A silent monologue: Last Words

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Last week, Glenn was told that his vocal cords have been paralyzed. Don’t worry, the problem will come and go and the problem can be repaired, but the experience has made Glenn wonder “If today was the last day I had a voice, what would I say?”. He reveals the answer in the video above.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Glenn!    You has been the “voice in the wilderness” for so many of us, and I would truly miss your dopey-sweet voice speaking TO me, and not AT me (like so many others).  Even if you never spoke another word aloud, your kindness, goodness and hopefulness would still shine like a beacon in the darkness.  we love you Glenn…take care of yourself and your family…you’ll always be our very own “George Washington,”  and i’ll keep you in my prayers, always.  xxx

    • Anonymous

      This video is powerful and your well chosen words ring TRUE.  There are very few in public life who speak the truth today, we cannot trust our politicians, our representatives, our schools, our churches, to speak the TRUTH any longer.  Thank you for this powerful video and I pray God’s healing hand will be upon you and your voice returns stronger.  Keep up your good work, Glenn Beck.  We are all counting on you to bring us good truthful words again soon.

      • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=622087644 Jamie Taylor

    God Bless you, Glenn Beck.  Words cannot express the positivity you’ve brought to my life, and to people around me.  I found God through you, and happiness in my life.  Please know that, and take courage in America.  It’s always darkest before the dawn, and love WILL keep us together.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication and love.  

    • Watchman on the Wall

       Love alone will not be sufficient to keep us together.  Truth must precede love and be motivated by agape love to bring others into the light of truth.  Love without truth is a deception.  Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Him, He teaches us in John 14:6.  In John 18:37 He reveals to Pilate that He came to this earth to testify to the TRUTH and that those who are of the TRUTH hear His voice.

      False teachers endlessly teach a false gospel of love and grace with no genuine confession, repentance or true submission and surrender to full obedience to Jesus out of love for Him and what He first did for us: loved us.  We must not permit that error to continue and be perpetuated any longer.  Furthermore, we must have nothing to do with any false teachers who will deceive us.  If we fail to do this, we are disobeying God and Jesus and thus we do not love Him (see John 14:21) and He will not know us and save us (see Matthew 7:21-23).

      • Shawn Berry

        Glenn has led more people to Jesus in the last few years then most preachers will in their lifetime. He is undoubtedly a vessel for God. Anyone who doubts this is deluding their selves.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          The Jesus of the LDS Church is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. Anyone who doubts this, is not familiar with the teachings of the LDS Church, nor with what the Bible teaches concerning who Jesus and God is.

          So this is just neat sleight of hand that deceives the uninformed and overly trusting, but it has nothing to do with coming to be born again into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, who most definitely does not have a brother, Satan, as the LDS Church teaches. Nor does the Bible teach that we become gods in heaven, but the LDS Church does, based on specific “works” which a Mormon man, married and sealed in the Mormon temple can do to “earn” his way into godhood. These are all simply occult blasphemies that reveal the Mormon Church to be nothing more than a cult. A very rich cult, but a cult nevertheless.

          • Aaron Kelley

            Glenn does not espouse the LDS church over that of other faiths. He states that as HIS choice but encourages folks to make their own choice as to faith. Make whatever you choose personal but believe in something. Have faith in something or you will surely lose everything.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            That’s just my point! Believing in SOMETHING saves no one! Trusting in that which is trustworthy is the only thing which does!

            How can Glenn have led more people to Jesus when the Jesus the LDS Church teaches is a false Christ?!? The simple answer is that he can’t, and anyone who thinks clearly and critically ought to be able to discern this. But few people in the world today are capable of clear thinking and coherent thought.

            What else would we expect in these days of the great tribulation other than deep confusion and widespread deception?

            “For there shall arise fall Christs,and false prophets (Joseph Smith among them), and shall shew great signs and wonders insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24

            The good news is that the elect, of which I am one, are not deceived. The bad news is that everyone who is not of God’s elect IS deceived. Let the wise understand. The wicked never will. Daniel 12:10 tells us this. No form of organized religion will.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TopAssistant Frank Livingston

    Wow, what a powerful statement Glenn. I will pray for your voice to get better!!! 

    • Anonymous

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      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-White/1413250234 John White

         Bad Form. This is not the place for your advertisements!

        • Anonymous

          You are one of the reasons we are in trouble.  No compassion, caring or love.  If you feel this way, then why do you read Glenn’s newsletter or better still reply.  When you lose all feelings for one another you become no better than a pack of dogs looking to find the next dog to attack.  

          • Anonymous

            June, I believe John White was talking about DBlere7058

          • Anonymous

            Hey June; wake up. You give the rest of us a bad name; when you’re being dumb. Or are you Emily Letella?

          • Anonymous

            WOW.  Back  down there Mike.  June’s comment was a simple misunderstanding, or I think, was meant for DBlere.  I would say to save these words for the trolls, but….I think you need to take a moment and reflect on what you just read.  This way of being towards one another was what Glenn just wrote about NOT doing.   

          • Anonymous

            Bite me, hope. I don’t “need” to do anything that YOU think.

          • Anonymous

            Ok.  You seem to be offended by my post.  That was not my intention.  I do apologize.   I will just pray for you.  God Bless! 

            NUMBERS 6:24-26

        • Anonymous

          Silly.  Bet you are one of the 47% takers/entitled to other people’s labors and money person thinking the working people will work forever for the lazybones.

      • Terry E

        what a JERK!!  HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

        • Anonymous

          ok, choose  your words wisely and do as Glenn says. BE KIND and LOVE one another!

        • http://www.facebook.com/bea.biederman Bea Biederman

          To whom are you referring as a JERK with no shame?

  • http://www.facebook.com/annie.cos.946 Annie Cos

    I am deeply humbled by your humility and grace.  Your intention shines forth – –  for you truly care about our country, brotherhood and God.  I am so grateful for your place in this country and time in “history” and to be able to be here to witness it.  It is clear that your inspiration comes from a source much greater than yourself and that you have surrendered yourself to those ends and for the greater good of all – –  no matter what the price.  That is deeply felt when listening to you over all of these years.  That is true power;  and when you speak the truth it is powerful and deeply known to be true.  Even when unable to speak it, your message comes through loud and clear.

    Thank you for the reminder about words and thank you also for your silence tonight that confirms the fact that even without spoken word, your message is inspired, truthful and very powerful.

    Thank you, very sincerely.

  • http://facebook.com/metalchick007 Lisa Renee’ Jones

    Glenn Beck has made me want to be my best ME.  Thank you for your inspiration and courage to speak without fear.  May God Bless you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.stover.3 Rachel Stover


    • Stephan Bruno

      You and your husband cried to this shit? You both need an ass beating. 

      • Anonymous

         And YOU sir, are the ass that needs to be BEAT!!

      • Anonymous

        A guy named stephan bruno talks about an ass beating …….?

        • Stephan Bruno

          Yeah Unclegeek you got a fucking problem?

          • Jerrel Hawkins

            I feel sorry for you Steve…I really do. When a person has to use those kind of words to make a statement, shows a true lack of intelligence. I’m so sorry your that unhappy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/brian.griffith.779 Brian Griffith

             Those who must resort to swearing at others to make a point have lost the argument…just say’in.

          • Anonymous

            Looks like the only one who’s got a problem is you bruno you left wing JACKASS

          • Stephan Bruno

            Awesome comeback. Stuff some food insurance up your ass and go fuck your sister. 

          • Anonymous

            Heh, heh. Heckle and Jeckle. You just want to sturr up trash. You don’t even have a view. Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to your nose up everyones’ ass.

      • Jerrel Hawkins

        You have no heart. This tells me you are a far left loon. Good will never come to you unless you see the big picture.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh a troll. Don’t feed the troll!

      • Anonymous

        You’ll understand when you get a little older.  Wisdom doesn’t happen overnight.

      • Jen Boissonneault

        Did you not get the no-hate memo? Why do you feel the need to even comment? Your mother should have taught you: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Please go take your hateful speech elsewhere. It is not welcome here.

      • Anonymous

        Troll, get off the comments if you don’t have anything positive to type. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-Pendzimas-Klein/1373561781 Dawn Pendzimas Klein

        God bless you! My husband and I will be praying for you, Stephan. Your belief does not mandate the existance of Almighty God. He is the one who taught us to love through Jesus Christ. Jesus was the one who laid down his life for everyone, including you–please lay down your hate, in Jesus’ name.

      • John Kopczak

        Dear Guest to Rachel Stover 7 months ago…evidently you’ve been buried in the sand for too long…what we are becoming is such a travesty & insult to our Constitution that WE ALL SHOULD BE CRYING…but someday you and many like you will wake up smell the Cactus and wish you’d cried with Glenn and acted like an American instead of a smug folk too sophisticated to cry…

      • Jame Gumb

        You need more love in your life…

    • Jerrel Hawkins

      Rachel, I know how you and your husband felt. My dad and I did the same thing and, your believe in Christ shows me even more about your comment. You folks are true Patriots.

  • Stephan Bruno

    Maybe it’s god way of telling you to shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, powerful words from a wee man looking for attention. You have my ear little one. Now ask yourself why you are here. Its really sad to see people so full of hate that they hang around a site they despise for childish commentary. May god bless you and your Therapist.

      • Mr_TrueReality

        I hope for temoporary paralysis of Stephen Bruno’s fingers so he would learn to appreciate the sence of touch, temporary blindness so he would perhaps learn to really see, and temporary loss of hearing so he would have to listen to his own disjointed internal voice exclusively for a while……folks, Stephan is the way a neophite looks and ‘sounds’ !!!

    • Anonymous

       Obviously you know not of God, for he would never speak in such a way. And that says it all – about you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049477457 Brad Fellmeth

    Glenn, I only recently recovered myself from having no voice for about two months. Hearing you struggle to speak the past couple weeks has shown a certain parallel between our experiences, and helped God to show me the lessons to be learned from my period of silence. I do believe that, though this period for me has been infuriating at times (particularly as a singer), God has used my infirmary to temper my voice and the message it carries. I’m still learning, still figuring out quite what I’m doing, but I can feel that shift… He has taught me prudence, temperance, and perhaps a bit more about Love. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean; it’s been your own fire for those same lessons, those same virtues that helped set my own course straight when it began to waver. 

    God has given me my voice back (mostly), but I don’t think I’m the same as when I lost it. I have you to thank, in part, for that. So God bless you, Glenn, for trusting Him and speaking His most fundamental message. I’ll be praying for you, and so will Saint Blaise, I’m sure. How ironic that the patron saint of throats shares a name, more or less, with your own network. Never let it be said that God has no sense of humor.

    We are with you Glenn. Keep your bells on.

    • Anonymous

       That was absolutely beautiful, Brad. Good for you.

  • italiamom

    You are the BEST!!!!! You have grown into what we all need to be. We love you, and we will all pray for this man who has helped us get stronger and to stand up for our Liberty. Without you, we lose our courage to move forward, our country is going down this path of tyranny. I am scared to death, it’s all i think about. Thank you, for everything you have done for all of us to be able to open our eyes. Our children and grandchildren deserve to live in Freedom, the same USA that we were raised in. I wish you the best of health and speedy recovery.

  • Anonymous

    My God’s healing be sent to you Glenn, through the healing hands of your doctors.  God Bless You. 
    If you don’t think you make a difference, take a look at this:  Chuck Woolery ‏@chuckwoolery                       
    @glennbeck U will probably never get this,but here goes. U alone have inspired me and I thank you and hope and pray for your fast recovery.

    • Anonymous

      I was so flattered that you read this on air today. Chuck’s tweet came through just as I was watching this video, and his words, and most certainly yours, moved me. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/maugaoalii.pele Maugaoali’i Pele

        Glenn, you’re our voice to the world….trust in the Lord and surrender all to Him, Him and Him alone will heal what’s wrong…don’t even give up!  We’re praying for your healing….Trust and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ….God Bless you Gless and your family…We love you!!

    • Anonymous

       WOOOW!! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing sybill!!

  • Pamela Peltonen

    This was an amazingly powerful piece! If people cannot see that you are a good man, then I feel sorry for them. God Bless you sir!

  • Anonymous

    Beck is so emotional with his big baby blues that could melt glaciers.
    Heal up, get strong again and never doubt people are listening it’s just this current cloud of widespread snooping.
    Luv & GBU

  • http://www.facebook.com/andycivil Andy Doyle

    Wow.  I was very moved by this tonight.  Great message!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002138098531 Caitlin Nicholas
  • Anonymous

    Glenn, First of all, I want to tell you that I love you! You are such an amazing person! I know God has a special purpose for you! I have learned so much from you in the past 3 or 4 years. You are one of the wisest men I know! Between you, my husband. and Rush, I feel that I am surrounded by great men of God! Thank you for being so real, and honest! I am sorry for your latest battle with your voice, but I will be lifting you up in prayer! May God richly bless you! And Glenn, thank you for tonight’s silent monologue! Fantastic and so moving! I have seen a real spiritual change in you! I know God will direct you and use you for His glory!

  • kent buffinet


  • Mr_TrueReality

    My best thoughts toward your recovery Glenn. Nerve disfunction can be enhanced by psychosumatic symptoms and stress. Keep that in mind and also consider this perspective on and old quote of William Shakespeare, “The Pen is mightier than the Sword”
    Since this is physically impossible, defending against a sword bearer with a pen, he must have had a symbolic meaning in mind….I think most would accept that. But, it is also quite debateable weather the written word is more powerfull than armed aggression (this has been the traditional interpretation of the quotes meaning for years). Couldn’t he have truly meant that the written word (Pen) is more powerfull than the spoken word (S…word)?
    I hope you have a quick and stable recovery….your vocal inflections when delivering your content would be sincerely missed should your voice not return to you. After all, the musical tones within linguistic delivery are the hidden language within the English language and that can’t be easily translated into text.
    Try and relax and focus on the healing process…..there are many of us who, “have got your back”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001027600669 Renihan Dave

    We LOVE YOU GLENN, you have tought U.S. so much that wasnt tought in school, you have enlightened us and given U.S. hope in a truly better future. YOU ARE MY HERO…… and  allways in my prayers, every night….. God Bless You Glenn, Pat , Stu, yes and Jeffy we love you all….YOU ARE DOING GODS WORK… THANK YOU….-_-…. Dave

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=532257002 Karol L. White

    Dear Glenn,

    Just watched your incredibly powerful “card testimony”. And I was moved to share a story with you. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman, but he too has experienced a period of vocal cord paralysis. I was at a conference, either in late 2001 or 2002, where he spoke. He shared his story, and HOW SCARY for someone (like yourself) who makes his living with his voice! There was a song on the album (ironically entitled “Speechless”) that he had just released, and just finished recording before the paralysis began, called “God is God”. At the conference, he shared how eerie it was when he realized how the lyrics of the song now reflected his situation… these lines in particular: “And the questions without answers Come and paralyze the dancer, So I stand here on the stage, afraid to move, afraid to fall…” He then got up and performed the song – for the first time in front of an audience since his voice returned. I pray that your recover is as miraculous, and I pray that, in the meantime, you will find comfort and strength in his words and faith. 

    God is God – by Steven Curtis Chapman (2001 – Speechless)And the pain falls like a curtain On the things I once called certain And I have to say the words I fear the most I just don’t knowAnd the questions without answers Come and paralyze the dancer So I stand here on the stage afraid to move Afraid to fall, oh, but fall I must On this truth that my life has been formed from the dustGod is God and I am not I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting God is God and I am man So I’ll never understand it all For only God is GodAnd the sky begins to thunder And I’m filled with awe and wonder ‘Til the only burning question that remains Is who am ICan I form a single mountain Take the stars in hand and count them Can I even take a breath without God giving it to me He is first and last before all that has been Beyond all that will passOh, how great are the riches of His wisdom and knowledge How unsearchable for to Him and throughHim and from Him are all thingsSo let us worship before the throne Of the One who is worthy of worship alone

  • Jeannette Altair

    This evening’s program was very moving.  You are in my thoughts and prayers for continued health and stamina, Glenn.  When I learned about your vocal chords, I thought about Moses and what God had him do because Moses had speech difficulties.   

    You are very talented, both in writing and in speaking.  I know God will continue to use you in many ways, so don’t grow weary!

  • pslinger

    “Who will stop it? If we don’t, they won’t.”

    That is the million dollar question at this point in history. What we’re seeing happening to this country will not stop unless it is stopped by the American people.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the Lord will guide our experiences for his own purposes.  Your silent monologue touched a note with me.  Are we living in a rebellious house, Ezekiel 12:2; or do we have eyes that see and ears that hear as the Master asked.  The Lord says ‘His’ ways are not our ways.  For the watchful, the signs of the times are evident.  The trick is hearing his voice and doing his will.  My the Lord bless our humble efforts to do so, is my prayer.

  • landofaahs

    Get ready folks.  Wicked stuff this way comes.  You can feel it in the air and there is more to come about the corruption.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1513023132 Jane M. Smith

    Glenn, we are praying for your vocal chords to get better.  What a poignant message!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1513023132 Jane M. Smith

    Glenn, we are praying for your vocal chords to get better.  What a poignant message!

  • http://www.facebook.com/betty.wooton.5 Betty Wooton

    God Bless you and thank you for everything you do.hang in there God is with his child and he’s not going to leave us .

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000020411093 Matthew Roberson

     I need to report something going on… I waited until it was confirmed, but now roadblock DNA & blood sampling is going on in my state! Supposedly its a private firm, though some are saying homeland security, that are working with local sheriffs. They say that individuals are paid 50$, and also given a quiz on an Ipad. Its also rumored that at some of the roadblocks, they are forcing individuals who do not comply to have their vehicles searched. Furthermore, it is happening in other states as well!


    PDF of a past study http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nhtsa.gov%2FDOT%2FNHTSA%2FTraffic%2520Injury%2520Control%2FArticles%2FAssociated%2520Files%2FPilotTest_NRSM.pdf&h=gAQFqtZmCAQHVn1w726mNIqY_eRWHFc8SEp-HvtqdF74ckQ&enc=AZPFW_C99m8UEHV97dBI8VuUZcjOTvn0a9oylZdNX4ChwpNvbhy7s2fnPkAQ41ghb3uCG-x_dDnFICV54lAWsFsL&s=1

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.hutchins.140 Eric Hutchins

      You’re not searching my vehicle without a warrant, and you’re not taking my blood without making me leak it.

    • Guest

       Stop being an alarmist – it is a voluntary program. If a driver wishes not to take part, they are allowed to go on their way.

  • Anonymous

    Lots to think about in this silent commentary.
    How many are listening?
    How many are choosing their words carefully?
    How many are stuck in the same patterns of hate speech? Insults? Flame wars?
    How many are willing to search deep within their souls to rise above the fear and loathing to become better people? Better citizens? Better friends?

    Are YOU listening?
    Are YOU stuck?

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.hutchins.140 Eric Hutchins

      “How loud are YOU singing?”

      • Anonymous

        Who’s singing? I’m not a canary, nor a stool pigeon. What about you?

        • http://www.facebook.com/eric.hutchins.140 Eric Hutchins

          Read “How to Kill 11 Million People” by Andy Anderson.  Then, you will know what I mean.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

      You’re amazing. All you people that give Glenn Beck a pass on the false accusations he’s made against innocent people, the fear mongering he’s done over the years, the divisive talk, the ridicule of others who are different from himself – you people astound me with your blind adulation of a very bad man.

      • Anonymous

        Take a look at your pronouns and your own false accusations in your response to me. Did I give Glenn a pass? No. That is your assumption. It IS truly amazing the lengths that Obamabots and trolls will go to in order to discredit and demonize people who make statements against the mindless dribble and propaganda programmed and fed to the low information voters. Inciting mass hysteria to brainwash a population of ignorant swine and lobotomized sheeple in order to reign supreme as a narcissistic tyrant is your blind adulation of a very bad man. Face it, doc, you drank the koolaid.

      • Guest

         Why don’t you just drop this sock and use your old one, Vicky?

  • Anonymous

    I love you.you are my brother.thank you for choosing and allowing God to give you the words. I pray He will see us through. I trust that He will.You are an imperfect man from whom the Power of God Almighty reins through. I believe He is showing us the way by you. SERENITY-COURAGE-WISDOM….the “alcoholics” prayer I carry in my heart and a beautifully written word SERENITY tatoo in memory of two of my loves in eternity, and I’m not an alcoholic, but you were, and the message is wise and comforting.Remember who walks beside you when you falter.  Not only He who created you but all of us who choose to follow.  LOVE YOU TO THE MOON….

  • Anonymous

    This was awesome.  Thank you Glenn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.hutchins.140 Eric Hutchins

    Glenn, thank you for being you.  Never stop.  You are today’s Paul Revere, today’s George Washington.  My sincerest hope is that you continue what you’re doing and continue to help unite those of us who still believe in America and her founding principles.

    That said…

    How many?  How many scandals, lies, intrusions and debacles does it take?  When will we finally stand up and shout “enough is enough”?  They are supposed to fear US, not the other way around.  A fine job they’ve done of training the nationalism out of most Americans.  Fine job indeed.  We need to cut the heads off this hydra sooner than later, folks, or it’s just going to get worse; until there’s no way out of it.  Heck, we might be there already.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

      Paul Revere didn’t sell TShirts proclaiming “THE BRITISH ARE COMING!”  Glenn Beck is no Paul Revere and comparing him to George Washington is like comparing PT Barnum to Ronald Reagan. It’s just ridiculous. It does show how gullible you are though.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Tee/1479942736 David Tee

        Learn your history – Paul Revere was a silversmith, ergo he created & sold various types of wares.  He certainly didn’t sit around and expect the government to hand him money… 

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

          David, you don’t know the difference between the sincere actions of Revere’s and the fear-mongering merchandising Beck does. That explains why you’re a fan of Beck’s.

      • http://www.facebook.com/eric.hutchins.140 Eric Hutchins

        Paul Revere did not need to reach a population of 350,000,000 americans, nor did he need to fund his ride.  George Washington led the charge when everybody was ready to give up.  As did Reagan in his era.  PT Barnum coined the phrase “There’s one born every minute”.  You’re the proof.  How about you go do something to make a difference instead of trolling forums.

        • Guest

           Excellent post

  • http://delldeaton.com Dell Deaton

    Hang in there, Glenn. And, by the way, just yesterday I was thinking how great your thinking and commitment are represented by Pat and Stu. Remember: Jesus, who often taught best by simply leading through example (to us all), raised up disciples to follow Him. And they, in turn, had those who followed them. That was value and power. I encourage you to use Pat and Stu, freely, at this time; they are good stewards of your work, and a gift grom God. Thank Him, then concentrate on your healing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

      That’s hilarious DD. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1518634699 Craig T Jones

    loved that, praying for your voice to be stronger than ever Glen!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.bloodworth1 Robin Bloodworth

    …… wow…….    

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

    I don’t believe in the supernatural, but when good things like this happen, it does give me pause. 

    • Bagel Boy

      You seem like a very sad and lonely person.  I feel sorry for you

  • http://www.facebook.com/renee.kessler.75 Renee Kessler

    Obviously this doesn’t mean you can’t share the thoughts God inspires you to share.  He gave you great penmanship :)   Keep sharing God’s truths still true today from His Word and our Nation’s history,  II Chronicles 7:14 (Seek God’s face, pray, turn from sinful ways and there will be a healing of our Nation) Also, when we share God’s Word ( Isaiah 55:11 )  His Word’s will not return to Him void but will accomplish what He pleases!  I love that you have stepped out for His truths and God will use whatever you do in His name!  God bless! 

  • justapatriot

    Thank you for all you have done for us.  I pray that your voice makes a full recovery. No matter what, your words will ring loud and clear through your writings. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001020927252 Michele Masters

    You are wonderful and said the truth to the American people!!!! We need to stand UNIted instead of divided!!!! I really cried!!!! I pray every day to God!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

      Glenn Beck is one of the biggest dividers in the media! He has stated often times nonsense about “us versus them” It’s amazing how blind and gullible you people are.

      • Guest

         Not So Good Doctor:  The divider here seems to be you.  You apparently missed the whole point of his monolog. For you to call names …”It’s amazing how blind and gullible you people are.” shows what you really are.

  • Anonymous

    Glen these have been the most powerful words you have spoken, and instead of heraing them I read each and everyone. I grew up believing that being an American was one of the greatest gifts that my parents gave me. I came from Cuba running from what is now is starting to become the same place my parents ran from to give  me and my sisters an opportunity to live free. My dad was a doctor and my mother a professor at the University of Habana. We had to leave because my mother was constantly speaking against what she believed was the tyrannny of the Castro Regime. My father was a promenant physician and a friend told him you have to get your wife out , if you don’t she will be executed for expressing her opinions of Castro and his regime. I was 4 when I came to America and I am  56 today. My mother worked in this country from the minute we set foot on the soil of this great country, where we requested for political asylum. She worked while my dad learned the language and became a doctor again in this country. The proudest day of my life was when I turned 18 and  I was old enough to become a citizen the United States of America. Today your words on those cards, took me back to the the way I have always felt about my country. I did not grow up hating rich or poor and was taught that we all had something special to contribute and that by living in America we could choose freely how high or how low we wanted togo. Today I find myself basically penniless after running my once successful  business for nearly 30 years. I also find myself bitter and hateful not because I mow lawns, or clean houses, or do pressure washing to make ends meet I used to make a lot more than the 13,000 I made last year and have even lost my home of 19 years.  I am not on any government program. I thank God that he has given me the health and the ability to still use my hands to take care of myself. I have become bitter and hateful because of what my government is doing to my country. I can get back on my feet again and again  but only in a free country.Today your words reminded me of how I use to be and feel about my country and and it’s people.  Today I am not Republican , I am not a Democrat, I am not an independent. I am a citizen of the greatest most generous country on earth. Today Mr Beck your words reminded me to love more get involved in making a difference by action , and not by sitting at my computer trashing everything that is said by the far left. Today the actions to take is to get Republicans, Democrats and independents to take our government back not by force but by coming together as Americans. Today you reminded me that it’s going take all our voices Republicans, Democrats and Independents combined to take our government and country back.  God makes no mistakes Mr Beck your words on those cards have been the most powerful and I  love your show and always have. God bless you and your family Mr. Beck and God bless this country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1511986666 Jessie Kimberlie Currier

      Hi Adria!  I admire your folks, and I am glad that you seem to have taken their values to heart.  I have some dear friends who came here from Armenia, and some more who came here from China.  They run restaurants in my town.  They have learned our language and they work hard – early to late, 7 days a week.  And what impresses me the most is how they talk about what a wonderful country the United States is, and how much they love living here and how much better it is here than it was in the countries of their birth.  But so many of our young people (I work with young people) today take this country for granted.  So many people do not realize what a truly great country this is. People ask me what nationality I am.  I could tell them that I’m English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, and Comanche.  My children are all of that plus Scandanavian and Cherokee.  And there is probably more in the mix that I don’t even know about.  But what I tell them is that we are Americans.  I am proud to be an American.  Something that our current President is not.  And I want to keep being proud to be an American.  But our current government is making me lose that pride very quickly.  Thanks to Glenn for everything he does.  I really believe that God is using him.  And God sets them up and takes them down, and He is in control.  But I want to thank you too – for being proud of “the greatest and most generous country on earth” and for not being to ashamed or frightened to say so. 

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Glenn!  The words you have shared have changed the lives of so many of us!  Thank you for that!  Our words are so important amd are a key to changing our lives, If we think before we speak and change the negative to positive we can change our hearts – which is what needs to change in this country.   I have learned so much from you and pray for you and your family all the time.  You amaze me with your creative ability to reach out and touch hearts.  You do bring love – not hate.  You bring us together – while so many seek to divide us.    Your silent monologue brought tears to my eyes because I know how much you care.  You are such a humble man – but I know that God has a plan for you – and you will come through this stronger than ever.  Thank you again not only for the words you speak – but for the heart behind the words!   We love and support you, Glenn!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001020927252 Michele Masters

    You made me cry! The American people need to be United not divided….You are so right!!! I have prayed to GOD every day to help us.WE are giving our freedoms up…Our young people don’t understand b/c they have had a free America.Keep speaking the truth you are our voice.GOD WILL BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.mosny Debbie Shokes Mosny

    Wow!  The most powerful ‘silent film’ I’ve ever watched!  I love you Glenn and God speed you to a quick recovery!  You are a wonderful, caring individual that speaks for millions of We The People that want this country, our wonderful America, back from the haters and government controllers that are power hungry!  You, my friend, are blessed with a tremendous heart of a true American and I salute you!  Take care, our prayers are with you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heidi.j.macalaster Heidi Jo Macalaster

    The words I would choose for you, Glenn, is love (we love you), courage (you have spoken when no one else would…tails tucked under our legs, intelligence (you have the mind of an encyclopedia and a love for country and constitution…you know America inside and out), share (You try, every day to share your knowledge each and every day to America…hoping her inhabitants will listen…many do…many do not….I fear for America, as you do) Hope (no matter what happens to this great country we have a Greater Hope Who will set it all right!)…all will be well…in the end…until then, keep on talking, whether by written or spoken, your words are heard!  and again, you are loved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Geraghty/1548416670 Lisa Geraghty

    Thank you for being one of the lone voices out there. But,I think you know that you are not alone. What you say rings true for so many. Keep it up. We need you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deborah-LSearcy/1028947901 Deborah L.Searcy

    Glenn we are praying for you, thank you for your self sacrifice in everything you do .May God bless you and keep you and your family may He make his face to shine upon you and give you peace and heal you and this nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CookieMonstertheone James T. Cook

    Glenn, I am a huge fan so, don’t take this the wrong way. Here are some words, ” The tree of Liberty, is refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Even in the scriptures, sometimes violence, was necessary to extract the evil, that had taken root. I know the Lord, can do all things but, do you really think we can make a course correction for our country, without spilling any blood? If so, how? Half the country is corrupt. Almost everyone that supports this administration and President Barry Soeterro, know of their wickedness. How can we change the country without bloodshed, when almost half, have chosen to support the wicked? I truly want only peace and would like to think of myself, as the Captain Moroni type. But, looking at our countries problems realistically, I don’t see how we can correct this without civil war. I am not making a declaration, I am humbly asking you to please, show me the peaceful way, we can save our country. I’m ready to help in any way I can and give whatever it takes, to save her. I  know that those of us that prefer peace, will never start the violence but, if we are attacked for our beliefs or our faith, should we fight back? Thanks Glenn for all that you do. The CookieMonsta

  • James Michael Weaver

    fantastic show

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe that I agree with Glenn Beck. I’ve always thought he was divisive. I’ve changed my mind. I like this newer version. I hope he gets his voice back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Manson/1528242547 The Good Doctor

    Glenn Beck still says mean things about others. A handicapped woman in Eugene OR was the victim of his mocking a couple summers ago. And recently, a injured and frightened young man was falsely accused of being a “bad bad bad man” a “dirt bag” and “terrorist” and a “recruiter of terrorists.”  All of you people who fell for Glenn’s little ACT WITH THESE NOTE CARDS need to hear the truth for a change and see through Beck’s act. He’s not an honest man.

    • Anonymous

      Sad, very, very sad.  Did you even WATCH the entire video?  He admitted that he’s said hurtful things and now he wants to heal, not hurt.  Are you a big enough person to let him try, or are you a person who holds someone’s past over them forever and never forgives them or lets them try to make amends or improve themselves?

    • Guest

      To The Good Doctor:
      “Glenn Beck still says mean things about others.”

      You are no one to be casting aspersions on Beck or his audience.  A quick perusal of your profile shows a little about yourself:

      “It’s amazing how blind and gullible you people are.” …. “Glenn Beck sells fear and delusional conspiracies to his core group of gullible, superstitious, under-educated yokels.” …….. ” I bet you could really dazzle us with a fresh box of crayons and a coloring book too.” …… “Glenn Beck generates preposterous conspiracy theories and fans the flames of ignorance with his supernatural beliefs to make money.” …. “So another Glenn Beck fan is a racist.” …. “..this clown Glenn Beck:” ….. “Glenn has a mean streak..”…. “Beck is losing it.” …… “Enough of this kind of crap from Beck.” ….. “Glenn could get around the green way by using all the hotair he spews.” …… “… Glenn Beck’s fear mongering and conspiracy theory rants.” …. “Glennis the Menace has left reality..” ……. “Apocalypse Glenn” …… “You’re nuts Glenn.” ….. “Get help.”

      • Sandie

        He is casting stones from his own glass house. Sounds like HWSRN, yes?

        • Guest


    • Anonymous

      Really? Why don’t you tell us who these (fake) people ARE?? You’re probably trying to tell us that the injured and scared young man was the younger brother Boston bomber. You aren’t in the least bit convincing by telling us your made up lies with zero details.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.sanders.9212 Debbie Sanders

    you make us think thank you for your voice out loud or silence. It has been said that what you are doing speaks so loudly that my ears cant hear your voice so we all must do our best to “speak ” well

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1316216555 Mira McClanahan

    Thank you, Glenn. You are an inspiration. Get well soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/geneva.g.pratt Geneva Greer Pratt

    I am female and I was asked to be the speaker for our Father’s Day service at our church. I was fine with this and felt honored that I would be chosen for this occasion. Then I was pondering on what to speak about and didn’t know where to begin. Thumbing thru some pages on the internet I came up with this video and watched it and tears begin to flow. How very touching and what a learning experience. I received direction today with this video. Thank you so much, as this is also for me and I have learned so much. Life is about all the things you mentioned. I will watch this again and again. This will go on my shelf of things to always remember. Thank you for the great lesson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christenatrapnellreese Christena Trapnell Reese

    Awesome! Sorry your voice is lost, but not really, you still have words and your uncanny ability to put them all together to say the right things. You have Used them wisely to remind us all that we are all HUMAN and we all LOVE and we all CARE and WANT WHAT IS BEST deep down inside of us FOR all of us…Your voice will never be silenced…Your voice speaks for all of us! Thank you and God Bless you!

  • Anonymous

    I love you my brother in Christ!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Desy-Nurul-Azkiya/100001601301792 Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]   thank  you  verry  much  all  off  you’sssssssss    :]      i like    glennbeck job’s   too,he  is  our’hero  ‘he  try  to  safe  as  AMIN

  • http://mudpuddlebunny.wordpress.com/ MudPuddleBunny
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1096943929 Jeanelle Majcen

    I am praying for you Glenn! This piece brought tears to my eyes, but happy tears! It is in times like this, whether we lose our voice or lost our way, we come out on the other side stronger, more loving, most respectful! You speak TO the people who follow your show, not AT us! So much of what has happened in this country since O took office for the 2nd time, so much, I really didn’t quite understand until I heard you speak! You explain things in a way that I can understand and I think everybody can understand! You are a gift from God Glenn, please remember that. Well ok we are all gifts from God, but you have helped me understand  what I never would have been able to understand alone. You were almost like a teacher to me! May God be with you and your doctors to be healthy very soon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sue.sellon Sue Ann Sellon

    Dear Glenn,  I have few words for you.  I love you.  My husband and I pray for
    you, your family and your staff.  We have grown with you!  God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen, thank you from my heart for exposing the truth across the nation.  Before we found you, we were so trusting of the government.  but now because of you my husband and I now trust in you and the resources you have given us.  Even if your voice takes a vacation just remember how hard and long it has been speaking LOUDLY the TRUTH. And also speaking soft, kind, loving words.  Please rest your voice so it can heal.  And use this time to listen to GOD, for HE may have something special for you.  So “let your LIGHT so shine before men, that they may see your good work, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”.  God Bless and keep you and your family and the staff. We love you brother and stand with you in these times. so let your voice heal and we will hear you soon.

    Leal & Irene

  • Anonymous

    Even if we can’t hear you right now, we still hear you. Prayers going up for the speedy return of your voice and rest assured, your point is well-taken.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.winstead.940 Mary Winstead

    I really enjoyed this presentation.I pray we can change the direction our USA is being taken.
    I pray for our country every night that it is not to late to turn it around. Wake up America. Young men and women have died  to  keep this nation free. Please don’t let it be in vain. Those of us
    who stayed in the states sat back and paid no attention to what our government was doing, “SHAME ON US” As long as we were confortable.and the changes that were being made did not affect us.??  SAD. I’m sorry.  I for one took our America for granted.
    Please Christians and true Americans, let us band together and take our country back.
      I could go on and on.  I won’t. I really like you Glen Beck. Keep up the good work.
     Mary Winstead

  • Kevin

    Well Beck, you’ve made quite a move with this one. It’s hard to tell by what you’ve said if you actually mean it because thus far it’s only words. Thanks to you I have a hard time believing words without action. So I’ll wait for the motion before I act on emotions.

    I’ll give you this bit.

    I owe you more than a thank you. When you started the 40 days 40 nights challenge, I was in a daily battle with my demons and most days I lost the battle, some days I didn’t even fight back. Until the challenge.I clawed out, fought off, destroyed and rebuilt the reflection in the mirror. Day by day, hour by hour, I  waged war on my demons. Battle after battle, I took on what I never thought could be defeated and now thanks to the challenge, thanks to you, victory is in sight. The war with myself is not over but GOD is winning. The reflection I now see is what I was always meant to be. The person I am now, the person I’ll become, the soul that will ascend after my time is up, is all thanks to the actions you took 5 years ago.Mistakes that are corrected belong in treasure chests because the lessons learned from those mistakes are what makes us who we are and form who we will be.

    You’ve said what needed to be said, now do what needs to be done.

    • Guest

       But don’t forget, Kevin, he is just human like the rest of us, which makes him imperfect..

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    I usually disagree w/ GB 95% of the time, but I respect this man and even more his beliefs, because like he said, “we all are in the same boat no matter what party or place we live in”.
    GB, I wish you the best and hopefully your voice will return with an open mind for those who don’t agree w/ you, like myself. God bless you and your family and get well soon!

    • Guest

      ” … and hopefully your voice will return with an open mind for those who don’t agree w/ you, like myself.”  
      Does this mean you wil have an open mind too?

      • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

        Guest, don’t you think that by coming to this site and listening to GB, I am already opening my mind?. I hope you do the same w/ us liberals or progressives whatever they are called these days (even communists I heard). Just go to Randi Rhodes show or any other liberal commentator and we are even brother/sister . . . Takes two to tango!

        • Guest

           No, you, like  Gadamer_Too (the other Guest) come here to denigrate, as can be seen in your profile.

  • Anonymous

     Do everything for the people,  One America for everyone —–Democrat and Republican — this is politics and politics is changing :-)

  • Anonymous

    The words I choose are “Save America, all hands on deck”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586165391 Beverlye Hart

    God works through you, Glenn —  and He will continue to do so.   My prayers are with you, for God’s healing touch.    Stand tall and true in His light.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Foley/1272088418 June Foley

    Isaiah 41:10

    Blessings to you Mr. Beck and your staff…

  • Jamie Dangerfield

    You always inspire with honesty.  Thank you for the truth in everything I hear on the show.  I am Praying for your voice to be heard once again as quickly as possible.  We need more people like you to get through to the uninformed so this country has a chance to repair itself with brotherly love. thank you and God Bless

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I pray that God  restore  your voice,heal you , love you, make His face to shine on you .I pray He will give you peace through all that you are up against in this life , hold you in the palm of His hand and guide you with His love ,may He bless you and keep you always. Thank you for all that you do . You have inspired me to do more,pray more,learn more. God hears us when we call. You are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Arnett/1017216511 Mary Arnett

    Glenn Beck, I have changed grown and learned because of your words and I have passed those words on… , God Bless you and heal you , you are my HERO!

  • g55rumpy

     God bless ye, mr. beck

  • Anonymous

    Very powerful message! God will heal your voice!

  • Anonymous

    Very powerful message! God will heal your voice!

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Glenn! You are our George Washington. Thanks you

  • Anonymous

    Very powerful message! God will heal your voice!

  • Anonymous

    I love me my Glenn….my prayers are with you Glenn Beck. You are someone I deeply admire.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1585144083 Russell Alverson

    Amen Glenn Beck, praise God for men who have the guts to tell the truth. I pray God will protect you and your family. Also, to bring back your voice of truth to the world !!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you and God Bless you and your family!

  • http://www.facebook.com/celestel1st Celeste Leone

    waiting for you to get your voice back and wishing I had more time and energy to hear them and act on them.  We need more people around just like you.

  • Anonymous

    Speedy recovery Mr. Beck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001357716559 Shirin Massoudi

    God bless you and heal you Glenn, so you can speak the truth again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001357716559 Shirin Massoudi

    God bless you and heal you Glenn, so you can speak the truth again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716061639 Margery Tarnowski

    I will add you to my prayer list too  God speed  

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.steward.589 Richard Steward

    Glenn, I found you almost 12 years ago. Actually it was 9/12/2001 when I first came across your show. I was seeking and wanting answers and you had them, more so than the others who just had guesses and supposition. You had spoken your heart and had facts. Don’t know how or where you got them and don’t care. You spoke the truth to us The American People, and to this day, you still do. I have read nearly every book you have written or published and am in the middle of three at the present time. There has not been a day in the last 12 years I have missed your so, and now that I have you on the web, since the Blaze hit the air, of which I am sad to say because of finances I am not a member, I can get ALL THREE hours five days a week, and listen again on the weekend if I want. Your words my friend, have been inspiring, motivating, and to paraphrase El Rushbo, correct 99.999% of the time. Rush only gets 99.5. You have stated fact, and you have provided facts and never as far as I know been wrong. If, and that as we know is the largest word in the dictionary, if your voice is silenced, I offer a solution, you sir write and I will deliver. I don’t offer this for fame and fortune because Lord knows I have been money poor all my life, but instead, I offer it out of love of Country and the want and need to keep your words flowing to the American People. Jokingly people said back when ‘o’ took office in 08′ that he should be added to Mt. Rushmore. I sir, propose that your likeness should be enshrined for all time, maybe not at Rushmore, as knowing you the way I feel I do you are to humble a man for that, but somewhere that you could and should never be forgotten. May Our Holy Father, and yes I am aware you are Mormon, I had an uncle who was, and I read the Book of Mormon front to back, doesn’t matter, heal you and watch over you and your endeavors to bring America back to greatness.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your voice even when silent…. thank you with all my heart for speaking with honor, love, faith, truth and integrity…. biggest hugs and your non-spoken words, spoke volumes!  

  • Anonymous

    dont worry Glenn, its not what you said and say ,BUT how you said and say things,those 89 million words dont matter much,what DOES matter are the couple hundred or thousand words ,which ALL hold the truth and made people think for themself again

    you gonna be just fine again, you’ll see ,the Lord is not done with you yet 😉

  • Anonymous

    I will wait for the day you return Glen.  Thank God for yu. God Bless you forever and ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280183409 Curt Angel

    Thank you for restoring the millions of Voices of Real Americans. Together, you can change the world. Together, I can change the world. Together, we can change the world.

    Curt Angel

  • Anonymous

    May our Heavenly father bless you and your family. We love you Glenn and your voice along with those of your staff have brought information to my mind that for the first time was able to research on my own and become an awake citizen. You have blessed thelives of millions of people around the world. I hope you get well soon and are able to continue using your voice to lift up the weak.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280183409 Curt Angel

    Thank you for restoring the millions of Voices of Real Americans.
     Together, you can change the world.
    Together, I can change the world.
    Together, we can change the world.
    Curt Angel

  • Anonymous

    That was a Word in Due Season!    If there are  reasons behind hard-ships pulling out our best, then this is a poignant example… I am going through hardships now, but this gift of words helped me to believe more deeply that something beautiful will come out of it, in due season.  Thank you Glen!  :)

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree Glen.  Jesus wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know because I know him too.  Im with you 100%.  Its easy to answer your critics but I dont see why we need to.  Critics and the enemy live to destroy and thats all.  If we come to realize to love no matter the cause we fulfill our duty to God.  May He continue to keep you on the narrow path.  Amen

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree Glen.  Jesus wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know because I know him too.  Im with you 100%.  Its easy to answer your critics but I dont see why we need to.  Critics and the enemy live to destroy and thats all.  If we come to realize to love no matter the cause we fulfill our duty to God.  May He continue to keep you on the narrow path.  Amen

  • http://www.facebook.com/joemagnant Joseph Magnant

    Incredibly moving and inspiring…Glenn you have touched more lives than you will ever know. Its time for us to stop the blaming and start changing.  WE are called more now than at any other time to use our voices to speak the truth to all those we come into contact with.  My family will continue to pray for your health and the health of your family.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’ve watched and listened to you for many years and I thought how Ironic that you have lost your voice. It would appear as though I have also lost my voice. Just minutes ago I received a video detailing how veterans are being arrested for posting anything critical of the president. SEMPER FI      

  • Anonymous

    I love you glennie…Keep up the good work and remember Jesus said “In my name you will heal.”.

  • Anonymous

    Trust in God as he loves his children!!!
    Repent and turn to God!

  • Gerry L


  • Blaine Cooper

    Beautiful Glenn a lesson so many of us forgot love for GOD is love!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he’s actually mute or if this is just another stunt to drum up publicity? 

    He has a new book coming out, right? 

    • Anonymous

       No he is not mute!  He is having problems with his voice and vocal chords and he probably is being told by his doctors to talk as little as possible.  But, he was trying to make a point with this monologue.  What if you did not have a voice!  You totally miss the point.  He speaks truth and if we all don’t take our heads out of the sand we will wake up one day and will not have a voice!!!

    • Guest

       If you listened to him talk the last few days, you would have been able to hear his voice getting more strained and rougher by the day…. it was a matter of time before
       laryngitis took over

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1040259298 Diana Hedin

    Reading 50: Ecclesiastes

    Do not revile the king even in your thoughts,
    or curse the rich in your bedroom,
    because a bird in the sky may carry your words,
    and a bird on the wing may report what you say. Ship your grain across the sea;after many days you may receive a return. Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.Contexts & Questions: It is the better part of wisdom to keep many thoughts to yourself. Especially when someone in power is involved. Things have a way of being found out.
    I found this on Facebook !!!

  • Anonymous

    As I watch you, and listen to you, daily, I am always moved by what a decent human being you are. Oh sure you’re good at your job, and the truth you bring to the airways, is living water, to the parched earth that is  mainstream “journalism”. But who you are, is the part I like best. Your genuine honesty is a quality that is rarely seen today….Thank You for sharing yourself with us!

  • Anonymous

    Well said!! My prayers are with you and with our country. You are right, with God… we can get our country back on track. Without him, we will fall to the wayside as all who have forsaken him. God bless you for your Words, your courage, your honor, and your faith.
     And my hope and prayers are that GOD will bless America once again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/golda.steinberg.7 Golda Steinberg

    Dear Glenn! You are the best. Please, recover soon and in your full voice speak about everything what is so important always and now.
    From Russia with love,

  • Carolyn Sanchez

    I love you Glenn and look forward to hearing you speak again soon.  May God use his healing powers to bring your voice back to us that believe as you do. If only Washington had more men like you…..I fear for the world that my grandchildren will be left with after I’ve gone. You are a good and honest man and an inspiration to many. We need your voice!

  • Anonymous

    P.S. Watch this video and I hope when you get your voice back you tell the world what is happening in our schools and to our children…


    Also Obama is now allowing children of all ages to obtain birth control….What follows of course will be pedophilia since these childen won’t be impregnated..all with Obama’s approval…

    His jihad is abortion, homosexuality and birth control…Eliminate Christian America with their own hands..

  • Susan Precht

    Your message is loud and clear.  It was very moving.  Thank you for all the good words you have said.  May you say many, many more.  I’m a speech pathologist and I’m telling you to behave and do what they tell you to do.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You are an inspiration to us all.  You are doing a great work and the Lord is blessing you and in turn are blessing others.  All our trials help us focus on what is really important in this life.  It is a privledge and honor to support and sustain you in your righteous undertakings.  You are truly a disciple of our Lord and Savior who said the greatest of the commandments is to love, God with all your heart, mind and strength and others as you love yourself.  I feel you are truly preparing us for what is to come.  May the Lord bless you with his choicest blessings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215977740 Jeff Sorensen

    Brother Beck. I have been listening to you now for over a year solid and came to the conclusion that I was never truly converted to God or Christ. I have now restarted the 40 day challenge and am studying as much as I can so I can uphold the Constitution and Love my neighbors without malice. I thank you for being a true professor of American values and ideals. I am ready to help you. If you can’t speak then I will speak for you. I will be your Aaron. I’m praying for a speedy recovery and wish you all the best. You are a great man and I’m sure that God will say “Well done.” when He sees you again.
    Thanks for the millions upon millions of words that not only entertained, inspired and motivated but transformed as well, this American patriot.
    Jeff Sorensen
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Anonymous

    Jesus:  Seek first the Rule of God and His Righteousness, Matthew 6:33. Paul:  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, 1 Cor. 13:6. I don’t see what liberty the NSA data mining takes away (there’s ALWAYS a threat of tyranny, even with local police forces and a National Guard, much less a huge standing army with nukes at its disposal), but the gov’t clearly isn’t targeting the Muslim and immigrant communities like it should. Pro-life Gov. Huckabee supported the fair tax in 2008 against the IRS, yet the American voters still picked McCain and Obama over him! And, we could have picked pro-life Santorum over that weak-willed loser Romney in 2012! If we keep refusing to side with God and the Institution of the Family that civilizes men and protects children, then America will continue to decline morally, economically, and politically. There should be NO liberty for license and licentiousness!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you, Glenn Beck and your faimiy. Thank you, for all you have done for the cause of freedom Thank you for the truth, the 40 day challenge that has made me a better man. You are a man of Courage, Honor, and Love, sir.. May you recover your voice soon Glenn,.those words I prayed last night and today and will continue to do so. Proud to be a GBTV subscriber and DISH TV viewer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/betty.vellekamp Betty Vellekamp

    I definitely thank and agree with “bayoubaby”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!!
    May God the Father watch over you and your family always, is my prayer.

  • Anonymous

    Words for thought.  Deep Thought.  Thank you, Glenn.  Even without your voice you speak for all of us with Honor, Courage, Love and your unique gifts are appreciated by millions.  

  • annmarie

    God bless you, Glenn!  I will keep you in my prayers…thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have taught me.  I’ve learned more from you than all my “formal education”.  Heal, dear friend…you have a lot more to teach.  Love and prayers, XO

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Glenn, he is not going to stifle you, there is too much remaining to be said by you.

    98,000,000 words is definetly not enough from you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.keever Judy Keever

    I’m very sorry for your loss of your voice.  It has been your voice that has so impressed me and my husband so dramatically over the years..BUT it is your IDEAS that are really important..and you did not lose those. We have learned so much though all your research and sharing.   We pray for your speedy and COMPLETE recovery in Jesus’ name..AMEN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/judith.dunne.52 Judith Dunne

    I still miss you on the radio in Philly….you just reminded me why….you have a gift noi only in words verbally but non-verbally.  I wish the President would stop and listen for once.  Never happen.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000527066388 David Zuhlke


    It was clear that the emotions inside you could not be contained with your facial expressions.  It was as if I didn’t need to read a word and just watch your face and I knew the message you were sharing.  I share in the frustration of breaking ignorance because it is the burden upon us that inhibits but once broken can enlighten.  Keep up the good fight!  Taking it one day at a time ensures we will be there in the end for the right reasons: HONOR, COURAGE and LOVE.

  • Smith

    Glenn, We will pray for you and are so pleased you are looking at your words you have made us realize we should look at our own words. Get a Priesthood Blessing, God Bless, 

  • jwhit666

    My last words would be: Rise Up!!

  • nancy miller

    If I were there, I would give you a hug.  You need lots of them, so I will send mine this way.

  • Anonymous

    These are the words I would choose:

    Ephesians 6:12

    Do you know who Jesus Christ is?  I mean really know Him?  He is God in the flesh, who died on a cross though He did not deserve death….to save us who do deserve death.  Jesus Christ…our God and creator…loved us so much that He gave up his rightful place in Heaven to serve the humans He created, who then hated and despised Him in return.  Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect and sinless life before God and man, took the punishment for all of us who are every one unrighteous and evil to the core.  And all you have to do is call on His name, repent and turn away from your inherent unrighteous nature, and He will gladly forgive all of your sins and create in you a new nature and make you a new person, and you will become a son or a daughter of the living God.
    Those of us who know this Jesus can take heart that our kingdom is not of this world, that all men’s attempts at building the perfect society will fail, because the human heart is evil and human nature simply will not sustain the most utopian society for long, as history has proven time and again. 

    Ephesians 6:12….Know Your Enemy!

    We may go down fighting to return this nation back to the beacon of hope, charity and graciousness that it once was, but when our efforts fail….and they will eventually….we who know and trust in Christ do not need to be disheartened.  All hope placed on the shoulders of men will fail, but hope in Christ will never fail. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000414289098 Dale Suzanne van Wyk

    Emotionally it has to do with speaking the truth which you do. it is getting difficult to have to do this about our country

    Your eyes had to do with not liking what you are seeing-the truth

    Everyday I pray for the Truth to come out -this is a very powerful prayer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacquelyn-Overman-Powell/1416125842 Jacquelyn Overman Powell

    I cried today. the very thought of the loss of your kind, sweet voice of reason in the face of chaos overwhelmed me. you changed my life on 8-28-10. i flew there alone from augusta,ga. my friends thought i was nuts. to fly with money i didn’t have to see someone i didn’t know. but in a weird way, i did know you. i recorded your show if i had to work late. i listened to every word. believed in possibilities. we are going to make it out of this. both you and the country. my faith is unswerving. my heart believes. God bless you for the chances you have taken; the threats you have endured. please tell your family how much we appreciate that they have shared you with us. love from here for you and yours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015527127 Roni Berstler

    I cried with you… God Bless you and all of your loved ones and friends. Get well quick so we may listen and learn. The insight you share is a gift, you have been chosen, Why? Why not. Its not easy what you do, its important, its a gift to us who listen and learn and live the way God wants us to, sharing, caring and loving our fellow man.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=540659918 Denyse Carol Brown

    Thankyou Glenn.  Praers and love go out as I sob through this video.

  • http://www.facebook.com/euna.rugg Euna Rugg

           Great job Glenn. Sorry about your voice, but take care, you’ll get it back soon. All of us that care a lot about our country would be lost for the truth, if we couldn’t hear you. It is a shame that so many are blinded about what is happening to our country. I keep praying more people will wake up and realize, that all is not going the way it should be, and we need to get back more to those basic things that you showed in your silent monologue. Those are the imporant things that our country needs at this time. They have been lost for many years. I agree with you, it is not just one group, that has got us where we are today.Thanks fo all the good you have done, and may you be blessed to do much more.

  • Pebbles

    Absolute truth, delivered by a true patriot.  God Bless You, Glenn Beck, you are an inspiration to America and her people. 

  • Oswaldo deMoura

    James 3: 4 Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth. 5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!ar
    So far brother Glenn, your words enlightened me more than anyone else that  has given the blessing of using the media to spread knowledge. You will recuperate your voice. Many still need you to speak for them. As a member  of your faith I will put your name in the Temple prayer roll, because we both believe in miracles. Your radical change since the 90’s is the greatest miracle our Savior could have made. Your voice is a piece of cake.
    Bishop deMoura – Ogden, Utah

  • Anonymous

    Glenn > We GO/ DO where GOD leads or allows…GOD is in charge even if not ”IN OUR FACE”…I X O Y E <<<<<

  • http://www.facebook.com/dollgenie Susan Maczik

    TRUST but VERIFY  …. its just so difficult to trust anyone anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000414289098 Dale Suzanne van Wyk

    Dear God I pray for the Truth to come out about all of the scandals in Washington.
    In Jesus Name I Pray

    This VERY powerful prayer has never failed to work for me.

    PLEASE join me.  We spend so much of our time saying we will not find out the truth in the news. We spend so much time saying most of the media is protecting Obama.

    Let’s all stop saying those things.  PRAY FOR THE TRUTH TO COME OUT…………

    We need to believe and say the Truth is coming out-it will..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn… May God continue to bless you and your gifted work.  One doesn’t need a voice to ‘voice’ powerful words.  Silence is Golden and your powerful words are ‘priceless’.  You have been such an inspiration and teacher to so many, and will continue to do so as long as God needs you to inspire people of this great nation of Christian Soldiers to rise up and defend this God-Blessed nation.  

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Glenn.  Your “voice” was very moving!!  May God heal and protect you.  For all you do and have done for us….THANK YOU!!   You are a gift to us.  

  • Anonymous

    If they can fix Limbaughs hearing, fixing your vocal chords will be a snap…..Best to ya and get the voice taken care of…Maybe you will be battery operated..

  • Sunny Valentine

    Excelllent monologue. We all need to think about our life and what we are put on this earth for. America has forgotten their God and we will reap the consequences just like the Israelites. We will be brought to our knees someday. Thank you Glenn. You always give us something to think about. Prayer is our only hope.

  • Anonymous

    Save your vocal chords and let someone else do the talking for you through writing or some other means, Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, your words brought tears to my eyes today.  You’ve influenced me so greatly over the last several years and opened my eyes to truths that I never could’ve imagined.  Even in your silence they are louder than ever to me.
    “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose”.  May God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    My Dear Friend Glenn
    You don’t know me but I have watched/listened to you for a long time.  (and have agreed with most of what you have said)

    I have a short story to tell you about my Voice.  I am 82 year old and 12 years ago had throat Cancer, took 33 Radiation treatments and was told my 2 Doctors that there was a good chance I would never be able to speak again.  WOW, so I know just how you feel.

    Now I will share with you what God Did For Me.  I am a Vocalist and have had a concert with over 1,500 attending and received a standing ovation.  I also, now have 17 Churches asking me to come and sing for their Congregation’s. I also have a Major Group on TV asking me to come and Audition.  (What a Blessing God has Bestowed upon me.
    God is Good and He Is Good All The Time.

    Now about our Pasts.
    We Can’t change Yesterday and we don’t know about Tomorrow but we can only Live one day at a time and that is Today.

    I told our Pastor a few weeks ago that I truly believe one of the hardest things we must deal with is Forgiving Ourselves for Our Past Sins and Mistakes.  (And Boy do I have a lot of them. I truly believe I have fallen in Every Mud Hole and Kicked every Rock in this Road Called LIFE) (Satan is the one who continues to make us continually think and remember our Sins and Problems of the Past, We must remain Faithful Until The End.  (I love to Read about what Satan did to Job, and what God then Did FOR Job because Job did remain Faithful)  I truly believe you are being TESTED Now in this Road of Life.
    I shall be Praying for your Speedy Recovery. 
    And May God Bless You in the Work you do for This Country.
    God Bless America.

    Robert Lippincott

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you always moved me to tears, but this silent monologue is unbelievable!,Please do not feel guilty about what you said in the past, YOU WERE RIGHT! If you did not say all that, would  be like hiding your feelings because you believed it was true!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You Glenn, your family, your co-workers and friends. I thank God for you. Wow. What a video. It makes you think. I know your voice will return soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.bishop1 Bob Bishop

    Thank you Glenn – the strength of this great country is truly in it’s people – but lately I wonder – as I have seen it – sensed it – and sometimes experienced it – How many of our citizens have become scared to speak out for fear of a Government that Has Chosen Tyranny over Freedom in the name of Security?

  • Anonymous

    And you are no good doctor. First, do no harm. Ad hominems do not heal or enlighten. Try peddling your snake oil on Alternuts or mediabait.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mkjones50 Michael Jones

    Very inspiring words Glenn. I’ve been listening to you since the early 90’s and you’ve never let me down. Yes, you have changed, very much for the better.  Through the years, you made me laugh, cry and take time to stop and think. You are very much a part of our lives and we thank you for being here. Yes, your voice may be silent at the moment, but we know where your heart is.  We’ll be watching and waiting for your voice to come back and we’ll be here listening, thinking, laughing and sometimes crying. But we will never give up hope, for our love is for our country. America was and is great and will be greater in time. Thank you sir, for being here.
    Michael from Indiana

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sue-Swain-Stevenson/1145540080 Sue Swain Stevenson

    That was an awesome display of a courageous man, Glenn. I will continue to thank God for your service to our country, our freedom and our faith. May the Father above protect you and your family forever. I trust Him to heal your voice completely. I will always remember your bravery in presenting the Truth to America. God bless you, Glenn.

  • PL

    I have defended Glenn Beck many times against those who  thought he was a fraud. But after seeing  a video clip of  someone putting ” something” under his eyes to produce tears, I’ve wondered about his honesty .  Can someone  explain that video? 

    • Anonymous

      This is simple. YOU’RE A TROLL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134288820 Gail A. Delio

    Glenn, even when you can’t talk you still deliver what ‘We The People’ need to hear.  I’m praying your voice returns soon.  Thank you for your message.  You are an inspiration to everyone.   

  • Craig Cooper

    We know that God raised up great men to establish and preserve this great nation early in our history.
    We also know that he has raised up great men n these latter time like you and others to preserve us now again.
    God bless and preserve you!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Glenn you bought tears to me as I watch this video.  You are right on.  I agree with you on everything that you said.  If we don’t put GOD back into our Country then we are just another nation without GOD.  Thanks for your message.

  • Lynette McCoy

    Thank you for your silent words of wisdom.  You’ve been a tremendous blessings to millions of Americans.  God has used you in a mighty way at a time when America needed you the most.  Take time now and listen to God.  Through you personal relationship with Jesus, God speaks.  You don’t have to apologize for speaking the truth.  Glenn speaks, we listen!

  • Paula Landis


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connie-Jones/100000276619204 Connie Jones

    Glenn, I have been following you since HLN.  I trust you with everything I have.  Please take care of yourself….you have changed my life and the life of my family and my workplace.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Glenn, for reminding us with your powerful gifts and endless energy devoted to teach..to share..to encourage.  What I speak, I become.  I suppose, that what I don’t speak, I also don’t become.  You are a wakeup call for this wonderful United States of America.  We the people.  We are the voice.  May we, the silent majority, find our voices.                very soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yesnidalias Barbara Howell

    Dear Glenn, I pray for you and your family daily.  It saddens me that
    your voice has been silenced (though only for a short time I pray) in a
    time when our country and its people need to hear you the most.  I often
    think of you as Horton the elephant, the only one who can hear the
    faint cry of our founding fathers.  You have held on to the dust speck
    trying to magnify the words so that all can hear that faint cry.  And
    like that elephant you will not forget. 
    I have heard your words,
    done my homework, ane tried to pass on the history and wisdom to those
    whose hearts and ears have been opened.  You have lifted me up, inspired
    me to become a better person. I want to Thank you for all you and your
    family have given.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,
         Once in awhile, there is a voice that shines through the darkness.;.a voice, I believe, that was sent by God Almighty…to wake us up!!Shake us up even, so that the sheep in wolves clothing, would not lead us blindly to the slaughter.  You have been this voice for America Glenn..Many people didnt like what you had to say; the truth hurts!..Your track record over the years has been pretty accurate..You have given me cause to pause, and consider to possiblities of what you said, many times, keeping me awake and night, and giving away to a few nightmares. But I am a better person for hearing the truth..weather I liked /agreed with you or not..Our country has reached a “tipping” point, and prayerfully, we will not have to regret the “road not taken”.
         I sobbed as I read your cards, and watched your expressions. This is the face of a man who loves SO DEEPLY, that he loved us TOO MUCH TO LEAVE US THE WAY WE WERE; ,A self-absorbed, self-centered, and  apathetic  nation.
         I have been through many hard things in my life, and with Gods help , I emerged from it all as a Victor,not a Victum!!I learned after a lifetime of dissappointment that if you dont like your life,CHANGE IT!! Im praying that,with Gods help,  we as a people, can alter the present destructive course that we are on; throw off our rampant apathy,and go to the enemies camp and take back what we allowed them to take from us.
        We love you Glenn, and respect you so much for the courage it took to do what you did, every day.. One day, when your children grow up..they will watch the reruns  of your show,on whatever form of technology there will be by then, and  be honored that they had to priveledge to have known you, and called you Dad.
                         With MUCH LOVE, AND RESPECT,   Wooliesnest

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1299037602 Gary Ber

    Glenn, thanks for being a great American.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1299037602 Gary Ber

    Glenn, thanks for being a great American.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, When I was driving to work every morning I listened to you on the radio. I loved you and on the way home I would listen to Mark Levine. Well, I lost my job and no more in the car to listen to you guys.You both kept me laughing and informed.

    Then one day, I found you on the Dish network. Thank you Jesus !!!
    You are a blessing to me and your network is so wonderful.
    I will pray for you to heal Glenn. You are a true American Hero to me. I stand with you Glenn.
    I will still watch the Blaze for sure. Can’t wait for you to come back with that hilarious humor of yours !!

    May God Bless you and your family and the Blaze Network.

  • Guest

    “Glenn Beck still says mean things about others.” …..
    You are no one to be casting aspersions on Beck or his audience.  A quick perusal of your profile shows a little about yourself:


    amazing how blind and gullible you people are.” …. “Glenn Beck sells
    fear and delusional conspiracies to his core group of gullible,
    superstitious, under-educated yokels.” …….. ” I bet you could
    really dazzle us with a fresh box of crayons and a coloring book too.”
    …… “Glenn
    Beck generates preposterous conspiracy theories and fans the flames of
    ignorance with his supernatural beliefs to make money.” …. “So another
    Glenn Beck fan is a racist.” …. “..this clown Glenn Beck:” …..
    “Glenn has a mean streak..”…. “Beck is losing it.” …… “Enough of
    this kind of crap from Beck.” ….. “Glenn could get around the green
    way by using all the hotair he spews.” …… “…. Glenn Beck’s fear
    mongering and conspiracy theory rants.” …. “Glennis the Menace has
    left reality..” ……. “Apocalypse Glenn” …… “You’re nuts Glenn.”
    ….. “Get help.”

  • Lorenzo

    For a man who could say nothing, you spoke volumes. Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    I will pray for you to have love and compassion in your heart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1391675725 Bonnie Hammond

    BRAVO! BRAVO! I clapped loudly after watching your touching and profound monologue! You are a wonderful, gifted spokesperson…with and or without vocal capabilities! Thank you for all you do for our GREAT country, Glenn! God  Bless you and your sweet family!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is just incredible!!!  I suffer from paralyzed vocal chords also!  Go Glenn.

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Marie Castine

    I lost my voice in high school for about six months. No reason. And i still have times where I lose it but it always comes back when you lest expect it. You will be ok and we are all behind you 100% as you are literally our “voice” to getting a country we all need and want. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice.

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • theescotsman

    Dear Glenn – we met in The Villiages a few years back.  I gave you my card.  I asked you to look at AmericansRestoringAmerica.  I looked into your eyes as I handed you the card.  You were exhausted.   ARA is everything you expouse.  Please go there, again, and read About Us and Please Click Here.  Understand there is a way out of this mess.  And as you are a Man of Faith, let me share with you this concept came from Him.  I just was willing to “give it hands”.  Be well, Glennn.  And stay on the outside of the razor wire.  Yours in Freedom, Michael Edward.

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Joan Bearden

    I loved your “monologue” and as usual I was crying my eyes out.  I am praying for your complete healing and protection.  I love you, Glenn.  You are amazing and wonderful!!!

  • Anonymous

    I pray you’re right. . .that it’s not too late!! People need to wake up and really see what is going on in this awesome Country! Thank you, Glenn!! Thank you for educating me. . .and the many that see what you are and have been saying, is true! God Bless you!! And God Bless America!

  • Anonymous

    God was busy so he sent to tell to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, You have inspired and educated so many of us. Use this time for inspiration and contemplation and please follow doctor’s orders.When the healing comes you’ll have so much more to share with all of us.Keep the Faith and God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I love the terapist comment. Give ‘im hell Ben.

  • Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    The Lord is purifying all Christians.  ALSO- Judgment starts’ with the House of the Lord, so that we can be strong when the biggest trials come.  God wants’ us to concentrate on imparting His WORD.  Period.  NOT much time, before the END TIME.

  • Anonymous

    Dearest Glenn,
    IF you read this, I want YOU to know what an impact YOU have on me.  Last summer, I purchased your book, Cowards, at a special signing before the book was available to the public.  When I got up to have you sign my book, I told you that my husband and I were retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies and YOU said to me, “God Bless You for your service.”  You said it with compassion, love, courage, and honor.  All the qualities we LOVE about you!  We live in South Carolina and Glenn, you are welcome in our state and in our home any time you want to come here.  You have touched so many peoples lives, we can’t count them all because you span the globe, Glenn.  YOU are an Honorable man and we thank God for YOU, every day.  YOU are in our prayers, along with your family, friends and security detail.  May God continue to Bless YOU and YOURS and ours..  I love you, Monica

  • Anonymous

    OMG GLENN! God Bless You! You are in my prayers. You spoke alot of wisdom. You DO have alot to be proud of for saying. If there is ANYTHING we can do to help you during this dark part in your life. PLEASE GLENN, LET ME KNOW! We dont want alot of your words forgotten, our children, our grand children, their children.All need to be taught of the GOOD you said, The GOOD you accomplished.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you have inspired so many people, given hope, showed love and acceptance and shown us we can make a difference.  We all stand with you and pray you soon will be back to the “speaker” you are.  Don’t ever believe you’ve done the wrong thing.  You have stood up for those that don’t feel they have a voice….you’ve been that voice for freedom and justice.  Your fans love you and believe in you, don’t ever doubt that for a moment.  We all wish you nothing but the best, love and gratitude for being YOU!  Keep the faith as we know you will and get better soon.  We’ll all still be here for you.  Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others to greatness!!!  God bless you!

  • The Kirby’s

    Glenn, I started listening to you when I moved to Florida in ’04.  You were hilariously funny and entertained me while I was on the road, but your undertones of concern, made me concerned.  By the time you went to Fox, I was a ‘fan’ (hate that word).  The first book I bought because of you was the  5000 Year Leap………I then went on to buy that book by the dozens to hand out to co-workers.  The 5000 Year Leap changed my life.   I was in my midi-50’s when I read it and am still amazed about the awesome, yet simple message of individual freedom and ‘nature’s rights’ that it contains.  

    I went to DC when you were there and took my youngest son (almost 30).  2 of my co-workers went to Israel to see you.  I wish I could be there for the Man in the Moon, but I can’t.  I can only hope there will be something on-line that will mimic the message.

    Please…. God..Bless Glenn and his family and all those who have stood up to evil powers to present the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Great job glen
    Hope you are well soon

  • Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    The Revolutionists who drew up the Bill of Rights lost their lives, farms, jobs. It is time to stop talking, and petition the Govt. to: first off today- get rid of IRS.  It isn’t EVEN a Federal Law.  Ask for resignation of those who didn’t investigate banks and housing.  Those who will not allow religion to guide us, in private lives.

  • LeeBowman

    For someone with the gift of gab to forfeit speech seems ironic, but is not unique.

    From age thirty, Beethoven began to lose his hearing, but continued to compose and perform.  As his hearing diminished, his works reached colossal heights, composing and performing over 500 sonatas, oratorios, canons, marches, overtures, and nine great symphonies.

    While conducting (with help from another conductor) his great Ninth Symphony, he could not hear one iota of the music.  Afterward, tumultuous applause ensued, but hearing nothing, Beethoven wept onstage.  So for the subsequent performances, the audience waved handkerchiefs instead.

    Glenn at least handled the delivery with coolness and composure, and the comments here will serve as a substitute for the hanky waves.


  • http://www.facebook.com/lillian.lake Lillian Lake

    I will keep you in  my prayers.  Your voice will return – it has to.

  • Linda Sills

    thank you for the profound statements.  They are provocative and honest.  However, I have always thought of you as honest. I am a member of your faith and know your soul so I always knew who you are.  I loved your shows. I didn’t see them as anything but informative and aided me in putting my own mind around concepts and truths.  I’ve trusted you because I know the power of your voice and your good intent.   Your theories have always proven true even tho it took months to hit the news sources if at all.  I know the truth of you. I love you for your desire to want to arm this nations people with information.  I know that truthtellers don’t come out on top. They pay a price.  I am sorry that your family has to endure that but at the same time you’re one of my beacons in this world.  I read in the cards that you are  turning over the turmoil to the higher power as you’re tired of pounding your head on the wall.  I too, find that the real answer. I just recently read the book “Prophecy” which tells of these times.  I appreciate the humility I find in those cards and can only express my love for all you’re trying to offer your fellow man. thank you and God Bless.  

  • Penny Prentice-Best

    Dear Glenn,
       I am one of many who doesn’t really fit the profile of your typical followers. If I  had to label (and I really dislike labels) my preferences I’d have to say that they are a mix of independent, libertarian, liberal(booo?), green(boo?), with a little dash of conservative. However I have found that on matters pertaining to the direction of this country and the need for healing and solidarity, I am 100% with you. I firmly believe that this country has a destiny to provide the rest of the world with a template for diversity, liberty and justice. Our founding principles were surely inspired by Heaven. America was not a happy accident. It was a divine experiment. We are not better than anyone else, but we have been given a framework that others can copy and benefit from.
    I believe that its time for Americans to look past the labels we use to define whole groups, what they believe, think, and feel. When applied to individuals these labels are often partially or mostly inaccurate and all they accomplish is to create more divisions. We are all Americans, part of Lady Liberty’s family. If we can agree that we all desire One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All, then we can find common ground to work together. There is too much good in our country to just let it slip away because we are unwilling to reach out to one another, unwilling to put aside old patterns of distrust, blame and judgment.
    Americans, we are Family. The time for forgiveness, healing, and solidarity is NOW.
    OK I’m done…..for now.
    Oh, one other thing.  My husband, Bob, who listens pretty religiously, has asked that I mention a little grammer thing that bugs him. He has noticed that a lot of news and radio people have replaced the word “an” with “a” in sentences where “an” is the appropriate choice. He asks, “Please Glenn, don’t get sloppy like those other turkeys. Check your grammer.”  OK message delivered. 
    We send our bessings and prayers for your complete healing, and for Higher inspiration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maryann-Joan-Perkins/1608540076 Maryann Joan Perkins

    Wonder if Glen’s vocal cord problem is the same as what I’ve had for over 40 years: Spasmodic Dysphonia.??

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, I just learned that another test and trial has entered your life. As usual, you will deal with it in the same you have lived your life, by the overcoming power of the ONE and ONLY LIVING GOD. HEALING is a realty of life that happens to some people, BUT, in GOD’s Kingdom, it happens to every one that asks. I AM ASKING (and millions others, too) that your voice not only returns, but that your strength and wisdom from GOD will be  multiplied exponientially. IT IS DONE FOR YOU, GLENN. Please RECEIVE your healing NOW !!!!!!.
    We will be praying for you for as long as it is necessary, and then, some more.
    SHALOM ALEHEM (May the Peace of GOD) be with you ALWAYS !!!!!!.
    Sincerely and Blessing you, your brother in the LORD, JUAN JESUS

  • http://www.facebook.com/revvincent.cameron RevVincent Cameron

    Hang in there Glenn !!!!!
    Rome wasn’t built in a day…. and it’s
    going to take awhile before we can get
    our Country back !!!!! but it shall be ours
    again when we get enough of the sleepers
    to wake up…. God Bless you and yours!!!
    Rev. Vincent

  • Take 2

    Well, this is a sad day in American History. Interesting how billions of folks have no clue about “Mountain Mover’s”.  A very special group that do thing’s that never happen. I smile the BIGGEST when someone tells me THAT never happened.  The Mountain Movers never boast They never say much but SMILE…!  Glenn Beck is a Mountain Mover that just learned THAT or will learn THAT written words of action can be just as or BIGGER than spoken words.  Tough for a Radio head/TV personality to accept. However, once things get fixed and God spits Beck out back onto LIVE Radio and TV…with this new found realization. HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/joyce.glazier Joyce Glazier

    I eve liten when you are silent. Thank ou for the profound words inthe slient monologue

  • Anonymous

    Overcome by a seemingly permanent, debilitating injury to his vocal cords,Pastor Duane Miller was forced to give up the life he loved as a pastor and teacher. Then with breakthrough technology he was able to begin teaching Sunday School again. But each short session was followed by days of excruciating pain and recovery. That was until God miraculously healed him while teaching one Sunday morning. Not only read about Duane’s miracle, listen to the dramatic audio of the miraculous Sunday morning that Duane received his healing as he spoke. Listen to his miracle on youtube.  Praying for a miracle for Glenn..

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucille.d.justin Lucille Davino Justin

    Hang in their Baby!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://www.facebook.com/lucille.d.justin Lucille Davino Justin

    As I said below………………………Hang in their Baby……………………………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-White/1413250234 John White

    You don’t have to speak a word, and still you move me! Keep up your wonderful fight for freedom, your efforts to move us in a better direction. Some of us are listening and trying to make it a better world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlene.a.werner Arlene Ayres Werner

    Thank you for always being there for us in our lowest times. Your listeners are now here for you. We will pray for your voice recovery. I want you to know that you have made a real difference in this country. People are more aware of what is really going on, thanks to your show. God bless you and your family.

  • Sylvia Pollard

    Dear Glenn, My heart and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to you…… YOUR words have helped me stand up for my convictions no matter what others think.  You are NOT decisive, you are INFORMATIVE.  I have been listening to you for many years and I have never found you to be untruthful….THAT MEANS A LOT!!  There are times when it is very hard to “love” the other person but I pray for help and strength from God at those times.  My husband and I have been through the financial and emotional wringer for several years (I wish I had the talent to write a book/might be a best seller!) but we just hang on the best we can and never ask for “handouts” nor take advantage of the “system”.  We have to watch our pennies so we do not do extras like subscribing to the Blaze (I watch your radio/tv programs as often as possible) but now I will have to spend money on another box of tissue…….USED MINE UP WHILE WATCHING YOUR LAST WORDS.  
    Glenn, take care of yourself because this beautiful country and its wonderful people need you.

  • Elizabeth Imbasciati

    Praying for Glenn. The Devil will do anything to promote his evil but God will triumph. Love you all and keep the faith.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn that was beautiful. I wish you could know how you have inspired me and helped me to find my way back to God. Please know that you are in my prayers daily.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Beck, My voice was taken from me when I was seven years-old. Only God can restore a child shoved into silence. He did!

    Only God can restore this country…pushed into darkness. He WILL.  I know it.
    I’ve seen him fix the unfixable…first-hand, I’ve seen it. And he will need and use you, me and everyone else in this nation.

    My 5-minute story done by the 700-Club. http://youtu.be/PuPu3hmeIOY

  • Watchman on the Wall

    Glenn, Your words express the longings of all true American patriots and
    followers of Jesus Christ, who came once before to this earth to
    testify to the TRUTH.  2,000 years ago, the Lord of lords and King of
    kings was crucified on Calvary for speaking the truth in agape
    (sacrificial) love for all mankind by those who sought to suppress and
    silence the truth.  Today, that very same spiritual war wages on in the
    spirit realm and is destroying all of mankind in our natural depravity,
    selfishness and wickedness.  Some are  more guilty than others; but not
    one of us is without sin or free from guilt.

    The watchword of the
    coming age is TRUTH.  For without truth, love, honor, courage, hope and
    nobility are devoid of meaning.  As one of God’s true Watchmen on the
    Wall, I must tell you and your readers that the time to turn back the
    tide of evil has passed us by.  It is too late for mankind to save
    itself.  This is the promise of YHWH of the Bible so that His glory and
    power and majesty might be glorified in mankind’s weakness.  Only the
    second coming of Jesus can rescue mankind from destroying itself

    We are in the final 3 1/2 year great tribulation
    period foretold in Daniel 12:1 and Matthew 24:21-22.  All of organized
    religion has fallen away from the true faith of the Bible and has gone
    apostate.  Catholics, Mormons, Calvary Chapelites, Southern Baptists,
    Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians and every other man-centered
    church is teaching false religion today.  The first half of 2
    Thessalonians 2:3 has been fulfilled.  So has 2 Timothy 3:1-7 and
    4:3-5.  The truth, embodied in Jesus Christ in John 14:6 and 18.37 is
    dead in those man-made institutions which are filled with spiritually
    dead people.  True unity only comes in submission and surrender to
    Yahushua, Jesus Christ, the son of YHWH of the Holy Bible.  The illusion
    of unity apart from the truth of Jesus Christ of the Bible is a
    complete fraud.  We all must come to terms with this reality.  Only when
    Jesus returns in the clouds to gather His elect from the four corners
    of the earth will mankinds’ eyes be opened to this spiritual truth.

    world is ruled today by the father of lies, the devil, Satan or
    Lucifer.  Until you go to the root cause of the world’s problems, the
    solution will never be evident.  And even then, without the power of
    Jesus, we can do nothing.  We must decrease, so that He might increase. 
    It’s that simple.

    Your vocal chords being paralyzed are reminiscent of what happened to Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, because he did not believe the words of the angel Gabriel that he and his equally aged wife would have a son, until his son was born (see Luke 1:18-20).  Those who claim to be Jews, but are not, are of the synagogue of Satan Jesus tells us in Revelation 2 & 3 verse 9 in each.  You know enough to reveal the identities of the Illuminati global elites and their secret societies’ worship of Satan and their occult rituals.  Yet you have been photoed dutifully wearing the Jewish yamulke and bowing at the feet of Talmudic, Kabbalistic Judaism, which is not of the truth and is of the devil.  The Jews of the modern state of Ashkenazi Israel are not descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at all, contrary to the claim of these interlopers, usurpers and imposters.  Nor do their beliefs in the Talmud and the Kaballah reflect their being the spiritual descendants of Abraham.  How is God being glorified by your contributing to the perpetuation of this fraud and this horrific lie?  Isn’t it now time to come clean with the whole truth?  Isn’t it time to reveal to white born again followers of Jesus Christ that they are both the true genetic and spiritual descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes and that America is that great nation that would bless the world foretold in Genesis 12:2-3?  Isn’t it time that white Christian America learned of its true identity?

    God has given you a platform for revealing the full truth.  He is now expecting you to reveal what He has just revealed to you to the entire world, in fulfillment of Matthew 10:26-39.  Will you be obedient to God’s word?

    • Anonymous

      You say “white born again followers”.   If you believe that only White people are saved, than you are a liar!  A White Supremacist, here only to spew your hate!  
      You are only here to create fear and hatred.  You are not sharing the truth about our loving God. He is a just God, but with all truth and love.

      John 3:16-17,   For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER ( does Not specify race, color) believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17,  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

      You are from your father, Satan, who is the father of lies!  

      • Watchman on the Wall

        You just proved that you lack self control and are a fool as the Book of Proverbs defines that term. Do not speak to a fool, for you will not find knowledge on his lips Proverbs teaches the wise.

        You distorted what I wrote. What I wrote is that true Israel consists of white born again followers of Jesus Christ. Those who have usurped and stolen the name of Israel for the modern day Jewish state of Israel are mainly Ashkenazi Jews, descendants of the ancient Turko-Mongloian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted to Talmudic Judaism in 740 AD for reasons of political expediency. As such, they have no genetic link to the 12 Hebrew tribes of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as some Jewish spokesmen have openly admitted. As for the teachings of the Jewish Talmud, they are not at all what they purport to be either, as Michael Hoffmann, in his book, “Judaism’s Strange God,” amply documents and explains.

        Other nations, tribes and peoples may indeed be grafted in to the try vine of true israel. but make no mistake as to who true Israel really is. Ted Weiland’s book, “God’s Chosen People: Yesterday, Today and Forever,” provides the biblical Scripture, historical and archeological evidence for this truth claim that is unassailable for anyone with any integrity or honesty.

        As for you, you clearly spread invective and demonic slogans to incite mob like behaviors from pre-conditioned psychological programming with lies. Truth is truth. Jesus is the embodiment of all truth. Anyone of the truth hears His voice, He told Pilate in John 18:37. There is no hatred in truth. There is hatred in lies. Lies are designed to harm the person they are directed against, and as such are hateful and evil.

        You cite Scripture out of context quite deliberately, don’t you? Only those who submit and surrender their lives and their wills to the will of Jesus will, on the Last Day be saved. Your brazen and aggressive words here reveal you to be a fraud and not of Christ in the least.

        • Anonymous

          What Scripture is out of context?  What part of John 3:16-17 did I twist?

          So according to your reply, I am wrong.  You DO believe people of ALL color and race will be saved  if they, acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God, repent of their sins, and receive Jesus Christ  as their personal Savior?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            No. You’re close, but not accurate. How do you know who is one of the apostate, self-deceived frauds sitting inside apostate organized religion under false teachers today who tell them what their itching ears want to hear in fulfillment of the prophecy of 2 Timothy 4:3-5?

            The answer to my question goes WAY beyond mere intellectual assent. It goes to the heart, as revealed by one’s fruit and genuine surrender and submission to Jesus Christ as Lord over every aspect of a person’s life – with no holdbacks. Romans 10:9 says it all: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth (openly and publicly is what this means) the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

            Salvation is NOT merely saying the sinner’s prayer, or getting baptized or a million other rituals and frauds that organized religion deceives people into thinking is what a saving knowledge of Jesus is all about. It requires being born again in the Spirit – at God’s initiative, not ours – and experiencing subsequent life transformation from a wicked sinner to a truthful, loving saint. This is a true miracle. I know. I am one.

          • Anonymous

            I am born again of the Spirit.   I have word of knowledge!  I  have the gift of prophecy!

            I AM A WATCHMAN! 

            So if a person of color confesses with his mouth (openly and in public ) the Lord Jesus, and does believe in his heart God raised Him from the dead, is this person of color saved and going to heaven?….is my original question to you!

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Under those conditions, Scripture says, “Yes!” I’m not the authority here. Scripture always is and Scripture points us to the thoughts and ways of God and Jesus. We watchmen must decrease so that Jesus might increase.

            My original point was different: God declared himself in the OT the God of the nation of Israel. Jesus came as the Messiah of the nation of Israel, that by that time had become extensively corrupted in Palestine. Those who are the genetic descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel (in the line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) AND who are born again in the Spirit of Jesus Christ are the true descendants of the nation of ancient (not modern day) Israel of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is the true vine described in Scripture. But wild shoots may indeed be grafted in, as Jesus and Paul taught us, again in Scripture – the only trustworthy authority for all truth.

            BTW: I don’t know what born again OF the Spirit means or looks like. Scripture refers to being born again IN the Spirit – with the Spirit of Christ living IN our hearts. Moreover, Scripture does not teach about having a word of knowledge. This is a rather dangerous doctrine of the modern day charismatic movement that is highly suspect and is often indicative of demon spirit influences. Finally, having the gift of prophecy has nothing to do with predicting the future in a fortune telling like setting. A true prophet (and I am one) merely has God give him insights and revelations of things going on in our world and relates that to insights from what Scripture says and clearly means. There are many, many false teachers and false prophets preaching and teaching false doctrines in our deceived and lost world today. You might want to study the Book of Jeremiah to get a hint of what false teachers and false prophets will reap on the Last Day. I never wanted or intended to be who God has revealed to me He has called me to be. It is a grave responsibility and a thankless role fraught with hideous trials, sufferings and tribulations that would destroy most men. They almost destroyed me. But if I do not speak and write the truth, sounding the alarm and blowing the trumpet of the coming end time storm, and people die because of my failure to warn them, God will hold me accountable for their blood, as Ezekiel 33:6 clearly teaches. This is and ought to be profoundly terrifying to anyone who seriously understands this. Do you?

          • Anonymous

            You play with words!
            If you believe people of color don’t get into heaven, just say those words!  Preach it without hesitation.  But no, all you do is twist  God’s word.  

            NO! There is no where in the Scriptures that tell us that ONLY WHITES get into Heaven! 
            Jesus came to save the Jews and the Gentiles.  Any man who will receive Him as their Savior and strive to live as Christ;   They will see the Kingdom of God.

            You are not a prophet.  All you do is repeat what has already been  written in the Word, and than interpret it to meet your prejudice views. 
            A true prophet of today is one given knowledge by the Holy Spirit, to be used for the body of Christ.  To bring edification, teaching, and warnings that have to do with the church.   Since you know what happens to false prophets, I won’t remind you. 

            Remember that Jesus said, better a millstone be tied around your neck and thrown in the river to die, than for any man to lead one of His children astray.

            In my gift, as a prophet, it is mostly used in revelation concerning those in authority, such as Pastors, Elders, etc.  This is what the Watchman does. I am a Watchman.
            Here, as a Watchman, I will expose you as the person of confusion and hate you are.

            Jesus said out of all His commands the greatest is LOVE.  

            BTW:  Of course you don’t know what born OF the Spirit means or looks like, because you are not born OF the Spirit! or, for that matter, IN the Spirit.      
             John 3:5-6
            Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and OF the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born OF the Spirit is spirit.
            See, once born OF the Spirit, the Holy Spirit comes to live IN us. 

            Proverbs 14:25,  A true witness delivereth souls;  but a deceitful witness speaketh lies.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            There’s no twisting of words on my part. But you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. God has always been wed to His bride, the nation of true Israel, since the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God is not a God of equality. He loves some and He hates others. He’s sovereign and He can do whatever He damn well pleases and we puny humans simply have to come to terms with this reality. god can save anyone He chooses to include among His elect, whom He chose since before the world began. It is clear that there will be many more souls who are of true Israel who are God’s adopted sons and daughters than from any other nation, tribe or race if one reads Scripture with integrity and seeks to merely comprehend what its authors are saying.

            You are in error when you conclude that the Gentiles Jesus came to save were not of the 10 northern tribes of Israel which God gave a writ of divorce to and scattered among the nations of the Gentiles after the Assyrian exile. Ted Weiland, in his book, “The mystery of the Gentiles,” explains the Scriptural, historical and archeological support for this claim. Read the book first, then we can debate: not before.

            You are not qualified to refute God’s calling on my life. No one is. Nor do you comprehend what a true prophet does, is, and looks like.

            All of organized religion today is a complete fraud and has gone completely apostate. God’s true sons and daughters are no longer trapped inside false “feel good” religion, but have long since fled organized religion in all its denominational and cult forms. A true prophet of today has the spiritual discernment to see this and bears the brutal scars of the ambushes and betrayals of church leaders to all who bring the truth of God’s complete word into their midst, to prove it. I happen to have both. All pastors and elders today are frauds and refuse to take Biblical correction from anyone, so you are completely wasting your time if that is what you mistakenly believe a watchmen on the wall is called to do in these final days of the end times.

            You reveal your fraudulent character when you start spewing forth your “hate” venom and lies. That is nothing more than the devil’s psychological warfare crap and I will have none of it. You teach the false gospel that God and Jesus are LOVE and that’s all you gotta know. Bullshit! Jesus is TRUTH and love is not telling the wicked what they want to hear. Love is telling people who are, through the choices they have freely made, heading to an eternity of torment in hell for their lying, sexual immorality, thievery and wickedness, in hopes that some might hear the true an full gospel preached and so be saved.

            You’re a contentious and deceiving bastard and not at all of Christ, but a son of the devil. Kiss off.

  • Anonymous

    GOD bless you Glenn.I am lifting up a special prayer for you.I am praying a hedge of protection around you and your family .GOD has great things in store for you.I hear your voice LOUD and CLEAR.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003045836225 Debra Freeman

    I love you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003045836225 Debra Freeman

    You amaze me I love you for who you are and what you are brave enough to stand for.

  • rhea davis

    Hi Glenn,  I lost my voice in 2006, I guess I just talked too much :)  It was job related so I was scared, went to vocal therapy, found it wasn’t vocal nodules thankfully (was afraid of a botched job like they said Julie Andrews had) and with some vocal rest and time it went away.  Wow it was a tough time so I kind of know what you are going through.     You will need to be careful,, and as I know you do,  put God first and all will be well!

    • Shawn Berry


  • chip griffin

    glen you haven’t even tiped the ice berge, send our wifes home, put our families back together with out family we have nothing to save!

    • Shawn Berry

      hate hate hate, and more hate. look someone is down. Let me run over and kick them. Hate!

      • chip griffin

           you don’t know what down is until two wifies take everything you have including your children. wake up no family, no future. the love of many will wax cold—women—
        give us something to save our families back…

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.petersonredmond Susan Peterson

    We need your voice, Glenn, whether it’s vocal/oral or even written. Don’t ever stop speaking the truth!

  • Shawn Berry

    Glenn, Take this time to heal, be with family, and take some very needed down-time. You will want to be neck deep in The Blaze, however you should let your people take the controls for a while. Put things in the hands of God for a while and make minimal contact with work until you are completely restored. Then Glenn, come back into the fight with photon torpedoes firing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melody.johnson.359 Melody Johnson

    You are  a good and honest man thank God for your voice no matter how it comes . We love you and all of your friends and family. Trust is the issue for me I trust my husband and God. Our tongue is a rudder it can bring life or death. I hope to bring life God bless America.

  • Anonymous

    That was the most moving SPEECH I have ever witnessed. If you are like me, and Love Our Nation. Put your biases, and partisanship aside for 10 minutes, and watch this Silent Speech. You owe it to the children, and grandchildren of America to watch. If it doesn’t awaken something in you about WHO YOU ARE. You can ignore it just like you Ignored WHO you voted for last November.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.baird.376 Janet Carroll Baird

    I am praying for you Glenn we the people need a voice, someone to encourage and inspire.
    and someone not afraid to tell the truth. They would love to shut you up but God is in charge not the Government. I live in Suffolk Va we are having a march for Jesus June 29th people are taking a stand even if the news is not reporting it. God bless Glenn

  • ginger

    God bless you and your family and the work you have done and are doing…God will use this set back for our profit. Courage …and know we are with you.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way you say things Glenn Beck!  I love the way you have allowed God to change you!  I love realizing where you came from, and what you have done with your life!  I will love continuing to watch the incredible way you live your life, and where you go from here!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Powerful statement…thank you Glenn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1108962055 MillieSue Powell

    Thank you! I enjoy “reading” your monologue. I am deaf. I always wanted to watch TheBaze TV, but not able to understand without closed captions. My sister forwarded this to me. Mr. Beck, sign language is a beautiful language. If you were to lose your voice, you can learn to sign. You won’t be “silenced”. God bless you and your family during this time. HANG IN THERE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549848432 Karen Gregory Smith

    Glenn, you need a really good speech-language pathologist who specializes in voice disorders.  Check your nearest university training program for speech pathology.  Vocal rest means no talking and no whispering!  Make yourself a badge that says, “I’m on vocal rest. Ask me YES/NO questions.”   You WILL get better!  You will have to learn to use your voice properly and more efficiently. 

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is put on the earth at a certain time for a particular
    reason. God has a plan for each of us. I think you are fulfilling the reason
    God placed you here on this earth in America. May God bless you, Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is put on the earth at a certain time for a particular
    reason. God has a plan for each of us. I think you are fulfilling the reason
    God placed you here on this earth in America. May God bless you, Glenn Beck.

  • AMcLarney

    HOPE whispered in the darkness speaks LOUDER than LIES shouted in the glare of the media TRUTH will LAST and in the END all we have is HOPE.  Hang in there with us and keep telling the TRUTH with whatever you have to use.  Your FANS are listening and spreading the words for you.

  • Jeff Horton

    I hope you get your voice back before 2014 when the health care bill kicks in. I know what number you will get in the line for health care. Sad but true because the NSA already knows your thoughts. 

    • Anonymous

      Jeff, We The People will gather as much money as necessary to have Glenn’s voice back. We need him. He will NEVER have to stand in any line for anything. Even if all his money and his station are taken away from him by some dark forces. He will stay with us while he is alive – and after. He will stay with me while I am alive. Respect, Glenn!

      • Jeff Horton

        But you never read the Obama health care law where it is illegal for a doctor to take money from you and put you in front of the line. So now what happens when the Docs won’t help you because they can loose their licence 

  • TudanV

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your courage and example. I must admit that I feel fearful for you; I know there are many who would want to harm you or your family for your exposing the truths out there, but I will trust that God will protect you and keep you safe as long as He needs you to keep doing your job in His name.  I hope someday to be as courageous in the face of adversity as you have been.  God Bless Glenn Beck and family!

  • Anonymous

    This brought many tears of worry, concern and hope. It’s amazing the words that are spoken through his expressions while going through the cards. We will pray that Glenn will have his voice returned for good but hope he will know through this experience what it is he is to learn. We love you Glenn and look forward to hearing your voice again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1710540213 Brenda Butler

    Mr. Glenn, IF GOD BE FOR YOU>>>WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? Not the enemy who has attacked your voice. Why else would the true* enemy go after your voice! COULD BE because GOD IS SPEAKING THROUGH YOU!! Rest in The Lord Jesus Christ…..and when GOD wants you to speak….HE HAS ALL POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! We’ll be waiting for this anointed WORD that will come from your mouth SOON!! We all love you and we are praying in FAITH believing that OUR GOD REIGNS!!!! Amen.

  • Nonie

    I have not been able to watch Glenn’s show for some time now, except clips and occasional show.  Sorry to hear he is having this new difficulty.  God Bless you Glenn, your family and staff and prayers to keep all of you safe.  Hope you get better soon.  This country needs you to be our voice and keep us focused.  I understand the message.  Choose our words carefully and make them count, make them heal, make them encourage, make them do good.

  • S S

    Perhaps Glenn may be so religious that he feels that God has silenced him because he has said
    something wrong? 
    Perhaps he has misread this and that he has been silenced
    by the Devil. God will not silence the truth – only those who lie. That is my
    take on this.  

  • Trudy

    SO powerful Glen, I read every word you shared. It was moving and truly a reminder to us all that we need to use our voice before its lost forever. The one card you wrote about children, I couldn’t help but think, if we as parents and grandparents don’t speak up, they will never even “know” what it means to have a voice because their voices will have been silenced since birth. We have to speak for our children and grandchildren. Trudy

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, I lost my voice in the last three weeks. I too have a paralyzed vocal chord on the right side. How ironic it is the RIGHT. I stand for conservative values and now that I can’t voice my opinions other than writing them, I can see where one day if we don’t wake up in 
    America, we won’t be able to speak with or without vocal chords. I didn’t realize how much I talk during the day and now it is a struggle to get a word out, I see the same thing what’s happening around us with the media who need to say what is important but refuse to say it. I still try to voice my opinions and share the truth but it hurts because no one listens. It is the same thing with me without a voice. I am so glad that I found you on Fox and have followed you where ever you speak on the radio, television or internet. I wish I could have been to your gatherings in person but I am unable to attend because of work and a tight budget,You have been an inspiration to me in finding the truth and sharing it where ever I can. Not everyone likes my politics and they ask me where I get my information, I tell them. Glenn Beck and The Blaze. I show them many times that you have seen the writing on the wall and it was just a matter of time before it came to fruition.I stand by you Glenn and I pray you get your voice back along with mine. You are “The Beacon of Hope” that everyone needs to pay attention along with your staff who work so hard in getting to the truth.
    God bless you Glenn,

  • http://www.facebook.com/cemorsh Claire EM

    Glenn, you know…..you have touched the lives of so many.  Keep the love going.  Maybe God will hear our prayers and turn all the hate around so love will reign superior and forgiveness may hold a key.  Thank you for your inspiration…….neverending…..always uplifting….thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000385110752 Judith F Nossol

    Glenn, God Bless and I wish you all the best. I am sure, that your voice will be back, also if this could take some time. There are other people out there, had the same problem and everything
    went well. Thumb’s up and don’t forget to stay up with all your good work.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You Glenn Beck!!  You inspire me. You are courageous, honest and pure of heart. I’m sure D.Bonhoeffer and George Washington are smiling down from above.

  • Anonymous

    I had recently noticed that our cable provider now carries The Blaze.  I was thrilled and excited. But I did notice a change in you since you left Fox, and I was distressed because I felt that you were tired- but still full of faith.  I find ironic that your voice is in jeopardy because it has awakened so many of us.  I have always felt that you had an apostlistic aura around you. It has always called me to follow you all the way to DC for restoring honor and anywhere else I can afford to be. Please continue and call upon me for whatever you may need. I will pray for you and miss you here in New York.  jb

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trisha-Holmeide/100000669641562 Trisha Holmeide

    Every time I think I’ve seen or heard every thing you believe, know and stand for I turn around and see or hear something additionally important and meaningful I needed to see or hear from you.  It’s very hard to pray for our enemies, bless those who would destroy us, give to those who would take every thing we cherish away, but you are right…/we can’t save ourselves, our children, or our country without God’s help, and He has made it clear what we need to do to be made useful in this effort–love one another, stand up for the truth, ask for forgiveness for our own sins and help to be of use to our brothers and sisters in whatever way He inspires us to be.. 

  • Anonymous

    You will always be my Howard Beale!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.vanbuskirk.39 Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June  11, 2013,  Dear  Glenn,  I  am  Sorry  too,  because  I  wrote  words  in  comments  on  facebook  or  youtube  that  were  cruel  and  unkind  so  I  hope  GOD  will  forgive  me  for  being  resentful  towards  others.  GOD  Bless  You  Glenn!!!!!!  I  hope  Our  Nation  Heals  soon…..  Thank  you  for  your  shows…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricoSacto Richard Joseph Stephan

    glenn beck….you are a special human being,  a great man…..say no more brother!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1342925089 Lorene Hopkins

    Powerful message, God Bless You and Your Family.

  • wildeagleone

    Very interesting concept and very Glenn Beck—–Praying for a speedy recovery Glenn and I bet your wife is happy for the break..Just kidding……….Heal well and soon

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, as I was watching this video of you, I have never heard you speak louder than you just did.  As I was reading my Bible the other day, I read one of God’s first commission or commandment and that is to,’ Love one another as I have loved you’.  Until we get back to our Faith and God, I fear that we will lose what freedoms and  love we have for one another.  The ones in Washington are fear mongrels and spread nothing but lies and hate, therefore, we have to pray for God’s intervention.  When God has had enough, he will then take care of everything our time will be over here on this earth, and a better life will be ahead of us.  Take care and I will be praying for you. 

  • Big Jimmy

    While I am an Atheist, I do not agree so much with his religious or spiritual views, but we are very close politically in our opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn for all you do for others. Your words are powerful and your heart contains so much wisdom, courage and integrity.. I know I am a better and more informed person because of you. Many of your loyal friends are listening and we will continue to “hear” you loud and clear because of your heart of goodness and truth… Love the St Blaise connection too!!!  Continued prayers….

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracey.miner Tracey Miner

    In a time when our president cant speak without his teleprompter – maybe this is the way to get him to hear you Glenn!  Well said good and faithful servant! 

  • Dezri Dean

    I hope it is not his last!

  • Anonymous

    I pray you will soon be back “with bells on”.  Yours is an important voice to be heard.  Thank you for what you are doing for us.  Your words are necessary, whether spoken or written. God bless you and keep you,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1794495864 Laura Mae Randol McKinney

    I am Praying for your healing….. We need your voice as it is the only one that does not lie to us……….. May God Bless you and your family today and everyday..

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.hoonalden.9 Joanne Hoon-Alden

    Thank YOU FATHER for Glen Beck.

  • mspatdev

    May God continue to bless you and help your voice heal. I have appreciated you when you were doing the Constitution on the Fox News. I was so impressed with what you were doing. I had just gotten my cable at the time. I was thinking then America wake-up and listen to you and the things that you were teaching were so very much true. Then I had gotten sick and lost track of you for about one year. Now I get to enjoy your sacrifice for the American people. To bad you aren’t president. We would not be in the fix we are in now. YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN and we appreciate everything you do. Take care and get better. We love you. You are always in my prayers. May God Bless This Nation as it is a choice nation. May God Bless you and your family and everyone else you associate with. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ready2talk2000 Deb Bernard

    You continue to amaze me.  Most excellent speech anyone ever gave without a voice.  You sum up our entire situation.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who thinks and feels the way I do about our country and out people.  God said in the last days people would not “see”. I believe there are many signs and many people don’t see.  I certainly have hope and faith that somehow we can turn our country and world around.  Bless you Glenn for going through struggle in your life and coming out a more “grown and uplifting” person.  You do make a difference, never doubt that!  Thank you!  Deb

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1106081383 Haydar Kiran

      We can change it with a positive attitude and respecting one another.  The majority of the diverse people are all fighting for the same thing.  That is a safe place for all of us, especially our children and their future.  The moment we divide ourselves from the bad people and the ones that wish harm and malice instead of dividing ourselves based on color, beliefs, class and political beliefs, we can stand united and fight the good fight against evil. 

  • Anonymous

    I am impressed. Glenn, Thank you for showing us the words that will make America Great. Your silence is like the Simon and Garfield song “THE SOUND OF SILENCE”. I love that piece and listen to it often. It brings me to life. I match it up with Ravel’s “Bolero” and turn it up as load as I can.
    You are an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  • Joseph .

    God Bless Glenn.  Hang in there and hope you recover soon.    Thank God for bad people like Obama for it’s only becuase of them that we can appreciate the good in others.   It is only with darkness that we can see and appreciate light.

    Be thankful for who you are and that you are NOT an Obama type.     You are brighing light to this world and not darkness.   Give thanks that you are exposing darkness instead of being it – think about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tturbod2007 Donald A Mattox

    Indeed it is a sad day for America. Thanks for all that you taught us and have shown us in your deeds. You have set a great example and I wish there were more like you. God bless you my friend and Hero.

  • bumpkin

    Ahhh.  Glenn!  A “voice-vacation!”   Dang!  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  I hope its over quickly for you, because we sure need your truth.  There are just SO many dishonest folk out there that need the invitation to gain honor still… And if they don’t understand how it is to speak the truth, you are there to show them how its done.  Thank you for all that you give to us.  I am grateful.  I hope it heals soon!  I LIKE your voice!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you and give you a full and complete recovery of your health. Thank you so very much for all that you do.

  • Jeremiah Folia

    Man…I cried like a girl. This will keep me thinking for a long time. Thanks Glenn

  • Anonymous

    From a far off distant, tiny, land, and from someone who don’t know but admires you.
    Be well! That’s all….

    Be assured that we, in Israel, love you and wish you well.

    Barry Shaw,

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, you will regain your voice and you will be even stronger. This is a time to reflect and to choose words that have the greatest IMPACT so that you can be even more effective. God bless you and heal you, in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, if you had ANY idea how much you are loved……..loved back for all you have done and continue to do……others do not understand because they have chosen to see and hear their own version of YOUR words.  All who truly care and have given everything they have to give are misunderstood by those who refuse to see what really “is”.  It has been this way since Cain and Abel…..you are a light in the wilderness.  Your program is just what the world needs.  All anyone who listens to your program asks is for the respect of being “heard”, which is obviously too much for closed minds to truly understand.  My family loves your work.  We love Pat and Stu.  There is SO MUCH RESPECT in my house for all you do for our country and our world!!!  I’m sorry that others cannot see it.  But all great people have been and will continue to be misunderstood.  Hang in there……..and know that there are those of us who are standing beside you!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.b.mcgill.9 Kathy Biggers McGill


  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.b.mcgill.9 Kathy Biggers McGill


  • Anonymous

    Glenn, wow man, I don’t know what to say.  You have done more to change the way that I think more than anyone else.  I may not always agree with you, but I have a deep and profound gratitude for you.  The only one who has been more indispensable to the growth I’ve experienced over the past 5 years is God Himself.  How often you echoed the things that He put in my heart, and how often you were able to expound on those things.  I’ve come to learn that man truly is made in God’s image.  The image of dignity, nobility, honor, integrity, righteousness, justice and truth, and that sin is really rebellion against that image.  I believe that God can and will heal all our hurts, and I believe that He can heal this.  Just as you have been doing for so long, put your trust in Him, and He will deliver you.

  • ItsMe4U

    Thank you Glenn, for speaking the truth in spite of the cost, the threats against you, your loved ones and your family. May you always continue to be mindful that God is the source of wisdom, truth and inspiration to be all He’s called us to be. Thank you for being real and honest with who you are; we see it and that provides the hope that we, too, are adequate as we are to do great things. Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him there’s no other—Jesus is the way! 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    …i’d say

    lay your burden down

    it’s too heavy to bare

    those not in the boat

    don’t understand, don’t care

    build your independence

    build your dream

    those in the know

    are with you in the stream

    preserve y/our energy

    this fight is great and long

    pray to endure this ugly,

    arrogant evil throng


    if i call a liar a liar

    and i call a crook a crook

    should i then lay down my gun

    to get me off the hook?

    maybe we’ve been spoiled

    perhaps a little lazy

    sometimes we’ve been cocky

    proud americans — not crazy

    two plus two is four

    we call a spade a spade

    it’s not our fault we’re angry

    from this junk hand we’ve been played

    so my words are sharp and heavy

    to match the wrath i feel

    if i say it any different

    does it really help us heal?


    i do know good within me

    a light that hasn’t shown bright

    it’s just that serious focus

    i’ve ignored — so you are right

    can i love the way you love, glenn

    with malice towards none

    and become another person

    painting mercury one?

    we see your daily struggles

    the higher purpose that you serve

    thank you for your presence

    you have and you deserve

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.mccutchen.1 Gary McCutchen

    I hope this is a genuine awakening. After 89,000,000 words of hate, division, hipocracy and self-promotion lightly sprinkled with some insightful truths, it would be a welcomed change.

  • Jolene Johnson Beauregard

    May YHWH bless you, and keep you.  May his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.  May he lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.  Know that you are loved, and will be missed.  Only for a short time, and then, as you return may your voice be as strong as an eagles cry in the wilderness. 

  • Lynette Sabol Prestage

    Love you Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    If today were the last day I had a voice, one thing I would say to all who could hear is that there are many reasons why the media and the public should ignore Beck’s “ideas.”

    • Anonymous

      Name one. Chapter and verse, please

      • Guest

        Beck is a serial hypocrite.

        There are at least 18 more. Show a tiny bit of curiosity and click on the hot link above.

        • Guest

           Beck hater Victor Tiffany is back again with nothing intelligent to say,
          linking to his swampy bugsite, that also has nothing intelligent to
          say. Beware the pit.

      • Guest

         Beck hater Victor Tiffany is back again with nothing intelligent to say,
        linking to his swampy bugsite, that also has nothing intelligent to
        say. Beware the pit. Enter not!

    • Andy, Bad Person

       And you just posted a link claiming that Beck incited mass shooters. You can be safely disregarded now.

    • Guest

      Beck hater Victor Tiffany is back again with nothing intelligent to say, linking to his swampy bugsite, that also has nothing intelligent to say. Beware the pit.

    • Guest

       Stuff it down your throat Vicky. That will solve the problem with you….. say no more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ronald-Jay-Robertson/1620198948 Ronald Jay Robertson

    God Bless you Glenn.

  • Dr. Heidi Bach

    Glenn,you’re simply “reorganizing” (and chemicalizing the reorganization of your reasoning capacity. Order John Bradshaw’s Reclaiming Virtue, and while cover to cover reveals the roots and redwoods of health and well-being, read and savor pp.372-377, Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Reasoning.

    By mastering Kohlberg’s revelation of how to develop moral reasoning in those around US, you will be empowered to use your renewed and restored gift of voice to serve as The Global Parent too many missed within their develpmental years. I’ve been practicing on Twitter and Facebook …you’re going to LOVE the opportunity to serve Our Lady Liberty’s Children as The Voice of Our Father on Earth. 

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well said Glenn!! Now if we can put your words into action that is the key!
    Thank you for all you do. I have never posted anything on your site but today I was moved to respond. 
    God Bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Glen, you are an inspiration to me and millions of others.  God bless you and your family and I will pray for you and a quick recovery of your “voice”, which is so important especially at this time.  Take Care!

  • Anonymous

    a Voice in the Wilderness, Our Modern Day Prophet. like the modern Bishop Sheen. They Do Have a lot in common, Glenn motto was the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment and Bishop Sheen had The Wit and Wisdom…it means the same. whereas the Left destroyed the church tho it still goes on…Glenn Is The Voice In The Desert, like John the Baptist Preparing the Way! like israel spending fourty years in the desert we have been living fourty years in the desert of li-beralism….like moses Glenn is preparing the way out….our prophet

    • Anonymous

      Just checking…..This is sarcasm right?   You don’t really believe he is a prophet?

  • Chris Lamar

     I would call Beck a lying sack to his face…lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1636970320 Robin ‘Bailey’ Dering

    WOW! what a message.  You have brought me to tears.  Sorry for any misspelled words, I can’t see what I’m typing.  Your voice speaks volumes and comes in loud and clear.  Thank you, you have just spoke the words to move a nation without uttering a sound,  That’s talent, that’s inspiration, that is why God made Glenn Beck. Get better soon, God bless you and continue to grant you the strength, courage, wisdom, and most of all Grace that makes you special.

  • Ralph Chambers

    To Pray He said to say http://prayersjourney.com He can change us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.wiley.167 Chris Wiley

    truly emotional. if i had to choose what my last words would be. It would be faith, charity, and the courage to do the right thing no matter what.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1046115573 Mary Ann

     IM not crying, I am sure, positive that GOD is working and will work it out. 

     I have never been a wimp for Jesus, I have always spoke, stood in the face of the enemy with out fear, and no man, no torture can or will ever take my spirit of victory. 

    There has to be a Judas, Jesus can handle all of them. 

    The Lion is about to show up. 

  • Anonymous

    I believe God will heal you.

  • deanks

    I never knew I could love you so much for what you “say” when you didn’t “say” a thing. I am reminded of some Scriptures: Zacharias the priest and father of John the Baptist had his voice taken away because he didn’t believe the angel Gabriel’s proclamation; Isaiah the prophet had a hot coal placed to his lips because he could be “foul mouthed.” I AM NOT drawing similarities but pointing out God has a purpose and you are obviously prayerful and “still” enough that to some degree the purpose is already being defined. Hawk Nelson has a song titled: WORDS which speaks about everything your cards said. http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Words/8672490 Love ya Glenn, Get well soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ann.reid.980 Ann Reid

    Wonderful words Glenn.  God bless you and hope you recover fast.  We miss your voice.

  • ministeraprilb

    Thank you for those words Glenn. There are those who are listening, there is always a remnant. For and from that remnant the victory will come. We must all persevere and act.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.bottino Paul Bottino

    So you come on tv with note cards, make all the women cry, everyone sympathizes with you, and the next two days you are back on TV ranting about immigration.  Are you an actor or a serious news man?

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that Glenn would take the job – but I think that he would make a darn good president.  We need another George Washington!  All those that agree – chime in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Recht/1684191450 Carol Recht

    Glenn, Thank you for your love for this country, its people and the principles that made us a great nation. God has set you aside for such a time as this. I pray he will continue to strengthen, heal and empower you. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Recht/1684191450 Carol Recht

    I can’t say it better than God’s Holy Word. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

  • Sharon Beeke

    So sorry that you are having problems again Glenn.  Please take care of yourself – we really need you! As my husband and I have said,  everything you predicted would happen in the future to our country is happening!!!!  Why won’t the American people wake up the what is going on in our country?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen,

    I just watched your Silent Monologue and I was moved. I’m so sorry this has happened but I’m not surprised – the enemy has been trying to stop you for a long, long time. In fact, last week as I listened to you, that very thought crossed my mind. 

    Perhaps you should think of this time of silence as being likened to Zechariah in the Book of Luke – there is silence for a season, until the miracle arrives. We are praying for a miracle for you.

    Or perhaps your time of silence is as that spoken of in Zephaniah 1 and the day of the Lord is closer than any of us can know. 

    None of us knows the real reason for this time of silence, but we do know there is a season for all things as spoken of in Ecclesiastes 3. I don’t know the reason, but I do know this… You, above all others, have done more to wake America up to the current situation. You’ve yelled so loudly that we had to either get up and turn you off or pay attention and start preparation for hard times to come. The 912 Group in my city has heard you, loud and clear, and we’ve responded accordingly. You have been an amazing watchman and you’ve played your roll gallantly – now, in your time of silence – the Lord will teach you even more. I believe He’ll show you amazing things and when your time of silence is over with, trumpets will sound and you’ll be a tremendous leader.

    No matter how this comes out, you’ve become an American hero as well as a hero to my friends in Israel who so respect you for what you did for that precious country.

    Our prayers are that you will be healed and that you’ll be able to share with us what you’ve learned during this time of silence. All of America is praying for you. 

  • Leah

    His last words there should have been “SEEK GOD’S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE!”  Not The Blaze!  Sheesh!  

  • Anonymous

    Dearest Glenn,  God has truly chosen you and your family for these last days!  I had a dream sometime last year; an Angel came to me and said – Pray, Pray, Pray!  For the Flesh Clings to the Bones and there is No Grace to be found!!!  I beleive you know in your heart of hearts exactly what this message means!… Keep reaching out to others Glenn, but focus, as you’ve stated, on Love, Forgivenenss, Compassion and most of All turning from our selfish ways to God!  You are Blessed Young Man!!! People won’t like what you have to say, they haven’t!!! However, you’ll be doing the Will of God!!!  May He give you strength, courage and authority in all you say and do for Him!!!  And may He continue Blessing you and being able to reach so many people!

  • Anonymous

    Bless you Glenn! You just gave new meaning to the saying that “sometimes silence is deafening. I cannot remember a time that I’ve been more moved and attentive to a message. After losing my job, home and almost all my friends I had to stop watching all mainstream media, including FOX because they all seemed to heighten my anger. I’m still attached to your e-mails, and rely on it for most of my news and sanity. I have no money,but if I did I would send you some to show my support of your show.  Mostly because at times I feel like I can’t breathe by what the few in this country are doing to my precious America. It’s then that I have you to turn to and take that breathe. Yes, really! I cannot be there when the ignorant left wing mafia attack you, but just know that I, as well as many others, proudly defend you and praise you if someone begins to speak ill of you. You have become a part of American history. One day children will speak of you knowing that this brave man dared to speak out with the TRUTH in order to save our country. Take care my good man! No opera singing for a week as well!

  • Anonymous

    As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I agree with this man who understands the heart of God. Jesus said what profits us to love those who van love us back, but to love those who hate us, abuse us, wrongfully mistreat us, then you will know what it really means to LOVE as our Heavenly Father Loves us. Mr. Beck I pray you get your voice back because then I believe because you have gone through the FIRE; they will be words of Love, Wisdom, Integrity and Undertsnding seasoned with God’s Grace.

    • Anonymous

      Numbers 6:24-26.   :-)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn! I just sent you a note supporting all that you do for all Americans. As I watched the monologue again, I got this horrifying feeling that you had that odd expression of a person being held hostage. I hope that all this soul searching in recent weeks about your past accomplishments in an almost apologetic tone is not due to any Obama thug threats against you or your family.Please, “say it ain’t so Joe”! I’ll be following this new you “thing” and I hope I’m wrong. Take care and fight the enemy with a great saying from the Brits!                                  “KEEP CALM CARRY ON”

  • Lyn Whelchel

    I have never been a fan of yours… ever!   I am now!  I have preached on coming together and that we belong to each other until I thought no one cared… thank you for being brave and saying your truth… thank you for waking up and seeing there are no sides, it’s a lie!  We are all one and we can create miracles based on that fact alone…. 

  • jdgalt

    If I’d wanted a preacher or a shrink, I wouldn’t be watching this show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1137752098 Joan Vanderbush

    Glenn Beck has been sent to us from God to help us fight for our liberties and keep us informed as to what both parties have done to take them away! Please watch this, it is impressive. We now have Dish Network and his show at 2 p.m. westcoast time Chn. 212 and the Blaze TV come with the To 250 package. I look forward to watching and listening to
    Glenn and the Truth everyday! Glenn Beck is a Great man as well as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage!  We need them all to keep us informed!

  • Robyn Cade

    Wow, truly amazing. Very Powerful words. brought tears to my eyes

    you are great Glen

  • Anonymous

    I cry every time I see this. I am only one of millions who are  praying for you as you again must fight the demons attacking your body. Keep the faith, Glenn. Be strong in the Lord and in His might. This is not your fight but you are the vessel He has chosen. We love you, Glenn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amelia.perez.31392 Amelia Perez


  • Anonymous

    Welcome Home Glenn, Welcome Home.
    If we could get everyone to think only about what is right instead of what is wrong we would be able to create the Golden Age right here on earth.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, I watched your video with tears streaming down my face. Sometimes I wish I could get a frontal lobotomy and NOT know what you taught and told us. But I would rather be painfully informed of the truth, knowing that God is ultimately in charge and will win, than lost in the wilderness of lies, and ignorant of what has occurred in my Country’s history and relationship with the rest of the World. True prophets are seldom believed or listened to in their own culture, but are courageous in speaking the truth, disregarding the possible consequences.You are one of the courageous, and have captured the hearts and minds of many Americans. Each one of us has to fight our own battle between the evil in us and the good, what was hard-wired  IN us by our Creator. I fought the same battle you fought, and have been sober for 36 years. I also, am not who I used to be, but not yet where God created me to be. It’s a journey, not a destination, but not for “sissies”
    Will pray for you, my brother, that your voice will be healed, so you can help to heal others. It is good and comforting to know that the good in America is acknowledged and supported by some of our fellow travelers. Your speech, or “sermon” at the big Rally in Dallas said it all!
    Thank you and God Bless You. If we pray and repent, HE will heal our land!  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn a speedy recovery as u r truly George Washinton, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin all rolled into one. Trying to send out the message of what I fore Fathers did over 200 years ago.
    God Bless you and God Bless America.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you moving so fast??? I can not read what you writeDrink hot milk with honey :-)
    That’s what we do
    Wishing you the best

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tracy-Anderson/100000160264044 Tracy Anderson

    I am speechless and filled with emotion and joy.  Thank you, Glenn, for sharing your silent thoughts with us.  That you would find this powerful and strong message from your heart in a time of weakness in health just reminds me of how wonderful you are and how important you are to this country and her citizens!  God bless you Glenn!

  • Sporby

    I cried until my eyes were swollen over your extraordinarily poignant and ultimately sobering  message, Mr. Beck.  I weep for my nation, my country, our leaders, and we the people, because we have turned our backs on God and have forgotten from whom ALL blessings flow!!!  We have lost our way, and there’s no one at the rudder.

    May God bless you, Mr. Beck, and every American who truly loves our country, and is willing to fight to get it back before it’s too late.

    2 Chron. 7: 14 – if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    • Anonymous

      He’s made me cry like a baby about a bazillion times. Something about him. He reaches/ touches my soul. I trust him. And I’ve even wondered about that!! But no… God Bless, and Thank God for Glenn Beck

      • Anonymous

        I feel exactly the same way about him.

  • Stephan Bruno

    So let me get this straight. He says his voice is paralyzed yet he is talking on his show the next day? What are you people fucking stupid!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Anonymous

       As you’re so far to the left as to be an extremist, you are obviously a very stupid ass. So let me help you with that: It comes and goes. It isn’t all of a sudden.. BAM!! gone completely, and all of a sudden.. BAM! back again/ fixed. Do you have the mental capacity to grasp this? Or does your seething hatred supersede any chance to reason?

      • http://www.facebook.com/jettx38 Greg Boyd

        MikeInMaine, it is possible to express your objections to vulgar comments without using them yourself. You can love those who hate you.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you.

          Numbers 6:24-26

      • Stephan Bruno

        BAM! Your an idiot and BAM! I thought he was supposed to have been afflicted with some debilitating disease a while ago? Oh I guess that comes and goes too. Your head is up that Mormon fuckwad’s ass so high your seeing brown. All you idiots follow this huckster the way of Oral Roberts are just a bunch of lowly jealous ignorant whitebread leave it to beaver wannabees that think you can pray away your problems. Well guess what? America and the world is changing for the better. Yes there are growing pains but we will get through it. As soon as we get rid of you bible (and other holy book) thumpers once and for all. You got a problem with that? Too bad.  Mike go fuck yourself and buy some gold at market value.

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, Stephen. He was healed by God. Heathens like you wouldn’t be able to accept this fact, so you just go ahead and rant and rave like a lunatic about it. It’s ok. We understand you far more than you do yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to tell you, we are praying for your recovery.  There are not enough words to thank you for your courage to show your love of God, family, country.  There are many of us who feel the way you, do, but are unable to get it out there.  You blessed us with your silent monologue, and we know you and your family will be blessed.  Any negative feedback you get, it is because God has big plans for you my friend, and the enemy is trying to stop you……..DON’T EVER STOP BEING WHO YOU ARE…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/carole.j.ryan Carole Jean Ryan

    Profound! It is never too late to say “sorry”. It is never too late to begin again! It is never too late……………………..

  • http://Wulfcry.com/ Garath McCathron

    It’s odd to me that many of these commenters don’t seem to realize he was apologizing for the vitriol and decisiveness he’s been spewing these last few years.  At least, that’s what it seemed like.  I almost didn’t watch this because of who it was coming from and his recent history, but I’m glad I did.  I’ll be watching the Blaze with interest to see if he’s true to his words, and committed to Healing and Hope instead of Hate and Fear, or if he’ll go back to what got him his ratings once he gets his voice back.  Still, a great message even if I disagree with the religious undertones.

    • Anonymous

      It’s “odd” to you because you don’t get it. You are wrong. Glenn has nothing, zero, zip, nada to be apologizing for over the “last few years”, as you falsely purport. He DID act like an ass often a long time ago. Obviously you are a liberal who has drunk the kool-aid, and “think” he is wrong in what he’s been telling us all for the last 4-5 years about the government, and particularly the radical left. You erroneously think that it’s fear and hatred that he’s pushing because you’re so blinded by your own ideology. It’s also no wonder that you don’t care for the “religious undertones”, being a lefty looney.

      • http://Wulfcry.com/ Garath McCathron

         Thanks, Mike.  I couldn’t ask for better example of the hate and vitriol I referenced.  Calling someone a “looney” because they disagree with you, or gods forbid, are of a different faith.  Exactly why I am skeptical of Glenn’s “New Beginning” of which he spoke (wrote?)–not sure his audience would let him get away with it.  Like he said (wrote?), when you grow, people don’t like it.

        • Anonymous

          Glenn changed his message several years ago. Many on the right disagree with his focus on love and charity lately. I personally believe he is on the right track and is inspired by God. You have obviously been listening to what others SAY about Glenn and not to what HE has said. How can ” Malice toward none and charity for all” be divisive?

  • Anonymous

    My heart goes out to you, Glenn.  I cried, as I watched you showing your cards.  You are a very special person.  If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably be ignorant of the things that are going on in our government.  I’m praying that you will get your voice back soon.  God bless you and your family. I pray that God will keep you safe.  Take care.

  • Anonymous

    God speed Glenn………………even without a voice…………..you speak for ME!

  • Don Paschal

    Usuallly, I pretty much disagree with most of what you say.  But there is no doubt that you are a powerful communicator.  This seriously brought me to tears, being a broadcaster (actually ex, for now), I know how important having that voice really is.

    I have pondered your question a lot in the last few days.  And I have also pondered how we all…on the right and the left…have contributed to what I have called on Twitter Civil War 2. And unless we all find SOME common ground, we will be destryed as nation.

    Now I am a supporter of the President.  I don’t agree with everything he does, but I don’t think that makes me evil.  I don’t think that you, or Sarah Palin, or John Boehner are evil, but many on my side feel they are. We are separating ourselves with bull—- and it must stop.

    This is why this video is so powerful.

    I wish you well.  We’ll continue to debate.  But I wish you well.

  • Jean A. Gresick-Schugsta

    Glenn, you still have my deepest respect and admiration.  PLEASE, don’t stop reminding and encouraging us to LOVE.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, so sorry to learn that you have lost your voice!  Or have you?  You “card speech”  stil reminds us of who we are, what we need to do……God Bless You and your family.  Please know that you have made a great difference and still do.  We need you to help to remind us what we once were. where we are now, and what we can still become…….Thank you for the many words that you have spoken so very very well………
    We are proud to call you a Texan.  Best wishes and blessings……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.scholtz.9 Sandy Scholtz

    We absolve you because you are us!!!!  Keep the faith, the love, the honor, the courage, lose the HATE  it does not become you!!! We will preserver because WE are Americans!!  The united!!!
    Love you Sandra

  • anonymousg

    As someone who considers themselves a pretty liberal person and has been regularly offended by the things you’ve said (and the way you’ve said them), I’m surprised to actually find myself touched by this video, and finding that our overall worldviews are almost identical. The transformation you claim to have undergone seems spiritual in nature, and I’ve undergone the same one recently. Sadly, most people (especially liberals, admittedly, which makes me feel totally alienated from most people who share my social and political values) equate spirituality and belief in a god with some lack of intellect, and so I also fear that most people won’t come to whatever “light” we’ve come to, for fear of being shamed by other people and by themselves. 

  • Anonymous

    God Bless & heal you quickly, Glenn!  You are the standard for what every true American should be like – God-fearing & honest to the core!  We need many more men like you.  I just wish with all my heart that you were our PRESIDENT right now.  I pray you’ll be with us for many years to come. – You are our inspiration! – And I know you love  America, or you wouldn’t have put yourself & your family thru all that you have, in order to “sound the trumpet” for us.  God be with you always, & protect you & your family & staff.  I pray Isa. 40:31 for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1776541918 Meredith Turner

    Thank you, Glenn.  Thank you for trying so hard, for caring so much, and for enduring.  Thank you for teaching and modeling.  Thank you for leading and guiding, for persevering and studying.  For your lessons, for your prayers, for your dedication and for your compassion I am so very grateful.  God is pleased.  He is in control when all else seems out of control in your life, and your faith will be your guide.  Be well.  You are appreciated and dearly loved.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, you are such a light for me. It was during your 40 day challenge a couple of years ago that inspired me to pick up the bible and read it for the first time at age 49. Since then my whole family have become Christians and our lives have been transformed. I don’t know if you actually read any of these but I hope you do because I wanted you to be encouraged by my story. I know there must be many others that have been positively influenced by you. Your courage to speak about God in a world that wants nothing to do with Him or anyone who would speak of Him is awesome and convicting. Keep on doing what your doing. Your voice speaks for many of us, even if it’s written on cards.

    On a lighter note I keep telling my husband we should move to Texas. I’ll have to see if you have any job openings :)

    Keep up the truth!

  • Anonymous

    I love you and have since you were first on  fox……………… I took my daughter to see you in DC and boy was she proud!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you and we need another march in DC…………….the 9/12 project was beautiful and even my daughter and so many other young people felt it…….IT was mocked and emulated to no degree except to discourage. AMERICA IS there and time O’reilly woke up and others. YOU were the blessing to ALL of us who raced home at 5 to see you and HEAR you on FOX…………..You WERE the most honest next to SEAN on where AMERICA was going………but you knew the characters!

  • Brian Johnson

    Nice words, but that’s all they are to a hypocrite like Beck. He’s willing to admit that he used hateful words to hurt people but that that was in the nineties when he was an alcoholic and now he has grown and is all peace and love. Bullshit! The last four years have been one hate fest after another starting with the months long campaign of vicious smears delivered daily against a decent man like Van Jones to his disgusting and shameful broadcast featuring him and his punk bitch Stu where they spent an hour insulting and humiliating a disabled man because of his weight. Loosing his voice would be ironic justice but even better would be him and his entire family burning alive in a horrific automobile accident.  

    • Anonymous

       Bet you won’t be up long.

  • Anonymous

    What an inspiration you are, Mr. Glenn Beck!  Heal and be well, we need you and your wisdom!

  • Anonymous

    A good message worth reading. I don’t know what Obama is really about he is either giving us (America) to the Communists or the Muslims, in my opinion he probably told both of em one thing and means to become king. WE need to work at our election stands, we need to watch out for corruption, if we stand any chance of getting the USA back we must act locally we cannot fix DC without cleaning the corruption out of our own communities.

  • Anonymous

    Well said without saying a word….God Bless you Glenn Beck….!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear you are going through this Glenn. There has to be a reason, perhaps God wants to listen to him on something. Whatever the case may be, I will pray you get well soon and your voice returns to you. May God Bless you and your precious family. I can’t image what my last words would be to this world if I was to be taken from me. I would probably tell people to get right with God, for time is near.

  • Anonymous

    I commented first and then watched the video. Wow that was moving and powerful. It tugged at my emotions. Each of us should and must pray for this country. Without God we are doomed, weather you believe in him or not, history teaches us, without God we are nothing and will be reduced to ashes. America get on your knees and ask for forgiveness, pray that God guides us and shows us the way forward.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, that was a very moving presentation. Here’s someone praying for your recovery – a Jewish professor – who is grateful for your love of God and America. God bless you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynn.s.murley Lynn Stovall Murley

    Glenn, I once had a paralyzed vocal myself – for seven years – until God chose to restore it.  Although I could talk, my ability to communicate was severely limited.  I too learned a lot about using my voice wisely, thinking seriously about what to say, and thanking God for the very ability to talk at all.  It has been seventeen years since my vocal cord was restored, and I am thankful daily for the ability and the FREEDOM to speak out.  May God grant you the FREEDOM and the ABILITY to speak out the truth in love and to do so with excellence and wisdom for years to come..

  • http://www.facebook.com/connie.dunkle.1 Connie Dunkle

    Awesome, Glenn!!  Brought tears to my eyes!!  That we might all have the strength and courage that you have shown, to stand up for our great nation is my prayer.  Keep up your great work, Glenn!!  You are loved by so many!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/terri.nestore Terri Nestore

    Sponsors of Glenn Beck/The Blaze – I make it a point to purchase your products. I believe most subscribers/viewers know how important you are and why we need to support you. I am asking you all to release Glenn from the talking commercials. He needs to protect his vocal chords. I’ll still buy, no matter who reads the ad. Thank you!

  • Guest

    Both Parties ARE corrupt, but you NEVER hear Beck rail against the REASON they are corrupt, i.e. too much money in elections and too much corporate influence in both elections and law-making.

    We will know Beck has actually woken up when he starts speaking out against the Citizens United decision. Until then, be sure that Beck is nothing more than a brilliant shill for the corporations and therefore a fake populist.

    This is not about the left and the right: this is about the people and the corporations. Read and understand:


    • Guest

      There are more than one reason they are corrupt, Victor, like you. Beck also doesn ‘t have to tailor his pieces to your likings.

      • Guest

        Beck tailors his pieces to gullible and ignorant reactionaries in order to mislead them. He is a shill for the United Corporations of America.

        • Guest

          Man oh man Victor, you are basking in your own delusions today. Talking smack is all you know how to do as you never provide credible proof of your accusations and character assassinations. Get mental health help – Obama says you must have medical coverage, so now that you do, go take care of what is left of your brain.

  • Mary Bearden

    I have long been a fan of yours since  your program on Fox.  You taught us so much about history and how things happened because someone made a decision a certain direction.
    I want you to get well and get back to helping all of us understand what is going on in our world and nation.  Best Wishes and love and prayers for you.  Mary & Jim 

  • James Kane

    I Love this man ! He cracked the code of the hard left, and now he is able to share the more difficult skills needed to be a worthy human being. Long Live the Republic! Long live our comforting friend Glenn Beck!

  • Teresa L’heureux


  • Anonymous

    thank you for your wonderful speech.  Hope everything goes well for you.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Wow!  89 million words, I hope that some of them were sweet.  I am finding out what I stand for!  MY AMERICA the one I grew up in, the one I want to leave to my kids and grandkids.  Red Skelton said it best when he reiterates his school principal’s interpolation of the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.  I have pulled my head out of the sand and have started to see that this is not MY AMERICA and I hope that I with you and everyone else we can return AMERICA to it glory.  You asked for my words, these are those.  Not the best choice but from the heart and open.  My words come with emotion and are not often sweet.  But, I do ask the Lord to make my words sweet for tomorrow I may eat them and to allow me to love my fellow man as I am to love God and to treat them as I would want them to treat me. Remember:  Those who do not learn from history’s lessons are doomed to repeat them.  So I offer you this:
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and bless you.  May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
    a viewer

  • Anonymous

    god bless you Glenn your in my prayers hopefully your get your voice back. you speak
    the truth.

  • Chesty Puller

      Thanks Mr. Beck yes that’s right Mr. Beck  you seriously gained some respect in my book , I am sure in many others, Things happen for a reason, you just received another by losing your voice … I too have hated , spoke it , felt it , and I knew I was getting sick of it, but that was inside me..You have brought it out to where I understand it now.
        So ,now that I understand myself better,and I admit I know what the problem is,I can start to change it, I dont expect miracles , But I expect to feel better about myself , that is something I sorely need. Thank You for that gift.
       The fact I am on the computer trying to spread my Conservative message, I need to spread Gods message also, I am a proud Catholic , I love my Religion..I owe my Mother a debt of Gratitude I think I can never repay for giving me this gift of my religion..it has helped me more times than I can post here..Some life or death moments..I always had my prayer answered.
       I thank You Sir for the opportunity to say these words , everything I saw on those cards made a difference and opened my eyes to the hate in me…

                         God Bless  Glenn  From an Old Marine to a man that I am sure would have made one Hell of a Marine…You Certainly have the heart, the Swagger , and fortitude…
                                         Semper Fidelis………Chesty Puller

  • Guest

    Just before Beck’s chords became paralyzed, he was calling Michelle Obama a “monster.” Yes, that’s “love” alright.  How Chesty, below, can focus on this one stunt out of the context of Beck’s career as a professional hater (W. Wilson, the Republican Party, the Obamas, etc) and “gain respect” is truly unbelievable. 

    This blatant and invisible (to his supporters) hypocrisy is just one reason why  the media and rational Americans should ignore Beck’s “ideas.”

    • Guest

       Better never than late when it comes to Victor Tiffany trolling Glenn Beck’s website , smearing Beck and his guests and spamming his own demented bugsite.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Glenn, your silence was THUNDERING!!!
    I confess, I too need to increase the blessing and decrease the cursing.
    God’s very best to you and yours.

  • Ginger Hernandez

    Glenn you have my respect for having a passion to teach, inspire and search for the truth. You strive to deliver with kindness for all in different walks of life but you are not afraid to stand up for who you are and what you believe. If you find you have offended someone, you are big enough to make ammends. Its our choice to listen whether you speak in voice or on cards from your heart. Its also our choice should we respond in that same kindness and respect or as some I see comment who exercise their right to freedom of speech with only anger and hurtful words. But I think Glenn would be the first to not restrict that freedom of speech even if it differs from his views and is delivered in hate. The mature response though is to ignore the negative and not give it an ounce of attention which I think is what those who are angry and nasty are seeking. Just skip over it, it doesnt need time of a response or disrespect back. I end with saying, Glenn take care of yourself and your voice and prayers for Gods healing power.

  • Anonymous

    Most of us have not lost our voice. The problem is that Washington is not listening. I have been meaning to welcome you to Texas. Come up to the Panhandle sometime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675709490 Bill Ritchie

    A very touching, moving and courageous message, Glenn!!!
    It needed to be communicated!!
    Hang in there, man, your words have opened up many minds to the truth!!
    May you continue your mission of honor, education, inspiration continue indefinitely!!

  • Anonymous

    in a world of bate and switch , the come on. the spin . the hipe , the lies, the cover ups ,you have tryed to keep us informed at  i know great stress and hart ake to your self . thanks to you we know the truth about bouth  Repug. and Dumbo. and it makes me sick . please get well to helpus carry on the fight if youcnat may God Bless you and help america

  • Anonymous

    “Have Faith In God”.  I stand for Christ.    2 Chronicles  Ch.7:12-22. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/caweeks1 Courtney Weeks Gagner

    Glenn, Your words were so poignant and so powerful. Thank you so much for this beautiful presentation. I pray God gives you your voice back, but I know in troubling times that is when we sometimes hear His voice so much clearer and receive revelations we never would have. I pray for this country and for our leaders, but you are so right change starts with us, in each of our hearts and our lives, to speak and to speak life. God bless you Glenn and may the Lord continue to work in and through you. I will always be a fan, voice or not :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lori-Shaw/534247498 Lori Shaw

    God Bless you!!!! That was a wonderful presentation written from your heart and soul. It brought tears. That is not the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last.  I feel your sincerity in my heart and know that you are very special.  I started watching you when you were on Fox.
    I have infinite respect for you.  Many have tried to silence you and have failed. No matter what happens in this world, I know you will stand strong for the people.  I know it is harder to do than anybody could possibly know. I’m on your team 100 percent.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Jesus said that He would cause division in families, contention between relatives.  Whenever the Lord comes out to do something good, the devil comes out to cuss at it and cause contention.    Glenn Beck has done a marvelous thing, so some sorehead servant of the devil cusses at it.  Don’t even waste  space  on the comment page to fuss back.   Just let him slouch off into a lonely corner and pout.      HOORAY   FOR  GLENN BECK!!!

  • Anonymous

    What would I say? “We’re hosed.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.lafferty3 Teresa Lafferty

    Beautiful, Glenn.  Your words are always appreciated.  Thank you!

  • ikd38

    God Bless you Glenn and family
    We will read your Q-cards anytime if you loose your voice
    You have more goodness in you than most
    Your life has a purpose, stay with us, we need you on this journey thru this wilderness, may God lead us. Our prayers are with you.

  • Anonymous

    so powerfull.. until he got to the last card.

    really… all that for an advertisement for the blaze glenn…?


  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.wade.777 Randy Wade

    We will always hear you my friend. We will aways listen too, because you have proven to us that you are a man of true character, honor and peace!

  • Freedom Fighter

    The answer to what made our country great is within the writings of our very own founders deep belief in God, the repentance process they went through and yes, even encouraged a day of humility to be humble, which they called in a proclamation of humiliation, but it is not the kind of humiliation that we think of today in this world, it was to be humble, a humility in righteousness that makes a man a better person, you’ll never really know the hearts of our founders unless you actually read them, go to wallbuilders.com read the writings of our founders who founded our country and what made it great there lyes the answers to our troubles, for the majority of us have forgotten God.

  • davidrkhan

    Careful with vocal cord surgery. Look what happened to Joan Rivers.

  • Judi A Hagthrop

    God bless you Glenn. Truly inspiring. God willing we will all choose our words wisely. Love one another as the Bible teaches. <3
    You are in our prayers. God speed, my friend.

  • Margaret Lauer

    I would tell my children I love them and ask God to restore my voice if or when He saw fit to do so. To Glenn Beck let me say that your voice has rung loudly and clearly about the true threats in this country and maybe it’s just time to let it rest. I don’t believe our Heavenly Father will silence if forever. But, if he did, I thank him for allowing me to hear it for as long as I did.

  • Eric Bruce

    GOD BLESS YOU GLENN. I have been a fan since graduating college (2001) you have made a huge difference in my life. I am proud to be a fan and your message is spot on – so much so, it brought tears to my eyes.

  • Cory Liberty

    What a true champion for America and all that she stands for.

  • Tony D

    Very touching

  • tcurry


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