WATCH: Wisconsin state senator delivers incredible anti-abortion testimony

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The floor of the Wisconsin State Senate erupted into an explosive shouting match Wednesday afternoon after the senators battled through a debate over a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound procedure before being permitted to have an abortion.

“What they are trying to do in Wisconsin is what we did here in Texas, where we show you the ultrasound before you make up your mind as to whether or not you’re going to have an abortion,” Pat explained on radio this morning.

After hearing the dissenting opinions of her colleagues, Republican Senator Mary Lazich presented an eloquent and impassioned defense of the legislation.

LAZICH: The theatrics surrounding the former presentation, as we all know, those of us that look at the bill and read the bill, it exempts rape and incest. So some of the theatrics please, please know that as those that read the bill and understand that.

We had a lady testify, her name was Carol, she testified that a number of years ago she went to a clinic, found out she was pregnant. I believe her location was Kenosha. The testimony’s out there. We can track that down. She was told to go to Milwaukee and get her abortion. She described the very cold, cold procedure and what happened, and the cold environment. She went to this cold environment. Someone was sitting there passing around Valium. She goes in. She’s crying through the procedure. She told her, don’t worry, it’s a blob of tissue, you’re doing the right thing, get it over with quick.

She goes home and lives with this day after day after day after day. The rest of her life she lives with this trauma. And it’s time for that to end. It’s time for women to know the facts. It’s time for them to know what they’re carrying in their womb and what they’re doing. They get those full facts, they make that decision, it’s legal, they do it, they terminate their pregnancy. If you have a loved one that’s thinking about terminating their pregnancy, for crying out loud, you want them to have full information. You want them to have an ultrasound. You want them to know what’s going on in that womb and what they’re doing and that they’re not going to be able to change that for the rest of their life. They make that decision; it’s over. It’s over in a few minutes and then later on they can live with the fact that they terminated their pregnancy and it was the best thing for them; or they killed their child and they made a horrific decision and they regret it and they wish they never would have done it. And for those that want that information and wish that they never would have done it, that’s what Sonia’s law is about.

“That’s amazing,” Glenn said. “All you’re asking for is information – show you information. Now, they don’t like it because they say it’s just a blob of tissue… The argument against it is it’s too emotional. Well, why is it emotional? Because you’re hearing a heartbeat, you’re recognizing it as a human.”

TheBlaze reports that following Sen. Lazich’s remarks, the senate floor spiraled into chaos:

Following Lazich’s comments, Senate President Mike Ellis (R) called for a vote on the bill despite efforts by Senate Democrats to extend the debate. The move resulted in chaos on the Senate floor.

“It’s non-debatable! Call the roll!” Ellis shouted over lawmakers while pounding his gavel. “You’re out of order!”

“You’re out of order!” another Wisconsin senator shot back.

“You’re interrupting a roll call! Sit down right now!” a visibly furious Ellis hollered.

“I understand you’re afraid of this debate,” Larson said, his microphone turned off.

Remarkably, the bill passed 17-15 with support sharply divided along party lines. The vote is expected to pass in the Assembly today, and Governor Scott Walker has already said he will sign the bill into law.

“There’s something – Michigan is changing. Wisconsin is changing. They’ve had enough. They’ve seen what it is doing to jobs. They’ve seen what it is doing to their communities,” Glenn said. “In Michigan they waited too long, but everything’s changing because they’ve had enough of the nightmare of socialism and social justice. And it’s good – there is some good news. You’re about to win, guys.”

Watch the entire exchange unfold here:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Wonderful news that the bill passed: abortion is murder of the most vulnerable of human life. It is immoral and reprehensible across the board.

  • Anonymous

    I admire this woman who stood and made the truth about this bill clear.

    I am a woman, I’m pro choice, and I’m for this bill.  

    Any decision about any health care procedure should be made with full information – not political propaganda.  Then make what choice you will.

    • rlharper

      THANK YOU. I am pro-life, and I want every woman to have all the facts at her disposal before she makes her decision. When my father had a kidney removed, the doctor showed him the ultrasound and explained exactly what he was seeing. Why should a woman considering an abortion have any less care?

    • Mike Nelson

      To echo rlharper, thank you for being open minded enough to see truth and ignorance for what they are.

      You appear honest and sensible, as opposed to so many pro-choicers, so I would like to ask an honest question out of honest curiosity…

      Have you always been pro-choice, and did this position form as a result of a belief in supporting women’s rights, or does the basis of your position come from seeing the suicidal tendency that has become so prevalent in our society?  In other words, is it an internal belief about personal choices, or a judgement resulting from societal observation?  Or are neither of these the right question?

      I have differing views about abortion on a situational basis, which is somewhat of a political oddity for me, and I have a hard time believing that everyone is just ON or OFF about this issue.  What I’m most curious about is WHY we have the beliefs we profess.

      • Anonymous

        I am pro choice because I believe it is difficult to make a judgement on someone else’s life when you are not in their shoes and understanding what they are facing.  I want all options to be considered safely for all women in all circumstances.

        I am pro this bill because I also have been faced with this decision personally.  I was once a single woman, alone, facing an unexpected pregnancy.  (My boyfriend and I had broken up before we knew about the pregnancy).  Following the breakup, I went in for a normal routine check up.  I found out I was 3.5 weeks along.  I didn’t believe my doctor when she told me and she did an internal ultrasound to show me.  She was able to show me with an internal ultrasound on screen and I could see movement on the screen of my baby.  And due to this information I knew without a doubt that my daughter (didn’t know if it would be a daughter or son yet) was very much alive, growing, and moving inside of me and needed me to be her mother.  It had a profound impact on my coming to grips with the reality of the situation.

        My decision, with full information, in this moment of free choice was to choose to allow my daughter to live and to provide and care for her.  Pro choice should also include this decision – pro choice doesn’t have to be only about choosing death for another life to save yourself.  It can just as much be a choice of choosing to sacrifice yourself to save another life.  This was my choice and let me tell you – it has been hard at times but I now have a beautiful young daughter who I love more than anything and I have never once had a regret in deciding to keep her alive and together with me.  She’s getting ready to start kindergarten next fall.

        On the other hand, I have several friends who have made another choice for their decision.  They live with regret and emotional difficulty over this every day.  We discuss this, we share together, we cry together, and we support each other.  They were unprepared for what they would face because they believed it was just “removing tissue” and no one prepared them for the fact that it is much more than that.  No one told them about the dreams / nightmares, the depression, the regret, the relationship problems, and in some cases medical problems and how common these problems are following abortion for women.  We have to ask – why would that be?  Why would we NOT want them to have all the facts BEFORE they make a life changing and medical health related decision.  They can still then make any decision they feel is best – but with all the information.

        I also understand that others will all have to make their own decision and may not be in a place where they are able to make the same decision as I did.  (Again why I am pro choice).  But to be pro choice, and to really make a choice, I believe it is better to understand all the options to enable yourself to make a good choice.

        • Mike Nelson

          Thank you for the response and details, and may I say I support this pro-choice position and your stated beliefs.

          If we were all self-aware on this level, the debate would be significantly more civil; to err on the side of information tends to be the obvious correct action in most cases.

        • Anonymous

          I am glad to hear someone that is pro-abortion has the courage to say– Why would we NOT want them to have all the facts BEFORE they make a life changing and medical health related decision. 
          The answer to your question is: MONEY! Abortion IS a BIG  money industry. Look at the money abortionist Gosnell pocketed from slaughtering babies! He is not alone, ALL abortionists pocket “big bucks.” It IS a cash ONLY business.
          The thing I would like to point out to the pro-abortion side is: If someone is having sex, there IS always a chance of pregnancy (protection or not). With this in mind, WHY would anyone be surprised? not be ready financially? be unmarried? not ready mentally? Forethought ahead of time would solve these problems. But, unfortunately, RESPONSIBILITY does not enter the picture and the baby ends up be SACRIFICED for some ones IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That woman is BAD ASS!   I love it. Tell those disgusting deviants how it is.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone watch the second video?  How can they give statistics on unreported rapes? 

  • landofaahs

    Abortion is just one, if not the main abomination that is the reason God is allowing this country to be destroyed.

    • The Good Doctor

      Hogwash. I’m so sick and tired of you religious types forcing your delusional beliefs on others with stupid statements like this. Keep doing it though. It just fuels honest clear thinking people of reason to push back harder and harder against you brain washed lemmings.

      • landofaahs

        No it is not wrong.  The proof is in the pudding of where we are.  Bury your head in the sand if you will.  I will keep it up and God will harden your heart like he did Pharaoh.  Just as he was guilty of the slaughter of the innocents, so are those today who support the killing of God’s creation in the womb.  You have blood on your hands.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey, maybe you can get the First Amendment abolished, dolt.

  • Anonymous

    It is big government to force women to get medically unnecessary tests and it’s insulting to think that pregnant women are too stupid to know what is inside them. Any of you small gov’t supporters are total hypocrites if you support shoving things up vaginas through gov’t mandate, and you certainly aren’t libertarian if you support this.

    • Anonymous

      Science and millions of surviving premature babies have long ago disproved the concept of “nonviable tissue mass.”  So, if you are willing to admit you are in favor of taking the LIFE of a defenseless child, then say it.  Just, don’t lie to yourself and US that it’s just tissue that being discarded, not a human being.  Geographical location should not determine who is allowed human rights…ask the slaves of the 1800s.

      • Anonymous

        In the initial weeks of pregnancy it is nonviable tissue mass and everyone who is pregnant is fully aware that it would eventually develop into a child.

        I personally would like to see the number of abortions reduced primarily through preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place (surprisingly abortion bans don’t really work, women just get desperate and use more dangerous means, as a result the nation with the lowest abortion rate in the world is actually Belgium where it’s legal).

        • Anonymous

          So after a child is born, if you put it in a nice, warm bed and ignore it for a week, can it be defined as a viable tissue mass?  No.  It cannot survive on its own.  Some babies are born with defects that require special equipment to keep them functioning; they are “non-viable” but that does not make them non-human tissue masses, they simple require a special environment.  The womb is a special environment for babies that have not been able to develop to a specific stage of development.  NO ONE has the scientific ability to define them as “non-human.” So, we must side with the moral decision that it is human and assume it is human until someone can scientifically prove otherwise.  By the time you know you’re pregnant, the heart is beating.  We define death when the heart stops beating.  A beating heart is life.  

          As for your statement you would like to see abortions reduced, why? If they’re not alive, why do you care or want to reduce them? It’s only tissue after all.  Our inner intellectual honesty tells us it is more than tissue…it is human life with the right to exist.

          • Anonymous

            It takes somewhere around 24 weeks for a fetus to achieve viability. Obviously anything before 24 weeks is still human tissue even if it’s a non-viable fetus. You asked about viability so that is what I answered within those parameters.

            I would like to see abortions reduced because I do consider it human life. Considering studies around the world, the best methods to reduce abortion rates involve reducing rates of unintended pregnancies and based on what works in other nations with lower abortion rates than us, I believe fully covered birth control access to anyone is the primary way to reduce abortions since it reduces unintended pregnancies (obviously abstinence works better but expecting people to actually be abstinent doesn’t work very well).

          • Anonymous

            @ atl134

            Please see my post above of my experience of pregnancy at 3 1/2 weeks.  

            And yes – my boyfriend and I used contraception but in this case was unsuccessful at preventing pregnancy.  (I was on birth control Yaz).

            And having this available to me (vagina inserted ultrasound as you put it) had an impact on my decision to abort or allow life for my baby.  This was far before your 24 week mark – which is crap by the way.

            I support the right for a woman to choose between her and her doctor.  I just would also like all information provided (like any other health procedure) so that she can make an informed one.

          • Anonymous

            21 weeks and 5 days is the record earliest a European baby has survived. The odds of survival before 24 weeks are extremely low and I don’t believe there are any cases of a baby surviving a less than 20 week pregnancy. I gave the number 24 based on the standard for viability (a baby being able to survive if birthed at that point).

            An informed choice… every pregnant woman knows that what is inside her is developing into a, usually, fully formed human baby. This legislation has nothing to do with information and only to do with guilt-tripping.

    • The Good Doctor

      Well said alt134. These religious busy bodies are a bunch of hypocrites. This law is disgusting and unconstitutional.

      • greywolfrs

        As is Obamaocare, but I don’t see you complaining about that, dolt.

  • Dale Suzanne van Wyk

    The TRUTH is coming out about abortion……………………

    Dear God I pray that the TRUTH about abortion comes out.

    In Jesus Name I Pray

    • The Good Doctor

      Sperm are alive and yet no one cares that religious types masturbate and waste millions of them. Maybe you religious people should campaign for a law making masturbation illegal too.

      • Mike Nelson

        Gee, thanks Doctor Good.

        Maybe you should start a campaign to send sperm-catchers to every teenager anytime they feel the need to yank.  You could start the Good Works personally, and grow your business via word of mouth as you gain experience.

        What a foolish thing to post publicly.

      • Anonymous

        And women menstruate monthly and throw away perfectly good eggs.

        Your whole line of commentary on this subject is abhorrent. You are one sick puppy, and I feel really sorry for anybody who has to go to you for treatment. 

  • Dale Suzanne van Wyk

    Women it is time to Woman -Up.  Having an abortion is taking the cowardly way out-you are denying your genetics as a nurturer. That is why you have a uterus.   You choose to kill your own flesh and blood.  You say to them you are inconvenient to me-my wants and desires so I choose to take your life

  • Anonymous

    All just so much show-boating on the part of demoncraps. They know and fully understand abortion is murder, but will continue to speak in support of it because they actually believe the majority of their constituents what them to. Anybody who speaks openly against abortion is shouted down by the masses of uninformed and misinformed. Until we have leaders who have the guts to stand for what is right for US rather than for themselves, we’re not going to see much different. 

    • The Good Doctor

      OK. Then the next time you jerk off, you’re a murderer as well. Maybe you should be forced to watch your sperm swim around inside your testicles via a scrotal incision and a laparoscopic camera before you get your Kleenex and carrot wax at the ready?

  • Anonymous

    This is courageous in today’s world. God bless her!

    • The Good Doctor

      It’s cowardly religious bullying and it’s shameful.

      • greywolfrs

        Just like the cowardly Obamaocare bullying, dunce.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness the bill passed.  Maybe now maybe some of the babies will have a chance to be born and experience life.  As God intended!!!

    • The Good Doctor

      There’s no such thing as god. This is an intrusion into a woman’s private health issue. A woman’s pregnancy is her and her doctor’s business and no one else’s.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    You are far too filled with hate to be any kind of ‘doctor,’ good or bad.

    Your comments prove to those who waste time reading them that you are an ASS, and when you ASS U me I’m male, you prove yourself to be the epitome of asses!

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