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Glenn became emotional on radio today as he talked about what is coming in the days ahead with the immigration battle and other political fights. Progressives have already nudged and nudged – with the IRS and other scandals – the only thing left is a shove. We must be ready to stand our ground – and the only way to successfully do that is by changing our hearts. Glenn explains on radio today.

There is a story on the front page of TheBlaze now, the leading story, and it just was posted and it is trending big quickly and I need you to get this out as soon as you can and really educate yourself on this and make a decision on where you ‑‑ where you stand on this. It is a story, revolt among Republicans on immigration bill. 70 House members risk career in planned showdown with John Boehner, and everyone else involved in this. This is a ‑‑ this is a very ‑‑ this is the beginning or the end of the TEA Party, quite honestly, those with real value. Because they are going to be destroyed by this or they will be victorious. This is probably akin to the Rand Paul moment where he turned drones around. If the American people choose not to stand with them in a very visible way ‑‑ and I warn you, listen to me carefully: There will be those who join your ranks that are trying to pretend that they are you and they will be racist, they will carry racist signs. They are not on your side because they’re not real. There may be some racists that join your ranks as real racists, but they are not a friend of the Constitution; they are not a friend of yours. And most likely, only because I read Cass Sunstein and I take the man seriously, as everyone should now that the IRS has done their job, I warn you, you will be infiltrated. And… now… is… the time.

I have begged you for years do the 40‑day, 40‑night challenge. Get the bad stuff out of your life. Don’t hate. Serve. Love. Be charitable. Be good. Charity for all. It is time to double our efforts on serving others, and the reason we serve others is so that we do not change. Our hearts are going to be hardened. They are going to do everything they can. They already have. They have done everything they can to piss you off. It is only going to get worse. We are approaching the days of sicking dogs on people. They’ve already done all of their nudges. They did it with the IRS, they did it with the snooping. They are doing all of the nudges. The shoves are about to become part of your life. And it is ‑‑ it is essential.

Let me say some things that are probably going to lose respect for me, but… I have a hard time reading the scriptures. I have a hard time reading the Bible, all the thees and the thous and everything else. And I have told you, I have told you I think pieces of this in the past that I know where I am headed on two fronts, and I’m not going to get much more specific here. Next hour I’m going to tell you about the second front. But the first front ‑‑ the second front I like; the first front I don’t, and it’s a front that I have avoided like the plague. I’ve avoided it for a couple of reasons: Because in my head I think I know what it means, but I don’t. In my head you don’t want to be anywhere around someone like Martin Luther King because it leads to misery. I… there are just a very few things that I know in me for sure, and I know that we are not battling enemies of ours; we are battling enemies of His. And so they are His to take care of, and He will. We have to have the full armor of God on us, and I don’t know how all of this works, but I know that the Black‑Robe Regiment plays a role. The Black‑Robe Regiment are Jews and Christians coming together, preachers and pastors and rabbis, priests coming together and standing together and putting all differences aside for the civil rights of man. Not playing politics, that’s where you will get lost. If you start to worry about your ‑‑ if you will start worrying about your congregation and what they’ll say, if you start worrying about how much money you will lose, you will lose. Don’t pay any mind to where you are going to get your food or your clothing. Don’t pay any mind to that. Know that somehow or another if you’re doing the right thing, those things will be taken care of if you’re a preacher or a pastor or rabbi. If you are standing for individual communication, individual responsibility to God, not some sort of a collective salvation. It happened before, and I know this to be true. And when we started in Washington, I was prompted that there needs to be a Black‑Robe Regiment again. I didn’t even know what it was. And David said, “You’re repeating history,” and he explained it to me. And it’s what the founders had, it’s what the abolitionists had, it’s what Martin Luther King had. It’s what they tried to put together with people like Jim Wallis, but we know who he is and we dismiss him.

I will tell you that it has grown stronger in me and you have heard me talk about it on the air. I have been calling out the preachers and the pastors and the rabbis. And I don’t know what you’re doing with your priesthood, but if you have not done something that somebody without their priesthood cannot do, if you’re not living your life at a much higher level, you will lose that power. If you are not on the edge, if you are not raising a standard for all man to see, you will lose that ability and that station.

I said to somebody the other day, they wrote to me and they said, you know, “I think, Glenn, that you are, you know, you’re a leader of this and that.” And I said, I don’t know if that is true, but I have to stop, I have to stop rejecting things because I look at the giants of the past. I look at the George Washingtons and the Adams and all of those people, and I can see the potential in other people to be that, but I can never see the potential of me to be somebody greater than me. And that’s a lie of the darkness. And I will bet you that George Washington and Sam Adams and Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King and Gandhi and all of them did not see themselves as those people. Those people were made into giants a lot later by other people. They just did the right thing and the right thing, the really right thing is total self‑sacrifice. If you lose your life for his sake, you will gain it. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people and those who wish to take things out of context will say I’m talking about suicide bombing. No. Behind me is a picture of Martin Luther King. It is the only one that is in the public domain that I can put on this set because the King family holds such a tight rein on everything. And the reason why it’s in the public domain is because it is his arrest picture. He lost his life, his freedom, not for his own glorification but because it was right. And I can tell you he didn’t want to do it. He knew what he was facing, as do all giants. Will you be a giant? You have been asking for giants. Find the giant inside of you. Look for those who are now taking a risk.

You have the guy from the NSA. I don’t think this guy necessarily is a hero. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know enough about him. But the act itself is heroic. He tried to do it the right way. Who do you trust? He tried to do is the right way. He tried to get the word out. And now the media and everybody else is demonizing him. He’s warning the people, “Your freedom is at stake.” And how many are listening?

You have 70 people now, according to this story now with TheBlaze. I had a meeting with many of them. I looked them in the eye. Some of them I don’t know; others I know. And they know this is it. The time is now. The time for political stuff to happen like the revolt is now. The time as a TEA Party member to stand is now. The time for the Black‑Robe Regiment is now.

Something happened on Capitol Hill that I won’t discuss now, and I went. Something happened and I said this, I know, I said to this individual, I know, I’m on that. I know; I can’t believe you’re saying that. David Barton happened to be there about an hour later and I said, David, I have to tell you I have this piece, and I’m telling you the Black‑Robe Regiment must start right now. And he said, Glenn ‑‑ he shook his head and he said, “Glenn, itches just on the plane and I wrote a memo today, but the Black‑Robe Regiment, it has to start now. I just got an e‑mail from Jeff Allen. Jeff Allen’s a comedian but he’s spiritually in touch but he said, Glenn, I don’t even know what this means. He said, I know you’ve been talking about things for a while, he said, but I can’t sleep at night. I’ve been kept awake for the last few days. I have to ask you: What are you doing with the Black‑Robe Regiment? Because the time is right now. I know. I know. I know. If you haven’t prepared to change your life, please. Please change it today. And change it for the better. Change it for all of the right reasons. Get all of the darkness out of you. There are ‑‑ a miracle is a change of perspective.

I’m working currently on, believe it or not, July 4th, 2014 now. And I told somebody the story this morning and I told them just the opening of it and they said, oh, my gosh, I never thought of that about the pilgrims. I said, what do you mean? And he said, the way you described the prayer, they all got together and they were not praying for the outside world to change. They were praying for their change, that they could be better. Even though all those around them were mocking, they weren’t praying. They were praying for their heart to be softened. That they could be better. They’re not going to change those other people. Treasure has been gathered up from all the world and bought all of the armies and the navies. It was purchased with blood money. You’re not going to change those people. You’re only going to get frustrated. You must change yourself. And the only way you will attract people is not through political rhetoric, not through anything. And I say this as such a flawed vessel. Do you know how many people the Lord had to go through to get to a recovering alcoholic Mormon? He had to go through a ton of people who just in the end were too weak to stand. I am a flawed person coming to you. I have no credibility on this at all. I’m a guy who has a hard time reading the scriptures and everything else, but I’m telling you… the only chance of survival is if you change your heart. It’s hard because you got a lifetime built up. And even I have a lifetime. I said something last week, I said, I don’t want to say divisive things anymore. And that day I called the First Lady a monster.

We’re all trying. But set your feet on the path now. I know with everything in me, everything in me. Now is the time. And we are the people. It is you. Put aside all of your silly little belief that you don’t play a role. Put it aside. Those are childish things. You are the person. We all are. And everyone’s service is required at this time.

  • landofaahs

    Sitting back crying and hoping for pity from the masses to save you is not what we did in the Revolutionary War, WW1 not to mention WW2.  If you want your country back, by God you reach out and take it. 

    • Anonymous

      You do know the difference between pity and empathy, right?

      • landofaahs

        Empathy is what I have for the persecuted Christians around the world.  Pity is what I would feel for the judged of Sodom and Gomorrah although the judgment was just. 

        • Mike Nelson

          That was fucking awesome.

        • Anonymous

          Just remember, we are taught in the Bible NOT to “pity the heathen” when their judgment comes.

    • TheLongVersion

      Is that what you think Glenn is doing?  Then you’re not paying attention.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, if this repentant and loving and uniting Glenn really keeps up and doesn’t just go back to the blatant demonizing of Americans who by destiny or choice happen to be Muslim, Gay, Liberal, atheist, Socialist, progressives, etc… Okay, if this Glenn is honest and this is notjust a crocodile tears show, then I’m back on board. Behind Rand Paul in four years and all… if this Glenn is for real.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always believed in you Glenn.  And many many have and still do.  Not sure where we’d all be without your wise words.  I guess everyone thinks it’s okay for the liberals to go on the attack and take over, but if you tell us what you believe you are demonized.  Just wrong, plain wrong.  We are getting to the edge and we better start a rope or we’re all go over.  I just don’t quite understand why people don’t see it coming!

  • Anonymous

    I am glad to hear you calling it as it is . It is indeed God’s Battle and I am so happy to be on His side. I will join with you to Love. I say bad things about people too .The Holy Spirit reminds me to cool it.   God Bless you. Mr. Beck. I pray for you. 

  • David J. Owens

    Glenn you are definitely a man of God. I have been feeling the same promptings in my own life to change the way I think and watch the words I speak. I will tell you a person you should get on either your radio or t.v. program is Joyce Meyer. She is an awesome preacher/teacher and I think she would not only help you, but help your audience to change their hearts.

  • Luci D’Mari

    All the world is a stage and all the people of the world are the actors. Just play the part God put you here to play. We have read the ending and we know we win in the end. Live in the truth of the Lord and know that we will spend eternity in His Light. God bless you, Glenn, and all you do for God’s Glory.

  • Anonymous

    This may sound like a religious thing, and well, yes, it is. Not necessarily any one religion, but in the spirit of the Black Robe Regiment, of all righteous people joining spirit to spirit to battle against the rising forces of evil that is growing stronger and stronger in the world.

    The neutral ground is shrinking, losing to the divisiveness that we see now more blatantly in the world. Truth and goodness must grow, and grow stronger than the lies and hatred coming from those that would destroy us and our way of life, and would tear down the Constitution that provides for our very existence in righteousness.

    Yes, Glenn is right: we must change for the better, or our feet of clay will betray us and not support us, but drag us down to eternal loss. It is a real struggle, not some movie script. And we have but one time to do it right. No do-overs. And time is growing shorter.

    A very sobering thought he has given us, isn’t it?

    Again, my recurring question, with all its implications:

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Hope everyone listening to Glenn’s warnings are reallying listenig to what he is being moved to say.  Forget comparing today’s patriots with the likes of Lincoln, etc.  What
      Glenn is tellig us can be compared to what Paul was tryig to tell people in his day as well.  God has used “man”  to share His message for thousands of years and has given humans a long time to get it right…this may be the end because how evil can we really become before He returns to end pain and suffering?  God wants all of us to come to Him, but really…how much more of the devils’s crap should He see us endure without turning to Him…accept the Lord now and live your lfe as outined in the Bible so you can receive eternal life…it’s that simple…He’s the only one who really loves you!

    • Anonymous

      You are right, it IS a “religious” thing, the “Spirit” that was with our Founding Fathers and was in the Black Robe Regiment. It is all “righteous people” joining the battle but first, we must realize we ourselves have been lied to, step back, seek out the lost truth of the matter that’s been intentionally covered up after our own churches were infiltrated, then we must repent and “get out of Babylon”. See my “Letter to Glenn” to understand. With it, I pray the scales on the eyes of millions will be opened, and with Glenn’s help. When you get into it, the truth slaps you upside the head as it’s been hiding in plain sight the whole time! It is us who first must repent and I pray everyone is given a hunger for the truth and searches it out.
      It is then that our Messiah will be standing with us as it will be then that we will have been moved back to where He was all along!
      Surely, the fact that we were loosing to such a degree should have been a major clue!

  • Jonny Danger

    I agree with what you say. I went to a 912 project in Colorado and it was infiltrated by a Jewish liberal man pretending to be conservative but he was just there to bash Tom Tancredo. He was friends with the heckler, I saw them hanging out together at Costco afterwards.   

    • Anonymous

      Just remember, “there are those that say they are Jews, but are not” (assuming you read your Bible). Just as our churches have been infiltrated in the “great deception”, so have they been. The TRUE Jews, are the “apple of Yahweh’s eye”, we must remember that and love Israel, as Messiah loves the TRUE Church.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I can only PRAY that your eyes read this! It was the title of this article segment that pulled me to come in to comment as I have commented in the past but you’ve not yet picked up on it. I see you down, as Elijah himself once was. That happens but I believe you’ll pray and gain the strength to continue the fight before you and I believe that YOU WILL!

    You have THE best research teams that I know of. You have a voice that reaches the masses and you are SO CLOSE, yet still missing the point that it is US also that is still missing the mark. When we “get right” and line up our living according to what is actually in “THE WORD”, HE WILL STAND WITH US and He WILL FIGHT FOR US as He’s been standing in the same place the whole time, but WE THE PEOPLE moved!

    Everything you say in this segment is on point, and you are absolutely correct about The Black Robe Regimen. There is something stirring in you, but you’ve all  not seen it. In all the research you’ve done about the Founding Fathers, The Black Robe Regimen, etc. you’ve somehow missed the point that our Founders fled the Catholic Church in England and came here to worship as they knew right. I beseech you, do the research with your amazing team on what I am saying here! The Roman Catholic Church, the Spanish Valladolid Church, The Jesuits (also highly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, the Masons, the Knights of Columbus, and what originated from their influence, the KKK, was not standing for it and if you go back to the Congressional Records in 1913 they read and put into the record the oath taken of The Knights of Columbus that were ordered by the Roman Church to infiltrate the Protestant Churches, influence them, and take control so that THEIR “Christ Mass” and THEIR “Sun Day”, and their “Easter” (which the name of alone should give you pause even if you didn’t know anything about “sun god” worship and knew only little of mythology and of course is in place of “the Passover”) were up front and being worshipped IN PLACE OF the actual Feast Days and Sabbath by all who joined THE TRUE CHURCH of the Messiah. When you get into their records and realize that it is the “sun god” Apollyon that is actually being worshipped as “the Christ” and that the Roman Catholic Church has set itself as “god on earth”, and realize that WE MOVED AWAY from the true teachings of the Bible, you will see how urgent the fact that we MOVE BACK.

    When have you ever seen in history ALL religions go up to congratulate and many bow to a newly appointed Pope? When did pretty much all countries go out of their way and spend masses of money to protect and welcome the Pope visiting their countries as we’ve recently witnessed? Did you know the Pope was trying to mandate through the EU a mandatory  “Sun Day” worship? Where would that leave the Jews?

    It was actually ILLEGAL to worship those things in this country at it’s founding as our Founding Fathers KNEW what was actually being worshipped on those days. I could go into great length with my own research on the subject as well as the public notices that would be posted at our country’s founding to stand against the infiltration that WAS OBVIOUSLY SUCCESSFUL. In 1885 those standing for the truth began to loose after the Roman Catholic Church had mandated convert or die to the slaves of color they were importing hoping to also have their influence in the new country. When I see an American of color worshipping in the Catholic faith I just want to ask them, “don’t you know”? Does anyone ask WHY the names of the Popes from 195 A.D. to 440 are not posted at the Basilica? The answer is because THEY KNOW and are hiding the fact that it was Pope Sixtus III (yes, that’s what I said – meaning 666) that began this “great deception” instituting the first “Christ Mass” that coincided with the date of a celebration by the Romans to their primary god, The Sun, and to Mithras, a popular sun god supposedly born on the same day. The Roman Catholic writer, Mario Righetti, admits that,…”the church of Rome found it convenient to institute the 25th of December of teh feast of the birth of Christ…celebrated on the same day in honor of the invincable sun, Mithras, the conqueror of darkness”  – Manual of Liturgical History 1055, Vol 2, p 67. The reason we have the epistle to The Ephesians is John had witnessed  “Cerinthus within” at the bath house and fled “lest even the bath house fall down”. That “spirit” of the Nicolaitans” (see Rev.) of which Cerinthus was, was already present in Ephesus by 95 A.D., (the latter years of John) though the “666” had not yet come. You HAVE TO understand that Rome’s gnostic false prophets taught “Christ” and “anti”Christ” were the SAME THING and they were and ARE the Nicolaitans! They adapted those anti-Christ teachings in the Catholic Church thinking it to be their “secret wisdom”. DO THE RESEARCH! I would be willing to bet, if I were a betting person, that the majority of the Catholics today don’t even realize this history. Yet, it was the very reason in that Epistle to the Ephesians John declared (in speaking of the anti-Christ) “”and now it is ALREADY IN THE WORLD”.  If it is truth you want, go all the way back to the first Church and the problems they had and WHERE and HOW those things not found in the Bible originated.

    We claim all the politics of our Founding Fathers, yet miss the point of WHY they were actually here and what they were actually standing for and against. You obviously already know that you were “called”. Yet, are now at the point of KNOWING there IS something you’re not seeing. There are many of us across this country that, even though we didn’t know each other, we were compelled into this same research. You have at your disposal an amazing team of researchers. Get up! Put them on this as in this the truth that you’ve been missing, being SO CLOSE, will open up and give you the strength to bring back many into the spot they were unknowingly moved from. The Bible teaches that in the last days many will say “surely we have inherited lies from our fathers”. It’s not that OUR Fathers even knew the truth themselves but rather going along with what they were taught. So, quite obviously there WILL BE a generation whose eyes are opened. That generation IS US. Actually, when you realize and repent of those things done unknowingly and begin to worship exactly as the Bible instructs, it lines up so perfectly that the previously unexplained differences are plain as day and you ask yourself how it was that you didn’t realize it all along as it was right there in plain sight!

    There was always a “remnant” that knew the truth. Even still, the “great deception” prevailed. Now, Elohim is calling us back. Take that road, to quote Mark Twain, “less traveled by”. These men knew the truth: Sir Isaac Newton,  as did Mede, Whitson, then Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, Spurgeon, Bishop J.C. Ryle, Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, and more  (see John Dowling, The History of Romanism, 2nd Ed, 2852pp 646 – 47; “All Roads Lead to Rome”; the Reformation Wall in Geneva. See the “Codex Thesodisianvs EDITIO NOVA ANTONII MARILLII IACOBI GOTHOFREDI in VLTOMOS DIGESTA on the “Confiscation of All Churches”; see Rich Freidrich “Norman L. Geisler’s Role in Destroying Evangelical Christianity in America”.

    Do hard research on Constantine who was supposedly “converted” and whom so much is based upon. What was the actual name of the first “church” he build? The Theo Sophia! Thea (goddess) of whose image with her son, called “the Beast” of which image (with the SUN – NOT a halo) behind the head of her son depicted and now thought to be Mary and baby “Jesus”. She said of herself “for I am the wisdom of the Greeks, and the knowledge of the Barbarians (Friia), I am the one whose image is great in Egypt (Isis).

    Further, in the Nag Hammadi texts, ” I am the honored one and the scored one, I am the whore and the holy one” p. 271. “I am she whose wedding is great and I have not taken an husband” p. 272; I am godless, and I am the one whose god is great” p. 274; I am the one below and they come up to me, I am sinless, and yet, the ROOT OF SIN DERIVES FROM ME”, P 274

    I have given you PLENTY on which to base your research back to when the truth prevailed and things made sense within the battle. Get up, Get busy! It is my solid belief that “they” will not be able to harm you unto death. I know of no one else that seeks out THE TRUTH, wherever it may lead more than you and with the voice that you have been given.

  • Snorri

    The next year should be very interesting. For Obama and supporters a complete and forceful elimination of the Constitution, the confiscation / prohibition of private ownership of firearms and the federalization of private wealth accumulation has never been more within reach. I.E.: The Transformation of The United States. The question is how do you and your family survive economically and physically. Read the “Black Book of Communism” to see what happened to a massive section of the world.

  • Rae McCarthy

    Glenn and Stu,

    The title of this song “The Time Is Now” by Warren Barifield says it all.
      Please I beg you to listen to this song.


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