WATCH & SHARE: Both parties are dragging us into war in the Middle East

Only 11% of Americans want us to arm the rebels in Syria yet the Obama administration isn’t listening. But it’s not just the Democrats, progressives in both parties are pushing for U.S. involvement as evidenced by John McCain’s recent trip to Syria where he met with the rebels. Why is this a bad idea? Glenn explains below in a clip you need to share this clip with your friends!

WARNING: Graphic Content in the video below:

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  • Sandy Willson-Montanaro

    We can’t be pulled into this war! Please America pay attention and don’t support this war!

    • Pachy Serrano

      Am with you Sandy . . . Don’t do it. We gonna regret it.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    War is coming, and honestly, America seems to be sound asleep to the fact; when it comes, Obama will seize power for good.

    • Jessica Louise Fayville

      Only if we let Him or Die trying not to….either way we die….so why not doing what’s right!!!  I’m an old Lady but that’s not gonna stop me from doing the right thing to do!  My glass has always been 1/2 full no matter the circumstances…..maybe that’s why I’m still here.

      • Dawn Street

        Me, too!!  

    • Anonymous

      “What the Neocon Nazis, the Bush/Obama regime, and the presstitute media have made clear is that Washington is going to push its agenda of world hegemony to the point of starting World War III, which, of course, means the end of life on earth”. ~ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts ( aka “The Father of Reaganomics”)

      Remember how most of the ignorant masses were muddling through on 9/10/2001—and they were totally shocked by 9/11— remember that? And unless you were listening to Alex Jones and/or a few others who were ahead of their time, then you were caught completely off guard. It will be the same when the mushroom clouds sprout, as the dumb-dumb amerikans are still not listening to those ahead of their time……

      • Pachy Serrano

        Alex Jones is paranoid 365 days. Don’t believe the hype. He is just making more money using our fears and ignorance, but I don’t support going into this civil war. Its crazy there and Russia, China, and Iran are backing Hazad regime. Feel bad for the rebels, but we can’t be everywhere, time to move on . . .

        • Anonymous

          “2013 the year of Alex Jones”. ~ Matt Drudge
          The Drudge Report has Linked to Jones’ Infowars site 244 times in the last two years; I agree with Drudge; however, 2013 is just the beginning for Mr. Jones.
          I used to protest with Alex back when less than one-hundred people used to show up, so I know a thing or two about him, and I can tell you that by calling him “paranoid” you totally underestimate him.
          Go on ahead and keep on calling him names, because ignoring Alex is impossible.
          “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you”. ~ Nicholas Klein (A version of this quote is frequently mis-attributed to Gandhi, though there is no evidence that Gandhi ever said this…)
          This is the what is happening to Alex Jones; Jones has passed the ignore-you phase, and he is currently in the ridicule/attack phase……..

          Personally, I don’t agree with everything and everybody AJ has on his show, but I do know he hates the collectivists as much or more than I do.

          • Dawn Street

            I agree with you.  I don’t agree with everything and everybody on his show, but I’m not supposed to.  I think he has been sounding the alarm a long time and he has been correct.  Same thing with Daniel Pipes and William Cooper.  We have been warned.  The people hit their snooze button and the USA sleeps on.  When the alarm finally goes off loud and long, they will panic just as they did in 1929.  It is difficult to know how to prepare for what is happening because we have never had this threat before and we truly do not know what is going to happen or what we need to do to prepare.  Time for a 2 Chronicles 7:14 moment.  We need a national leader to call us to prayer, to confession, to repentance to Jehovah God, the God of Abraham and Isaac – not an imam to call us to prayer to a false god named allah.  May God help us.  May God have mercy on us.  This is not going to turn out well when it hits.  Wondering why everyone is gone, as in out of the USA and in Ireland or Africa???

          • Dawn Street

            This will be the first Boy Scout jamboree at its new permanent home – The Summit, in beautiful West Virginia –  Now, I have read that a FEMA/DHS disaster drill is happening at the same time and people are very concerned about an attack on the BSA similar to Sandy Hook, Boston Massacre, Colorado, etc.  It seems where they gather, there is an incident.

        • Guy Hinger

          feal bad for the guy eating the heart and liver out of dead guy, really.I don’t think so. 

        • Timothy Johnson

           we know who side your ass is on and we need more people like Alex Jones paranoid.  Video speaks for itself and what more do stupid people need then to see live video someone eating human flash??????

    • Pachy Serrano

      Obama never wanted to get in. But some Senators still pushing in. We have to make our mind with our President. If he didn’t go in, we called him weak for not supporting the rebels cause and if he decides to go in, we calling him a war mongerer. Pick a side please!! We can’t have it both ways fool!!

      • Timothy Johnson

         You are about as nuts as they come. 

  • Barbara Rhea

    I shared with my facebook political page.  We can not keep our heads in the sand and stand on the side lines.  I’m standing up and doing whatever I can to get the word out.  I am not afraid because I have children and grand children I want to enjoy the Freedom WE have enjoyed.  How about you.

    • landofaahs

      You stop these endless wars by drafting the politicians children and grand children along with the progeny of companies who profit from the military industrial complex.  Then you put them on the front lines.  Plus we put the pols themselves out on the front lines.

      • Dawn Street

        I think the politicians should lead the charge.  In the olden days, the kings and the knights led their armies.  They did not sit up in the palace and stuff their faces and govern.  They left someone they trusted in charge and they went to war.  The only time King David did stay at home, he got into trouble with Bathsheba.  Send the old men to war and leave the younger men in charge at home.  Worth a try.  During the Revolutionary War, the war for our independence, those soldiers were not the young men.  They were older guys who knew what they were risking and they were willing to risk all.  Our Senators and Representative are not any better than them.

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June 17, 2013,   Do  not  give  weapons  to  Syria……..Everybody  we  have   to  make   Obama  RESIGN    or    IMPEACH    him  immediately……….

  • Pamela Peltonen

    More people care about Kim Kardashian’s and Kanya West’s illegitimate child than what’s going on in DC and around the world. Low information voters rule this country to our destruction.

    • Anonymous

       “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you
      and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you”. ~ Nicholas
      Klein (A version of this quote is frequently mis-attributed to Gandhi,
      though there is no evidence that Gandhi ever said this…)­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

    • landofaahs

      Don’t forget about Honey BooBoo.

    • Mark Williamson

       Sorry to break the news to you but voters don’t control anything, even the pres. & congress are totally controlled through blackmail and bribery by the powers that be, multi national banks and corporations owned by them. They own us all, if you doubt it, try doing your homework from real sources not corporate controlled tv and “newspapers”.

      • Vincent Smith

         We dont contol anything because of you and people like you.  You use that stupid logic to bitch but not get involved in the process.  Its a total cop out.  If you contacted your reps senators, and the president as much as you run your mouth they would listen.  People like you who dont get involved in politics are the problem i know it you know it we all know it.  So now go ahead and deny it.  Worthless people with worthless opinions!!

        • choder bOy

          vincent you are a douche im assuming that you have done these things. did it work? lulz not quite. do you know what the electoral college is? the system is a scam. do you remember the voting recounts of 2000 in florida(bushs brother was governor) for bush its the reason we switched to hackable electronic voting even if your vote did matter it might not be yours. knowledge

          • Vincent Smith

            Call me a douche you worthless piece of  dirt.  Yeah i did it for the past 40 years or so, and yes it has worked.  But the reason it hasnt worked well enough is that there are too many who dont. Politicians dont care if you dont and when you dont contact them they know you could care less.  They will get away with as much crap as we let them.   What would you do about it nothing but whine????  Would you take up arms against them if the system is rigged???   I will and if it does not change i full plan to.  but i would much rather do it peacefully by  letting them now my wants.   The country is ready to shoot, but most of them are not willing to write a letter or make a phone a call.  That is just stupid we will have civil war and anarchy before enough of you worthless electorate get off you butts and even vote!!

          • AR-Mike

            I’ve called and written Carl Levin, and Debbie Stabenow, and got replies from both saying sorry, but we are behind the President on gun control legislation, as well as immigration reform? What next? They could give a shit about what “we the people” want? Do you really think that the government still works that way? If you do, you are NOT part of the solution.

          • Vincent Smith

            Mike 2 letters and 2 phone calls  is not enough and 1 person is not enough.  stats say less than 40% of American voters even vote.  It tells the politicians that no one is watching so they can get away with murder.  Look at Ted Kennedy.  American has not payed attention to its politicians until now for the past 60 years, and now that apathy is coming home to bite us in the ass.  Now we are so politically ignorant most people 90% cant even tell you who their elected reps are in their district.  We have been asleep at the wheel and now we are paying for it!!  We let criminals get into office and we keep re-electing them until they die in office.  I apologize for singling you out you are definitely not alone.  I would say 80% of this country still does not have an idea what is going on in DC and the politicians are laughing at you and me for even talking about it!!

          • Anonymous

             This is in response to AR Mike – try working from the local grassroots level to change the people you have contacted and who support Obama. Get like minded friends together and start trying to find someone to oppose and defeat them in their next election. If politicians do not respond, and you can get enough like minded people, vote them out of office.  It is much harder to change things from the top down, much easier to start from the bottom and work your way up.

          • Michael Grant

            Just ask people to tell you what the amendments are for, ask them if the irs and fed are part of the government or private entities, ask them who we fought in ww2, most people dont know and dont care. Most people believe something really happened at sandy hook, even though the fbi shows no murders in there crime statistics for that city for that year.Ask them to name one supreme court judge, but they can tell u what was on tv last night. Im tired, its a losing cause to stop whats coming, just try to prepare and protect your loved ones.

          • Anonymous

            choder boy  go hide your head in the sand and make fun of us that actually are trying to do something…..thank GOD you weren’t around when this country was formed…..well if you were we’d still be in England….
            saying ”  if it wasn’t for bush”!!!!  my answer to that is “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW”!!!    good old hllary quote

        • Barbara Wall

          pretty hostile commentary 

          • Vincent Smith

             Hostile???  No SH$T?  I have been at this for 40 plus years, 24 of that in the US military.   Most of my life i have been told i am paranoid, “my govt would never do anything bad to me”  “Your a conspiracy weirdo”.   Now in the past 10 years or more we find out the people who run this govt are corrupt and planning who knows what against “we the people”.  We now are beginning to wake up a little and still in this past presidential election.  Only a handful (less than 40%) of the electorate turned out to even vote.  Only 10 or 15% of this country even gives a shit!  Millions of us have lost loved ones in 5 wars to protect this country and now we have to sit and watch while it is destroyed from within, because 80% of the idiots in this country could not be bothered to turn off the tv put down their big mac, and contact their elected officials or just go vote!!  If things dont change soon, millions are gonna die as this country descends into anarchy.  Believe me that 80% who arent paying attention will be sorry then.  If you are in that 80% just shut up. You have no right to speak to me.

          • Anonymous

            isn’t that the truth…I feel the same way Vincent it makes me so mad when they bitch…but just sit there….like “what can you”?  you can SPEAK UP for one thing.  I visit senator grassleys office at least once a month….demanding, yes demanding to know what he is doing to stop this…..I call,i write, I even write and give false addresses (yes false) to get messages to other senators and congressmen….cause they wont except other peoples out side of their DISTRICTS to say anything to them….BS  I look at it this way…ALL OF THEM WORK FOR ME.  my tax dollars go to DC….not just my local area… in my mind they are all on my payroll…I yell I get in so much dutch with all of my friends….because I speak up….My closest friends ask me   “why do you do this”?  (now isn’t that dumb question) my come back is “where would you be if Susan B. Anthony said nothing”   or “where would you be if George Washington didn’t cross the Delaware”?  


            I am very willing to be the one falling on my sword

          • p3driver

             Preach it, brother.  With you 110%

          • ScottyConnie Fay

            Vincent, your not alone. Its as if you wrote those lines for me, and I am sure for many others. Don’t get discouraged Brother, just keep doing what your doing and we will over come my friend!!!

          • Lew

            AMEN BROTHER! I to have been at it for over forty years. Our government and our Courts are full of TRAITORS to WE the PEOPLE! 1776,1861,2013.

          • Vincent Smith

             Believe me Fellas i will not give up.  I hope i am wrong and we will peacefully get over all this corrupt crap.  If not i am prepared.  I tell you true if the country collapses, I am gonna kill some sons a bitches.  I am gonna hunt down politicians and lobbyists, and bankers, and anybody else that profits off the destruction of this country.  Believe me they will beg for mercy when i find them!!

          • R Lee Urbanski

            Well said.

        • Mark Mason

          Yes this is how it all should work in our republic. Unfortunately times have changed..lobbying, corporation, wall street, world banking system, etc.. has control of the country. Government creates a situation, news reports on it over and over and over and over until we run accustom to it and with acceptance our government goes in to solve the problem..Kind of like “the calvary is here to save the day from the ugly bad guy”  In reality our government created the problem in the first place..

          Our dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on yet they want to AID these rebels 1.5 Billion!  

          • Vincent Smith

            Mark  If you have become accustomed to being screwed from behind by the Cavalry then you must like it.  You sir are a moron, What i said, is not how it should work, it is how it does work.  Times have not changed, people are cowards, and lazy good for nothing.  Get off your ass and get involved, set an example you jerk.  Idiots like you post a 2 sentence blurb on some obscure Blog and think you have done your patriotic duty in saving this country.  I told you ass hole if you are in the 80% do not speak to me!!  You are going to die in the upcoming anarchy, and i will piss on you and the other  80% grave!!   While you worthless pieces of meat have been watching American idol, fox news and MSNBC,  I have been prepping, writing and calling and visiting my elected officials, dreading whats ahead while the rest of you sheep hide from the truth. 

        • Pamela Peltonen

           Are you talking to me sir? If so, you really don’t know me at all. I’m in this fight up to my eyeballs. No one will ever be able to accuse me of just sitting on the sidelines of this fight.

        • jen

          no they won’t listen!!!!!!!!!!!!  dork – the poll says only 11% want intervention and yet you say it is bec the pres doesn’t know about this poll.

          anyway americans really don’t care either way, htey are immune to outrage so they wouldn’t do anything anyway if they could.

      • jen

        you must be a libertarian, as all you are doing is protecting allah/islam/koran as you flat out refuse to say they are bad, but just victims of americans.

        islam is part of corporate control, blackmail, etc… – the only people who won’t admit that are islamists and islamist suckers as some anarcho libertarians are.

      • Pamela Peltonen

        They do not own me and they never will.

    • jen

      low info voters are equally on repub and dem sides, including conservatives.  actually, the main problem with conservatives and liberals is that as americans, they are immune to outrage.  and no cons leader will do anything meaningful to stop it, just lip service at best.

      infact most conservatives are not even talking about this – bachman won’t say a word about this so she must agree.  etc…

      it is a cons and liberal problem – not just a liberal problem as cons pathological liars say.

  • Shelby Charger

    This is Crap. Americans Need to call their respective office holders and DEMAND they Ignore the Muslim Brotherhood of the Syrian rebels. Without action of the people, we will only arm a power that is crazier than what is already leading that country. http://ConstitutionalFund.Org

  • Anonymous

    And the 11% aren’t even Citizens of the US. They are the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates of obama.

  • Anonymous

    DeFund this INSANITY. UnVolunteer your tax donations. 

  • Anonymous

    Shelby, we don’t have any constitutional representation from this administration. From either party. They are not listening to the American Citizens. They will not do a thing about this treason that is being committed on a daily basis. It is up to us to stop this INSANITY.

  • Veronica Dummar

    Friends and Family,  please listen carefully.

  • Veronica Dummar

    Friends and Family. please listen to this….

  • Kyle Ely

     Issues like his always suck cause if Obama doesn’t do anything in Syria you know all of his conservative critics including Glenn would bash him for letting Assad us chemical weapons on his people

    • Nanette

       You really need to STOP acting or thinking like this is a conservative VS liberal problem! This is an American BIG problem. That is what happened with this administration, they divided us! This is no longer a voting game and “my party is better than yours”! WAKE up we are on the brink of destruction! Stop being a LOW information American!

      • Kyle Ely

         Obama hasn’t divided us men like Beck has by pumping you guys full of venom and hatred for liberals, progressives, people who want immigration reform, people who want gun restriction and pretty much any American who isn’t conservative then advertises over-priced gold coins to you guys 

        • Anonymous

          So when an issue that is universally evil comes about it is OK to gloss over and disregard based on your personal disgust for one man?

          • Kyle Ely

             What universally evil? Arming average people who are being oppressed and murdered in reality by their leader is evil? God you guys did the same crap with Libya claiming we would put into power crazier people but we didn’t without putting boots on the ground

          • Anonymous

             I like how NOW the WMD’s are for real…why?
            Because THIS time it’s different?
            Didn’t make sense after 9/11 to invade Iraq of all places, and doesn’t make sense now to help the Muslim Brotherhood. You seen Egypt lately? They don’t know what to do with a democracy.

        • Anonymous

           1. You had your ‘immigration reform’ in the 80’s remember? You also promised IF it was given you would stop any further Illegal Immigration.
          No second chances.
          2.  You have gun restriction and laws of which don’t seem to be adhered to. Some want to take the right from others due to their inability to follow laws of which they demanded and cannot seem to follow? No second chances.
          3. Your over-priced gold coin comment (?) Go whine elsewhere. Irrelevant Mr. Ely.

  • Nanette

    To be very honest fellow Americans I do believe it is TO late!  For the last 6 years so much has been undermining  we the American people! it is here. Our Government through this administration is about to make us worse than Nazi Germany!  This is about the World ….about A One World Government! and the sheeple still sleep, because they are so busy being numbed with entertainment! Glenn said it best years ago, the disease of “normalcy”! Believe it, this stuff is just the TIP of the  iceberg! Pray God help us all! And those that are asleep will not see it coming,,they want to live in their “fake” world of lala land!

  • Anonymous

    If any of you think the congress, the senate or any “elected” official has any power at the federal level you must all be living on a beach with only your feet sticking up

  • Nanette

     TRUTH so sorry..I hear the sound of DAHHHHHH, go back to sleep! The truth is there one does not but have to SEE what is happening..low information voter! have you watched any congressional hearings at all! Most of us that KNOW do not follow one person..just like Glenn has always said “don’t believe me FIND out for yourself!” Go back to sleep..and don’t forget to drink you kool-aid..that is a good little boy!

  • Sam Cane

    Well this goes along with what I’ve noticed. They rant and rave about, who gives a ****, social issues, but when it’s time to shag us, they develop bipartisanship! This bastard is radical enough to get us in a fight with the Russians, so he can remain in power.

  • Donnelle Harty

    Wake The Fk up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    these people are very sick, time to shut them down, if we are going to get into a war then kill them all and let God sort them out, eating human that is barbarism at its worst…..

  • Marjie Snow Almeter

    I honestly believe this is it for us, we have no one left who will fight for “We The People!” The Government are for themselves and screw the rest of us. I know a war is coming that will kill 1/3 of mankind that was written in the book of Revelation, this is the same war that begins just after Damascus falls, so I’m fairly certain that this will be WWIII and the 6th Trumpet War of the Bible. I do pray that your souls and hearts are with Christ because that is the ONLY WAY to the Father. At this point and time all we can do is pray and hope that our Government will decide to do what’s right and defend our nation and protect the American people from the atrocities that will emerge from a war so great. Obama has destroyed us as a whole from the inside out. You can’t impeach something that was never eligible to be elected to begin with. He needs to be ousted from office, stripped of his title, imprisoned, tried for treason and then executed. He is no better than Saddam Hussein, he left 4 of our own to die and knew they would die since he gave the “Stand Down” orders (That could have only came from the commander in chief!) Obama blamed everything on the Sequester. Said that we were vulnerable in this country and abroad … not more than a week later, we had the Boston bombings and then all hell broke loose all over the nation. We have not been the same here since!

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    This is ridiculous.It is almost like our country is going mad Do yout ink that this will not over here. My grandma was so very right that is will be war in our streets. When they come here let them cut your head off for our God. You will be in hell you bow down to there god allah.

  • Kyle Ely

     Takiwiaa the difference is this time its confirmed Iraq was “strong evidence” they can confirm Assad used chemical weapons, the gold comment had to do with Beck’s endorsement and constant of Goldline and the Muslim brotherhood is not that powerful you guys act like there the big dog in the ME but there not there an old political party from the 50’s that seized power in Egypt due to divided opposition but considering Morsi is the most hated politician in the world right now it doesn’t look like he or the MB will be in running Egypt for long

  • Anonymous

    It’s the islamic communist regime of THIS GOVERNMENT! Target the islamics and communists in OUR GOVERNMENT! ELIMINATE THEM! OR THEY WILL ELIMINATE US AND OUR CHILDREN!

  • Capt-Dax

    “Obama’s has put 4,500 US troops on the border with Syria as the bait to start WW III. They know the Iranian,Hezbollah sleeper cells here which they have never looked for will begin blowing and burning things up.That is why DHS and the rest are ready stateside for martal law.
    The Trap


    Adolph Hitler targeted Jews. Hussein Obama targets Whites. Like it or not. Those are the facts.

  • landofaahs

    The establishment politicians are addicted to power.  The power gives them access to the “boat loads” of taxpayer money.  Now we are supporting outfits that are persecuting Christians all over the world and Obama is the ring-leader Trojan horse muslim.

  • Kyle Ely

    You idiots do realize that he can’t be a Muslim and kill other Muslims like Bin Laden and Al-Awlaki right? 

  • Daniel L Cameron

    The Obama administration hasn’t listened to the people, the Congress, the UN, or anybody but his handlers in the Community Organization since day one.  He thinks he’s a dictator.  It’s long past the time to impeach this traitor and anti-American who’s doing his best to destroy the America we have built for over 235 years.  What part of this don’t people understand?  All I hear is that I don’t like him because he’s black, which tells me the idiots know what is going on, but don’t have a clue about how bad it is.

  • Diego Garcia

    I like Glenn but he and all of you have no clue about islam! it has been at war with us since it began!  PAGANS have been warning us about islam for 100s of years …but your stupid christian hate of pagans has kept you deaf to their warnings! Once again pagans will save the day while you christians cower in the back like children! 

  • Robin Anderson

    Don’t do it united State Solldier’s.. Its a trap.. please don’t go against your Father or your Country, in Jesus Christs name.. Amen

  • Robin Anderson

    I shared on my conservitive managers page.. God bless america !! O:-)

  • Morningstar

    Illuminati has planned this since at least 1871. We know that much thanks to Albert Pike. They have planned it to coincide with the prophecies in the Book of Revelation. They desire WWIII so that they can usher in their Anti Christ and as a bonus get rid of millions, if not billions of “useless eaters” in the process. 

  • Shawn Burtch
  • Shawn Burtch
  • The Good Doctor

    Glenn Beck has really been melting down over the past few months. His mental health is deteriorating as his religious rants have become more and more intense. The guy needs some help.

    • Anonymous

      I’m an agnostic and I don’t agree with Glenn’s religious rants but he’s obviously a good man and is as worried about this country as I am. I don’t worry about Glenn, I worry about Islam

  • Anonymous

    The radicals, if they had their way, would bring us back to the dark ages. Because of the blinders of the entertainment industry and misguided liberal thought the West brings about the beginning of it’s own destruction. When the entire Middle East succumbs to radical Islam, the seeds of World War III are sown. This is but a harbinger of things to come…

  • Anonymous

    As Glenn has said many times, GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

    That WILL save this GREAT NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emory Hanlon

    When you have two factions fighting and killing each other, you leave them alone and take on the survivors… if any.

  • ken.

    we are not and should not be the police of the world, the founding fathers understood that it would destroy us as a nation. the libertarians are the only party that understand the true intent of the founding fathers, because the founding fathers were libertarians not conservatives.

  • Adam Breiner

    Can’t seem to share this with anyone easily.  At one point I found an option to embed, but that doesn’t seem to be there anymore and didn’t work very well.  Also no easy way to post to facebook. Help us out here.

    • Anonymous

      To share on FB go above the headline & hit Like on FB icon–the share option should come up

  • Ian Farnsley

    All I can say is; “Keep your guns”.

  • Beate Ellis

    This is what I have been saying for a long time, as always Glenn Beck is right.  He has been right about many things.

  • Beate Ellis

    This is so true I have been waiting on this.  Everything Glenn Beck has discussed has come about, America pay attention!!!!!

  • Rita Barber DeCook

    I’ve been saying all along…they’ve been fighting amongst themselves for ‘thousands’ of years.  We don’t need to get involved.  Let themselves duke it out amongst themselves.  

  • americanathlete

    Wow! Unbelievable. It’s bad enough for me to cut out the liver of a buck or a bull elk that I just shot…evil indeed!!!

  • Nighthawk

    It is too late to turn America back to the “good old days.”  Most Americans do not care or what to anymore.  Just get ready for Armageddon.

  • Nannette Tackett

    Pls snd ths to sm1

  • Michael K Cassell

    We are done if we do this …

  • Cliff Fox

    What can we do? The Washington “good old boy network” do pretty much what they want to!

  • Gina Royer

    Ok, I agree with all of what Glenn said, now, tell me HOW TO DO IT?

  • Diane Anselm Sullivan

    Calls don’t work, Rally’s don’t work, our demands don’t work, just what is it that we can do? Go to the WH  with a gun and get ourselves gunned down? Sorry, That won’t work either, remember, we are OUTGUNNED PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!  Our Military can’t help, they will follow order’s given to them, right or wrong!  So tell us,  what can we do ????????????????????

  • Pachy Serrano

    C’mon GB! When Obama was taking his time to help the rebels . . . All conservative pundits, including you, were saying that he was abandoning the rebels against a crazy madman. Now you saying he is driving us into another war? C’mon dude. Pick a side! Or we go in or we don’t. We can’t have it both ways. Me, I am against to go in. We have had many conflicts already and lots of our money spent outside the US. Its time to back off and help the people in our nation not the entire world . . .

  • Mike Wrenn

    Nothing and no one can stop the providential hand of God.  He is arranging world affairs in bringing about His eternal plan and purpose.

  • Anonymous

    My question is, at what point do we say this is not my Government? At what point do we say, this government doesn’t represent my thoughts, beliefs, ideals, and conscience? At what point do we say NO, you are not spending our tax money to support people that go against everything we stand for?

    • Diane Anselm Sullivan

      What don’t you get???  “WE THE PEOPLE” have been saying NO, IT HASN’T MATTERED, What we say, DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE.

  • Billy Clary

    Our President wants the give Guns to Cannibals, This is not a joke, watch as their leader eats the heart and liver of a dead enemy soldiers, and our President wants to give him Guns

    • Diane Anselm Sullivan

      AND TAKE OUR GUN’S FROM US !!!!!   WAKE UP PEOPLE, DON’T YOU GET IT YET???????????????????

  • The Mad Jewess


  • Tom Daigle

    I will never let my son go to fight for this country, not as long as this gov. is running things…

  • Anonymous

    Yup.  So much for Dems being the anti-war and pro-civil liberties party, eh…?

  • Sam Fisher

    For God sakes I thought I would never agree with Putin but we should not be arming blood thirsty man eaters. But yet they will not let us have our AR-15s double standard much Obama.

  • Anonymous

    This IS, after all, a CIVIL war.   If the shoe were on our foot, what would we do.  I’ve heard multiple pundits proclaim, “He’s killing his own people!!”  –  No, he’s fighting insurrection in his own country!  I would hope we would do the same if religious zealots tried to assume ultimate power in this Nation.  That doesn’t make it right!! – or inherently wrong.

  • Kimberly Young

    This is so true, we need to be aware of what is not being shared by the Government.  They are going to lead us into WWIII if we don’t take action now!  Don’t be afraid to be heard, stand up and take back the control of our Country.  U.S.A!

  • James Smith

    We are the ones fiddling as Rome burns.

  • Thomas Hodgkins

    hey how bout that announcement?

  • John Doby

    What can I do about this?  What is my duty, as one single American citizen?  Someone, please advise.

  • Anonymous

    Still WAITING ON the BIG – “take down the power structure” in 24 hrs news??  Glenn, I like you but you lose all cred when you pull this crap!!

  • stephanie wilson


  • Tom Keller

    It is unbelievable that the world could make the same mistake now for the third time in less than 100 years.  Withthe technolgy we now have it makes me very scarred of how many will or could die this time?  1 billion or more How stupid are we? We can wake up right now and stop this! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!! LET US TURN BACK TO GOD NOW!!!!!

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Bill Clinton is not a progressive and neither is Hillary. They are servants of the wealthy few who  pay for their political campaigns and their lavish jet setting lifestyles.

    Clinton spoke of progressivism but came from the same pro-war faction as Joe Lieberman

    Hillary voted for the war. She never supported democracy in Egypt, Syria or Bahrain.

    Progressives don’t support a war in Syria and they turned out in the hundreds of thousands to protest the invasion of Iraq.

  • Tom Keller

    We must sto the insanity now if the truth does not wake enough people up I am not sure if nythig will until that 1 billion plus arw dead and they wake up and say What happened John Stewart said everything was fine and everything else was conspiracy talk from that crazy Glenn BECK.

  • Tony Stephens

    Are you in favor of giving Haliburton the Federal Reserve Contract? Haliburton would print our money, inflate or deflate the economy to “stabilize” it, and make a profit guaranteed by the income tax. We would never audit Haliburton, and no one in the Government would be allowed to look at their books.
    Hold it, you say, Haliburton is a private corporation. Since it would profit every time we have a major expense, like a new social program or a war, we would have non-stop war and endless social spending. Having a private corporation in charge of our monetary system would be ridiculous. It could print all the money it wants and that new money would suck value from the existing money in our wallets and 401k. That would be inflation. If we couldn’t look at the books they could do whatever they want.
    Well that is what the federal Reserve is: a private Corporation. That is why we have endless social spending and endless war. The Federal Reserve makes money when the economy booms, and when the economy busts. That is why they artificially “row the economy” from boom to bust. No one in the government is allowed to look at their books.
    There is absolutely no reason for the Federal Reserve Banking System. It is not Federal, has no Reserves, is not a Bank and is not a System. It is simply a private Corporation with an unneeded Government contract to do what the Treasury can do without interest payments, and without an income tax. There would be no reason to generate new wars or new social programs. Inflation itself is a profit to the federal reserve. Inflation is man-made. Without the Federal Reserve there would be no inflation.

    Both Parties will always be for more war and more spending for as long as we have a “central bank”.

  • Susan Michele Spear

     So Obama wants to disarm Americans while he arms those that will cut out your liver and heart and eat it. We are living in the days that Moroni has spoken about.

    And after they had done this thing, they did murder them in a most
    cruel manner, torturing their bodies even unto death; and after
    they have done this, they devour their flesh like unto wild beasts,
    because of the hardness of their hearts; and they do it for a
    token of bravery. – Moroni ch.9 v. 10 Book of Mormon

    Moroni ch. 9 vs. 5 & 6

    5. For so exceedingly do they anger that it seemeth me that they have
    no fear of death; and they have lost their love, one towards another;
    and they thirst after blood and revenge continually.
    6. And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us
    labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought
    under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this
    tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness,
    and rest our souls in the kingdom of God

  • Jono Ecky

    OK, even though the issue of cannibalism does not need be versed here, the act of eating ones enemies organs as a sign of victory is not that far back in our histories past. And yes, it is far beyond the “moral” aspects of developed society as a whole. But, (for the most part) the idea of consuming the less appealing aspects an animal.. (e.g, head, liver, eyes, heart etc) is still disgusting  to the western world unless the choice is lets say “still limited”… Why?? Still nutritious, etc? Do I condone the war like behavior of the video shown.. No.. Do I condone war as a whole…… No… I am atheist and proud, do i detest religion in ALL its forms.. Yes! Do I believe that the people that need help on the side of the person in the video need help fighting for human rights.. YES!! Forget the act of eating ones enemies because chances are your ancestors did the same.. We are “developed”, we have developed our new society that does not tolerate barbaric behavior. But that does not mean A) We do not still have it, B) We have not done it in the past.. And C) that people need help regardless… I wish to dispose of hatred and violence  in all forms, ignorance and promote the expanse of knowledge and tolerance. If people need help we shall be there… But do not listen to the propaganda of the media. That will be the end of  society… The way the terrible presenter talks, with (what seems) any knowledge at all disturbs me. People should not be subjected to uneducated fools. Please, if you read this and understand.. Just pass the thoughts to your friends and stop the nonsense shit 

  • Jeff Viar

    Stop the bullshit 

  • Cresent Wench

    i agree ive been saying since this started WE NEED TO STAY OUT!!!!!!!

  • Jim Tobin

    I dont know maybe grilled with some onions and peppers and salt and pepper might be OK but raw! Savages.No chemecal additives either yuck.

  • Bryce Jorgensen

    Why do we continue to even give a crap about this area of the world. Let them all exterminate themselves, one and all. Get out of there and let them do the job on their own…..

    • Kyle Ely

       I dont know something about 3000 New Yorkers dying and worst attack on our nation since pearl harbor but I’m just spite baling

  • Frank Davis

    Within 24 Hours, Glenn Beck Will Break News That Will Take Down The Entire Power Structure…

    Has all of the Hot Air leaked out of the balloon?

  • Mario Gutierrez

    This guy is a commentator not a journalist so were does he get his information, plus many times he has been dis proven from what he says. 

  • Erik Peterson

    I am very disappointed you did not give Sibel Edmonds footnote credits in the Eye of Moloch book. Even though the book was a very good read with great characters the title was misleading and the ending was a huge disappointment  We want CRIMINALS arrested and tried for treason, organized crime and terrorism. You let evil get away scott free.

    Very disappointed. 

  • Anonymous


    By Edie Boudreau


    Is it time to
    come home, Lord?  Have I done all that I can?

    You gave me the
    voice.  You gave me the drive.

    But no one will
    listen.  They are blind if they thrive.

    They don’t sense
    the Evil that gives toys and drugs minds.


    Young people are
    covetous; they want more; yet even when poor, they are idle.

    They want others
    to supply their needs—to grant them their desires.

    Young women kill
    babies in their womb; they want pleasure—not the pain.

    They don’t
    understand their loss—don’t know how much they’d obtain.


    Corruption rules
    this world now—through envy, hate, and greed.

    Our leaders
    flaunt their power, while their hungry cry and plead.

    Supremacy is
    their motive, o’er the people, and for fame.

    They’re Almighty
    in their mirrors—sashaying with evil gain.


    Each country is
    in chaos.  Mobs destroy—blood runs in streets.

    Despots bomb and
    kill those who protest, to maintain their dominance.

    The poor want
    equal wealth as those who worked and toiled for years.

    If not, greedy
    leaders will steal it—and make poor and rich simply peers.


    Earthly crises
    are mounting too, Lord—are they reprimands for our sins?

    tornadoes, floods and volcanoes—do they warn of a fiery end?

    We’ve been told
    of these horrors before, Lord, but many doubt Your Holy Birth.

    They’d have to forego self-indulgence, and
    honor You as their Savior borne.


    We must fall to
    our knees and pray, Lord—acknowledge we are Your creations.

    “Revelations” in
    the Holy Bible, the Mayans, and Nostradamus, too,

    Told of plagues
    and fiery monsters to come.  They’ll destroy those who won’t repent.

    Those who don’t
    admit their guilt or sins will soon reap what they have sown.


  • James Wright

    war is hell,this man that took a mite of the dead man orgasm,is clearly  a sick man. in Vet Nam, some  ears  would  be cut off the dead man head . thank you blazes for bringing this up. women just think they want on the front lines’

  • Terri Slomkowski

    I want to post this on fb but cant figure out how. :(

  • Jack Lahrman

    this will be an interesting war….All Obama’s from start to finish…he will own it and we will endure it….the nice thing about this one is it don’t matter which side we end up on…we will still get to be at war with the enemy….Obama will show us how easy it is to run a war.

  • Scott Douglas Lemoine

    What separates You from THEM ?

  • Davidlee Buess

    Where in the Constitution does it give the Executive Branch Legislative Authority? IT DOES NOT. So read the 16th American Jurist Prudence Section 177 – “… any law written in violation of this Constitution is as though it were never written.” BY BY OBAMA CARE !. What bidding procedure did OBAMA use when giving authority to the IRS? Violation of State Law! 2nd error.

    I believe this alone is enough to criminally charge Mr. Obama with miss use of  public funds and  impeach him for breach of his fiduciary duty. Why does Congress not know the 16th American Jurist Prudence Section 177 and apply it?

  • Fuchs XXXX

    Rise America and impeach the corporate anti-christ drone king Obama.

    • Vincent Smith

       Ignorance runs rampant in America!!  Politicians are not the problem in America, the American electorate is!

  • fire lion

    But you completely agree in going into Iraq based on lies.   You have no creditbility

  • Xitoo Amacanuk

    We see this type of barbarism in all wars.  Some idiots think eating the heart and liver of your enemies gives you special powers.  Morons.  Anyway, duh, that we should not arm them.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck:  Your “news” about the USA’s participation in the Syrian war is old news. Hillary Clinton’s Dept. of State and her evil confederacy created the war in Syria.  The USA has armed the terrorist rebels from a USA military base in Turkey among other sources.  I’m surprised and saddened  that your professional staff was not aware of this obvious fact.  
       Your wealth and insider news pros really missed it or they intentionally ignored it, perhaps by the order of the USA’s criminal government.      I’m a mere amateur journalist, yet even I caught on that our military was being used by Israel’s Rothschild Zionists to obtain the nation of Syria.  The USA is Israel’s stooge.  We are killing American soldiers and thousands of others because Israel has demanded  the USA to do it.

  • ‘Allen Litherland

    “Wherever the standard of freedom and
    independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her
    benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of
    monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and
    independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her
    own. She will recommend the general cause by the countenance of her
    voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by
    once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the
    banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself, beyond the
    power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of
    individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and
    usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy
    would insensibly change from liberty to force.” –John Adams, Speech on Independence Day to the House of Representatives, 1821

  • ‘Allen Litherland

    “Wherever the standard of freedom and
    independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her
    benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of
    monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and
    independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her
    own. She will recommend the general cause by the countenance of her
    voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by
    once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the
    banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself, beyond the
    power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of
    individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and
    usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy
    would insensibly change from liberty to force.” –John Adams, Speech on Independence Day to the House of Representatives, 1821

  • Sam Raad

  • Sam Raad

  • Pamela Peltonen

    LISTEN! Love is the answer. As silly and cliché as it sounds, it’s true. I’ve been angry most of my life because of circumstances beyond my control. It took me almost a half a century of living to finally let go of the anger. You don’t have to listen to me because you have free will, but trust me when I say that love is infinitely more powerful than anger. It is a choice you are free to make. With love comes courage beyond your wildest imagination. Try it, I challenge you. Make the choice every time you feel anger welling up inside you and see for yourself.
    Stop posting hateful messages, even when you think the other person really deserves it…please!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you’ve done it again.  You’ve oversimplified a the a complicated situation.  The rebels are a mix of poor and oppressed religious conservative rural countrymen and opportunist terrorists.  80,000 of these people have been slaughtered by Assad’s army, a humanitarian crises by any measure.  So, who is the guy in the video?  A foreign terrorist?  Someone whose family was murdered by Assad?  Has he gone crazy?  Have any Americans lost their minds in war?  A video of one crazy act hardly describes the slaughter of Syrians.  Where is your perceptive on the plight of the people being killed by the tens of thousands?  For Obama, the situation is a paradox.  Obama’s style is not to act without a being part of a consensus coalition.  Obama’s been very hesitant to get involved, but there are no good choices here.

  • Anonymous

    How do you get the guy eating the heart to love?  How do you get Assad to love the people he’s killing by the tens of thousands?  It would be hard to convince someone to love the soldiers that are slaughtering your family.

  • Vincent Smith

     Go to school

  • Vincent Smith

    we passed that point 20 years ago but we were all asleep.  Now we are too scared to do anything about it!!

  • Vincent Smith

     What???  You are an idiot Kyle,  Muslims kill more Muslims than everyone else on earth combined!!

  • LilyDarcey

    The current Republicans in DC are nothing more than democrats with Republican stamped on their heads.  There are NO real republicans in DC except for Cruz.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but no one in Washington listens. If I ruled the world I would bring every American home, zip up the purse, tell the world we will leave them alone unless they harm a hair on an American citizens head and then we will release  the hounds of hell upon them.
    Actually I do not want to be the world leader anymore. I just want to be left in peace ,as much peace as is available in this country anymore. Thanks to the power hungry secular progressives in this country, we probably will not last long either. 

  • magictouch822

    Vincent..I’m with you to brother..ben bitching and calling and writing and screaming or a lo time, especially now. The rest of these sorry as sheep are clueless.

  • magictouch822

    I don’t know if I can attach the link to the clip..but you
    want to arm the  Syrian rebels,these
    barbarians “eat” the organs of thier enemies! ARE YOU F*&KNG

    absolutely not and that is an ORDER!..YOU WORK FOR US or
    have you forgotten that!

    Only 11% of Americans want us to arm the rebels in Syria yet
    the Obama administration isn’t listening. But it’s not just the Democrats,
    progressives in both parties are pushing for U.S. involvement as evidenced by
    John McCain’s recent trip to Syria where he met with the rebels. Why is this a
    bad idea? Glenn explains below in a clip you need to share this clip with your

  • Rebekkah Rhoads

    I have been sending this to everyone I know ! 

  • Anonymous

    Facebook keeps deletin this video from my page! I keep postin it, to Hell with them.

  • Carol Hodgerney

    Let’s all of us–Moscow, Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Jerusalem, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Beijing, New Delhi–come together in a new Holy Alliance, similar to that which kept Europe safe from radicalism in the early 19th century. Let’s join one another to crush the unholy, unruly, jihadi Muslims. The good Muslims will thank us for it. And if they don’t–too bad.
    this is a statement on the end of a long letter the post sid it was written by PUTIN and if he did in fact write this letter I say HE HAS THE RIGHT IDEA the only way to stop terrorism is TO BAND TOGETHER ALL CIVILIZED PPLE I am an American and thank GOD I was born in this great country I dont want leaders coming into this country and forcing their beliefs and ways of life on me and I feel we have no right to go into another country and force democracy or our beliefs and way of life on some 1 else…

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