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On radio this morning, Glenn played a clip from a new pro-gun documentary, Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire, that seeks to change the public perception of gun ownership. It couldn’t come at a better time considering Glenn went on to share a few other stories that demonstrate the sorry state of America. One town has gone so far as to implement a gun-buyback program – for toy guns.

“We have the exclusive details on a movie called Assaulted that looks really good. And it is a documentary that is coming out and could change the minds and the hearts of a lot of people on gun control and what this really means to you,” Glenn explained.

TheBlaze obtained an exclusive clip from the documentary, which is narrated by rapper Ice-T and comes out June 20, in addition to an interview with the film’s director, Kris Koenig. In the clip, 67-year-old New Orleans resident Patricia Konie has her pocket pistol forcibly seized by the police in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Watch the clip below:

Despite the fact that Konie notified the officers at her door that she had a sufficient amount of food and water and did not want to leave her home, the police forcibly entered and seized her gun.

“They push her up against the wall,” Glenn explained.

“They smash her into like a sideboard sort of thing that’s holding a bunch of dishes to grab her gun. She’s got this unloaded little gun that she’s showing them and so they jump all over her, knock her into the wall. They break her shoulder in I think three places. They knock out a tooth. She’s all roughed up,” Pat continued. “I mean, she’s like 80-years-old and they wrestle her down and take the gun from her. Just an unbelievable situation.”

In other truly mind-boggling news, a California elementary school, Strobridge Elementary, has decided to hold a toy gun exchange next Saturday, where the students of the Hayward, California school turn in a gun and receive a book and a raffle ticket to win one of four bicycles.

So basically it’s a gun exchange program… for toy guns!

“Enough is enough. Really enough is enough,” Glenn said. “And you have to start demanding an end to this nonsense.”

Finally, TheBlaze reported on a story out of New Jersey that will now involve individuals involved in car crashed to turn over their license, registration… and cell phone.

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, this new law would assist in accident investigations – allowing police to see if a hand-held phone was a contributing factor. It is already illegal to use a hand-held phone while operating a vehicle in the state.

“License, registration and cellphone. No warrant,” Glenn said. “I know there will be people saying, ‘Well, yeah, but if they were on the cellphone…’ Provide a warrant. Provide a warrant.”

Similar to what Mayor Michael Bloomberg has done in New York City, small and seemingly harmless nudges like handing over your cell phone don’t appear to be a problem until we wake up one day and realize we have slowly given up many of our rights and freedom.

“Look, this is why I’ve been saying for a while: You are the new leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. This is a Civil Rights Movement. And the sooner you wrap your arms around that, the easier it will become,” Glenn concluded. “None of us want to see ourselves as that, none of us know how to do it, and nobody wants to put ourselves in a position to where we’re civil rights leaders? What? Because we know what that means and we know, we know the giants that have gone before. But they weren’t giants when they sat their course. Neither are we. But if we do it right, maybe someday at least our children can be proud of us.”