Senator Rand Paul joins Glenn on radio

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Senator Rand Paul joined Glenn on radio today to discuss a number of issues – from the IRS scandal to Samantha Power to the new immigration reform bill. Senator Paul explained why he believes Obama has lost the moral authority to lead America and the latest on the immigration bil.

  • suz

    l like rand paul, but bho’s not tone deaf and he hasn’t lost his “moral” authority — he’s never had it.  when will paul believe the truth about this president that he doesn’t give a damn altogether. 

    glenn asks an important question about this congress, “why aren’t they padlocking the doors to the irs?” and paul continues in his calm, cool speaking style and doesn’t answer that very specific question.

    i don’t like it.

  • Pachy Serrano

    Mr. Paul making unfunded comments like always and GB giving him the stage to trash OUR President every time he can. Mr. Paul your not a pastor or a saint to talk about moral authority, plus like Jesus once said, “he who believes is free of sin throw the first stone”. Mr. Paul is a clown with a suit and a tie on. I know GB likes him and wants Mr. Paul to run for President in 2016, but c’mon folks, he has no chance, and America knows it . . . The guy is a bully and Americans don’t like bullies!

    • Karen

      Funny how you are so appalled that Rand Paul is “throwing stones” at YOUR president even to the point of quoting Jesus when he said “he who believes is free of sin throw the first stone” to make your point, yet aren’t you throwing stones at Rand Paul because he is “not a pastor or a saint to talk about moral authority”?  You even call him a “clown”!  Maybe you should get YOUR house in order before throwing stones or someone might think YOU are a BULLY?  HHHmmmm?

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