WATCH: Reporter stumps Congresswoman with abortion question

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What happens when you ask a pro-abortion congresswoman a logical question about abortion policy? She can’t answer it, of course.

As TheBlaze reported yesterday, that is exactly what happened to Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) on Tuesday. She refused to answer why she opposed legislation to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks – even if it would ‘save one life’:

REPORTER: Many Democrats when they were arguing for gun control in the wake of the Sandy hill shooting said even if it saves one life, it will be worth doing. Why not support this if it undoubtedly will save lives of babies who have been carried throughout five months of pregnancy?

DEGETTE: Well, this is – we already have laws in many states of this country. This bill is blatantly unconstitutional and if you look at the perceived – or if you look at the stated reason of doing this legislation, the Kermit Gosnell case, that gentleman was convicted of murder and sentenced to life.

Immediately following the Congresswoman’s shaky response, the reporter attempted to ask a follow up question but was quickly shot down.

DEGETTE: Any other questions. No, excuse me. Any other questions?

“She cannot answer it,” Pat said. “She cannot answer it. “

Rep. DeGette tried to deflect answering the question by claiming that there are already laws on the books that legalize abortion. Unfortunately, she failed to remember there are very explicit gun laws on the books as well.

“But if you can only save one person, they are worth it, right? Wasn’t that the argument,” Pat asked. “[She] never addresses the actual issue. Excellent question.”

NOTE: The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a bill that would restrict almost all abortions to the first 20 weeks after conception.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand clearly – not ‘cannot answer it,’ it’s ‘will not answer it honestly’ for in that case the entire cause of the leftists in regards to the genocidal policy of abortion would collapse in its entirety.

    • JoAnn Graham

       Liberals have an infinite capacity for self-delusion–how ELSE could they willingly go along with the stuff they willingly embrace?  They decide how the world should be, then behave as though that is reality–but of course it is NOT reality, which is why liberalism never works.  “Liberalism” is wholly based on the delusions and (crack) pipe dreams of idiots.

  • Anonymous

    This woman was squirming worse than a maggot on hot asphalt! I can’t believe how quickly she rejected any follow-ups from the reporter. These libs are disgusting vermin who are quite happy to destroy our second amendment rights if it will “save just one life” but will fight tooth and nail to defend their “right” to murder over a million the most innocent children in this country every single year. There’s a special place in hell reserved for these immoral genocidal perps.

    • JoAnn Graham

      Once they’ve been asked a question they can’t/don’t want to answer, they’re not about to call on the reporter who asked it again.  This is why reporters usually only lob softball questions at these Marxist JERKS–because they’re afraid of being frozen out of the press corps for daring to reveal them for the amoral empty suits they are.  But the press needs to start doing its job and ASKING those questions, and KEEP asking them until they get an answer.  If they never do get an answer, at LEAST it will help to reveal  these sociopathic jerks for what they are.

  • Anonymous

    The left don’t consider unborn babies human beings. That is how they justify their actions and would answer if you pressed them about the saving one life position. Until the moment they are born, they are just blobs of tissue in their mothers wombs. Any sensible, decent and moral human being knows this is complete nonsense, you don’t become a human being from being moved from one location to another, but the left doesn’t want to admit the evil in their hearts so they promote this. That is how the holocaust was justified in the hearts of many–by declaring Jewish people as vermin and not really human beings at all. This is how all the homicidal maniacs throughout history have achieved their goals, by dehumanizing people in the eyes of others so it doesn’t like a bad thing at all. Even a good thing to some. Isn’t this what has happened with abortion? People turn a blind eye to what they are actually doing and come up with lies to justify it. As it says in the Bible, the darkness hates the light. They don’t want to know the truth. Not one bit of it. 

    • Anonymous

      Point on. They can’t take another position on abortion, after having passed the healthcare tax, disguised as healthcare. We know there will be 15 wisemen, that have the authority to decide if we might live or die, by having power inserted between the doctor and patient. We may be required to give up real property, if one has no liquidity to pay for healthcare. The IRS, will enforce fines and taxes, and it is clear that the bill wasn’t going to be operational. It was trojan horse for one payer system. If the left give an inch to save one unborn baby, it can’t justify causing death by denying care. It is a holocaust bill, that will cause many deaths, imo.

  • Anonymous

    libs NEVER answer a question directly. they are incapable of doing so. they don’t deal with facts. i applaud that reporter;just wish she had been more forceful in her attempt at a follow up question.LET’S NOT LET THEM SILENCE US ANY LONGER!

  • Layna Palmer

    I heard this morning that Ariel Castro has been charged with “murder of an unborn child” in addition to kidnapping and many other charges.  My question is that if someone can be charged with murder of an unborn child, why is abortion not considered murder by those on the left?  You can’t have it both ways, it’s either murder…or it isn’t.

    • Anonymous

      The left is pretty slippery when it comes to this issue. Under normal circumstances they say the unborn aren’t human beings until birth.They are just fetuses. As if there is a difference between a fetus and an unborn baby.  But if a situation comes up where an individual if either forced to have an abortion or is assaulted and loses the baby, then the tables turn. Then they acknowledge it is was a human being that was slaughtered only because the woman wanted it. If the child is wanted it may be considered a human being. But only under that circumstance. If it isn’t wanted, it’s just a blob of tissue. You are right, you can’t have it both ways. If it is a child when it is wanted, it is a child when it isn’t. The left need to stop playing this dance. 

      • JoAnn Graham

         The left needs to stop doing a LOT of things they do–like hopping on board Obama’s campaign train to destroy the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  These leftist fools don’t seem to care about their OWN rights (I guess they’re too collectivized to grasp the concept of INDIVIDUAL rights).  And because they are too stupid to value their OWN rights, they are hellbent on aiding and abetting Obama in destroying everybody ELSE’S rights along with their own.

      • Anonymous

        This only applies to abortion. If a woman is divorcing her husband and they had sex last night, she might be pregnant, therefore is entitled to child support for that child. A real live CA case!

    • Anonymous

       I guess if you have an MD strapped on your lab coat you can kill a baby. 

      • Anonymous

        Even those convicted, and subjected to capital punishment, human rights groups will demand humane manner to carry out punishment. There is nothing humane in the way babies are killed in, and outside the womb.It’s ironic that after nine eleven, we were so outraged over three thousand lost lives, that we sent military to the other side of the world to hunt one man, and his followers. Yet, the same govt that reacted in that manner, doesn’t make a peep over 50 million plus, babies being murdered under the umbrella of a law.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats don”t like it when they are confronted with there own evil political tactics

    • Anonymous

      No. They simply try to turn the tables and make it look like they are the ones in the righteous position. That they are the ones looking out for the health and freedom of women against the ones who wish to squash it. You ever notice that most of the time when the libs are supposedly standing up for liberty it is to defend the indefensible? Like supporting pornography, giving condoms out in the schools starting as early as middle school and abortion rights. Abortion rights? What an oxymoron! Nobody has the right to kill anyone. To do so is murder. Whether the law says so or not. 

  • Toots

    If you are dead yourself inside you can’t expect them to believe a baby is  alive at five months. You expect to much of the brain dead far left.

  • dennis reilly

    unlike Charlie Rose this reporter had the courage to follow up showing what a coward the politician was for not answering

  • Anonymous

    of course she doesnt has an answer,it doesnt further their agenda on people control,it has nothing to do with logic or the safety ,security ,liberty and freedom of the people

  • JoAnn Graham

    I’ve wondered, too, why somebody can be charged with “murder of an unborn child”, with NO stipulations as to the age of the fetus, by the same people who argue it is legal to abort an infant at ANY stage of pregnancy.  There is only one answer.  Liberals are insane, as I’ve mentioned often in these posts.

    It is pathetic how they tie themselves in knots trying to justify something that is unjustifiable.

  • Anonymous

    We all have to born as babies first before we grow up to what and who we are today. Even those on the left don’t choose to see it this way, don’t choose this POV, choose to not prefer this perception, this logic, this reason or just the very notion that birth is the miracle of a new life being blossomed before your very eyes, they rather view it as  another chance to pocket more money from the ‘death’ of a life. Not to justify their choice of what they done, just to justify the true death of what was once the party of their choice. They killed their own baby, that does not give them the right or chance to kill ours. And they prefer to call this act, ‘abortion’? It’s not abortion. That’s a word that is most commonly used in military and maritime portions. They use the word when a mission did not go as planned or if someone failed at the mission, that’s when you use the word abort. You abort a mission failed or gone wrong. A baby is not a mission. It’s another life in the making and we all have to start that way to get to where we are today. They’re not democrats anymore, they’re not just empty suits, they’re just empty…..period. And politics is all they know. That’s it. That’s what they do best. They do not know how to live, how to eat, how to drink, how to tie their shoes, how to fix that bowtie around their neck, they don’t know how to do the right things in life. I swear every time I see or hear anything retarded or stupid done or said by either one of them either from DC or from Hollywood, I always think that the democratic party was founded by Caligula. These on the left today are not even perverted enough to measure the height of such perversion and dementia of such a hedonistic and hateful sexually offensive dickhead known as Caligula.  You can ask those today the very question posed by this journalist and if you can’t  or if you don’t get an answer, then you can pretty much see just how dead the air is around them. There is no such thing as an honest or truthful democrat, republican, liberal, humanitarian or whatever party their from, those who play the game of politics and exercise the very nature of ‘abortion’ are no good. To all good, hard working Americans out there, it’s not that you lost trust or faith in this government or their policies or whatever the hell they call it, you’ve just finally decided that your done with them. You’ve decided that your finished with their games. Should they keep their jobs, that’s where you come in. Should you care which side their on,…..NO! If their not on your side, it is you who can use these words: YOU’RE FIRED! And most of all, the word abortion does not do it.
    The words, cold blooded murder and slaughter are most fitting. Fetus or baby, it doesn’t matter what it is, it is not an animal that you can just put down just because you want to. It’s life, welcome it into your world with open arms and an open heart and do not let anybody take it away from you. I think they should not even be called the democrat party anymore. They should be called the lifeless. If they want to see just what living nightmares they’ve become, they might want to think back to that very day they were born, when they were babies.

  • jamohio

    The logic of any question posed to libs will confuse their pat answer of lies!! It’s fun to see them squirm!!

  • Anonymous

    It depends on the situation.  The left only wants it their way when it benefits them or can go against the Republicans.  Always to make the right look bad in the publics eyes.  It’s a shame they use everything to their good (they think) to make the Republicans look bad.  The unborn and children end up being the ones hurt.  I am so sick of us being parted.  I can’t remember it ever being this bad left and right.  We are all Americans and that is how we should operate.  Of course that would be an ideal America – never ever will happen!!!

  • Anonymous

    Typicall liberal reasoning.  It’s because it is the goal of this administration to totally disarm the citizens of this country to make us all a part of his dictatorship.  What hyprocrites!!

  • Aldrian Kevin Berondo

    The left is highly illogical. 
    Their brains are shrouded by their hearts. 
    They are the personification of contradiction. 
    They only hear what they want to hear. 
    They are spineless and cowards.
    They are afraid of the truth.
    They have no respect for the CONSTITUTION.
    They have no integrity,principles and dignity.
    They are like animals who attack when threatened.
    They are in moral and spiritual decline.
    They are bad influence to society and the world.
    They want control of everything.
    They control the MainStreamMedia.
    They are afraid of guns. (:D)

    Glad that I live here in the Philippines. Although a nation in its economically premature stages, we highly value morality.

    • Anonymous

      Be vigilant, there are evil forces at work right now in the Philippines.  Those evil forces do not like that the Philippines is predominantly Catholic and they’re going after your children.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

                FREE “MAN IN THE MOON” TICKETS!!!
    I’ll send them to anyone who requests them first.  If you think you can use them, let me know where to send ’em.

  • Snorri

    OMG an embarrassed, flummoxed Democrat Congresswoman caught by Democrat logic.  Is Holder signing the request for a warrant to obtain this reporter’s and his extended family’s e-mails, personal papers, financial data, medical records and the vet bills for his cat and dog? Or perhaps this administration “don’t need no stinking warrant”?

  • Anonymous

    Epic crash and burn.

    The party line concerning this question has not been formulated therefore we give you a jumble of words.

  • wushi

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