Samantha Power tapped to replace Susan Rice as U.N. ambassador

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The fact that Samantha Power is Cass Sunstein’s wife is reason enough for concern, but her views on Israel are even more troubling. She believes America should stop funding Israel and send that money to Palestine instead, and use it specifically to fund a ‘massive’ military force. Oh, and proven liar Susan Rice is being promoted to National ‘Security’ Advisor – welcome to Obamaland!

“We have Samantha Power news, the wife of Cass Sunstein, the Responsibility to Protect woman. She was the one who got us into Libya and everything else. She’s be promoted. She’s going to be our new UN ambassador.”

Glenn warned about Samantha Power back when he was on Fox News, calling her the most dangerous woman in America for putting together the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, which contributed to Obama’s discussion to get involved with Libya:

TheBlaze has put together an extensive profile on Samantha Power.

Meanwhile, Susan Rice has been bumped up to the National Security Advisor. She was at the center of the Benghazi scandal when she said that the attack on the embassy was the result of a YouTube video.

“Susan Rice, the one who told us Benghazi was about a film, she is being promoted to NSA,” Glenn said on radio this morning.”

Stu pointed out that all these people involved with scandals are getting promoted, but Glenn said that you have to take care of the people who can expose you.

” If you’re running a corrupt organization, what do you do? You make sure that the people who can rat you out are taken care of,” he said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One more American-hating Communist of the administration being rewarded for their loyalty to Obama the leftist god-king.

    • Anonymous

      I still remember when he said the following before the election in 2012.  He said that he will stand with his followers & will punish his enemies.  As it is, we are in big hole & day by day it is coming more difficult to get out of that hole.

  • Anonymous

    Insanity driven by Pride run amok.  Madness.

  • mudslide

    Just about ‘fed-up’ with this government.

    • Anonymous

      “Just about?” How about totally freaking “fed up” with these basta*ds.

  • Anonymous

    This is Obama’s way of to the American people.

  • Erik Osbun

    A Muslim Marxist appoints another enemy of Israel to office. 

  • Anonymous

    Glen we al know you have plenty in your hands however, I think that is time to go back to Washington & this time we need to make a MARCH for our Civil Rights.  The administration day by day gets more power & soon unless a massive MARCH call the attention of the ones that are sitting on the bench.  Also, the attention of our Reps in DC.  I don’t know but watching the news & assisting to free speach meeting so far is not producinn anythin. and O & his administration keep violating our Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t we already send hundreds of millions in support $$ to Palestine?  And didn’t most of it end up in Arafat’s bank accounts instead of helping the people?

  • Anonymous

    See Mark Howard’s take on Beck’s declaration that he’s not a conspiracy theorist:

  • Anonymous

    i guess this is the revenge he talked about during his last campaign (he hasn’t stopped campaigning yet). his audacity his astounding. he just continues to thumb his nose at us,while rubbing ours in it. evil personified.

  • Anonymous

    American Jews overwhelming supported this President and see how he intends to pay them back?!  He has always hated Israel!  Nothing would make him happier than to have the UN puttogether a combined armed force under the UN flag that would invade and destroy Israel!!!   

    • Anonymous

      American Catholics also overwhelmingly supported this President.

      • Anonymous

        As a practicing Catholic I saw the amount of support Obama had with Catholicsand you are absolutely correct! People walked out of a homily given by my parish priest about the evils of Obama Care forcing the Church to fund abortions.  The snow bird Catholics came out of their seats in disgust!! 

        • Anonymous

          Thanks krp2 for your honest comment. The “snow bird” Catholics term is new to me. Would you please explain if the disgust leads snow bird Catholics to any action and if any action leads to forced and unbearable punishment – like forcing the Church leaders to yield and fund abortions.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if they contacted the Bishop or the Church itself however nothing more has been said by our parish leader!  We aree currently building an addition to our church based upon pledges of the parishoners.  I do not know if any of the snow birds pulled their pledges as the building continues to be built.  Given they way they left the church service they seemed more provked to vote for Obama than ever!!

          • Anonymous

            You talk like a “good and faithful servant”. (Mat. 25, 2:1) God will not judge us for our sins but for what we do with the gifts of “light” (Jesus) everyone is given when born. (Rom. 1:18-32) 

            Fortunately for all of us God does not dwell in temples made with hands! (Acts 17:24)Great hearing you talk and share common grievances. It helps us all know God has not forsaken us and we are not alone.

          • Anonymous

            I agree that we are as responsible for our conduct as well as the failure to act when sin is being committed in our presence! I do not understand how people cannot belief that life which is created by God begins at birth. I also don’t understand how they can believe in the death penalty which is again the taking of human life because even on death’s door people can repent as did the one thief on the cross next to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  • Anonymous

    This is the most corrupt administration in history.  Chicago politics at best. Samantha Power is the worst choice for the position she has been appointed.  This action clearly demonstrates corruption and coming from a scandal that is ongoing.

  • Anonymous

    This one is bad, really bad and there are so many of them.  When it all comes crashing down I hope those who voted for all of this realize what they have done. Most will STILL blame someone or something else not that it will matter much by that time when we are in the trash heap of history.  The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve. Those who do not agree are either dragged along for the ride or killed.

  • Anonymous

    Barry Hussein answers to Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, Holder’s wife, and Susan Rice.  Think about that folks.  4 Black women are calling all the shots.  4 unelected Black women are running the country. 

    Ask Barry a question, he answers “I don’t know”.  Ask Holder a questions, he answers “I don’t know” or pleads the 5th.  I’m pretty certain these guys really don’t have a clue.  I guarantee that the 4 Black women know what’s going on.  And they’ve got Barry and Eric by the b*lls, literally.

    Impeach the imposter Barry Hussein. 

  • Lorraine

    This is just great……..laughing my head off………good luck America

  • Sapere Vedere

    Glenn Beck right again! This is why The Blaze is the fastest growing news network in the world. TRUTH LIVES HERE! See his 2011 prediction about Samantha Power.

    Some additional information about Power

  • landofaahs

    You gotta pay off and protect the people who have the goods on ya.

  • Take 2

    The Obama era tipping point is very close at hand.

    Funny tonight O’ Ryley on FOX NEWS stated something like RICE did not LIE? She was just reading a script from others that were ‘misleading’ the voting public. He means Obama of course…! Like she is a stupid idiot verses a very cunning conspirator e.g., black social Justus revolutionist i.e. card carrying Communist.

  • Anonymous

    America sits back and watches these things take place, and could care less, as long as the government is giving them something for free. This is scary have Susan Powers in the UN. Her and her husband have a warped sense of reality. For them to have the Presidents ear is scary. Please for the love of Pete, Wake up America we need a conservitive in the Presidency, we need to return to some sort of normalcy. Our liberties are being fringed upon and people aren’t paying attention. I hope the next election of the Senate brings about the change we need in this country. Then we need the Presidency!!

  • Anonymous

    I live in South Fla. so “snow bird Catholics come down from the Northeast and bring their liberalism with them. When the people got up to leave (and they didn’t go quitely either) the priest clearly softened his comment and backed away from what he was saying.  We now hear nothing about Obamacare’s funding of abortion or the lawsuits filed by several Catholic orgainaizations any more!!!  No discussion about abortion being an offense against God for which silience itself is a sin because we are not pressing to remove it as an Organized flock!!  These Snow bird catholics provide substantial support for the parish so…silence now eminates from the pulpit. 

  • Anonymous

    Saul Alinsky tactics to “transform”
    America explains everything about the Obama agenda and management style! The
    Mafia successfully used it, Hitler successfully used it, and Chicago
    politicians successfully use it and the public majority votes for it.

    Nobody can touch these
    leaders because they are taught to leave a firewall of ignorance and
    incompetence between themselves and the criminal activity they commit. They are
    masters at circular defense arguments and blame opponents for asking. Their
    favorite argument is, ” What difference does it make! 


    The Obama administration has no power except that
    which God and we-the people give them.


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