WATCH: Former Senator Jim DeMint talks immigration reform

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Jim DeMint, former senator and current president of the Heritage Foundation, joined Stu on this evening’s Glenn Beck Program to talk about the true cost of immigration reform. Why are the CBO estimates incorrect? DeMint explains.

  • jen

    Conservatives are still very much into Rubio – Demint is a disrespectful man as he calls rubio a ‘great friend’.  Scumbag Rubio was funded and elevated with Demint’s conservative fund that was also given to Rand Paul.

    Demint loses all credibility especially on immigratin once he calls rubio a ‘great friend’ and this Stu/patrick is stll head over heels in love with Rubio even with amnesty – hence they have no credibility on any issue. 

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is the news of the 70 reps and the  “press conference” at the capitol?? Complete news black-out??? What’s up Glenn?

  • Anonymous

    HOW about RESULTS, NOT talk . fool

  • landofaahs

    All the short-term thinking liberals who reside in “Fantasy Island”  look at the immigrants as future voters who will help save their power remind me of Tattoo who would yell “De Plane, De Plane” as the plane of other fantasy seekers come pouring in.

  • Anonymous

    Jim DeMint comes off like a real perv

    • Tom Musso

      WTF?  Try to stay on the subject.

  • Pachy Serrano

    DeMint, your study has plenty of flaws and misinformation and not only the CBO has tons of questions about that study . . . And, if you want to win another election again look to our Latino-Americans friends, without them the GOP is moving towards the end of their political influence.
    Plus, Rubio wants to do something about because he is Latino and understand the consequences of voting against the Latino community in this country. I don’t agree with some of the stuff Rubio is proposing, but at least, he is doing something about it to benefit everyone, not only the GOP and the conservative movement. I just think Rubio should choose his friends better cause S. Carolina does not have a good record with minorities and they even voted a “marriage cheater” back into congress. That say it all . . .

    • Tom Musso

      Bull!  You stand on conservative principles and watch how people follow you.  Not all of our “Latin American friends” are in favor of this bill.  Many of them want to secure the border.  Candidates don’t need to bend down to them.  They need to stand tall and set an example for people to follow.

  • landofaahs

    Democrats need more slaves for their plantation.  Folks, you need to quit hiring companies that use illegals for their labor.  If you dry up the source of income they may just go back home where they belong..  

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk

    June 20, 2013,   On  the  Immigration,  I  say  do  not  ever  give  Amnesty  to  anyone……..And  Close  all  of  the  Borders  and  NOW  Stop  all  Immigration  and  make  everyone  stay  in  their  own  Countries  from  now  on…….And  do  not  let  anyone  come  here  anymore……We  have  too  many  people  in  Our  Country  already  that  we  cannot  take  care  of  as  we  should…….Tell  everyone  in  other  Countries  to  stay  in  their  own  Country  from  now  on  and  do  not  ever  seek  again  to  ever  come  into  America  because  GOD  and  Jesus  Christ  can  Save  everyone  who  is  in  another  Country……..Let  the  Military  of  the  U.S.A.  or  Missionaries  go  over  to  other  Countries  to  show  them  how  they  also  can  have  what  America  has  without  having  to  ever  come  to  America  ever  again……Stop  all  Immigration   because  GOD  is  also  in  other  Countries  too…….We  Americans  are  not  the  only  ones  who  have  GOD   or  His  Spirit…….Other  Countries  can  develop  their  own  Countries  to  have  the  Opportunities  for  themselves  that  we  have  in  America……..And  make  the  illegal  Mexicans  have  to  go  back  to  Mexico…….And  because  90%  of  the  Negro  race  are  acting  so  IMMORAL  these  days  then  make  them  go  back  to  Africa  and  start  all  over  again  because  most  of  them  do  not  even  appreciate  America  at  all…….They  smoke  cigarettes,  smoke  Marijuana,  have  Babies  without  being  Married……They  drink  Alcohol  and  take  all  kinds  of  Drugs…..They  commit  Crimes  and  they  beat  their  Children  and  they  swear  and  get  in  gang  fights….And  they  are  full  of  Lust  so  let  them  have  their  rotten  IMMORAL  life  in  Africa  instead  of  Our  Spiritual  America  where  we  believe  the  Bible  and  the  U.S.  Constitution…….End  Immigration…….End  Immigration……….NO  Amnesty  for  anyone………BE  Strong…….Be  Brave  and  Stand  for  GOD  and  no  longer  put  up  with  this  Foolishness  and  Immorality  in  America……Amen…….

  • Anonymous

    One, two , three, a hundred, a thousand, 1 million, 2, 3 and now 13 million ILLEGAL , LAW breaking persons, either Korean, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Honduran, Canadian, Cuban, Bosnian, German, Dutch, Russian, Iraqis, Hindu, Pakistani, Australian Fijian, New Zealanders, Icelanders Belgian, Danish, Italian, Greek ,Libyan, South African, Falkland Islanders, Inuit, Israelis.
     GET THE POINT!!  They are illegally in our countries , get it? It is illegal, you know ILLEGAL. That means it is against the LAW, all of you are breaking  laws,  took me 5  f…ng years to become a Canadian legally , OK laugh at me but I am Canadian. None of you will ever be a true Canadian or a USA citizen because YOU ARE SCUM!! All you jerks do is get on and of a plane and say you are “POLITICAL”refugees  and you are into our countries, get health care, a check , a place to stay etc. 80 year old grannies and other so called family members and all they do is drain our resources it is unbelievable! I am sick of this crap and if you call me politically incorrect F U and fine so what, these leaches  are more racists than any white person just check and see how much we have been giving  to charity and aid in a crisis like Bangladeh, India and other so called “third” world nations  ( please guys India a third world nation? please) all of us are being milked! I am starting to think we have turned to other cheek so many times I am not sure where I am being hit anymore.

  • Guest

    See Glenn Beck destroy the Republican Party he hates .

    Jorge Ramos in Univision on a Hispanic move away from Republicans: “Here is a political no-brainer,” Ramos writes in a copy of his article translated from Spanish. “If Republicans in the House of Representatives vote against the immigration reform legislation … they will lose the presidential election in 2016.” George W. Bush needed Hispanics in Florida to be elected, and neither Romney nor the next Republican candidate can do so without Hispanic support, he argues. If Boehner and Republicans withhold a House vote on the legislation, “how many years will they have to wait for Hispanic voters to forgive them?”

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