Tea Party leader gives epic testimony before Congress

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How is Becky Gerritson not on the front of every paper in America? If this was any other movement, the testimony this week given by a local Tea Party leader who was targeted by the IRS would be everywhere. She gave such a solid, emotional & brave remarks that spoke truth to power.

“I’m not here as a serf or a vassal,” Gerritson said tearing up. “I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother, and citizen. And I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place.”


“If this was any other cause, that woman would be on the front page of every paper, lead every newscast, and she would be the icon of this movement,” Glenn said.

  • Sharron Benson

    I was absolutely blown away by this woman.  SHE is what WE ARE.

    • Anonymous

      She is what we are and what we are going to have to fight for to remain. This government has now crossed the center line and is headed directly at forcing us into submission. We must never agree to conform!

  • Anonymous

    The government should be ashamed.

    • Kaiser

      Sorry tonybigs, this government, under this Administration, has no shame. They aren’t going to be ‘done’ until America is a third world country. Sad! My heart weeps for our children.

      • Anonymous

         I absolutely agree with you!  And I weep for our grandchildren and their children, too.  I hope the text of her speech is circulated around the internet.

    • crazy betty

      they’re not ashamed.  this is what they are after.  they want to wear down the saints.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TeeDub39 Tee Dub

    They need to start arresting irs staff and leadership for contempt till someone comes clean. Otherwise this is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Throw someone in jail and someone else will start singing.

  • Anonymous

    and in Los Angeles, nobody would know that this woman spoke because the lame stream media seemed to put a blackout on the Congressional testimony, as if it was nothing that anyone should know about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marty.berthelot Marty Berthelot

    This woman has “true grit”; sure a stark contrast to the “so called” leadership on display by the democract party members at the hearing.

  • JohnAbramson

    Oh boo frickin’ hoo. They approved her tax exempt status and she didn’t like the way they did it. That certainly warranted her crocodile tears. C’mon that was BS testimony. She was persecuted because of the crackpot image the Tea Party has and it’s radical stance against taxes. The majority of the groups, 2/3rds were approved for tax exempt status, and you still whine about it. If it was a liberal group, (and there were liberal groups targeted as well,), you would sure want them checked thoroughly. I don’t understand the fake crying and emotion though.She got what she wanted and still felt a need to complain. Aren’t you guys supposed to be against free stuff from the govt? While all those other groups continue to pay their taxes, she gets off. You are sending a bad signal to America, with this one.

    • Guest

      Another leftist moron heard from. There’s no “free stuff” involved here lefty.  All the contributions have been taxed already. 

      Go on back to Media Matters with your garbage and leave us honest people alone.

      The Obama Cultists managed to cheat and steal an election but it won’t happen again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DriverDave79 Dave Roberts

      Mr Abramson, I would challenge you to name even ONE liberal group who received similar scrutiny (i.e., over-bearing and invasive questionnaires that were in their very content, ILLEGAL), which I would also find abhorent.  The fact is that our government has, as Ms Gerritson so eloquently pointed out, lost its way.  While there are many government workers who faithfully execute their assigned duties, it is evident that there is a growing cadre of workers who feel entitled and empowered to make the lives of ordinary citizens into a living hell … just because they happen to not agree with their own political beliefs.  Tea Party and Patriot groups are asking NOTHING in the way of funding from the government; only the right to exist in a tax exempt status.  The same status enjoyed by the ACLU, Media Matters, and a host of other organizations.  If you don’t feel we deserve that status, then I hope you would agree that the entire 501(c) statute should be reviewed/repealed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/DriverDave79 Dave Roberts

        Just as I thought … crickets.  The silence is deafening, JohnAbramson.

    • Anonymous

       are YOU really this stupid?  She was stifled until your BASTARD obammy got his skinny ass re-elected!  After this POS muslim got back in – she was free to have her status!  GET A CLUE you frikkin idiot! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-West/100001053157260 Pete West

      What a ridiculous post! It’s not “free stuff” — what a ridiculous statement!! It was a political party or group — they all have tax-free status.
      The tea party is not a crackpot group, they’re the last hope for the US.
      This woman represents the finest type of American, you’re attitude the lowest.

    • natesse

       You’re a f*u*c*k*i*n*G* JERK!  Why don’t you be one of the first to volunteer to help de-populate Mother Earth? I sure as *h*e*l*l* wouldn’t miss you. Why, oh why, do you waste good oxygen?

    • http://www.beninbrown.com/ Benin (@BeninB)

      Honestly, there are so many holes in your comment that it doesn’t even warrant a response. So this isn’t as much a response to the indvidual above (who goes by John) as much as it is a rebuttal to the statist beliefs that give rise to this ignorance.

      Free stuff from the gov’t? That’s the problem with leftist socialist zealotry. Progressive socialists will say whatever comes to mind so long as it pushes your backwards agenda forward.
      I submit that the new motto for all leftists should be “Truth and reality be damned”. Although it is a bit ironic, given the left’s so-called proclivity for science and reason; it is quite a fitting slogan for the left indeed.And since when did taxation WITH representation become radical? Comments such as the one’s made by the misguided individual above are nothing more than a reflection of what happens when we allow folks to get away with saying up is down and down is up.

      No! Up is up, down is down and you are flatout wrong. What you lower rung lefties don’t realize is that IF the elite leftwing establishment gets their way…you’ll learn that all of the things you thought they cared about were nothing more than a ploy to gain power – your leaders could care less about the things you hold dear and the moment you cease to be useful to them they could care less about you.Don’t believe me ask Jeremiah Wright or anyone else whose ever been thrown under the bus after out lasting their usefulness…Get your mind right lefties!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600487296 Taka Dahle

       “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

      “Free stuff from the government”???  That’s bribery to keep quiet about their criminal and unconstitutional activities!  Obama’s agenda is to get everyone to depend on government for everything, which is pretty much how the Soviets lived.  And guess what happened in the end.  The Soviet Union collapsed!  Socialism (which is just a step short of communism) has never worked and history is evidence of that.  Government is running rampant like a wildfire; if we don’t control it, soon it will be too big for us to deal with.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, those crackpot Tea Partiers, wanting the government to control its spending.  Wanting the gov’t to stop wasting our money, borrowing more, taxing more.  What idiots.  This lady is obviously crazy, asking to gov’t to check themselves.  Actually worried the current path may be unsustainable.  Nonsense!  More spending!  More taxes!  More debt!

    • Anonymous

      John, “She was persecuted because of the crackpot image the Tea Party has and it’s radical stance against taxes. ”

      And where exactly did you get the idea the Tea Party is “crackpot?”

      Possibly from a media that has absconded their duty to keep the people informed?
      A meidia so corrupt and one sided that 87% support the murder of babies in the womb and 94% have voted democrat in ever election for the last 40 plus years?

      You don’t think there might be some of that attitude bleeding over into their reporting?

      Listen for the loud POP! 

      That will be your head leaving your posterior. 

    • crazy betty

      free stuff?  god, you’re a moron.  that’s all the left can think about is their food stamp.  what a loser you are.  you’re going to deserve what you get soon enough.  I can’t wait for all of the christians to “be gone” and all you’re left with is your evil brethren.  believe me, you’ll be crying for us then because there will be nobody to save you.

  • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

    The Media’s been bought by the Obama Administration, the most corrupt administration in US History.


    • Anonymous

      What’s really sad is that they didn’t actually have to buy anything.  Most of the media sold themselves out willingly.

      • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

        How they do scream when they are targeted by this corrupt administration, ie the AP.

        Obama’s a cheat and a liar and will go down in History as the most corrupt President ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vice.don Donald C. Vice

    Thank goodness it was possible “still” that this lady was able to be heard. Surely many members of the Congress did not want this to be seen and they hope she will fade from our memories. Not all of the “networks” wanted to cary this and many didn’t, I’m sure.  The shame of our GOVERNMENT is great!  Now, what will our elected representatives do, if any thing?

  • http://www.beninbrown.com/ Benin (@BeninB)

    OMG, got chills just watching this. Mrs. Gerritson is a courageous American. Her message invokes imagery of everything the left wants us to forget about our American exceptionalism. And I tell you what – if watching this video doesn’t get you feeling all choked up inside and ready to support the cause of freedom, then I just dunno…

    • JIM

      Yes Benin… well said. I watched the entire meeting and believe me, the hair on my neck is still standing. I don’t care what party you are part of, THIS IS SCARY for ALL OF US. If ONE man and his crew can do this to entire groups of people, THIS puts us all back about two hundred years and back into serfdom. FREEDOM isn’t for any group… it is for all, and the 1st amendment isn’t negotiable for anyone…..IT IS A RIGHT. Thomas Jefferson purposely put this first.! If this president can do this to his competition, just imagine what a true and scary zealot could do with that power.!!!!! The IRS needs to be NEUTERED, pure and simple. It is a service agency, not a separate army for a commander to use. Time to take notice and action from all who can.

      • Dave Frandin

         You mean “a true and scary zealot” like Obama??? Mr Obama seems to BE that “true and scary zealot”…..

        • JIM

          Not so much HIM as the guy who paid his bills before he got to here. Somebody with a HUGE agenda that is very dark and sinister has funded him as well as a huge organization he is using to accomplish this agenda. There is a lot more going on than just one man here….. WAY MORE.

      • http://www.beninbrown.com/ Benin (@BeninB)

        You know it’s funny…I was thinking something very similar re: serfdom. B/c here’s the thing…F.A. Hayek got it right…History tells us that the majority of leftist movements lead to serfdom or outright slavery. That being said you’re spot on. 

        However, one thing we’ve got to remember is that its not just one man doing all of this (although we’ve certainly seen an acceleration on his watch). Leftism is a doctrine that emanates not just from the Oval Office but also from:- Public Schools
        – Unions
        – Pop Culture
        – Political Correctness
        – The Mainstream Media
        – And etc.

        I said all that to say that although the president must be held accountable, our main focus should be on fighting leftism. If we don’t, my fear is that we could soon end up with politicians that make Barry look like Kindercare.

        • Mike

          Amen, Sir!

        • JIM

          Excellent reply, especially the leftist part. I really have no problem with the left as long as it isn’t in the bleachers out past “Left Field” since different views are what makes this country great.  The history of Progressivism as it has become over the years is far too close to the WWII brand of ideals that had to be stopped the hard way. It isn’t so much the one man effect that worries me, as the precedence of the laws and mandates his admisnistration is installing. Listening to all the references of how Bush did the same “Targeting” to a few organizations in his terms gave me the BIG epiphany of “LEGACY”…. Getting even for what one idiot does, is like shooting yourself in the foot.
               What one person does, creates reactions, and if the law and precendence is already accepted here, and the next guy is more of a zealot, installs more plays to get even for the last, then we finally get to the real idiot who wants to get even for what he sees as years of oppression and we have a whole new Holocaust to play with. The secret is to NOT GET EVEN,  the secret is to STOP making it possible for anyone in government to have this kind of latitude to do as he wants with NO consequences.
              Benghazzi was worse than the IRS thing for me, mainly because I’m a Vet and have a deep reverence for my Brothers in arms. The only thing is that has been allowed to vanish by cover-ups and vanishing people with accountability for it all. The IRS travesty is one that will stay on the front burner for awhile until somebody gets prosecuted, then the dam will rupture. That’s what happened to Nixon, and most likely the same will have to happen here……. hence the NEED for Holder to stay in the interference position. I have never in my life seen anyone who falls on his sword with more eloquence.
              Oby OWES that guy a LOT, with a large LOT on that end. Watch for him to interfere here as well as he did with the other scandals. Just like executive privilege was given to protect him on Fast and Furious. The whole fiasco is credited to one principle…. this government is way too strong and completely out of control. Time to start over COMPLETELY as it once was with the constitution as it was intended, and yet keep the progress we have made in human rights and relations and then remember that when it is all done, we all heve one common factor, and that is being FREE AMERICANS.
              PS: good to see someone like you in here that cares.  

          • http://www.beninbrown.com/ Benin (@BeninB)

            Thanks Jim, youu make a really good point. And I especially like what you said here: 

            “What one person does, creates reactions, and if the law and precendence is already accepted…”

            The thing about it is that you’re right. Some of the things that this admin has put in place will be difficult to reverse even under the best of circumstances. 

            Re: Holder – very interesting observation. But do you think it’s possible that the longer he stays around the worse it gets for this administration? Afterall, the longer he stays it seems like the more heat that stays on the admin.

            One thing for sure the gov’t is def out of control.  Like you I fimnd myself waiting for America to return. Thanks for chatting Mate!

      • http://www.facebook.com/kvahlsinghansen Kathy Vahlsing-Hansen

        It is the scarriest thing I can imagine,  other than Obamamcare (which will also be run by these goons). Have we forgotten our history lessons??? Does this not reek of tyranny!!!???

        • JIM

          Yes Kathy, it IS VERY SCARY… The wars are already here, and if they keep coming closer, it won’t be very long before we are next. I’m worried that this is what the administration wants, given the effect that complete takeovers usually only happen when scenerios like that take place. If anyone even utters “martial law”, pull your hat down and get ready to duck. Germany, Russia, Italy, and finally the European block all understand what power-hungry people can do with the right amount of power at their fingertips.! IT IS TIME for everyone who actually loves this country as it was, to sit up, stand up, and pay attention to EVERYTHING going on. The Mainstream Media is finally beginning to open up, but still can’t be trusted yet…………way too much liberal in the mix yet. 

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    she knows where she is going when she dies, and it’s not the hot place where the politicians are going.  Think about that you blowhard McDermott!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The government has become so big, so deep and so insulated that humanity and common
    sense have fallen by the wayside.  Next…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Johnson/1515032171 Carl Johnson

    WOW, what a wonderful woman!

  • Anonymous

    What do the liberal adults and youth find admirable in the government?  It seems as if the government finds pleasure in making people squirm.  There is an epidemic of bullying within today’s youth.  Perhaps the liberal adults are imitating their own children.

    • Anonymous

      They think the government can make people be happy.

      • Anonymous

         Make them happy by demonizing conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    Becky Gerritson isn’t representing the TEA Party…
    she’s representing America, what a great speech.

    This should not be allowed in America, ban the IRS — http://www.FairTax.org for a better way.

  • Dave Frandin

    I wonder if the Honorable Mr Paul D. Irving, the House Sergeant At Arms has it within his power to take a contingent of federal police over to the IRS and arrest the current commissioner and anyone else that the House determines they want answers from?? 


    Obama, his regime, his minions and sycophants BAD as they are – once the whole nest of poisonous vipers is cleaned out – THE PROBLEM – THE DISEASE remains that allowed America to go from electing Reagan in a landslide in 80’s to Obama TWICE!

    “My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge”Hosea 4:6
    Produced by Conservative former Idaho Legislator Curtis Bowers
    100+ year HISTORY of relentless, on-going dedicated,domestic enemy within to destroy the greatest country on earth.

    This is a masterful; an amazing documentary connects ALL the dots – explanation of what is happening in America today, how and why.
    He has done incredible research and backs it all up.
    NO CONSPIRACIES. JUST FACTS: that need to be seen by MILLIONS.
    Give it 5 minutes to convince you I am right!
    It is THAT good and THAT important.
    This needs to go VIRAL. Post link everywhere.


  • Anonymous

    Now, picture her in a Burka, being stoned.  That’s what the current regime is setting up, folks.  Impeach Obama.


    The entire Obama administration should be arrested and send to Guantanamo bay, Cuba, for treason and content of the Constitution and the IRS HAVE TO BE ABOLISH. 

    • Anonymous

      IF they are truly guilty of treason, which I too believe they are, then they should ALL suffer the penalty for committing treason which is death. Yes, I actually said they should die “if found guilty for the act of treason”. That has always been the penalty for treason. However, we are a long way from anyone in this government, especially Republicans, actually having the courage to bring ANY of them up on charges. So this is really all moot. 

      • EL ZORRO

        The establishment  Republican leadership are a bunch of spineless and flatulent dimwits that always manage to learn a new way of being stupid. 

  • Anonymous

    I can honestly say that I hate this country with the leadership (or Lack thereof) currently in place!  The roots of the tree of liberty do need refreshing and it needs to happen sooner rather than later.  This government IS OUT OF CONTROL!!  Just read about the secret “man caves” at an EPA warehouse!!!  This has got to stop!!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s amazing. If only there were more who wouldn’t so blithely trade their own freedom in exchange for a few freebies. Our government HAS forgotten its place, from top to bottom. The IRS is only the tip of the iceberg. Now, Obama is trying to appoint a woman who unashamedly advocated the invasion of Israel and much, much more. She is an example of what America SHOULD be like. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    …you dumb piece of sh.

    there, i said what you wanted to say.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    she’s pure grace.

    wish i could be like that.

  • Anonymous

    The USA is on the road to serfdom and we’re proceeding down it with the accelerator to the floor and no brakes at all.

  • Anonymous

    liberals thought that Obama was the messiah who would save us all but he is just a corrupt Chicago politician using alinsky tactics just like conservatives have said all along, i mean to say “we told you so” just doesn’t say it

  • harold caton

    god bless this lady she showed so much  of my feelings ,every word I wish I could have said

  • Mike

    Sorry, Glenn, to the MSM, she is a vassal, a servant who should be ignored and silenced. She shamed Obama and makes him and his junta look bad. Had she been testifying about Bush, yeah, it would be all over. Good Lord, Sandra Fluke and her selfish, infantile demands that we pay for her promiscuous lifestyle were sound bite for a month.

  • Anonymous

    When I watched this yesterday in real time I thought she was amazing.  She nailed it.  Her comments should be required reading in our public schools.  It was an excellent Civics lesson.  I would vote for this intelligent and insightful woman.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing American!

  • Anonymous

    It will be her testimony before Congress that starts the ball rolling for Impeachment of “The Grand Negro” and imposter, Barry Hussein.

    She has now raised the questions on the record that Chairman Camp and others will use to get to the bottom of all these scandals.  She is a great American.

    Barry Hussein and his administration, are criminal and traitors.  Their day is coming, thanks to brave women like Becky Gerritson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580317216 Michael Miller

    she needs to run for senate and hammer the IRS’ balls to the wall of her office.

  • Anonymous

    why is it that more Australians know whats  going on in American politics than americans ????????

  • Anonymous

    I love her.  I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked to see this morning that NONE of the “major” new outlets (msNBC, NBC, CNN) were covering this at all, except for Fox, TheBlaze, Breitbart, and other conservative news outlets.  This is something people should be shouting from the rooftops.  Here is a true American that we can all rally around.

  • bull57

    Powerful ….what she was saying is all so true. We Americans must stand up together and stop our intrusive government. I don’t care what political party you may be affiliated with, stand together all of us as Americans!!!!!!take back our country now as we stand on the edge of falling with no hope of ever returning our country to what it was and should be!

  • jdgalt

    How about doing what stockholders in a private company would do if its management started ignoring them and running things for their own personal profit?

    Bring in a nice, big outside CPA firm and audit the IRS.  Up one side and down the other.

  • NewHampshire

    Why does anyone even BOTHER with the IRS? Just don’t report any donations you get. It’s not enough to have to pay anyway. Good grief.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1848207628 Donna Santee

    Thats my kind of gal…Go get um Becky!!

  • Anonymous

    Becky Gerritson is a very courageous and loyal American and I would gladly go to congress and support her words.

  • not a fool

    She has spoken the truth in front of a lot of dishonest politicians. This is a
    very sad time for America.

  • Anonymous


  • LadybugJ

    I’m wondering … why isn’t Congress holding the IRS in contempt … locking the doors and freezing their payroll until they comply?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jalina-Susan-Stutte/1064345572 Jalina Susan Stutte

    She spoke with no fear and I loved it! That’s what real Americans do. It’s time for all of us to demand that the IRS be abolished now.

  • Jeff Noncent

    I blame on Obama he and his administration should be in jail and congress don’t have the guts to stand for the truth



  • Anonymous

    this McDumbmind clearly shows whats wrong with America, its politicians and this administration…..how dare you to speak up against your gov’t and stand for your “so called” freedom and liberty
    they all need to be fired , how much longer will it take before a president starts to show some spin and abolishes a couple “agency’s”

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.whitley2 Craig Whitley

    It is refreshing, albeit way too rare, to see an American Citizen put these servants in their place.

    With minuscule exceptions, the vast majority in Federal, State, Local governments have forgotten the most fundamental building block in this country and that is WE ARE THE RULERS, not the government.

    The fact they reject the limits placed on government only proves they CANNOT be trusted in positions of power.

    I now know what the people of the former USSR  experienced with Rights only granted by government.

    If we do not dismantle this government, and its source of new statist drones, our public schools, we will become the new USSR.

  • Shane

    The tea party groups just wanted to be treated the same way that liberal groups are treated by the IRS, but liberals oppose this. This scandal goes beyond the IRS as other federal agencies were used to attack Obama’s political enemies.

    • Anonymous

      Liberal groups did not stand in front of a microphone and shout “Abolish the IRS”  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    The regular media will never post this, it would destroy their perfect view of the Obama way of life. Her statement was the truth of the matter. The lies of others will not stand up to it, so it must be covered and hidden from the average citizen, least they start to think again.

  • joe batrich

    635 days after application was submitted.  635 Days!  This is the same group the Obama administration has chosen to head up our nations health care system. The medical profession fears the unnecessary changes, the American public fears the changes, yet we have no voice.  God help us all

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    She wants the attention bad! Here is the new Rosa Parks of the Tea Party Movement . . . yea right! We need to check deeply, not only the conservative non-profit groups, but ALL the groups in America. If you want tax-exempt status, you need to be check twice or maybe three times. Plus, your group is not doing any social benefit program for Americans. They doing political marketing all the way to favor Republicans and far-right candidates. If you are really pro-America, then do it for Democrats and liberals as well . . . they say they are a social benefit group, like it was a game or a title only separated to them, duh?

    • Anonymous

      How long did the NAACP have to wait for its 501-c-4 status? I don’t object to Tea Party groups being rejected for 501-c-4 status. The problem is the IRS has not made a decision on that, for 2, some cases 3 years. They’re stuck in limbo and being asked extremely probing questions this whole time. They face legal and financial jeopardy, because they don’t know whether they’re running afoul of the law or not. The IRS has not told them. That’s what’s unacceptable.

      Secondly, a group opposing gay marriage allegedly had its donor list leaked to an opposition group, and the Huffington Post, by the IRS. They are now suing, and if their charge sticks, whoever did this inside the government faces a felony charge. Something stinks about all this, and it’s not, “Boo-hoo, I’m being scrutinized.” The IRS is not doing its job, and possibly acting criminally. This is what should cause us concern.

  • Anonymous

    Great proclamation of what the tea party is all about. For those of you that hate us we are not going to disappear like you hoped for.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the romanticization of the past. One would think that conservatives should be the ones to be mature enough to avoid this naive mistake. America is not slipping away from being great, just from being stuck in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Mrs Gerritson  represents  the great silent majority of Americans who are no longer silent.
    Those  Chicago Way  intimidation  tactics    by the Obama administration  have awakened 
    our anger and  determination to both   take   our America  back  and   cleanse  all the 
    Obama “plants” from  the Federal Govt.    It is becoming apparent that  Obama  and his
    far left   “power grabbing  parasites”   have run their course  especially . as revealed in the IRS   scandal. Note that Al Capone’s Chicago  Way used similar tactics of intimidation.   But he  was finally  brought down for Fed Income Tax evasion. – not paying taxes on  ill gotten income.
    For Obama it is ill gotten power.       

  • Terre

    If you feel like your rights have been given away when you travel, with the invasive pat downs and naked scans,

    Now is your chance!

    You have until June 24th to give your opinion on TSA’s airport full body scanners!


    Are these scanners safe???

    —>  The backscatter scanners can cause cancer:


    —->  The millimeter wave scanners can rip DNA strands:


  • Maximus

    The IRS has ruined my life. Thank you, all you gods in washington, the only improvement to my quality of life is death. Its your only way out of the matrix

  • tahoegal

    She brought me to tears. I sit here and wonder why the hell someone in Congress has not started impeachment proceedings. How much more are we supposed to stomach. How much? Are we to stand idly by and watch the corrosion of our country? Won’t our elected officials hear us? Do they hear us? I guess not. My father said he is glad he will be dead before we completely self destruct. He did not fight in Korea for this. I did not defend our country in the Navy for this. I am so disgusted and terribly exhausted from worry of what is happening.

  • Anonymous

    She might as talk to the wall for all the good its going to do.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe just maybe putting “Abolish the IRS” on your application for Tax exempt status as part of your platform was not the brightest thing to do ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/icowboyuptoo Mark Ware

    It amazes me when they take poll, they do it in a place like New York. Polls that tells the government that people really don’t care what they are doing. Well in a liberal city I can see that. But if those congressman she sat before only knew that she didn’t only represent Wetumpka, and Alabama, and to what resolve we have to FORCE THE GOVERNMENT IN ITS PLACE, the government would be the one very afraid. At some point being nice and petitions stop and it has to go to the next level. I am so proud how eloquent and direct she spoke for us. If it had been me I’m not sure I could have reframed from using explicit adjectives when that Dem starting blaming it on her for getting harassed . Whether they know it or not, they have been warned!!!

  • Anonymous

    Valerie Jarrett, Lois Lerner, Obama et al, be afraid, be very afraid there are more of us like her and WE WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE OUR COUNTRY DOWN!

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