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On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell about his upcoming Patriot Tour. Marcus, the bestselling author of Lone Survivor, will be bringing his incredible story to audiences around the country – making stops in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Pensacola. Get all the details HERE.

“What is the topic of your tour,” Glenn asked on radio this morning.

“It’s called the Patriot Tour,” Marcus said. “It started out kind of an idea between me and Chris Kyle and we wanted to get on the road, share our stories with the general masses. A lot of times we get up and talk to people in a private environment, and he and I felt like that would be a good idea, to get out there and kind of tell a little bit of what we did, how we did it, just to let people know, kind of, fire them up. Once we lost [Chris] that kind of buckled me to my knees a little bit, but I shook it off and keep on, you know. Do it for him, instead of with him this time.”

Before he kicks off his tour, Marcus will be attending Glenn’s Man in the Moon event. Glenn is in the process of putting together a small museum that will be on display over the Man in the Moon weekend, and Marcus donated the uniform he wore during Operation Red Wing.

“You will see a movie coming out in late December, and then in January called Lone Survivor, and it is the story of Marcus and his team,” Glenn said. “One of the greatest stories you could ever read of heroism, and Marcus was lucky enough to live through it, to be able to tell the story of what his teammates did, but this is his actual helmet that he was wearing in combat.”

Remarkably, Marcus lost the helmet during the battle, but it was returned to him two years later. He knew it was his because of the Texas state flag he had on the back of it.

The uniform and pack he was wearing will also be on display. The uniform, which had been brand new, is now reduced to little more than tatters.

“It doesn’t have all the blood on it, but it will give you some idea of what the battle was like,” Glenn said. “These were the brand new pants he was wearing when he went out on operation – look at this?”

“Torn to shreds,” Pat said. “That’s how you describe it.”

Glenn noted the unusual smell the clothing had, to which Marcus responded, “Smells like death.”

The items Marcus has donated to the museum are particularly poignant not only because of the lives lost that day but because it tangibly illustrates just how high a price we pay for our freedom.

“If you happen to be in any of the cities Marcus is going to be touring in, make sure you go and see him and listen to the stories,” Glenn said. “Let me rephrase this, because it makes him uncomfortable, listen to the stories about heroes from somebody who has walked the walk. Marcus Luttrell. And you can find out more about it at Thank you so much, brother.”