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This morning we learned that bestselling author Vince Flynn died at age 47 after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. Glenn and Vince had been friends for many years, and this morning on radio, Glenn shared a heartfelt tribute to the man who was taken from this world far too soon.

Read Glenn’s remarks below:

It seems like it was just yesterday, the you’ll pardon me for a personal note here for a second, it seems like just yesterday I moved into an apartment in New York City and a very good friend of mine, Vince Flynn, was in town with his wife and his daughter. And we hadn’t even had the time yet to put our food in our kitchen yet. And they were coming over and I said, let’s go downstairs. We lived in the Bloomberg building, unfortunately, and we went downstairs to a restaurant and there we sat. And we sat for hours. And his daughter, God bless her, just wanted to hang herself. Her dad and his friend were scaring the living daylights out of her. And my wife and his wife were talking about children and trying to keep life normal when you have anything but a normal life.

We all went up to the apartment afterwards. It was late at night and we had these gigantic floor‑to‑ceiling windows that overlook the skyline of New York, and both of us who grew up simple kids stood there like a couple of 12‑year‑old boys, and we talked about how amazing, how amazing life can turn out to be, how you just never know the twists and turns that will come and how blessed we are to have lived in this country and the responsibility that we had. He joked with me in the elevator about living in the Bloomberg building, living in the floor above what’s‑his‑face, the guy who runs GE, Jeffrey Immelt. He joked to me about surveillance. He said, “Glenn, I do this for a living. You wouldn’t believe the intelligence people can gather on people, especially someone like you.”

He then asked to see another part of the apartment that was away from our wives and his daughter. I thought he was curious about the apartment, but he wasn’t, and he took me into the other room and he closed the door and he said, “Listen. I write this stuff for a living. We’ve got to keep you healthy, my friend.” He said, “You’ve got to watch your back. We need you alive.”

I found it interesting that my friend Vince was giving me this advice when he had just found out that he had prostate cancer. And I looked at him and I said, “Vince, you do more to tell the American story and give people courage than I do. We’ve got to keep you alive.”

Vince Flynn is a true American hero. Just a minute ago I just got an e‑mail from a friend who said, “I don’t know if you’re going to say anything this morning, but sorry to hear the news about Vince.” I only know two Vinces in my life.

Vince never would talk to me about his problems. He was always getting better and stronger. This is the third friend I have lost to cancer in… 60 days? My good friend Jon Huntsman said to me six years ago, “Do you know anybody with cancer, Glenn? Have you been affected with cancer at all in your life?” And I said, “No, I’m fortunate, Jon.” And he said, that won’t remain that way. He said, “It’s an awful, ravaging disease.”

He showed me his hospital, the Huntsman Cancer Institute out in Salt Lake City. He built it right next to a genetics laboratory that was funded and built by Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes said the way to help heal people is to figure out genes and genetics. And he knew the Mormons knew their family heritage, so the best place to study genes and study it over a long period of time in families would be in Utah. And so he poured millions and millions and millions of dollars into a genetics laboratory and research center.

When Jon Huntsman became the wildly successful industrialist that he became, he wanted to do good with his money as well and so he poured his hundreds of millions of dollars into the Huntsman Cancer Institute and built it right next door to where the other philanthropist did. Jon said to me, I’ll never forget as we were walking out of his hotel, he said, “Glenn, we’re going to cure cancer.” I believed him. I still do. We’re very close.

I promised Jon then, I said, “Jon, I will do everything I can to help my wife and I give a large donation to not only Huntsman but also MD Anderson and other researchers.” And we have given our time and lent our name because we believe that we are close.

This summer we’re asking people to go on a walk to raise awareness on the Huntsman Cancer Institute this July 4th. When you come out for the Man in the Moon that Saturday morning, we have asked you to come and walk with me and my family. Take a stand against cancer. I think it’s 10 bucks to register your children and register you, and we have everybody coming. Another good writer friend of mine, Brad Thor, is coming.

If you’re coming out to the Salt Lake City area or if you’re in Salt Lake on the morning of July 6th, the day we have Man in the Moon at 8:00 in the morning, we’re going to take a stand. And we have things set up for your family and your kids to do that morning to have fun, and we’ll all be together. I’d ask you to… in honor of my dear friend Vince Flynn I would personally invite you to come out on Saturday, July 6th and help us change the world. We’re very close to curing cancer. It would change everything. You want to get down to it, it would wipe out our national debt. It would wipe out misery, so much misery. Sign up now at Come walk. And come with me and today remember friend number 3, Vince Flynn.

  • Ed Warden

    I am so sorry to hear that Vince Flynn has died from cancer. He is my favorite author. I will be re-reading his books as I battle head & throat cancer and only hope that i don’t lose everything to pay for this. My prayer go out to his family and friends and to Mr Beck whom i ADMIRE for all he does in our fight for freedom & our liberties. Thank you for sharing your story Mr Beck.

    • Linda Taylor

      I will be praying for you as well Mr Warden….God be with you as you fight this battle…..stay strong….

    • Jenny Lind

      I will add you to those I hold in my heart and pray for. I and many others know you are forever changed by this disease. I lost my other half to cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Vince Flynn, a most prolific author of great reads.  He will be sorely missed by all of us fans.  May his soul rest in peace. 

  • Sherry Guidry

    I’m so very sad to hear this.  I did not get a chance to listen to Glenn’s show this morning.  What a terrible loss to readers of great books.  I have read every book he wrote and will miss him greatly.  My heart and prayers go out to all his friends, fans and family.  Vince, continue to write in heaven, when we get there we will have great books to read.  Thanks for the hours and hours of fantastic entertainment.  So sad in Missouri….

  • Anonymous

    RIP Vince, good man, patriot, terrific author who has passed away too soon!

  • Anonymous

    Lovely tribute, Mr. Beck! Best wishes to his family and friends. For his readers, past and future……reading his books is spellbinding and insightful. I will read “The Survivor” as soon as it is released in October of this year. This one I will read slowly and savor like I never have before. It is easy to read his work at break neck speed and re read again to pick up missed detail. Not this time.
    I heard this on your radio program and appreciate the respect and caring you showed, Mr. Beck.

  • Anonymous

    After doing tons of research for a medical problem I have, I found a few things about cancer that we are never told.
    One thing, cancer cannot live in a oxygen rich environment. There are a few ways to enrich our bodies, drops, pure oxygen, please do some research.
    Also, our bodies are like a swimming pool, they are unhealthy if in a acidic condition, we have to stay in an alkaline condition, there are test strips you can buy at the drugstore and PH rich diets for a start, please research this also and talk with your drs. Or dietician.
    There are also supplements for building up your immunity. Please research. Our weakened bodies from the treatments is what destroys our immunity and makes us vulnerable.

    I am so sorry to hear of Vince’s passing, I always enjoyed his interviews and his books were great.
    Such a horrible loss at a young age, God Bless him and his family. May we soon find a cure.

    • Pamela Peltonen

      May I ask what is your medical condition? Can you tell me more about your symptoms?

      • Anonymous

        One of the diseases they were testing me for was Hodgkins, that is what instigated me into studying cancer treatments.

      • Anonymous

        One of the diseases they were testing me for was Hodgkins, that is what instigated me into studying cancer treatments.

  • Anonymous

    I am stunned at the news of Vince Flynn’s passing.  I just finished lessening to Pursuit of Honor.  We haven’t just lost Vince but Rapp, Director Kennedy, Stan, Nash, Coleman, …. He will be missed and he will be remembered.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful tribute Glenn.  I admire you for letting your emotions show and flow and that you are one of the good guys that still “feel” something and aren’t numb.  Too many people think the political agendas are just a game or a joke.  The joke will be on them but it just may be too late.

  • dennis reilly

    I didn’t know him but I enjoyed all his books

  • Anonymous

    Why are all the visionaries and reporters all of a sudden disappearing? All of you please read history it is not the first time (1930″S THE SOVIET AND CHINESE YEARS?) . In all history most if not all of them were eliminated , and that is not blown out of proportion (remember Kyle). I will try to add examples to this page but just think of Dr. King, Kennedy ( he maybe not to all our liking) but they all and their families ( and that is really important) have been down played or have just disappeared.I would like all of you to add to this post any one you know that was against the current Government and or your local so called  ” elected ” officials and then add the people that have come from nowhere to enforce their “laws’ but those that have now been silenced, do it !!

  • JoAnne Raia

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and a wonderful writer.  May peace be with his family and you, his friend. He will definitely be missed on this earth, but never in out thoughts and reads.

  • Linda Taylor

    I have no words to describe my sorrow…I have been a fan of Mr Flynn’s for many years…I was aware of his fight with cancer and was pulling for him….thought he was doing well….my sympathies go out to his family….I lost my own father to colon cancer when he was 52 and I was 22 and even tho I am now 64 the pain never goes away….I am so sorry for their loss and for ours as well…Rest in Peace Vince….and thank you so much for all your wonderful characters and work….I will miss them and you

  • Anonymous

  • Kevin Booth

    Great tribute.Rest in peace Mr.Flynn. I lost my dad and my sister to cancer.My thoughts and prayers to his family

  • k roskosh

    I am so saddened to hear of Vince Flynn’s death. I am a huge fan of his writing. My heart goes out to Mr. Beck. What a wonderful friend you have lost. I am a huge fan of Brad Thor’s work also. You and Mr. Flynn’s family will certainly be in my prayer. What a sad day for you for losing your best friend, but also for America. Mr. Flynn was a true patriot just as you are. No wonder you were so close.

  • ChaoticVaper

    I’m so sorry, Glenn. Mr. Flynn was a brilliant author and prophet, in many ways. I’m very sorry for the loss of your good friend. Peace and Love to his Family and to his Friends.

  • Jenny Lind

    I loved to read his books, I will miss waiting for a new one.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for the tribute to Vince Flynn, may he rest in peace.  I remember hearing you interview him on the radio and I immediately went and found his books.  My Dad was sick with bladder cancer at the time and we read some of the books.  When I walked by Dad’s room, he would often ask, “How is our hero Mitch Rapp doing?”  Dad died in 2010 and those were the last books he read. I wait with great anticipation for each new book, and for the movie.  I figured that if someone was smart enough to see what was happening in the world and create a hero to save us from terrorists and other evil, then I had hope that there are people in leadership positions smart enough to figure this out also.  Sadly, reality has proven that our government leaders are not nearly as bright as Vince Flynn or as competent as Mitch Rapp.  Vince Flynn was a true patriot.  He will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’m sorry for your loss.  I’ve had enough friends and family members die from cancer to know we’re not close to curing it.  Much work must be done.

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June 21, 2013,  Dear  Glenn  Beck,   That  was  a  beautiful  Speech  you  said  at  Tea Party……Sorry  to  hear  about  your  sadness  of  your  loss  of  your  dear  friend  Flynn….God  be  with  you  Glenn….You  are  one  of  America’s  leaders  who  is  brave  enough  to  stand  up  for  Truth…..I  am  reminded  of  another  good  leader  of  his  day,  Prophet  Joseph  Smith….Late  last  night  I  saw  again  the  Movie  all  about  the  life  story  of  Joseph  Smith……And  of  course  that  made  me  think  of  another  good  Moral  leader  and  a  1958—-2025  Prophet  and  an  Apostle  of  The  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  Mr.  Roy  Masters…….fhu……..Glenn,  I  am  deeply  sorry  for  being  so  cruel  in  my  thoughts  and/or  words  to  you  and  others……How  I  wish  I  could  be  exactly  what  GOD  and  Christ  would  want  of  me……I  heard  of  Jesus  from  my  friend  when  I  was  16  years  old,  she  was  a  faithful  Seventh-Day  Adventist…..Then  I  went  to  a  Billy  Graham  Concert  and  went  forward  to  accept  Christ  into  my  life  and  my  husband  didn’t  go  forward  with  me  and  when  I  had  a  big  Bible  and  was  reading  it  and  Listening  to  Roy  at  night  on  a  radio,  my  husband  didn’t  understand  then  and  so  he  divorced  me  and  took  our  only  son  away  from  me……So  very  Sad  Times  come  to  us  all  and  I  just  hope  that  you  and  your  family  and  friends  will  be  very  much  blessed  by  GOD  and  the  Savior,  Christ  Jesus  with  their  SPIRIT….Thanks  for  that  lovely  stand up  Speech,  Glenn……see  ya…

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June  21, 2013,  Dear  Glenn,  I  forgot  to  mention  that  my  friend  Roy  Masters  has  helped  many  people  who  have  had  Cancer.  He  helped  them  to  overcome  Cancer  and  some  were  Healed  of  cancer…………the…..fhu…….online  can  help  Roy’s  fhu  office  phone  #  is:  1-800-877-3227………and  his  call-in  “Advice Line”  phone  #  is:  1-800-866-8883  if  you  would  like  to  speak  with  Roy  or  David  some  night  on  their  show  from  9:00 p.m.  to  11:00 p.m.  Pacific Standard Time…….Thanks  again  Glenn……

  • wushi

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