PRESS RELEASE: Mercury Radio Arts purchases 72,000 sq ft studio in TX


Mercury Studios Will Serve as The Network’s Flagship Television and Radio Facility

Announcement Continues Growth of Television Network Currently Available on 5 of the Top 25 Television Providers Nationwide

(Dallas, Texas, June 19th, 2013) – Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s news, opinion & entertainment network, announced today that it has purchased the building known as The Studios at Las Colinas to serve as the network’s flagship television and radio facility. The studio has served as the home to TheBlaze and various network shows like Glenn Beck on a rental basis since 2012.

The 72,000 square foot facility, which will now be known as Mercury Studios, is based in Irving, Texas and features 3 sound stages that are up to 14,500 square feet. TheBlaze produces 6 hours of live programming every day from Irving. TheBlaze also currently leases a studio in Midtown Manhattan.

Glenn Beck said: “We are proud to call Texas our home and be part of the local community in Irving. We are building a world-class facility that provides TheBlaze with the highest quality talent and top of the line production capabilities so American stories can be told to viewers across the country.”

Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Content Officer of TheBlaze said: “TheBlaze has quickly built up the capacity to produce over 43 hours of original programming per week and we are excited to now have our own multi-media base as we continue to grow.”

The exclusive provider of “Glenn Beck,” TheBlaze offers a full slate of original news and opinion shows like “Real News,” “Wilkow!” and “For the Record,” late night comedy like “The Wonderful World of Stu” and “B.S. of A.,” family-friendly programming like “Liberty Treehouse” as well as thought-provoking documentaries and original specials. TheBlaze first launched on September 12, 2011 as GBTV and quickly grew into one of the world’s largest online streaming networks with over 300,000 subscribers. One year later, TheBlaze became a television network and is currently available on over 15 television operators including 5 of the top 25 in America.

Built in 1982, The Studios at Las Colinas have hosted movies and television shows like Robocop, JFK, Silkwood, Prison Break and Walker Texas Ranger.

Locally based Silver Oak Commercial Reality represented the buyer in the purchase of the studio from EWM Brand Holdings, LLC. CRM Studios will remain a tenant of Mercury Studios and continue production support for TheBlaze.

About TheBlaze
TheBlaze is a news, opinion & entertainment network dedicated to delivering high quality programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available on multiple television operators including DISH. The exclusive provider of Glenn Beck’s daily television broadcast, TheBlaze offers a full slate of thought-provoking original news and opinion shows like Real News, Wilkow! and For the Record, late night comedies like The Wonderful World of Stu and B.S. Of A., family-friendly programming like Independence USA and Liberty Treehouse, as well as enlightening documentaries and original specials. In addition to the 24/7 television network and online video streaming network, TheBlaze attracts over 10 million unique visitors per month to its news and information website, TheBlaze – Truth Lives Here.

  • Anonymous

    First it was good bye circle r now it’s “Good-bye CRM”. At least this time it looks like resistance  is futile prepare to be assimilated by the beck borg.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there a few times several years ago. It’s a great space. Congratulations to Glenn and the gang – nice move!  joel in Dallas

  • Erik Peterson

    Congrats! Can’t understand why you still need manhattan?

  • Jim Weber

    Glenn:  Get a hold of Matt Nix and bring back ‘The Good Guys’

  • Wendy Clark

    Welcome to Texas!!! What took you so long to get here?  LOL

  • Erika Mattila

    How do I get “The Blaze”?  Is that a network?  Why can’t you be on FOX?  It was so much easier to find you.  :-(

    • Marylou Aiello

      Call your network and bug them to get the blaze. If you go to Dish and get he 250 package it includes it. Or get a Roku to be able to put it on your tv. Don’t know how that works. I used to watch it on the internet and pay 10 a month to get it. Go to   you can sign up. I will be moving so I am trying to figure out how to get it since they have Comcast. I have called comcast constantly to ask them to get glenn.

  • Anonymous

    “You Built That”, all you sheeple who buy into the college dropout-conspiracy theorists’ BS, you are now out your money and your RWNJ Cult Leader now has a huge asset. Well done.

    • Anonymous


    • Travis Schade

       Someone’s a little bitter. That’s OK, though. You have the right to voice your opinion.  :)
      We don’t have to /listen/ to your right of opinion, but, you still have that right. Have a blessed day, my fellow American.

  • Lori Locke

    Congratulations!  I know you will turn this into more top notch news and entertainment.  We need family oriented documentaries, movies, and entertainment as an alternative to the stench in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That is absolutely awesome Glenn!  I remember those studios well – that is a great accomplishment!

  • Anonymous

    So proud of all that you are doing for our USA. May all go well for Mercury Studios!  May God guide and lead in all events and may our United States stand strong in the events to come; we give thanks to our Heavenly Father.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Patriots All – Trolls need not read.  I live in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. My cable company, currently, is verizon fios.  I post, blog, email, write letters, call this company a minimum of 3X’s a week.  My simple request is to give THE BLAZE TV a channel lineup.  Just this morning I was asked to complete a survey for fios, what for, I have no idea, but they have been totally unresponsive. They have added a French channel, ANOTHER movie channel and of course we have RT (Russian TV) and AlJezeera.  Please if you have verizon fios – contact them – and demand THE BLAZE TV.  I’m getting tired of begging and need some support here!  Come on BECKERS let’s do this.  I/we should, (since we PAY for it), be given the opportunity to watch what we enjoy.
    Thanks for reading my rant.

  • Jackie Williams


  • LYN

    You named it Mercury One? Are you serious? I didn’t know, but now I do. Ugh!

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