Next week, the world’s leading expert on combat, self-defense and  author of Pulitzer Prize nominated On Killing is bringing his expertise and training to Dallas.

Lt. Col. Grossman will kick off his series of seminars, the Restoring Responsibility Tour—Featuring The Bullet Proof Mind, or better known as the “Sheepdog Seminars” on June 29th. 

Grossman’s program was originally designed to prepare policemen and military personnel for combat. More importantly it taught them how to grapple with the mental and emotional trauma of lethal combat.

Today, however, it’s becoming increasingly important for everyday citizens (who aren’t afforded the luxury of police protection) to arm themselves with these skills and become their own first responders in the event of a deadly encounter.

Lt. Col Grossman’s  “Sheepdog Seminar” will tour throughout the country in several major cities including Dallas, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Phoenix, Atlanta, and others.

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Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn during the full day event:

•   The truth about the explosion of violence in America – think things are getting better? think again

•   What it takes to be a warrior capable of stopping multiple attackers and mass-murdering lunatics

•   The hidden truth about lethal combat

•   How the body responds to a violent attack, and what you can do now to ensure your body responds the right way

•   How to prepare your spouse for an attack

•   The New Killer of the 21st Century, and why most people aren’t willing to talk about it

•   Important drills that NOBODY practices that would save countless lives …

Who is Teaching Our Kids To Kill? Find out now so YOU can put a stop to it!

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