The new Civil Rights fight: Protecting freedom of religion

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Pastor Ken Hutcherson and Rabbi Daniel Lapin joined Glenn on the radio show this morning to talk about the new Civil Rights movement they see developing in American. For Hutcherson, who lived through the Civil Rights fight of the 1960s, the similarities he sees between then and now are staggering. Race may no longer be an issue, but our freedom of religion is under attack.

“I have to tell you it is a very, very rare occasion where I am in a room and I am the least controversial figure in the room,” Glenn joked. “Rabbi Daniel Lapin is here. He’s the president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians and also Ken Hutcherson. He is the pastor at the Antioch Bible Church in Seattle, Washington, and has been in the fight on multiple levels his whole life. [He is] also former Dallas Cowboy, and I think that’s worth mentioning.”

During the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C., David Barton, Pastor Hutcherson, Rabbi Lapin and others revived the Black Robe Regiment. It has since gone to work quietly – providing leadership in communities around the country. But given the threat religion faces in the United States today, Glenn thinks it time for that to change. He believes the group needs to move to the forefront.

“I think things need to change and that’s why I asked you and other members of the Black‑Robe Regiment to come today,” Glenn said. “What do you think – where do you think we are historically? And where do you think we’re headed?”

“Well, you know, I think that one of the mistakes that we all make is we look back at the Sixties and we say that was the Civil Rights Movement. The reality is that there are a lot of civil rights that we Americans are blessed with and many natural rights,” Rabbi Lapin explained. “The racial struggle of the Sixties was one. It was a subset of a vaster expanse. It’s just that the others did not appear to be under threat back then. Now it is becoming increasingly evident to almost everybody but a recent immigrant from outer Mongolia, illegal immigrant I should mention that, yeah, that there are a lot of civil rights under attack now.”

For Pastor Hutcherson, who lived through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, the parallels he sees to today’s society are remarkable. “So all of a sudden now we’re being discriminated against our equal rights, we’re being discriminated against our constitutional rights, we’re being discriminated against our Christian rights, and it’s like it’s apathy sitting there and we need to wake up.”

“What was it like growing up in Alabama in the 1960s,” Glenn asked. “You saw the Freedom Bus.”

“I saw it. I was there. 9-years-old. May 14, 1961. And I will never forget how angry I was,” Pastor Hutcherson said. “I was viciously angry. And the reason why I was angry was not at the white people because I’ve been treated that way all my life, not being able to get on the bus except in the back, two water fountains, colored and white water fountains. Three bathrooms: white females, white males, colored. And you had to knock on the door to make sure you didn’t walk in on someone else of the opposite sex.”

“Sitting at the back counter, going to the back window, that’s not something I heard. I lived that. I lived that, bro. I was there,” he continued. “Seeing the bus turn over, seeing it set afire, seeing the police come in sticking those big German shepherds on black people as they were, you know, leaving from the bus, no protection. And I hated Martin Luther King. I hated him with a passion. I thought that he was the worst thing that could ever happen to black people. You know why? Because he took a non-balanced stand and says don’t fight back, serve those who’s treating you that way, and be kind. I did not understand that as a young man and did not understand that until I became a Christian. And regardless how you feel about someone, you need to serve them and you need to love them.”

The Pastor explained that it was not Martin Luther King’s message of nonviolence that appealed to him, but the more violent and radical ideology of the Black Panthers. But everything changed when he found Christ.

“So what changed,” Glenn asked.

“I met Christ. When I became a Christian, I realized that I had hated white people for so long and had such a prejudice against whites, all of a sudden I meet Jesus and he’s saying, you know what, I died on the cross for white people too,” Pastor Hutcherson explained. “And that broke me. I hadn’t talked to my mother at that time in eight years… And after that two things happened: One was I had to call my mom and apologize, tell her I became a Christian. And then I had to say, okay, God, you have to turn me around and lead me to deal with white people.”

“Here’s the thing that you said to me on the plane yesterday that I thought was fascinating because I believe people don’t realize yet,” Glenn said. “They still refuse to look into the abyss and they don’t realize what is headed their way. Things are going to get much, much worse, especially when it comes to the violation of civil rights. And you said you work too hard as a black man to now fight it again. Explain.”

“Okay. I think it’s pretty simple to understand. Growing up in Alabama, fighting all the civil rights issues, going in the back door, drinking from certain water fountains, not being able to go to school, down the street. I had to walk by three white schools to get to my all black school because I couldn’t afford a bus. We had to walk.,” Pastor Hutcherson said. “And all that fighting to get equal rights came around. We won. Man, it’s great. We’re still fighting some issues. But after all that fighting to become equal as a black man, Glenn, I’m not up to putting up with having to fight all over again to get my equal rights as a Christian. Not going to happen.”

“And that’s where we are,” Glenn said. “As we begin a new journey and a new historic movement that will be led by people in the pulpits. And if they don’t, you know, we don’t survive. But I’m convinced that I don’t – I believe everybody has a calling in life. I believe you’re called to things, and you don’t need some big fancy education to do anything in life. What you need is passion, you need some intelligence to be able to figure out and study things out in your own mind, figure out how to find the answers you’re looking for, and you need – you need the backbone to stand. And I think that if we just start teaching these universal principles, those who are too worried about their tithing and too worried about their congregation, you know, falling off, they are going to find themselves in the dustbin of history anyway. So it won’t matter. And others will come in and replace them.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In the course of time all people look into the Abyss: some will choose to follow God and Jesus unto redemption, salvation and reunion with them in the next world; others will decide to go howling and cursing into the eternal night.

    Choose life people so that you may live.

    • Pamela Peltonen

      I choose God! I cannot think of a better way to die than serving the Lord.

      • Anonymous

        That is, in effect, the same thing as a slave dying for its master (something who does not care for him).  As a presumable Christian, you are told that you must love God, and that everything you do must be because you love God.  You have to eat the right thing on the right days, and if you have impure thoughts, you have committed thought crime.  If you do not love God enough, you face eternal torture.  This is not love.  This is sadomasochism.  

        • SRM29

          You don’t know Christianity well enough to condemn it. There are no rules on what we can eat and when. Yes, it is sinful to look at a woman that isn’t yours and have sexual thoughts. But just like any other sin, it can be forgiven if you repent and truly mean it.
          People don’t go to hell for “not loving God enough.” They go for not believing Jesus died on the cross for their sins and don’t let Him and God into their hearts. 
          God asks very little of us, for everything He does for us. I pray one day you will see that.

          • Anonymous

            I was referring to Catholics specifically (who can’t eat meat on Fridays in Lent and who are supposed to fast before consuming the Eucharist on Sunday).  How are thoughts beyond my control my fault?

            Here’s a question: If an atheist lived a good life, and brought happiness to other people and tried his best not to harm someone, would they go to hell for not believing in God?  

          • SRM29

            I meant the thoughts that you can control. Like, going along with my example, undressing her with your eyes, etc.
            Yes, atheists will go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus Christ as their savior, and believe in God. Good works alone do not get us into Heaven. Why? God wants those who chose to love Him and His son, even though the road will be tougher. Atheists were given the choice, but either denied His existence, mocked Him, or attacked Christians.

  • suz

    three beautiful men.

  • Mike Nelson

    Pastor Ken Hutcherson is AWESOME.

    In an age where, “you can’t be white and right,” this man and his personal journey are worth his weight in salt, gold, uranium, or whatever else of value one cares to name.  I would LOVE to see this man engage Sharpton, Jackson, or any of the other belligerent, divisive, race-baiting socialists in an open forum, public debate.

    “I am not going to fight this fight again.  Not gonna happen.”


  • Anonymous

    Dumpthecraps have skewed and screwed up the meaning of separation of church and state to suit their meaning of that phrase and most people don’t know the difference.
    If this country doesn’t turn back to God, ask for forgiveness and go back to the Founders original intent, We may see the fall and destruction of this country in our lifetime. Is that what we want for our children and grandchildren?
    Left or right leaning, Is freedom, as God intended for us to cherish, whether you believe in our Divine Creator or not, Is it Your vision as well? Because if it is, It ain’t happening unless we turn and put our faith in Him.

  • Sharmane

    We are really engaged in spiritual warfare.  Satan is alive and well and is working overtime to wreak havoc.  For decades now, in the U.S. and elsewhere, there has been a concerted effort to remove God from  the public square or any mention of God. Our U.S. Constitution has been so distorted and redefined that our wise Founders would not recognize it.   People have been lulled into slumber, distracted by popular culture like the Kardashians, or Dancing with the Stars while their country and the world burns around them.  When God is removed, evil reigns.  This, in my view, is why we see such atrocities and lack of respect and regard for human life.  However, we know who wins in the end and we must fight the good fight.  These gentlemen are inspiring.

    • Anonymous

      In northern Europe they are considerably more secular, yet they have been facing less problems than us.  Why do you think that is? 

  • Brontefan

    Clearly.. there is a push  to eliminate any religion in this country except the Muslim faith.  Christianity has endured silencing over the past 25+ years…. and now the government is talking about making any comments against the Muslim faith against the law.  What’s happening is so dangerous.. and appears to be history repeating itself… that it’s scary.

    • Anonymous

      Can you please provide some details on this? How has Christianity endured silencing? It’s still the dominant faith in the country by miles. Can you provide some evidence of your claim about anti-Islam comments becoming illegal? The reason I am asking is that I think these kinds of fears are way overblown — it’s true that the US is growing more secular, but that’s a cultural change and not some evil government conspiracy. Personally I am glad when I see the US becoming more secular, but there’s plenty about today’s culture that disgusts me: materialism, anti-intellectualism, greed, etc. How do we change the culture to be what we want it to be? Is the US just too big, too many people to really think of it as one culture? What should one do when one sees the culture changing irrevocably (e.g. with same-sex marriage, which I support but I’d imagine a lot of folks here oppose)? I disagree politically with almost everything Glenn Beck says but i’ll give him credit for trying to start something outside of the political system (although I think he does it in a superficial, media-driven way .. but that’s another argument) …

  • Robert Starkand

    Frankly, I always thought that we are in a civil rights movement.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, of all the silly things to be upset about. Freedom of religion is not going anywhere so it’s kinda silly to call it a civil rights issue. The only thing that’s changed is how people think about God. Instead of religion being outside of a person like God and people were two different things and then putting symbols in public about who has the “correct’ one it’s changed to the word “spirit”. Which is God inside of people working as co-creator. Which doesn’t have any symbolism or church except when people are being helpful. In other words “religion” is around ALL the time. Maybe religous jewelry but otherwise freedom of religion is done not shown. Which is a whole lot better. Go with spirit and charity and your freedom of religion isn’t going to be” taken away”. Otherwise if you think it will be then it will seeing as you need to have it be reinforce by seeing symbols or using religious words to be evangelical..

  • landofaahs

    The little n (Nazi) offended Cahtolics telling them to quit sending their kids to religious schools because it causes separation ie us and them.  Tell that to the muslims obama.  Besides, some of us don’t want our kids indoctrinated into liberal BS.  Go to Davy Jones you evil muslim Trojan horse.  LOL

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June  20, 2013,   And  America  has  to  give  up  SPORTS  too  and  NO  longer  have  or  do  any  SPORTS  because  SPORTS  is  useless  when  a  man  gets  to  be  25  years  old…….They  do  not  have  to  develop  their  Bodies  anymore  after  the  age  of  25  years  old……There  is  NOT  going  to  be  any  SPORTS  in  HEAVEN  so  why  even  have  it  anymore  at  all  in  America…….These  men  who  will  never  grow  up  and  do  some  FARMING  instead  of  SPORTS……….They  get  MAD  and  Angry  because  they  are  going  against  GOD  and  His  Will………Gardening  and  Farming  are  much  wiser  and  better  to  do  for  Everyone……And  SPORTS  is  so  EVIL  because  it  does  HURT  other  People………So  go  back  to  Africa  if  you  hate  the  Beige  Skinned  Persons……..GOD  does  not  appreciate  Hate  or  Anger  or  Violence  anymore……..NO  more  Sports  in  America…….And  the  Mormon  church  does  wrongs  in  this  area  too……Because  that  church  should  not  ever  have  any  SPORTS  at  all  ever………And  NO  Dances  and  NO  Dating  Websites  that  causes  LUST  in  the  Young  that  they  shouldn’t  ever  be  experiencing……..GOD  is  Serious!!!!!!!!!!    GET  rid  of  the  EVIL……….And  get  out  of  America  if  you  do  not  want  to  be  Moral,  and  Live  for  Values  and  Virtues…..And  for  GOD  and  Christ  Jesus  and  The  Truth  and  Principles  and  Character  and  GOD’s  Holy  Spirit……!!!!!!!!!!   America  better  grow  up…….And  everything  is  not  Racism……..So  STOP  saying  that..!!!!!!!!  We  are  not  Racist,  we  are  Serious…!!!!!  Because  we  do  not  need  anymore  IMMORALITY  in  my  Country…….America  is  suppose  to  be  a  VERY  MORAL,  Principled  Nation…….Not  a  bunch  of  rotten  SINNERS………Christ  Jesus  will  only  come  back  to  this  Earth  when  everyone  is  PERFECT……..  Is  that  Clear..??????  Do  you  get  it..????  It  is  no  longer  time  for  playing  around…….And  get  rid  of  Marijuana  and  all  DRUGS  and  get  RID  of  those  Homosexuals  and  those  Lesbians  and  those  Sensually  Perverted  idiots  too…….You  people  do  not  want  to  Obey  GOD  Almighty,  You  want  to  still  have  your  own  lousy  way  but  the  Lousy  way  you  still  want  are  they  ways  of  SATAN………So  Stop  it  right  now  and  I  mean  it………

    • Anonymous

       You’re NUTS. Christ will only come back when everyone is perfect?

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