Champion of Nonsense Chris Matthews compares Cruz to Father Coughlin

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Glenn may have given up on devoting any of his time or energy into caring what Chris Matthews says or does, but this morning he had to play some audio that was so ridiculous Liberals should even question how this man has a job.

“The way you can spot a tyrant or a dictator is anybody who tells you to shut up, sit down, be quiet, anyone who doesn’t think that you have a right to speak,” Glenn told listeners. “I don’t mind Chris Matthews and MSNBC — they have a right to go out and say all this stuff. I support them 100%. I would never boycott them. I think boycotts are for girls, quite honestly. You put your money where your heart is.”

“That’s really an offensive thing to say about girls,” Stu quickly interjected. “They are for cowards.”

Glenn’s point is this: MSNBC and Chris Matthews does everything it can to silence and marginalize those that think outside their ideology.

On Wednesday, Chris Matthews made the claim that Senator Ted Cruz “fits the tradion” of notorious Nazi sympathizer Father Charles Coughlin.

“I want you to listen to Chris Matthews and what he said about Ted Cruz,” Glenn said.

Matthews: This guy goes pretty far but I think he fits the tradition of Father Coughlin and McCarthy and, of course, and maybe to a lesser extent Pat Buchanan and then of course O’Reilly.  These guys are hard rightwing guys. They look a lot like — they have what we call a black Irish look to them. They don’t smile much.

After mocking Mathews’s remarkable inability to speak while anchoring a television program, Glenn clarified who Father Coughlin was for those who aren’t familiar.

“Father Coughlin is a progressive,” he noted. “A socialist progressive.”

Coughlin ran Social Justice Magazine and was a Nazi supporter. Needless to say, Ted Cruz hardly fits the bill. Not to mention, somehow Matthews managed to group Father Coughlin, McCarthy, Buchannan (a former MSNBC employee) and Bill O’Reilly into the same category.

“It’s really amazing,” Glenn described of Matthews’s statement.

Pat noted that Matthews attempts paint them all as old, white conservatives to which Glenn quickly pointed that that Ted Cruz is Cuban.

“He’s hispanic and Cuban,” Glenn said.

“It’s amazing that he can get away with this night after night, too. He does this kind of stuff night after night.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    “By their fruits you shall know them,” and thus the deeds and words of Matthews testified unto themselves.

    Darkness only sees, speaks and declares darkness unto the world, for it is a nothingness that consumes all from within and from without. Darkness cannot tolerate the light of truth, and the light of character shaped by God through Christ; for it is the light that banishes the darkness and reveals the truth of it: darkness is nothing.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I know what you are saying,  and only Christians know.

  • americanathlete

    Chris Matthews has descended into a pure crazy state. Everybody on msnbc is a joke! It makes me wonder, if this country were to fall because of what’s going on in DC, what would idiots like Matthews think then!? Who would they blame? Even Michael Moore and John Cusack are standing up for the constitution. When are these peoples eyes going to be opened and what will it take to open them?

    • landofaahs

      He has to climb a ladder to get to pure crazy.  

  • Anonymous

    And I’d just bet that all seven of chris matthews’ listeners believed every word.

    • Anonymous

       That would be the camera crew and they are told what to think to keep their jobs.

    • Joani Dwyer

      Ufortunitly, there are a great many more than seven.

    • Mike Nelson

      Perhaps they understood his post-stroke, alcoholic stuttering, too…

  • landofaahs

    Chrissy Matthews sounds just like democrat Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace.

    • Anonymous

      You insult the memory of Wallace.  At least he never got a thrill up his pant leg (before he was paralyzed) about another “man” like Chrissy did with the Kenyan. 

      • landofaahs

        The later Wallace claimed to have a conversion, which I was glad to hear.

  • Anonymous

    NEWSFLASH !!!      All progressive libs belong in an insane asylum  .

  • Anonymous

    50 years ago this land had a promising future.  Now it is pretty much all doom and gloom,
    lies and deceit, an ugly monster lying in a cave feeding on the little sheep who think the
    cave will grant them shade and protection.  Will we ever be able to trust again?
    “Freedom is for honest people.  No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is in his own trap.”  L. Ron Hubbard
    Chris Mathews believes the lies of others and repeats them because he forgot to think for himself, like too many others in this great nation of ours.  Wake-up America!

    • Scott Todd

       Was that before or after L. Ron Hubbard created the Church of Scientology?  Talk about mind control.

      • Anonymous

        I did not say, I approved of the man, I just thought his statement was worth repeating.

        • Scott Todd

           That’s a relief.  When quoting someone especially controversial for having gone off the rails it should be standard operating procedure to include such a disclaimer.

      • Anonymous

        GREAT POINT!! I thought he had it till he quoted Hubbard

  • Richard B

    I think we all know by now the the KEY strategy of Democrats and Liberals is to DECEIVE, LIE, and MALIGN their opposition. They are taking full advantage of their First Amendment rights to defame and silence others, and there is no one on their side who is responsible enough to reign in such liars. The sad part is that it’s working, that’s why Obama got reelected in 2012, because many people somehow HATE Republicans over reasons that are from the talking points of Democrats. They twist everything. When Republicans say they want to keep taxes low in order to provide incentive to job creators, the Democrats would twist it as a deprivation of funds for the entitlement benefits for their constituents, and when it finally comes out of their mouths, Republicans are now somehow hateful towards the poor and just want to serve the rich.

    Satanic is what I call the Democrats and Liberals, they are now unscrupulous, shameless, and simply EVIL.

  • Guest

    Beck doesn’t seem aware of what Glenn Beck has promoted in the past. Beck has cited the work of Eustace Mullins, a white supremacist and 9-11 Truther. Beck himself has a history of racially charged rhetoric.

    Personally, Cruz comes across much more like McCarthy, another hero of Glenn Beck.

    • Joani Dwyer

      Guest, —- Beck,   ????  history of racially charged rhetoric????   When, were, 

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s vicki tiffany the coward. You sound mad, did you not get your daily dose from Obamao’s blue-veined yogurt dispenser?

    • Paul Bernay

      Eustace Mullins wasn’t a white supremacist at all. He didn’t even sound like one. He wasn’t a 9/11 truther, either. He knew it was a hoax, but didn’t participate in any truther movement. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    One would think that anyone this ignorant would have inadvertently stepped in front of a bus in their early years.

  • Anonymous

    How sad that Matthews, who is so pleased and proud with himself for being an open-minded liberal AND who has an Irish heritage would use the term “black Irish,” which traditionally was an insult used to ridicule and cast suspicion on Irish people who had darker features, or by their religion.  And then justifying it by claiming that the label is appropriate because of how these men “look.” 

    Oh, sorry, it slipped my mind for a few minutes that as long as it’s a liberal who says it, it’s okay to use racial slurs and insults.  

  • Anonymous

    This definition was explained to me by an Irishman years ago. Black Irish are the descendants of the darker skinned Spaniard navy men whose ships in the Spanish Armada in 1588 sunk in the storm when they came to attack England. Some of them washed up on the Irish shore and, being fellow Catholics, wound up staying there to intermarry with Celtic Irish women. So this is an ethnic slur against people of origins from Spain. It is extremely racist and about what I’d expect from a so called liberal with blond hair and light skin.

  • Slayer88

    Pat Buchanan is a true Patriot, O’Reilly is a blowhard, nowhere near what Pat is…

  • CharlyO

    Obviously, Matthews is on his knees to someone with the power to keep him employed but my guess is, he ain’t pray’n!

    • Anonymous

      matthews is a suck-up spitting all about da da dadydada da  and now all together  mat….. Well sung! y’all

  • Erik Osbun

    It is pretty simple: Matthews is a racist.  He is as crazy as Joseph Goebbels about that. 

  • Katherine Noel Mumford

    matthews shows his racism with that black irish statement and similar looks reference (what difference does it make if they look alike?)…and what the hell is he talking about anyway?  i don’t see ANYTHING wrong with ANYTHING that was on that tape.  how this imbecile can equate what cruz said to a nazi sympathizer….HOW?    

  • Anonymous

    Father Coughlins Church still stands BEAUTIFULLY on the Corner of Woodward Ave and 12 Mile Rd in Royal OAk Mi. One of the nicest churches in America. Shrine of The Little Flower.

  • Anonymous

    Chris is insane! You could have a very low IQ and figured that out

  • Anonymous


    Ahh!, Matthews,Maththews,Matthews, quite peculiar fella, isn’t he?
     He is just in the same low-life category as Olbermann, Alan Grayson,Barney
    Frank….just to mention three.
     Well, Mr Matthews is not a real serious journalist – although he tries to
    pose as one…but the failure in the attempt is so obvious.
    Allow me to expand the parameters of his sory story, walk with me;
     So,…what is to be expect from ANYONE FROM MSNBC,CNN, OR ANY OTHER TV
    TABLOID?….the galaxy only knows!!!!???..on the other hand ….not much.
    Well, you see, those so called journalists are really a pack of pathetic
    excuse of the real thing…I would call them just plain ‘talkers’ – and I am doing
    them a favour.
    Anyway, none of the are worth to pay attention to,… since anyone from any
    of them tv tabloids are for real journalistic endevours – ALL OF THEM – are
    strong cases of dichotomy.
    If you want a good laugh once in a while , then go there….for comedy is the
    only thing that can justify their ‘work’,,,even Jon Stewart is better…(perhaps I am exagerating
    here)…but anyway, that is the way I see it…and of course I could be wrong.
    Those people ARE without self-definition…and totally ungrounded…totally
    irresponsible….a sad images comes out from all of them.
    They really try to sound smart,…but fail the intent..they dilute themselves
    in an ocean of reverberating contradictions.
     Such are the cases of all of them…and there we have people such as…Kristen
    Powers, Alan Colmes,..Maddox,..Anderson Cooper,..Olberman,…Soleded
    O’Brien,..Juan Williams,…Nora O’Donnell,…John King,…Ricardo(‘Ricky’)Sanchez,…Roland Martin,…
    Bob Beckel,..Robert Gibbs,..Wolf Blitzer,…Geraldo Rivera,…and others,…just name them.
    individuals are in PATHOLOGICAL DENIAL OF REALITY SYNDROME…in others words,
    their minds are not quite clear, to say the least.
    However their presentation (beleive it or not) in the political spectrum is
    a valid one.
    And so – for not to say how pathetic (if not idiotic) their all sound
    -,…remarks serves a purpose,…for there – with that talking about many things,
    without facts to back-up statements – we can have the ‘clown-effect’ that at
    times comes so refreshing.
    Chris Matthews is
    one of those….but he has something else –  A TINGLING LEG EFFECT… so hard to
    beat by all the others ones…so he must be proud of it.
    Alarming, he is on TV posing and playing the real thing when in reality he
    is not!…PATHETIC…is it not?
    Input anyone?
    Opinions welcome.

  • Anonymous

    Everything The Left Complains About The Right Is What They Themselves Believe…Because Lucifer Is THe Father Of Lies and That Is Who The Left Follow and Believe! What Is The First two Letters in Liberal–Li!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing Mathews Says is Worth repeating for does not know or live for the TRUTH! hey thats why they all believe in socialism because only The Truth Will Make You Free!

  • Anonymous

    ok, I’ll remember that for next time.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve often thought that the ‘inmates’ have gotten control of the asslym..but it goes much further than that..I always knew they were ‘out there’ but to this extent?..people (thinking people) have lost ‘most hope’..not many places to turn but HIM..this is where we need to go!!..go figure!!! replys will be ‘Huh?..God help Us!!!..I guess that must have been a question..there really IS HOPE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Matthews must have got Cruz mixed up with Obama on the Nazi crap.

  • Anonymous

    Several years ago, I could actually watch Chris Matthews.  Now I can’t stand the man.  He is rude and completely full of nonsense.  He exhibits paranoia – seeing villains where no reasonable person would perceive them.  Did I come to my senses or has Matthews changed from years ago?

  • Anonymous

    Please he is on MSNBC – don’t need to say any more.  They are funded by the darkest person ever known to man.  

    • Anonymous

       shareholders?  steve burke? Brian Roberts?

  • Take 2

    The sad part is people like my elderly Parents trust and believe Chris Mathews. Thank God that they never voted for Woodrow Wilson. They did see him once and were scarred to death.   

  • Paul Marks

    Of course (as Glenn Beck has often pointed out) Father C. was a far left “Social Justice” supporter – someone whose political opinions were about as far from those of Ted Cruz as it is possible to be (but whose Social Justice outlook was very close to that Mr Matthews himself).

    As for Senator McCarthy – as Mr Matthews even bothered to read “Blacklisted By History”?

    • Anonymous

      Blacklisted By History is a good addition to the historical discussion that is often horribly slanted against McCarthy without much second thought, however, the general consensus is, and is certainly supported by the primary sources, he was a late comer to the communist supervision thing and turned it into the mess it is now remembered for.  In other words he ruined a potentially worthy endeavor with reprehensible tactics to save his career, kill his legacy and make Edward Murrow a lot more famous than he would have been otherwise…even if Murrow wasn’t exactly courageous and jumped on McCarthy after the whole charade was starting to collapse around him.  .

  • Anonymous

    Matthews despises the Clintons, so he’s going to be caught between a rock and a hard place when KILLery runs in ’16.  Matthews’ epiteth will be the “thrill up his leg” and being “so glad” hurricane Sandy devestated the Northeast.  That right there is all you need to know about the character of the man.   

  • Doug Dieckmann

    Is it just me or does “Black Irish” sound racist?

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews sealed his status when he reported a warm feeling down his leg at the sight of B.O. in Washington.

  • dennis reilly

    The racist, kiss ass Mathews, uses the word black Irish as he sits in his protected studio. He’s a liar, coward, kiss ass hypocrite

  • grayesun

    More fruitful to just ignore the ravings of “irrelevants” such as Matthews…the few “ignorants” that still follow his words cannot be reached or healed…his venomous squeals for attention are better left unanswered.  Bottom line: Don’t feed his hate machine.  

  • Snorri

    The Black Irish were the descendants of those randy Irish women that supposedly took up with the ship wrecked Spanish sailors of the ill-fated Spanish Armada. The term Black Irish is a pejorative, like Bog Trotter, Mick, Paddy and Shantie used by the mainly Hiberno Norse Irish against …. well just about any other Irishman. However in America, Mr. Matthews use of that term is a throwback to The Know Nothings some of whom wore bed sheets after dark especially when Catholics, Jews, Negroes and occasionally Chinese were targets.

  • Pachy Serrano

    Cruz is from Cuban heritage, born in Canada (I think) and grew up in Texas. Never heard the guy speaking Spanish or hanging out w/ his Mexican-American friends in Texas or living his Cuban and Americans traditions together . . . . so I might be wrong, but he can call himself a Cuban, but that’s a strech!

    • greywolfrs

      Why would he “hang out” with Mexicans, if he is of Cuban decent? You make absolutely no sense. S T F U, dolt.

  • Pachy Serrano

    However, calls C.Mattews crazy has not heard Bachman or King or the other funny congressman of the new “gang of 3 against immigration reform”. All of them have Obamaphobia and Liberaphobia . . . . Straight up politicians that spread hate, play the politics of the moment and like many progressive ideas (in private) like many of us, when our conservative friends are not looking. Sure CM is due for retirement, but damn! We need to get rid of “gang of 3″ folks!

    • greywolfrs

      Yeah, let’s talk about politicians spreading hate, like Obamao saying it is time to punish our enemies. You are a moron.

  • Anonymous

    Try to recall when Matthews was a contestant on a current events program and failed miserably.  Big mouth–loud–little information–very poor communicator. 

  • Anonymous

    Joe McCarthy was right.

  • Heather Henderson

    Yeah people are tuning out Chris Matthews for a reason. Their ratings remind me of Jerry Springer in the early 90’s. great one day, dead the next.

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