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During a Spanish-speaking interview last week with Univision, Marco Rubio made the following statement: “Let’s be clear. Nobody is talking about preventing legalizations. The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then comes the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.”

Whether or not the Republican Senator from Florida knew his comment would receive the amount of attention that it did, conservatives weren’t happy. And with good reason — it’s the exact opposite of what he’s been touting to the right since the immigration reform debate began. How many times was border security used as the prerequisite for amnesty? Countless.

Among the conservatives that are far less than pleased with Marco Rubio is Mr. Glenn Beck.

“Let me tell you something, Marco Rubio, I haven’t trusted you for quite some time.  Everybody’s been on this ‘Marco Rubio Bandwagon’. Why?” Glenn asked

Stu pointed out that even they jumped on the bandwagon at one point. Pat compared it to the Chris Christie phase that is now also long gone.

“As with Chris Christie and everybody else we had high hopes in, we wanted him to be the guy we thought he was,” Pat said.

“He’s not,” Glenn added.

Well, yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted 82-15 on a motion to begin a formal debate on the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill that would affect 11 million unauthorized immigrants and U.S. employers.

“This is the motion to proceed they voted on yesterdays right in the senate,” Stu noted. “And fancy names like such as Rand Paul who voted yes on that, along with Marco Rubio, along with Lindsey Graham and all the names that you would expect.”

While Pat suggested trying to save him, Glenn’s mind was already made up.

“He’s a dirtbag,” Glenn passionately stated.

Pat was hesitant to go that far, but Glenn continued to draw a clear line in the sand.

“Rubio is not on our side,” he emphasized. “He is not on our side.”

It is worth nothing, however, Rubio didn’t exactly vote outside party lines. In fact, he voted the same way as one of Glenn’s favorite members of Congress, Rand Paul.

“I can’t defend Rand on that,” Glenn admitted. “I don’t know, but I will tell you this, you don’t trust Marco Rubio. I don’t trust him, not for a second. I just don’t trust him. And you know what? I’m sorry. You don’t give a speech in Spanish and tell everybody one thing and then say — I mean, what is this?”

Glenn compared the way Rubio’s messaging changed when addressing Univisions hispanic audience to the tactics of Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah groups.

“They say one thing in Arabic and then another thing in English,” he said.

Glenn continued, “listen to me.  It is worse than universal health care.  And not coming days as we get closer, we will explain why it’s worse than universal health care.  It is the death nail of the country.  There’s
no recovery from this one.  None.  No recovery.  Because they are playing all kinds of legalistic games with this one, and they are saying oh, no.  Well — no.  There’s no benefits and there’s no this, no that.  No, they are not going — what?  They are not going to be able to grab onto that program.  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yes, they will.  Yes, they will.  This one is worse than universal health care and it happens overnight.  No recovery from this one.  And John Boehner, Marco Rubio, they’re all in on it, and for those who want to save the nation, you got to stop this one.  And this one is going to be rammed through. Some of these — I think Marco Rubio and maybe Rand Paul as well, they are playing for 2014 or 2016.  There is no 2016. There is no 2016 where you are running for anything, if these things pass.”