Glenn: This finger is loaded

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Fed up with the way people are complying with the suppression of free speech caused by the left, Glenn opened up the program today challenging the audience to stop backing down. After more young school kids were punished for making gun shapes out of their finger, Glenn couldn’t hold back.

  • jen

    why stir up hate? it is also the so-called right.  conservatives overwhelmingly passed patriot act, ndaa, etc… – all that suppressed rights.  so you want to act as if that didn’t occur or to cover that up?

    • Anonymous

       There’s no need to keep on with the finger-pointing and blame-laying.  It no longer does any good.  We have all seen that people from “both sides of the aisle” are complicit.  That should not be a surprise.  It’s time to start the work of undoing the damage.

    • Mike Nelson

      Why is it not lauded as common sense when [demographic] moves to the perspective you endorse?  To come at an issue from this angle it seems clear that your purpose is to incite a defensive posture, which is a certain tactic for “stirring up hate,” and that seems pretty combative and hypocritical.

      To answer the question, I think the difference is that the current admin and supporters are actively and pestilently (and *constantly*) engaged in an intentional attempt to draw the ire of their political opposition’s base on a personal, petty level, just to see what will score a mark.  They are doing it for fun, not even for political profit.  It’s just malicious bullying on the order of “why are you hitting yourself… why are you hitting yourself…”

      No matter what you think of Bush, it’s obvious that the social atmosphere in the country has become only more noxious under Obama’s administration.

      • jen

         obviously i am trying to alleviate the hate that cons are conjuring up to liberals, who are no diff than cons. 
        lying and repetitively chanting ‘leftists’  is inappropriate.  you are covering up the fact that the so-called right has walked hand in hand with obama in numerous things from arab spring, arming al qaeda rebels in the middle east, increasing debt cieling/taxes, etc.. 
        house has ability to curtail spending, but they won’t.  so they are active participants or at least enablers or have stepped aside to make sure obama has the smoothest ride possible.

        repubs are also the hitting it for fun, but they made a clear public choice to not do the same, when they use that jeery tone with tea partiers.  rove, mccain, bill o’reilly, fox, etc.. have all attacked tea party as much as dems – yet tea party wants to protect them and only pt pingers to dems for the same things repub leaders do. 

        dems passed everything bush wanted – expansion of entitlement, wars, patriot act, bailout wall street, etc.. and now repubs are playing along when it comes to their votes and silence.

        • Mike Nelson

          Good morning! :)

          I don’t disagree with your statements, for the most part, except for one, referred to in my original post.  Perhaps I’m being picky, but to me it is a particularly relevant point because it speaks to character and personal rectitude.

          While Obama is on record telling his base to go out and “win conversations” and “get in people’s faces”, this is not typically a tactic that is used by the libertarian or republican base.  As such, I think you may be ascribing too much belief to the idea that r’s are behaving the same as the D’s that constitute Obama’s base.  Please note that my use of capitals and lowercase letters is intentional.

          More specifically, it seems clear that a major reason for the current R failures is based in the abandonment of the r base by the R’s themselves, and I think we agree on that point.  So you’re right, imo, to say that “they” (in DC) are all on the same team (with exceptions), but you’re wrong, imo, to assert that the r base and the D base play the same games as a coordinated strategy.  The D’s are clearly coordinated in this regard, and malicious in their servile methods.

          As a caveat to this, I acknowledge that there are certainly persons on both sides who are angry/bitter/blind/stupid/manipulated enough to make personal attacks… but just as it’s clear that the social climate has moved to the less civilized under Obama’s administration, it’s clear to me that the D base supports the D’s as the D’s direct them to, which means institutionalized personal attacks and rabid animosity as tactics in a larger strategy of divide and conquer.

          To say otherwise would seem to ignore the overall cleanliness of the TP gatherings, as opposed to the wallowing filth left behind after D and Progressive rallies and functions.

  • Manuel Manjarrez

    bush is not a true conservative the he is an interventionalist big government guy but at least he is not a true facist like the opposition who uses the powers of the state to stop free speech I thought you lefties believe in degrees of morality but I guess facist D is better than facist R

  • rich

    I will not comply I am an American citizen. Innocents betrayed .

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a finger for Barry Hussein and his administration and it doesn’t look like a gun.  We call it the American Eagle and everyone in the world knows exactly what it means.

    F.U. Barry Hussein.  Can’t wait until you’re the first Black president to be Impeached.  It’s coming at you right now.

    • Anonymous

      if your talking about obummer yes he should be impeached, for authorizing drones being dropped on hundreds of innocent people in other countries.  No wander we our the worlds enemy.  When we kill real lives from a video screen with a drone sounds like a bad guy to me.

      • Anonymous

        America is the greatest nation in the history of the world, with the best people.  We have done more good than any nation ever.  We’ve freed more people from dictators and sent more troops to defend innocent women and children than anyone in history of mankind.

        Americans are generous, good people.

        What we are seeing right now is the most corrupt administration in at least a Century.  Barry Hussein is a traitor.  He hates America.  He hates the freedoms enjoyed by the American people.  He has enslaved millions of American by destroying their jobs and forcing them to rely on the Federal government.  He has created a new type of slavery.

        Barry Hussein is a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has destroyed the government in Egypt and Libya, turning those countries over to the Muslim Brotherhood.  He’s now working on Syria.  The facts are simply the facts.

        He said the “War on Terror is Over”, then uses drones to kill people all over the world, in the name of fighting terror.  And when the announcement came out that he’s been watching the phone records of 121 million Americans for months, his administration says that it’s an effort to track and catch terrorists.  The lies just never end.

        Is there a war on terror or not Barry?  Make up your mind.  You don’t get to have it both ways.  Either Al Quida has been neutralized like Susan Rice told us, or it has not?  Which one is it?

        Impeach Barry Hussein.

      • Anonymous

        We have become the bad guy because our elected officials have abused the powers “We the people” granted them.  Barry is not the first to do things that are over the line, it’s happened many time before on both sides of the aisle.  That’s why it’s so important that we send a very clear message right now.

        Never forget all of the American lives that have lost protecting others.  That’s the true heart and soul of America.  The American people are generous and good, and our federal government should reflect that side of America.  When they don’t, they need to be fired and there are way to fire them.  It’s just not easy, but I think we’re about see the entire process with Barry Hussein and his totally corrupt administration.

        Never forget the American blood shed during WWII.  We defended our friends from the Nazis who were killing millions of innocent women and children.  We got in late and we didn’t commit until Japan struck Pearl Harbor, so our motives weren’t as pure as they could have been, but we did save a good portion of the world from Hitler.

        Never forget Kuwait.  When Sadam Hussein’s (Barry Hussein half brother) marched his troops in raped the women and children, America responded and kicked absolute butt.  That was a pure reflection of what America is all about.  A dictator attacked a neighboring country, stole all the gold, killed tens of thousands of people and tried to takeover the oil.  America said no and we made the sacrifices to right a terrible wrong.  Back then the Progressive were all whining that we were doing for Oil, do you remember that?

        Well were didn’t do for oil.  We didn’t get one drop of oil.  And we didn’t get on dollar back for the billions we spent freeing Kuwait, returning it to the Kuwait people, and then spending 2 years putting out the fires the Iraqi’s has started in the oil fields.

        Every now and then our government does do a good job that represents the goodness of America.  We need a government that does that everyday.  No more money for Egypt. No more money for Libya.  No more money for the UN.  Let the middle east kill one another, they’ve been doing it since the beginning of time.  If muslin want to fight muslins let them.  If they touch Israel though, Israel is OUR ally and we have a moral obligation to support them and their free democratic nation.

        Americans, in general, are the best people on earth, we have welcomed everyone to come and be part of America.  We have defended millions of innocent women and children from brutal dictators, with American blood and money.  We have never taken over a country or taken their resources as “victors”.  No other country has ever done that.  Yes our governments have made huge mistakes, but Americans and America is a force for good in the world.

        Barry Hussein is not an American and he does not represent American values.  He is arrogant.  He lies.  And as we are now witnessing he has no respect for the American people or the US Constitution.  I say drone Barry.

    • 4BlueStars

      Only if we get enough honest, courageous Conservatives and Libertarians in a veto-proof majority in the Senate. Otherwise all the votes in the House are an exercise in futility.

      • Anonymous

        You are absolutely correct.  We need more guys like Jason Chaffitz, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee.  And then we need to get guys like McCain to shut up. 

        Any Senator that has been in office more than 3 terms (e.g. 18 years) needs to be replaced with a fresh new Conservative/Libertarian mind.  McConnell, McCain, Hatch it’s time for you guys to retire.  All of this has happened on your watch, there’s really nothing more you can do.  We need more fighters and you do not qualify.  Use your best judgment, give us all a break and retire.  You are the problem, you cannot possibly be part of the solution.

  • Anonymous

    It is past time to confront these bullies and force them to back down. If you have children in a school that practices this “Zero Tolerance” you need to run for school board and make them change it. If your child is bullied by this type of administrator or law enforcement officer, sue them. Don’t take it anymore. We should have Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance officials.

    • jen

       no need to feel or be victimized.  repubs are brutal as well – have you heard rove, mccain and others diss on other republicans???  cons really no leaders.  cruz and rand speak out a bit, and now sessions – but that is about it.  otherwise, you are content to talk mainly amongst yourselves like palin, beck, and others.

  • Anonymous

    I was at my daughter’s elementary school band concert tonight.  Before the show, the kids were running around and “honking” on their instruments.  Three girls had their clarinets and were playing pretending they were guns and bazookas, laughing and just being kids.  I was happy to see not one person waiting in the audience even blinked an eye (not even the principal, who was in attendance).  Now, you all might be shocked to know this happened in California!  But even in California there are still some great small communities where common sense, good morals, and family values prevail.  It’s not all like San Francisco and LA.  They’re just louder and more obnoxious than us simple country folk.

    • bull57

      The more I learn about the political landscape of California the less I feel the need to criticize them. Seems the large cities just have to much populous to overcome their socialist views. The conservatives are stuck with no apparent escape. I say to California conservatives, continue to fight and each small victory helps to win the war over the city rats. Good Luck!

      • Anonymous

         You are exactly right in your analysis.  It can be quite maddening.  Imagine how I felt we Jerry Brown was re-elected.  Does my hair sometimes spontaneously burst into flames?  Oh yeah.  But I’ll keep making my voice heard as long as I’m able.

        • Anonymous

          if you look at natianal voting the coasts of North America are BLUE,  while the midwest is RED,  The population lives near the coast,  I live near the coast,  New technology (silicone valley) comes from the coast, progressive ideas moving people into the future come from universities And California has some great ones, (Stanford, pepperdine, UCLA, USC, UC Davis, SF state, and many private schools.

          Bah  bahhh

      • Anonymous

        Same thing here in NY. I wish we were separated from NYC. I hate that they run the political landscape in this state. There are many suburban communties in NY, I reside in one of them, but we can’t fight NYC and the unions. I wish it was different here also. Pray for us as a State, we need it.

  • Anonymous

    A finger or just talking about it? I thought the Poptart was assinine. C’MON WASHINGTON!!! When do ya call bullshit? When in the hell do ya just say, “Whao wait, lol. C’mon guys, we’re not gonna get away withthat”?

  • Anonymous

    What about loaded Drones, we drop on innocent people in coordinates of the earth, never seeing their faces from a screen in usa somewhere.  Is that considered an act of a BULLY? Is that an act worth impeaching obummer over.  Does he have the right to drop bombs on pakistan without declaring war?   Is this the country we have become, dropping bombs on people we can’t even identify.  War WAR wAR  Why USA Why Obama.  You will have more blood on your hands than Bush and maybe even Cheney.  USA proud people leaders of technology and worlds Bully with stock of Nukes and currently using DRONES to kill people.


    Bah bah

  • Pachy Serrano

    If you want to impeach Obama, you need to find the legal proof first and then go through the process of congress’ trials. And even if Obama is impeached, which I believe won’t happen, we still have Joe. My father wanted to impeach Reagan many years ago and never happen, so I expect nothing will happen to Mr. Obama, unless like many of you have said it already . . . “he will be the first “black” president to be impeached”. So, why you have to put the emphasis on the black president?? Are we all the same or not??

    • Mike Nelson


      And that is what you fail to acknowledge, most of the time.  Why now would you say such a foolish thing?  We are not the same.  We are not equal.  And it was NEVER the right that put the emphasis on Obama’s color or race.  I know you want it to be that way, but alas, you, too, must grow up and remember who came out lauding his Blackness and calling it an advantage.

      But the LAW is supposed to be applied equally to all.  That is what the Constitution is for.

      I am NOT the same as the Black Panthers who interfered with voting, were recorded so doing, and were not prosecuted by (black man) Eric Holder under (black man) Obama.

      I am NOT the same as the La Raza filth, telling college kids that whites are “weak, racist, WHITE people.”

      I am NOT the same as the assless pants political gays who parade through the streets of SanFran with their strap-ons, or their lesbi-gay-vestite pals who dress up as 6-foot vaginas and walk along with them.

      I am NOT the same as the KKK.

      But the LAW OF THE LAND ought to apply to each of us based on our ACTIONS – not our reasons for acting.

      Try to see it like you were the one losing ground, rather than gaining, and ask yourself: if you were persecuted/prosecuted based on your beliefs by the existing political structure, and that structure was supported by people actively seeking you out to use you as a resource to fuel their political ends because they believe differently than you and want to deprive you of the ability to respond, what would you say?

  • Pachy Serrano

    The finger don’t shoot GB. Be real and if you say what you mean . . . just do it, crazy!! and we would see what happen to you . . . don’t tease . . . let’s make it happen, fool!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,
    What we need is a simple symbol of quiet defiance, simply pull out you finger gun, then raise it up to the Heavens, pull you thumb in and state “My freedom comes from God, not man!”, can you imagine  a room full of sixth graders doing that to their teacher, can you imagine that at a PTA meeting all the parents pull their finger guns point it to the Heavens, can you imagine at some Senators town hall we do this, can you imagine if we march on Washington and do this!
    May God Bless You Glenn,

  • Anonymous

    I will not back down I will speak my mind. This country is mine!!! Mine I say!! Not the Democrat’s not the Republican’s, not the Independents. It is my country. We have the final say. When the government forgets its place we are to remind them, they work for us. They can and should be fired when the won’t listen to the people!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if you REALLY want to stick that loaded finger in the eye of “The Man”, find Eric Dollard, an electrical engineer who has replicated Nicola Tesla’s inventions, support his experiments into mass-free cold electricity, bring products to market that will free the people from energy slavery, and watch as a New Paradigm sends shock waves across the world.  

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