Islamic faith, and these are the ones who believe in the Twelfth Imam, an Islamic messiah who will return only during a period of great chaos and is often portrayed beheading non-believers. Radicals within both Sunni and Shi’a, however, believe in a a single,unified,  Islamic state – The Caliphate.

The other group vying for power in this scenario are The Controllers, which are the groups looking to expand their own power. These Controllers have come in different forms over the years: Socialists, Communists, and Progressives – even the drug lords and gangs of today.

The last group is the Survivors. These are the 90% who just want to feed their family, but they’ll also do almost anything to maintain normalcy. Glenn warned that when it’s time to be tested, many of these people will give up their own control to the people who will offer stabilization, even if it means a loss of freedom.

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Glenn said that right now, the world is being destabilized and remolded. He pointed to Benghazi, where he believes the United States was running guns to support the rebels against Syrian president Assad. President Obama also signed a secret order giving support to Syrian rebels, and John McCain visited them and gave them credibility as well. Meanwhile, the Shi’a are flooding Syria to support Assad and fight the rebels America has supported.

So that’s the United States aligned with the Syrian rebels, who are also supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, on one side.

On the other? Russia and the Shi’a Muslims. Russia has been a staunch ally of the Syrian leadership and Assad, providing them weaponry and political support.

Glenn believes that there is already a cold war underway, and pointed to Secretary of State John Kerry’s awkward visit to Russia where he waited three hours at the Kremlin before Putin showed up. Glenn believes you don’t do that to a high ranking official unless you are sending a message.

Glenn warned that the 90% in the survival group can’t just survive, they have to stand for something. He said it will be up to Americans to stand for freedom in the coming global conflict, otherwise it will be lost in exchange for stability as the Caliphate and the Controllers seek to grab power.

How will the world be reshaped? Glenn looked at the map: