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Glenn explained on radio today how all of the violence in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East has come to pass because of one thing: progressives. After encouraging riots and uprisings to violently oust dictators in multiple countries, when will someone catch on that it’s American progressives, like Bill Kristol, leading the charge and inciting the violence?

“I want you to hear this, Bill Kristol. I want you to hear this. And I want you to hear this, members of the media. I want you to hear this, Samantha Power, and I want you to hear this, Barack Obama. Let me say it again, Barak Obama. Costs me $40. I want you to hear this, John McCain. All of you that spoke of this and every member of the media, all of you who spoke of this great Jeffersonian revolution, you are responsible for the currently 98,000 dead in Syria. You destabilized the Middle East. You did it. You cheered it on, you put resources into it. It is the death of those people, the misery of those in Egypt on your shoulders,” Glenn declared.

“I hope you don’t believe in God, because as you start to grow old, never, ever forget, you will be asked to answer for what you cheered on. You will pay a price for that. And not in these courts.”