Glenn: If you violate an amendment in the Constitution, you are violating my civil rights

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Why did Glenn decide to drop everything and go to Washington DC in the middle of the week? He went to stand with the 70 men and women in Congress who were trying to stand up for the Constitution and the rights of the American people and to deliver a message of Civil Rights to those who came to stand with him at the steps of the Capitol Building.

“They are not threatened by the Democrats. They were threatened by the Republicans,” Glenn said of the Congressmen opposing the Immigration Bill.

“These guys are really life, fortune and sacred honor. They really are risking it all. They know they don’t have a career left. The GOP is going to hammer the leaders,” he said.

Glenn explained that part of the reason he went to DC was to show his support for those 70 and to raise awareness of what they were trying to do so that they aren’t abandoned and punished for standing for their principles.

Glenn also went into more detail about his speech and the message of Civil Rights he took to Washington DC.

“We have to start thinking differently. The civil rights movement is not about blacks in the 1960s. That was just one of the latest civil rights movements. The civil rights movements started with Moses,” he said.

Glenn explained that Civil Rights wasn’t just in the 1960s with blacks fighting for equal rights, but any time one group was fighting for equal rights and fleeing persecution. He pointed to the Pilgrims who fled England for religious freedom and the Jews who escaped Israel as examples of groups who were fighting for equal rights.

Today, Glenn sees a continuation of the civil rights movement going on in America. The government is trampling on the Constitution and every time one of the amendments is violated it means your civil rights are being violated.

“Each one of those scandals boils down to one of the amendments in the constitution has been violated. If you violate an amendment in the constitution, you are violating my civil right, and we have to start moving that way,” he said.

“Your civil rights are being violated. It is not about scandals. It’s not about scandals. It’s about the violation of civil rights. Start thinking that way, moving that way.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    If the government is allowed to break one amendment against one person, they have violated them unto everyone and must be held to account.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn don’t you know only liberals have rights we conservatives get attacked by the government on some damn witch hunt.

  • Take 2

    rule of law i.e. “under God” is KEY to America’s success…!   

  • suz

    that’s why bho’s scandals should be called ogate.  everything he does is w/the intention to bring down our moral authority; our civil rights.  he steps on us and drags us around as though america is not important because we’re free.  he has a litany of henchmen who will do his ‘boot on the throat’ (d.c. cops included) and he knows that as long as he can pay off and threaten everyone he needs, then he will rule the world.

  • Bonnie Reynolds

    glenn, we are asked to pray for our missionaries by their names. I pray for you by name and rush l., etc. regularly. I always worry that you need to watch your back. thanks for your commitment to the people who will listen, connect, and act. bonnie reynolds

  • Anonymous

    No one has the right to do wrong but everyone has the choice to do wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone has the right to do wrong, and the right to face the consequences thereof.

      • Anonymous

        Incorrect.  People can *choose* to do wrong and suffer the consequences but no one is justified or entitled to do wrong thus the people have no right.  License is what those who would choose wrong as a matter of course, seek.

        • Anonymous

          Okay fine. I really don’t feel like continuing this thread. It’s dull and has run its course.

  • landofaahs

    Let’s just ask ourselves this;  If we don’t have our God-given constitutional rights, why would we ever fight for the country or why would we even bother keeping the unity of the states for the sake of calling it America.  What is in a name if there is no longer the original meaning.  If you’re not free then to heck with the experiment because it failed. 

  • landofaahs

    Why chant the jingo USA, USA, USA if we are no longer a republic with rights under the constitution?

    • Guest

      “USA, USA, USA” is fascism disguised as patriotism.

      • Anonymous

         Is it not just what drunk kids do to be cool and celebrate being under house arrest for 24 hours ?

    • Anonymous

      Good point.  Obama just has to convince his majority that Conservatives just don’t deserve the same rights as Liberals.  Then he will subdue both sides of the spectrum and create something that NONE of us like.

  • Anonymous

    Anwar al-Awlaki ?

    • Guest

      If Beck were the “principles and values guy” he pretends to me, he would have demanding Obama’s impeachment after he had al-Awlaki killed. Instead, he celebrated al-Alwaki’s assassination.

      • Anonymous

         I didn’t know Mr al-Awlaki, and he probably was a bad dude.  But he still required a trial at the least, and if sentenced to death in that context no-one could argue.  (I don’t think his 16yr son who was killed days after by the same cowardly method was suspected of anything.) 

        So in context, yes another near u-turn by Beck.  If you say justice for ALL, you’ve really got to mean it. 

        Just like the whistle blower scenario, and finally realising what the Police are becoming – it’s important to realise therefore that one shouldn’t rejoice in denial of rights to an enemy, because those techniques may be employed closer to home any time.

        • Guest

          You’re right. I just want to add that the drone killing of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was — supposedly — “collateral damage,” as was the killing of two other Americans by drone attack. I do not trust Obama on this matter, but there is no way to prove that the younger al-Awlaki was targeted.

          The U-turn by Beck goes back even further. When Beck was informed that there was an American on a target list to be killed, he was outraged (and 7 months behind the news cycle). OUTRAGED! Then he celebrated his death. Now he’s complaining about Americans being killed without due process. So Mr. “value and principles” has done a full 360 on his supposed “principles.”

          THAT is just one reason his critics point out that Beck is NOT what he claims to be, that he is a charlatan. 

          • Anonymous

            You paid homage to the younger al_Awliki.  I’m going to pay homage here to all the victim’s families of Pop’s destruction.  God be with you.

          • Anonymous

             I’ll pay homage to all taken by another human.  (I would advocate one final drone mission if it could take out Cliff Richard).

  • Anonymous

    So Mr Beck, after your recent experiences with Law Enforcement, are you now prepared to revise your opinion of how Occupy was treated ?  (remembering scenes like the pepper-spray assault). 

    There is wind of communications within the FBI (at one time) to ‘assassinate’  one or two of the Occupy leaders.  Makes you think.. should do anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn’s experiences here, unpleasant cops are bad.  The FBI, if your claim on the assassination plot is an honest one, that’s a bad thing for the FBI to do.  Will you admit that the IRS is violating the civil rights of Conservatives to a degree that Liberals have not been subjected to?  It’s reality, but I want to know your take on it.

      • Anonymous

         You probably know I’m not American so I only try to comment on stuff with a more International context.  I get bored in forums one ends up agreeing with everyone else and preaching to the converted.  That’s not gonna change anything !   Interestingly I’ve probably been affected a little from debating here, but also sense a subtle change in understanding of certain realities and truths from the ‘flock’.   A move to the center on both sides perhaps ?  

        The Occupy example is a good one. I remember the majority of sentiments about the movement here well !    Since then there have been articles and discussions about topics that were at the forefront of concern to Occupy.  So although many of the participants may have been political opposition, their ‘civil rights’ could have been better supported, instead of the 99% of them being tarred with the brush of the 1%.  As you refer to, what is more looking like a developing police state, is turning it’s attentions closer to home from your point of view in an attempt to curtail political opposition now.  So as suspected you shared ground and had a common enemy.  Believing in the Constitution is believing in a free America.  Free country’s don’t seem to be part of the big plan – ask The Colonel, Saddam, Assad…

        I don’t really know what a Liberal is these days, certainly not where I come from !  I don’t know what they are or aren’t being subjected to, but I denounce what the IRS has been doing to Conservatives absolutely.  As for the assassination plot I can’t remember where the story was but I saw it yesterday somewhere.  It was portrayed as having been discussed in an email or two, not at the stage of being given the green light. Bad enough though.  And if my earlier logic is ball-park, I hope GB’s got a good thick vest. 

        We’re not really heading into this kind of World are we ? 

        • Anonymous

          The 99% and the 1% are an aberration for destruction. People over here do not understand that demonizing rich people as a class and not as individuals is straight out of Karl Marx’s playbook. Conservative people over here, at least those more inclined to pick up literature, know that it’s not just a matter of labeling the Left as “Commies.” You have to inform Liberals, at least only the dumb ones…I have respect for my opponents…you have to inform them that their very actions, their very conduct, their inherent (but unrefined) well-meaning, it’s all a part of a big giant package that’s been tried over and over.
          The error of the Left is not their zealotry, or their activism, or their expression that Conservatives abhor. It’s not even the insults that we are necessarily averse to. It’s the denial. The constant denial. To look me in the face and say, “Hey white man in America who votes Republican and believes in God. You are by default racist, misogynistic, and out of touch!”
          Whenever any group of any kind is singled out as unworthy of respect, they get trampled on in short order. Liberals over here simply by and large do not respect Conservatives really on any level at all and it’s very disconcerting. Most Liberals actually believe that being Liberal is simply a matter of not being stupid enough to be Conservative, and they won’t admit it outright.

          • Anonymous

             The 99 and 1 I referred to was 99% well behaved occupy’ers vs the 1% occupy’ers who misbehaved- all in context of my point.  I didn’t mean to refer to the ‘rich’ in there.  (it was a bit subtle).  But since you mention it, I don’t think intrinsically it was an anti-rich movement. 

            Occupy didn’t really know what it was hence didn’t achieve much.  I attended London’s first day (as a photographer), and left a little disappointed at the lack of diversity amongst the attendees. (I’ll call them mostly hippy types for ease, no offense intended). From what I saw the US had a more balanced demographic within it’s protests.   There was no real focus or organisation in the end, and the critical mass of poverty and deprivation hasn’t been reached for something like that to really take off.  Some of it’s principle aims were noble though, and it’s certainly got people across the World thinking.  Besides anything, if everyone agrees in principle that buying our money from a private institution is a really bad idea.. that’s much bigger than Cons & Libs dissing each other. 

            But of course that’s simplistic. From what you say it sounds like there’s a deep chasm between you at the moment. 

          • Anonymous

            A chasm indeed. Notice you can also see that I saw “1%” in context and took it to mean one thing. It was a mistake no less, but we hear about it so much in America these days. It’s a pure demonization.
            I am so glad of your perspective on how the poverty in this country REALLY hasn’t quite reached proportions that almost every other nation on earth experiences. I just feel that Obama’s regulations are going to interrupt commerce and commodities will get scarce over here and our stock market won’t merely crash, it will cease to exist. That’s when we all turn against each other just like the Bolsheviks, you’ll see.

          • Anonymous

            That’s the trouble with this type of communication Bert – Takes too bloody long and the reader often misunderstands stuff without the writers context, if the point isn’t adequately laboured.  Wit, irony, even a good idea can be lost this way.  Spouting off on forums can also be a bit like driving – our toughness knows no bounds when we’re behind the wheel !   So could it be the internet itself that’s deepening rifts – because tolerance levels are so low in this space ? Opposing debaters think nothing of low-level name calling and often threats at the drop of a hat, things that would never be said face to face. (except maybe by the wolf man !).

            America could conceivably be being split by design, like many other places in this era.  If that really is the case then we’re indulging the ‘plan’.  But I can’t help thinking we’ve been irresponsible.  For too long now too many people have been too greedy, now to the point that too much $ is ‘hoarded’ out of the system, and the unnecessary private bankers mop up the rest with the security they can afford fail and still profit. If you’re in the right place at the right time or just get lucky you can be made for life many times over for doing little. The concept of money being a reward relative to ‘work’ is pretty much gone for both the individual and the company.  We promote being a reality star and becoming a millionaire by just screwing around. Someone writes a stupid kids app in three days, it catches on and he’s a multi-millionaire overnight.  You could call the ‘the dream’.. but I don’t expect the FF’s would have advocated that sort of thing.

            How much $ is google supposedly worth ?  What’s google really done ? A search engine and a couple of maps !  Advertising (that we ultimately pay for), Mass spying, and in my Country it gets away without paying any taxes, as with many other global corps.  And if you want to get in touch, try and find an email or phone number for them..  but I digress.

            All the social systems have had their good points, but all are open to corruption, and all have been corrupted.  Currently there’s too much power residing with too few, and we don’t get to know what they’re up to half the time.  They are at best steered by undemocratic lobby groups and big business, at worst under full control of the dastardly nwo !

            Thus, I’d say the peoples are not in control of their destiny’s right now.  

            I think the 1% is really the 0.01%.  Having a diverse society with some earning more than others, bosses / workers, the basic concepts of innovation and betterment are all honourable if not in fact necessary.  Rich vs. Poor could be seen as just another act in the play. Rehearsals are going well.  The old divide and conquer routine again.

            I’ll leave you with an unoriginal thought..

            You produce goods to sell at a rate of 50 units / day, working 8hrs/day. This keeps you and your family comfortable.  Technology advances and you invest in a machine that enables you to manufacture units twice as quickly.  You then have a choice ?

            1)  Produce 100 units / day, thus creating a need to find more consumers to consume your product, who necessarily don’t need it. Therefore marketing must also be deployed to convince these extra consumers to buy your surplus product. 

            You are now working 12hrs most days, but you are making extra profit that you give to the bank to look after. 

            2)  You work 4hrs/day, thus have lots of time to spend with your family, go hunting, grow fresh food, a little r&r ……

            You and the family are still comfortable.

          • Anonymous

            “I think the 1% is really the 0.01%.”

            The Power Elite, to use C. Wright Mills’ term.

          • Anonymous

            fao “guest”..

            Not familiar, I’ll look him up though.  But I suppose it depends how close you want to scrutinise things.  When can you call a line straight ? When you think the answer is ‘yes’, look closer !   So by that token, going as narrow as to refer to ‘the power elite’ maybe needs another couple of zero’s after the point..  

            (no replies left… boohoo)

          • Anonymous

            I grew up with good, honest, hard working people. They had money, not wealthy, but owned a home, couple cars…almost all of my relatives were middle class, myself included. Then I grew up and got rebellious and I hung out with a lot of very dangerous people. They end up either sitting behind bars or pushing up daisies. I’ve found that money follows hard work and squalor follows dishonesty. It’s only my experience, but let me tell you…the tendency to envy those who are better than you is quite natural. This country is just running it’s natural course. There are too many people flaunting too many things in front of too many jealous souls…we’re headed down the tubes. There’s no denial here.

      • Guest

        “Will you admit that the IRS is violating the civil rights of Conservatives to a degree that Liberals have not been subjected to?”

        Except that is untrue. Transcripts of the hearings have been released, and the “targeting” of REACTIONARY groups was INSTIGATED by a manager and self-described “conservative Republican” at the IRS. He was doing his job because 501 (c) 4 status is NOT for political groups. THAT, and only THAT is why they were singled out. It was not political in any way.

        • Anonymous

          I thought it was 501 (c) 3 but anyways…the point is that Conservative groups are scrutinized more than their Liberal COUNTERPARTS. The key word is counterparts, because low level Liberal political groups are getting their paperwork through quite smoothly at the IRS.

  • Ryan Tuleja

    As many of you know, the new gun and “high capacity magazine” laws start in Colorado on July 1.
    Please, if you are available, join us in our small act of civil disobedience agains the collective will of the Bloomberg controlled tyrants in the state legislature.!/events/313719182086803/

    • Guest

      High capacity magazine have one purpose, to kill as many innocent people as possible as quickly as possible.  At least we know what side of life you’re on, the dead people side.

      • Anonymous

        If the person pulling the trigger has the purpose of killing as many people as possible, then the gun will follow suit.  The gun doesn’t have a mind of its own and can’t pull the trigger itself.

        • Anonymous

           So that must go for Islamist extremists then ?  You accept it’s the individual, not the book ?

          • Anonymous

            Always the individual at any time or place under any context.

          • Anonymous


            (You realise I’m not actually an islamist or advocating anything, just arguing principle and philosophy)

          • Anonymous


        • Guest

          Thanks for supporting the instruments of mass murder. Like I wrote; that is their ONLY purpose.

          • Anonymous

            A high capacity magazine is an inanimate object.  IT doesn’t have a purpose.  It can’t move on it’s own.  It has to be constructed and operated by a person.  You are personifying an inanimate object.  

          • Guest

            Man made object has a purpose. That is why they are made. You’re rationalizing objects we don’t need except to kill many, many people.

            Smaller magazines would save lives. That’s a fact.

  • Guest

    “Glenn sees a continuation of the civil rights movement going on in America. The government is trampling on the Constitution and every time one of the amendments is violated it means your civil rights are being violated.”

    Really? Then why did Mr. Beck CELEBRATE when he found out that Obama has Anwar al-Alwaki killed without due process and off the battlefield?

    Beck has values and principles until they are not convenient. That makes Beck a charlatan, but his loyal followers will ignore that and attack me for pointing this out.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not going to attack you on this one, because CLEARLY what you want is to be attacked.  Do you know what it means if you have values and principles and only use them when they are convenient?  It means you are human and therefore imperfect. Perhaps Glenn was a bit harsh in not expressing sympathy for the death of a man who would kill you personally, you infidel American, if given the chance.  But maybe you might want to lay off Glenn and focus on Obama, who did something wrong with the drone strikes AND all of the other ways he circumnavigates around the Constitution.  Believe me, the parts of you who want Glenn to just stop talking are the parts of you that do not like the Constitution or Bill of Rights (starting with the first amendment).  If you can really grasp his message, it’s for you too.  You have rights too.

  • Anonymous

    Our civil rights are being violated, and we care because we believe in the U.S. Constitution… but the Democrat party does not, and will continue to trample on it and lie to the American people about their intentions.  The only way to get our country back is to stop this Immigration Bill, and other tactics their party might use to buy votes.

    • Guest

      Go ahead and watch Republicans lose the White House for the next generation or two. 

      Not being Hispanic, I hope the nativist Republican base is successful stopping immigration reform. Republicans do not deserve to get near the White House the way they are behaving in Congress.

      • Anonymous

        The way they behave in Congress?  You mean, by not giving in?  By not voting against their own conscience?  

        • Anonymous

          I mean by not compromising (this is a democratic Republic, remember?), by not solving problems, and by being sore losers (Dems got over 1 million more votes than R’s last election).

          People hate Congress because of the far-right obstruction of your heroes. 

          • ken.

            if you you compromise on your morals and values then you have no morals and values. if we have no rule of law and allow amnesty for law breakers then why even have a government in the first place? go anarchy!

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Anonymous

    Daily the government disregards our rights through the unending help of the uninformed/uneducated media.  Every day ‘we’ are told there is global warming, and that fracking is bad for America, as is co2. American’s please become informed. The three issues I just mentioned are nothing more than a hoax to get you to buy into their controling agenda. 
    Remember “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”, Lenin

  • Guest

    One of the few times Glenn Beck celebrated something that Obama did was after the President violated the 5th and 14th Amendments by killing Anwar al-Awlaki, an American without due process. 

    Glenn Beck pitches himself as a “values and principles guy.”  

    Not so much. More like a hypocrite and propaganda guy, but his gullible and religulous supporters don’t care.  When someone becomes a cult of personality as Beck has, any lie is a believable “fact,” and every blatant hypocrisy of ignored by the selective perception of the true believers that send the cult of personality money for their fill of absurd nonsense every weeknight.

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