Glenn’s special gift for Bill Kristol

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Bill Kristol was one of the leading ‘conservatives’ to bash Glenn for warning about the uprising in Egypt back when the Arab Spring first began. Well, it’s safe to say Kristol ended up looking quite foolish as the country fell into the hands of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. On radio this morning, Glenn shared a special gift that he made for Kristol to commemorate his buffoonery: a-one-of-a-kind book.

“I have something very, very special right here that we have to savor,” Glenn said. “I have in my hands a book we published ourselves, just for William Kristol. There’s one of one. It is Stand For Freedom, by Bill Kristol… We want to thank him for the sweeping of the Arab Spring in the Middle East because it is working out so well. I just want to remind him that 98,000 are now dead in Syria, and he had a lot to do with that. Congratulations, Bill. And all of the wonderful freedom gifts that have been given to the world because of his buffoonery, and so this is really nice.”

The cover of the book features a picture of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, while the inside features pictures of Egypt (courtesy of Business Insider’s Robert Johnson) contrasted against Kristol’s truly brilliant foreign policy remarks.

“This is somebody here who’s dead, in a car in Egypt,” Glenn said of one page in the book. The picture is accompanied by this Bill Kristol quote:

The United States must support the Egyptian awakening as a paramount moral and strategic interest in real democracy in Egypt and freedom for the Egyptian people.

One of Glenn’s personal favorite lines from Kristol involves a comment he made about Glenn’s predictions in Egypt:

When Glenn Beck rants about the Caliphate taking over the Middle East and lists the connections between Caliphate promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one such as Robert Welch and the John Birch society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did in the ’60s.

Other pages of the book include garbage filled speech and gunshot riddled buildings, while Kristol continued to encourage Americans to “greet the Arab Spring with enthusiasm and support.”

“Well this is the conservative Bill Kristol who is saying we have to absolutely have troops and arm people, even the cannibals, we have to arm them in Syria because this is a golden opportunity, and we don’t really have a choice, so we should go right into war. And to I thought it would be nice just to mark this momentous occasion as we go into the next Spring by publishing a little book just for him,” Glenn said. “It’s only one copy and it’s just for him. Stand for Freedom, by Bill Kristol.”

“What I’m going to do is I’m going to write a nice little note in there. I have one other little gift I will give him. I think I am going to give him – not the original – I have the original, but I don’t trust Bill Kristol with anything, so I will give him a nice copy of the Neville Chamberlain letter to Hitler, saying I just met with your Hitler youth, and you guys are good,” he continued. “I think [Kristol would] have a lot of respect for Neville Chamberlain.”

“He is a genius,” Pat joked.

“America,” Glenn concluded, “if you ain’t listening to Bill Kristol on what you need to do for your foreign policy, you aren’t listening.”

  • landofaahs

    Bill is a flake who acts like he’s on crystal.  He got bitten by the Potomac fever bug and always leads to liberal idiocy. 

  • landofaahs

    Bill Kristol is only good for one thing.  Listen to what he says then bet that the opposite is true.

  • Anonymous

    Is it acceptable to use pictures of suffering and death just to mock someone?

  • Sam Fisher

    Egypt is our future if we let OWS loons in the White House has their way. Oh and screw you Bill Kristol you are about as Conservative as Marxs.

  • Sam Fisher

    But liberals can use dead children to wipe their rears with the second amendment.

  • Anonymous

    so it is ok to use those pictures because liberals do the same? Do we have a stable moral code or one that changes according to acts of liberals? 

  • Sam Fisher

    No it is not. Just stating facts. Should Glenn did this no but should we be supporting bloody revolutions and try to paint in a good light while people are being raped murdered beaten and stoned to death? Yes what he did was wrong but on the other hand people are ignoring the fact that the Egyptian people are worse off now than they were under the dictator. Why all because of idiots like Bill Kristol and Obama decided to back up insane people.

  • Jerry Smith

    Bill Kristol, who would be classified as a RINO if he held public office, also criticized Romney for calling Obama to task over the attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Benghazi last fall. Mind you, Kristol was supposed to be on Romney’s side or I thought he was. Kristol is the main reason I dropped the Weekly Standard after 6 years.

  • Anonymous

    You seem like a nice little concern troll.

  • Paul Marks

    Some people on the left (and even some “libertarians”) are stupid enough to class Glenn Beck as a neocon – I think this shows what Mr Beck actually thinks of neocons.

  • christopher mahoney

    Carter ditched the Shah and got the mullahs. Obama ditched Mubarak and got the imams. Bush told Saddam that we had no problem if he attacked Kuwait. Bozos!!

  • Anonymous

    That was brilliant…………..and hysterical!  I think I’ll Get The Blaze, just because of this clip. I’ve always loved Beck anyway, he’s my secret crush.

  • clay

    Bill Kristol Is a Neo-con Warmongering Idiot….Mitt Romney sucks everyone knows that And Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck Approved of Mitt Romney and Gave Obama the White House After All Most eeryone Else Wanted Ron Paul Which would Have Im saying Now You got what you Asked For..Notice everything Ron paul was talking about is going on right Now..Guess what the Guy you called KOOK! Was right!! BTW watch out for the Money Bomb Beck!!!

  • Anonymous

    It actually is not as bad as these guys are saying it is.  I was in Egypt back in Feb.  Sure there are major problems, like rape as you mentioned but people are establishing volunteer groups to patrol the area around Tahrir to provide security for women etc etc…  There are major social economical issues but at least now they can speak their feelings out and things certainly take time.  I am sure if any of us were Egyptian we would have been part of the revolution against the dictator.  At least that was what I felt when I was there.  

  • Anonymous

    thank you. maybe bit sensitive too. 

  • Anonymous

    Now you sound like a sane person……..not really.  I like much of what Ron Paul has said, but there is too much that he says that is way too radical, and attracts folks who are prone to rant, like you just did. Almost everything GB has predicted has come to past, and that is something to like, and he is someone to admire. Ron Paul was so unpopular that he didn’t ever have a chance to be president, and that was good.

  • Anonymous

     Yep. I WILL NOT vote for a progressive warmongering puppet like Romney. I voted libertarian and will do so again if they give me another BS artist.

  • chrislong

    The sad part is that there are too many Bill Kristols who actually believe the propaganda they spread.  The left is in a stupor of ignorance and a trance of blindness.   

  • suz

    ha!  glenn, you so hate/love kristol.  ha!

  • Anonymous

    Bill Krystol- AH YEAH—Can’t say a sentence without that **** eating grin as he talks. When he would be on FOX- I’d turn the channel. He’s right up there with that Juan Williams and Bob Beckal–They need their face re-arranged

  • Anonymous

    I love the truth as Glenn Beck sees it!

  • GNH

    Lately, Bill’s pudknocker coefficient has been on the rise. Poor Bill.

  • Shane

     Glenn was right about the Arab spring! The Arab spring has turned into a Christian Winter as Christians are being attacked daily in Egypt. Christians “are being driven from their biblical heartlands by hard line Muslim governments with no toleration of religious diversity”

  • Shane

     It’s morons like you who gave Obama the election. I know you are an idiot becuase you called Romney a progrssive.

  • Sam Fisher

    And I know a guy who has family there and that is why I know everything you just said is really a crock of crap.

  • Anonymous

    I love Glenn Beck.  He is very smart and knows what he is talking about.  I’d love to see
    the recipient of this book when he gets it!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It is acceptible to show him how utterly wrong he was and what his support accomplished.