How progressives on the left and right killed tens of thousands in Syria

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Glenn explained on radio today how all of the violence in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East has come to pass because of one thing: progressives. After encouraging riots and uprisings to violently oust dictators in multiple countries, when will someone catch on that it’s American progressives, like Bill Kristol, leading the charge and inciting the violence?

“I want you to hear this, Bill Kristol. I want you to hear this. And I want you to hear this, members of the media. I want you to hear this, Samantha Power, and I want you to hear this, Barack Obama. Let me say it again, Barak Obama. Costs me $40. I want you to hear this, John McCain. All of you that spoke of this and every member of the media, all of you who spoke of this great Jeffersonian revolution, you are responsible for the currently 98,000 dead in Syria. You destabilized the Middle East. You did it. You cheered it on, you put resources into it. It is the death of those people, the misery of those in Egypt on your shoulders,” Glenn declared.

“I hope you don’t believe in God, because as you start to grow old, never, ever forget, you will be asked to answer for what you cheered on. You will pay a price for that. And not in these courts.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The progressives and Obama are pushing us into a massive war: may God have mercy on their souls.

  • Sam Fisher

    This why we need to stay out of other countries affairs because Obama supports a group of protesters and now the entire Middle East is on fire. Thanks liberals!

    • Anonymous

      Obama led act of regime change Libya has resulted in the creation of a new home base for the terrorist groups   Al-Qaeda Army Seizes Control of Tripoli

  • Anonymous

    As a Progressive myself, the idea that Bill Kristol is a progressive is laughable and the progressives are the wing of the Democratic party that opposes intervening in Syria. Progressives are actually closer to Rand Paul on the issue (someone I disagree with on many things obviously since he’s not a progressive, but Syria and the Patriot Act are exceptions). Politics isn’t cut and dry where someone is everything you support and someone else has everything you oppose. Just because you hate progressives doesn’t mean progressives stand for every single thing you oppose.

    • Flower Jasmin

       You missed the point that the sparks were put by progressives not that your common Joe progressive is for war.
      I thought of it too without knowing who is Bill Kristol but I found it interesting that all the so called Arab spring started with Obama in power. And the naming of Arab spring is extension of move forward slogan. I might be reading too much into that but the fact that  all of these Arabic organizations had US financing is no doubt. How did US got ready in split second with knowing exactly who they send money in Libya? It has been worked out and who knows may be even this tangoing in Syria is planned exactly like this- weaken them on all fronts then go in with promises.

      It is your slogan “workers unite” just like commies did. The calculation though is very bad because this is not your typical European who is a sucker for a government handout. They are religious zealots.  

    • Mike Nelson

      I think you’re wrong about that, and if you disagree, you should look further into the Progressive playbook.  Start with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and find there that an accepted tactic is to attack as much as possible, as vehemently as possible, as often as possible, and try to use it as cover to go under the radar and get what you want done quietly.

      If you think that you’re a Progressive, and that form of pursuit is not your style, I’m calling you ignorant of the platform of the movement, and encouraging you to expand your awareness in the hopes that you find out more about what you really believe, and why it does not align with your stated/perceived positions.

    • Anonymous

      Atl134 stated, “Just because you hate progressives doesn’t mean progressives stand for every single thing you oppose.”

      Wow, what a relief. But, there is no such thing as progressives. They are identified as the democratic socialist group. The papers they put out identifies themselves as such. Not my words, but theirs. They are proud to be such, and make no effort to hide their agenda. It’s amazing to me that a country that has been so blessed, would turn away from all that has brought good things to this nation. Just saying.

    • Guest

      Every progressive knows that Kristol is no progressive by any stretch, but that doesn’t matter to Beck’s gullible followers. If Beck says it; it must be true. He has become a cult of personality:

      Look in my eyes, what do you see?
      the Cult of Personality
      I know your anger, I know your dreams
      I’ve been everything you wanna be ohhh…
      I’m the Cult of Personality


      I sell the things you need to be
      I’m the smiling face of your T.V. ohh…
      I’m the Cult of Personality
      I exploit you; still you love me
      I tell you one and one makes three ohh…
      I’m the Cult of Personality

  • Anonymous

    Christians have been killed in Syria,and Egypt because of our politicians. I couldn’t be more ashamed of our government.

    • Anonymous

       People of all faiths are being targeted and murdered.  Some Syrian (mostly mercenaries from some 30 country’s remember) rebels are burning mosques, some churches, some synagogues.   I agree below with your Israel comment.  But to go further they are in control of the US – this is one fact the bulk here need to realise.  A rogue nation that looks like it will start ww3.

      Don’t look on this as a Religious Crusade.  Muslims / Jews / Christians traditionally get on fine.  Ask any Jew or Christian in Iran.  Hating the other side is what you’re supposed to do, and it’s about time the bloody-minded started to recognise all the propaganda for what it is.  You should be as aghast at the burning of a Mosque as you would be a Church.

  • Anonymous

    What Mr. Beck doesn’t say is that Israel SUPPORTS arming the rebels in Syria. They are just as bad as our government. Shame on them for supporting the slaughter of Christians.

    • Anonymous

      Idiot….go on prove your point.

      • Anonymous

         “President Shimon Peres has thrown his weight behind US plans to arm
        Syrian rebels, shrugging off fears the weapons could be turned on Israel
        and exacerbate the conflict.
        In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters before
        his 90th birthday, Peres dismissed the idea that Israel could launch a
        unilateral military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities and urged
        Palestinians and Israelis to forge immediate peace.”

        -Jerusalem Post

        Do you need more asshole?

        • Anonymous

          “Sadly, a man like Shimon Peres works with the enemies of Zionism, enemies of the state of Israel, and enemies of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

          In short he is a 90 year old disconnected retiree who should know when it is time to put the Obama rewards (medals) behind him and STFU.

          • Anonymous

             There is a widely held belief in the World the ‘Z’ itself is a mortal enemy of Is.  If not in fact ‘the’ one.

        • Anonymous

          Peres has no say in arming anyone. He is Israel’s president, and is generally not supported as having any influence on state affairs. The PM, is in the majority leading party. Check out how Israeli parliment is broken down. But, it is true that Peres, would in fact like to arm rebels. Lucky he doesn’t have much say, other than cuddling up to our prez, and his agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Shortly after Obama took office in 08,’ there was a movement in Iran by young people and students wanting a more moderate government then the Islamic dictatorship they had. The Obama Admin,and for that fact the MSMedia,said virtually nothing to support these people. However,when the “Arab Spring”,or more accurately the, “Muslim Spring” uprisings in Egypt and Libya happened, Obama and the MSMedia were all supporting of them as this great “democratic” movement. Here’s a clue: a Muslim brotherhood Middle East, is NOT a democracy !!! 

    • Anonymous

      Where was Israel?

      • jen

         ggood question – of course the jewish are doing what they want, and since we haven’t heard nothing, that means they are doing it secretly.  just the way americans like it just as they love their go’vt snooping on them and would never dream of speaking up and making genuine attempts to stop it. 

        israel is clearly with repub/dem parties.  which means they are with mccain/obama/power/romney/rubio//bush, etc.. in wanting assad, mubarak, qaddafi to go inplace of al qaeda.  this way al qaeda will fight the jewish.  the others like mubarak that are secular have no desire to start or get into wars with israel.  and would rather go thru peace process.  but not al qaeda they want no peace process, just jihad all the time.

        • Anonymous

          That’s an interesting angle Jen. Why do you think Israel wants Al-Q to fight the Jews ? 

    • Anonymous

       Your Government didn’t in fact support the (failed) Arab Springs until the very last.  And America isn’t a Democracy either.

      • Herbert Shallcross

        Obie Wan said Obama and the MSMedia, not the government. They aren’t the same thing just yet. America is not a democracy. We use democratic processes for some things, but we are supposed to be a Republic. 

        • Anonymous

           MSMedia I dunno so if you say, but Obama/Clinton publicly stuck with Mubarak until his end was certain, whatever you think they actually thought.  Despot Regime Roulette!

  • TylerDurden

    Does Glenn think that people should just shut up, sit down, and accept living under a dictator such as in Syria or Egypt? 

    • greywolfrs

      No, they are free to revolt all they want. We simply do not need to be a part of a civil war happening in other countries. By the way, after all that has happened, those people are worse off than they were before, but don’t let that get in your way.

    • Octoberfurst

        Apparently Glenn does.  They should have just shut up and put up with the abuse I guess. Of course as a conservative Glenn loves authoritarian governments—as long as they do what we say. What a hypocrite and a moron!

  • Anonymous

    Amen and may they rot in hell….

  • dennis reilly

    You would never and I do mean never!!!!! see a coward like Kristol join the fray on the side of the rebels, but he will cheer them on in his rich home

    • Anonymous

       That’s what leaders and politicians do isn’t it ?  Send others do die in the name of conquest, theivery, and money-making.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true, there really is nothing that anyone can ultimately do about it. It has already been written, and will unfold as such. I don’t wish to disparage anyone’s ideas, but the best that anyone can do is continue to do the right thing, despite the events of the world. Nothing that anyone can do will stop the Bible from being fullfillled. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve not heard the Zionist Global Mafia called Progressives before.  The American Government is controlled by AIPAC, not the American people. Israel has broken the US.   It’s now acknowledged widely on this forum that the two-party system is now about as democratic as (saudi) Arabia.  So since it currently matters not which party gets in one needs to ask why not ? (i.e. who’s bidding are they really doing ?).

    Russia is the only superpower I would trust at the moment – the only side not refusing to negotiate on everything.  And Iran – yeah the boogeyman’s comin’ to get ya.  That’s why Syria is being destroyed and 100000+ men women and children slaughtered. Just to get to Iran – so go figure who’s in charge. 

    Syria, like Libya had a small uprising.  The interference in each case is/was solely carried out to topple the Regime’s (who refused IMF control i.e. wish to remain free nations) and cripple their infrastructures, thus controlling many of the resources and lots of lucrative business to be had after.   All under the propaganic guise of them setting their Army’s on thousands of innocent protesters. WMD’s anyone ?  Chemical Weapons ? Tonkin ? 9/11(I’ll be controversial 😉 

    If Mr Beck wants to know how to diffuse the situation it’s very easy… 

    1) Israel stops stealing land immediately and offers some kind of concession to the Palestinians. (how can there ever be peace as long as this continues, and don’t quote any ancient scripture – this is 2013 and real lives).  

    2)  Israel recognises Palestinians as equal human beings and stops torture, imprisonment, and the siege of Gaza.  (Half of Israel would like to see this now).

    3)  The West supports Assad in ridding his Country of the largely invading mercenaries destroying his Country.  This would be a real should for freedom and justice.  (last poll I saw showed 70% support of Assad within Syria, 20% confused – not many supporting the Rebels.  This is great example of why the West should never have got involved in any Muslim country – we don’t understand them and without exception leave a catastrophe wherever we interfere. And we’re always led in with lies.)

    4)  Reign in the Saudi regime and Qatar (Us military base / petrol station) and stop selling them weapons they don’t need for cheap oil.  The Saudi’s make Iran look like Hawaii, so as long as they remain ‘buddies’ of the US, any attempt to overthrow any other ‘dictatorship’ clearly has another agenda.

    5)  Begin withdrawing US and NATO bases from hostile forward positions in the World. Back up – chill out a bit.  Stop being so aggressive. (You have Iran surrounded so I think I’d want a bomb of my own too. North Korea being a good example of the kind of security a bomb brings.)

    6)  Lift sanctions.  Your false hate of Iran and other places has caused and is causing poverty and deaths. 

    7)  The only solution to these Country’s in turmoil is to let them sort their affairs out themselves.  Egypt got ‘democracy’ if not the desired result for many. The MB were always in pole position – no-one else was ready.  It was a fair election though so if you diss it what are you saying ?  Others will mobilise and eventually the MB will be voted out.  (I know Luxor well and the Gvnr situation’s an odd one.  But imagine a bunch of Arabs complaining and interfering about the choice of Mayor of New York ?  GB would love that I’m sure.)

    A wish list could be compiled all day, but two or three of the above might show the World there is a little hope and that ‘goodwill’ still exists.  What harm would any of the above do to the US or Israel ?   Except maybe a much needed image makeover. 

    Then, in the absence of the threat of ww3 breaking out and a more settled Arab World, you could focus properly on BO, Immigration, the widespread decay and deprivation, figuring out we need to rid ourselves of a debt-based economy (chase those darn money lenders..), figure out how the hell we’re not going to turn this planet into a place too toxic to live in very soon,  and Detroit  ? 

    Egypt’s not that bad yet.

    • greywolfrs

      Wrong, the US government is controlled by the NWO. Those people are the Federal Reserve. People like the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers and Kissengers.

      • Anonymous

         Well, yes Ok.  I sometimes don’t use ‘nwo’ because of the conspiracy nutcase association (another good bit of mind-control propaganda).  So I use Global Mafia as a generalistic substitute occasionally.   Maybe it’s Ok to say it now ?

        The Zionist agenda, if you want to call it that, seems to be progressing nicely at the moment don’t you think ?   There’s no conspiracy in using the term now since your great President used it in front of AIPAC.  The mutual destruction of Christianity and Islam, including Israel itself to bring on the end times.. isn’t that the rough plot ?  A few here seemingly can’t wait for Armageddon.  

        Back in the here and now and maybe real world, Israel gets to by-pass intl law with it’s nuclear arsenal, that’s a fact.  It gets away with illegally occupying land, now against the wishes of most of the world, another fact.  It gets away with a murderous attack on a peaceful flotilla in intl waters, It gets away with laying siege to over a million and a half people, and bombing them with conventional AND chemical weapons whenever it wants –  I’d say there were some Zionists in dizzyingly high places. 

        You’ve obviously hit on some key players, but I think the nwo is probably a complex web spanning the globe and in reality taking in many organisations on all sides of everything.  The Jesuits certainly seem to feature prominently, from which I believe ‘Z’ sprung in the first place.  The ‘Z’ word seems to be more of a cult than a faith to me. A bit like Scientology perhaps ?  Much better organised of course.

        If you and Vicki want to meet up for a chat and a sticky bun I could try to arrange it ?

        • greywolfrs

          There are plenty of left wing kooks here in Los Angeles, I doubt I need to import one from Ithaca, NY.

          As far as what you are saying on the other matter, saying those families I spoke of are Zionists is incorrect. There is no doubt that the web is very complicated, but I doubt people like the Rothschilds or Morgans give two shits about the Zionist movement. Call them what you will, they prefer to be called the NWO or at least that is what they are known as…

          • Anonymous

             I didn’t think I’d said they were. I’m not using the z word again anyway – I lit the fire an hour ago and a lump of coal started fracturing and exploding all over me. Went on for about 15 minutes.  How did you do that ? S**t.    (I did eventually think to put the guard up).

          • greywolfrs

            I am good like that.

    • Guest

      “I’ve not heard the Zionist Global Mafia called Progressives before.”

      That’s because Beck pulls “facts” from his rectum, and gullible followers like graywolf rs (for real stupid) swallow his feces whole.


      • greywolfrs

        The only one swallowing is you, vicki tiffany the coward.

        P.S. I spell it GrEywolf, you ignorant M F er.

        • Guest

          Let me get this straight: you’re whining because of a typo I used in your sock-puppet, Disqus name, but you intentionally refer to Victor as “vicki” over and over.

          It is clear that you have no idea what hypocrisy is about. And you do swallow Beck’s lies hook, line and sinker. Otherwise, you’d stand with me denouncing the cult of personality that is Glenn Beck.

          • greywolfrs

            WOW! You really are one dumb M F er. Hey stupid, I was pointing out the hypocrisy of saying I am a child because I call you vicki (your punk bitch name), as you turn around and believe the “RS” in my name is a typo and make an inane comment about “real stupid.”

  • Anonymous

    Again against the progressives, with the senseless progressive bashing, demonizing, and dividing. Glenn’s tears were false.

    • Guest

      You’re not surprised I hope. Beck is not deemed a charlatan because he’s genuine about much of anything other than his quest for wealth and fame.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey, it’s vicki tiffany the coward. Quick, you are posting as Gadamer, change it to “guest.” Punk bitch.

        • Guest

          Thanks for showing that you lack the intelligence and maturity to address the content of the message and not engage is silly, stupid and immature ad hominem.

          LOLLOLLLOL! Just kidding. 

          • greywolfrs

            No you are not kidding, another lie out of you. You made no comment on the content of the message, you just spout the same slander as always.

            I noticed you changed it to “guest,” you are forever vicki tiffany the coward.

          • Guest

            Beck preys on men-children like you. Is your subscription up to date? Beck takes your money and laughs all the  way to the bank.

          • greywolfrs

            You are complete fool, vicki tiffany the coward. I have never subscribed. Keep making assumptions, it shows your stupidity. Dunce.

      • Guest

        The Original Peckerhead Beckerhead with his obsession on Beck.

        • Guest

          It’s HOSPADA BETUMBA and his strange yet childish flame war, ironic obsession with me.

          One would think that genuine Beckerheads, not to be confused and the confused followers of Beck usually are, would be more mature than this, but as greywolf rs (as in real stupid) shows, that is not the case.

          • greywolfrs

            His obsession with you? You have a website dedicated to hating Beck. Your fagbook page is all about hating Beck and it is someone else who has the obsession? You are truly one dumb M F er, vicki tiffany.

          • Guest

            Once again, you make a completely false claim about the Glenn Beck Review and then have the gall to insult my IQ.

            Time for you to get down off your high rocking horse little boy. If you were not using some revealing (r s) sock name, you’d be embarrassed. Heck, I’m embarrassed for you, the way you act like a pissed-off 10 yr old. I’m not surprised: anyone who follows a self-proclaimed rodeo clown and entertainer clamoring to be taken seriously cannot possibly have hit puberty yet.

          • greywolfrs

            That all you got? The troll is weak with you, vicki tiffany the coward.

  • Guest

    “it’s American progressives, like Bill Kristol, leading the charge and inciting the violence?”

    Kristol is a “Progressive?” I’m sure that is news to Kristol. 

    Beck, just because someone mocks your stupid predictions does not make them progressive. Kirstol is a neo-con, just like you are in foreign policy.

    Sometimes, Beck convinces me that he’s stupid as hell, and then I realize that he’s just another ignorant blowhard with a big mouth.

    • greywolfrs

      Sounds like you speak from experience, vicki tiffany the coward.

    • Guest

      greywolf rs (as in real stupid) strikes again.

      Children express themselves this way, and that is pretty much in line with the cult of personality that he follows and never questions.

      Glenn Beck is not the adult in the room.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey stupid, try hitting the reply button. Oh, that’s right, you are too big of coward to actually reply to me. Ever the coward, vicki tiffany.

        • Guest

          The name is Victor, little child.THAT is what makes you r s: real stupid. If you ever grow up, I’ll be shocked.

          Now how in your tiny world of make-believe does this make more more courageous than not replying to you? (Hint: courage has nothing to do with this.)

          Have you EVER noticed even one of Beck’s many lies?

          Have you EVER noticed any examples of Beck’s serial hypocrisies?

          If not, then you need to get off your high rocking horse and stop insulting your mental superiors.  If so, then why do you defend and support this liar and hypocrite?

          • greywolfrs

            What a joke, you call someone else a child as you take the rs in my name and turn it into “real stupid.” It looks as though you know something about hypocrisy and lying, vicki tiffany the coward.

  • Michael Ross

    So, apparently, when the Libyan army under Gaddafi was gunning down protestors during their funeral processions, Glenn Beck thought that was just peachy.

    • Anonymous

      There was much propaganda generated against former buddy and fellow torturer Gaddafi, so don’t necessarily believe all you read.   Anyone tells you Libya has any chance of being ‘better off’ any time soon, if ever, will likely turn out a liar.   A decision was taken to get rid of Gaddafi long before 2011 and far away from Libya (!). The ensuing carnage and chaos was a means to an end.   Supporting democracy my ****.

    • Guest

      You don’t remember Beck on Fox at the time. Beck was appealing for Obama to do something to stop the impending slaughter of the Libyan people…until after Obama initiated the no-fly zone. Then Beck railed against helping terrorists. 

      In other words, Beck didn’t care one way or another. He was going to make the case against Obama no matter what Obama did. That was just another example of Beck”s Obama Derangement Syndrome.  In other words, Beck has no principles: he’s just going to wage a campaign against Obama out of sheer racial resentment and hatred.

  • ken.

    this is why our libertarian founding fathers never wanted america to become involved in any other countries fights unless it was an immediate threat to america and/or our interests. we should never have become the worlds police, this is not isolationist it is mind your own business until it becomes your business. just because we don’t agree with what others are doing doesn’t give us the right to go in and change it by force. if diplomacy doesn’t work then it’s not worth the effort.

  • Sam Raad

  • Kathryn Smith

    Glenn, I posed the question to my congressman and this is the response that I got:

    So heres the deal.  Obviously you know the deal about
    Assad.With help from Russia and Iran, Assad has killed over 93,000 people. We
    don’t know for sure who we’re arming and there’s no cut-and-dried way to be
    absolutely sure who we’re arming. Yes, There is a probable chance that
    certain rebel factions that we’re arming have terrorist ties however, by not
    arming the rebels we’re effectively letting Assad continue to murder his own
    people. In arming them we’re basically choosing the lesser of two evils.

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