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The fact that Samantha Power is Cass Sunstein’s wife is reason enough for concern, but her views on Israel are even more troubling. She believes America should stop funding Israel and send that money to Palestine instead, and use it specifically to fund a ‘massive’ military force. Oh, and proven liar Susan Rice is being promoted to National ‘Security’ Advisor – welcome to Obamaland!

“We have Samantha Power news, the wife of Cass Sunstein, the Responsibility to Protect woman. She was the one who got us into Libya and everything else. She’s be promoted. She’s going to be our new UN ambassador.”

Glenn warned about Samantha Power back when he was on Fox News, calling her the most dangerous woman in America for putting together the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, which contributed to Obama’s discussion to get involved with Libya:

TheBlaze has put together an extensive profile on Samantha Power.

Meanwhile, Susan Rice has been bumped up to the National Security Advisor. She was at the center of the Benghazi scandal when she said that the attack on the embassy was the result of a YouTube video.

“Susan Rice, the one who told us Benghazi was about a film, she is being promoted to NSA,” Glenn said on radio this morning.”

Stu pointed out that all these people involved with scandals are getting promoted, but Glenn said that you have to take care of the people who can expose you.

” If you’re running a corrupt organization, what do you do? You make sure that the people who can rat you out are taken care of,” he said.