The story of America is the story of misfits

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I told you earlier on the program that this is the time and we are the people, but what does that mean exactly? We all know that our country is in trouble, at least some of us, some of us do. We recognize it. Some of us try as hard as we may to convince those who we love and love us and are in our own homes. And for some reason we can’t convince them, and it’s frustrating. But it’s okay. We are living in a time where those who speak the truth, “2 plus 2 equals 4, not 5″ will become outcasts. We don’t fit in. We are mocked and ridiculed. We are laughed at and publicly shamed. But that’s okay. I want you to know today that you’re in good company. The very story of America is the story of the misfits and the outcasts. We used to love the story of the underdog, but we have forgotten now that the underdog is the misfit. And the misfit is the one who built this country, whether it be George Whitefield, a misfit in preaching, or the governor of Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials; to Ben Franklin staring down an all‑powerful king; a lanky and homely quiet man from Illinois who thought all men are endowed by their Creator really meant “all men.” The misfits of the Wright brothers, the misfit of a preacher from Atlanta, Georgia, to some college students who just thought that they could make a better search engine and call it Google. Misfits, all of them. Misfits, outcasts changed the world.

It’s funny. Even though outcasts changed the world, no one wants to be an outcast. Everyone who has ever been picked on in school knows what it’s like to be a misfit or an outcast. We really are the same human beings, all of us, no matter where we are, when you boil it down. And you can boil it down to this simple concept: We all just want to fit in. And because of that, tyrants succeed. It’s why Saul Alinsky is studied for power and why Hollywood is so influential.

It is the story of misfits. The cool send us a message that being alone is bad. Don’t stick out. Don’t be different. It’s really all because they’re afraid and that is why they bully, to make sure we all gather to follow them. Imagine. Imagine if we all thought the same.

Imagine if we all walked the same. If we just got away from the freaks that want to go their own way, imagine what we could do. “I’ll help you,” they say to us. We could seek the good things and the cool things that everyone wants.

You see, bullies know if they isolate, mock, ridicule, there’s something inside of each human being that makes them want to run. It’s the bully that we all remember. He picked on the weakest and got others to point and laugh, and each of us then had a choice. Most of us chose to ignore, but the better part of us told us what to do. I too laughed because I didn’t want to be on the receiving end. I wanted to be with the cool kids. So we say nothing, and too many times today we repeat that pattern and say nothing. Be ourselves. Become tongue tied. And that is what has to change.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    America is a land where exceptionalism is the normal and not the exception. 

    This is what allows America to be great in the world, and the reason the Progressives have done the devils work to bring us down.

    • landofaahs

      That devil would be Obama, but just one of many.

  • Sam Fisher

    I was taking a break from this but I heard Glenn talk about this on the radio today. I always been an outcast and the misfit I felt I had nothing to contribute that I was nothing but listing to this today made me feel better. Made feel like there is truly a plan for me that I should not give up and for Glenn speaking about this today gave me a fire in my heart and mind. Now nothing will stop me from breaking from the heard of progressive march to fascism. God calls us and we never will fit in with this world because this world only cares for itself but we will win in the end we need to keep the faith keep strong and fight for the rights of man and crush the forces that fights for the rights of government.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      We must never give up, give in or lose hope; even Jesus took respites to restore himself away from people, and so we do the same only to return unto the fight and strive all the harder unto victory.

    • landofaahs

      You were so special that God the Father would have sent his only begotten Son Jesus to die for your sin even if you were the only one in the entire history of the world who would accept him.  He would leave the 90 and 9 for just you.

  • landofaahs

    The whole world is a collection of misfits which are all loved by God and that he will save if they only trust in the sacrifice of his Son Jesus which he provided for a sinful world.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you, Sam Fisher.  It is not easy to get rid of whatever or whoever put you down, but it is worth fighting for.  “All things can be explained in single words ….Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope ….”  This is what Winston Churchill once said and he was a great statesman.

  • Anonymous

    what is the music?  I can’t identify it.

    • Easler Eel

      What an amazing soundtrack to go with such a powerful essay. Can anyone identify the artists?

  • suz

    doesn’t matter how you say it…the truth.  just say it and keep saying it.

  • Anonymous

    Many of the “misfits” in history are thought to be mildly autistic. 

    C S Lewis says something to the effect that “… if I feel out of place no matter where I am in this world, that must mean that I was meant to be in another place.” If we are really meant for God’s heaven, then no wonder many of us feel “out of place” in a world and in a country that worships material success over Christian obedience, political correctness over actually being right, spending over saving, and short term emotional and physical gratification over delayed gratification for a worthy long term goal. 

    The real ‘misfits’ in this life are the deniers of truth and justice, and they are found on the Left.

  • Anonymous

    And, I am a misfit!

  • Anonymous

    What about Thomas Jefferson? He was a misfit. Or was he? Among every other thing he did for America to move it forward he tried to have every generation put together whole new Constitutions since America was supposed to change and grow all the time and not stay the same. But instead of following his ideas that America is a living place that demands a living document that changes with the times Conservatives and people who love the original Constitution think the original should be the only one we need. Any of the laws from the original that still work would just be upgraded into the new Constitutions. But instead we amend and amend so that the original document is hundreds of pages long. Plus people are stuck trying to live by the original one that doesn’t fit so everyone gets to fighting with each other and second-guessing what the people who wrote it must have meant.

  • Anonymous

    As a misfit I must say I am sorry to any and all who read my reply to Brian Johnson’s vile and extremely disturbing post to kill rape torture Mr. Glenn Beck and his family i’m all for freedom of speech but no one with the thought’s and aspirations of said person above should never ever be taken lightly and I will defend everyone of you all against this type of criminal threats if anyone was hurt or offended by my shot’s back at said person above I want to apologize for my action’s sometimes the profane activity of our fellow humans is just to much to sit idly buy and not flag this kind of behavior .
    I am not anywhere near perfect I do believe I am a MISFIT
    GOD be with you all 

  • Ginny Auldridge

    I’m totally a misfit   :-)     a very devout Catholic, and grandmother, artist, crafter and disabled, check and see how I turned a hobby around;
    so far, I’ve had one entire customer! 

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