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Why did Glenn decide to drop everything and go to Washington DC in the middle of the week? He went to stand with the 70 men and women in Congress who were trying to stand up for the Constitution and the rights of the American people and to deliver a message of Civil Rights to those who came to stand with him at the steps of the Capitol Building.

“They are not threatened by the Democrats. They were threatened by the Republicans,” Glenn said of the Congressmen opposing the Immigration Bill.

“These guys are really life, fortune and sacred honor. They really are risking it all. They know they don’t have a career left. The GOP is going to hammer the leaders,” he said.

Glenn explained that part of the reason he went to DC was to show his support for those 70 and to raise awareness of what they were trying to do so that they aren’t abandoned and punished for standing for their principles.

Glenn also went into more detail about his speech and the message of Civil Rights he took to Washington DC.

“We have to start thinking differently. The civil rights movement is not about blacks in the 1960s. That was just one of the latest civil rights movements. The civil rights movements started with Moses,” he said.

Glenn explained that Civil Rights wasn’t just in the 1960s with blacks fighting for equal rights, but any time one group was fighting for equal rights and fleeing persecution. He pointed to the Pilgrims who fled England for religious freedom and the Jews who escaped Israel as examples of groups who were fighting for equal rights.

Today, Glenn sees a continuation of the civil rights movement going on in America. The government is trampling on the Constitution and every time one of the amendments is violated it means your civil rights are being violated.

“Each one of those scandals boils down to one of the amendments in the constitution has been violated. If you violate an amendment in the constitution, you are violating my civil right, and we have to start moving that way,” he said.

“Your civil rights are being violated. It is not about scandals. It’s not about scandals. It’s about the violation of civil rights. Start thinking that way, moving that way.”