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Glenn may have given up on devoting any of his time or energy into caring what Chris Matthews says or does, but this morning he had to play some audio that was so ridiculous Liberals should even question how this man has a job.

“The way you can spot a tyrant or a dictator is anybody who tells you to shut up, sit down, be quiet, anyone who doesn’t think that you have a right to speak,” Glenn told listeners. “I don’t mind Chris Matthews and MSNBC — they have a right to go out and say all this stuff. I support them 100%. I would never boycott them. I think boycotts are for girls, quite honestly. You put your money where your heart is.”

“That’s really an offensive thing to say about girls,” Stu quickly interjected. “They are for cowards.”

Glenn’s point is this: MSNBC and Chris Matthews does everything it can to silence and marginalize those that think outside their ideology.

On Wednesday, Chris Matthews made the claim that Senator Ted Cruz “fits the tradion” of notorious Nazi sympathizer Father Charles Coughlin.

“I want you to listen to Chris Matthews and what he said about Ted Cruz,” Glenn said.

Matthews: This guy goes pretty far but I think he fits the tradition of Father Coughlin and McCarthy and, of course, and maybe to a lesser extent Pat Buchanan and then of course O’Reilly.  These guys are hard rightwing guys. They look a lot like — they have what we call a black Irish look to them. They don’t smile much.

After mocking Mathews’s remarkable inability to speak while anchoring a television program, Glenn clarified who Father Coughlin was for those who aren’t familiar.

“Father Coughlin is a progressive,” he noted. “A socialist progressive.”

Coughlin ran Social Justice Magazine and was a Nazi supporter. Needless to say, Ted Cruz hardly fits the bill. Not to mention, somehow Matthews managed to group Father Coughlin, McCarthy, Buchannan (a former MSNBC employee) and Bill O’Reilly into the same category.

“It’s really amazing,” Glenn described of Matthews’s statement.

Pat noted that Matthews attempts paint them all as old, white conservatives to which Glenn quickly pointed that that Ted Cruz is Cuban.

“He’s hispanic and Cuban,” Glenn said.

“It’s amazing that he can get away with this night after night, too. He does this kind of stuff night after night.”