WATCH: Why is America facing a new civil rights movement?

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On Wednesday, thousands gathered outside the Capitol building in Washington DC to hear Glenn declare that Americas need to come together for a new civil rights movement led by people who are united by a belief in freedom and personal responsibility. Joined on stage by members of the Black Robed Regiment, he also called for faith leaders to stand up and get America’s spiritual body in shape because they would be the ones at the forefront of this movement. Returning to TV Thursday night, Glenn was joined by Ken Hutcherson, Daniel Lapin, and David Barton to talk in depth about why America is now facing a civil rights crisis and what people can do to take action.

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    If this is truly a new Civil Rights movement, then how far will Obama push back: unto massive arrests, martial law, suspension of the courts, or unto the active use of lethal force?

  • Anonymous

    We cannot save ourselves but we can counsel others to walk in the path of Truth.

  • Anonymous

    “A new Civil Rights Movement”.

    It’s this sort of stuff that ensures Glenn will never be taken seriously. It is this sort of stuff that begs people to make fun of him at best and hate him at worst.

    In the first few seconds of that speech he mentions the names of MLK and Gandhi…two men who were literally RISKING THEIR LIVES fighting true oppression. (And one of whom was eventually shot dead in doing so.) 
    Glenn Beck…a man worth millions of dollars…a man who sits in an air conditioned, safe and secure mega-complex… a man who’s idea of travesty is being treated rudely by a waiter in a five star restaurant or by a flight attendant on a first class flight from a Broadway show in NY…(And yes, he has whined about those things—the videos are here on this site.) Glenn Beck…a man whose scariest moment came when the ladies from the View chewed him out…a man who broke down and cried on television over, well, who knows what he was bawling over—maybe Whoopi said something mean to him…

    But now this man–Glenn Beck— is evoking the names of MLK and Gandhi…

    It could be offensive, in fact if came from almost anyone else it WOULD be offensive…but given that it came from Glenn Beck, it’s just REALLY.FREAKING. FUNNY!!

    • Anonymous

       Beautifully and hilariously said!

      Whether or not one agrees with Beck’s political views, his incessant Drama Queen showboating and over-hyping of everything must start to get old at some point. I find it quite amusing how he always wants to claim the glory before doing the actual work — this week is a turning point; your grandchildren will be reading about it in the history books; it’s the start of a new global movement! How many times have we heard this same thing from Beck about one rally or another? I totally understand that if you want to get people whipped up and involved in a political cause, you may need to use high-flying rhetoric. But with Beck it’s well past the point of self-parody.

      And the persecution complex these guys have! David Barton says just above, “The government’s now saying .. here’s how you have to say your prayers”. If David Barton wants to pray that Satan will send him the blood of 100 innocent children to mix in with his morning coffee, he has every right to do that and nobody will stop him. If David Barton wants his prayer to Satan to be recited at the beginning of the school day at his local public school, then he’ll have a problem. I don’t believe that Barton is so dim that he can’t recognize the difference. Glenn Beck tearfully sharing assassination fantasies with Wayne LaPierre … Glenn Beck claiming that he and his “new civil rights movement” followers are facing the same persecution that MLK and marchers in the 60’s faced … truly amazing.

      • Anonymous

        He is claiming glory (he’s not) before DOING ACTUAL WORK?!  REEEAALLLYY, so how many well researched best sellers have YOU written?

        • Anonymous

           Beck has certainly had some best-sellers .. “well-researched” is debatable … but it’s beside the point. I was talking about the subject matter of the clips up above — not writing novels, but forming a global movement. Completely different things.

          I’ll try to make the point more clearly. It seems that every time Beck puts together a speech or rally or political event, he can’t resist fantasizing about how it’s going to go down in the history books; how it’s the beginning of a new global movement; how people will be talking about it generations from now as the point at which the salvation of the country and the world finally began; how God has chosen Beck as his vessel; etc. As I said above, I understand the use of rhetoric to get people motivated – but Beck does it to a degree where it’s just ridiculous. Perhaps you saw the recent clip (was it 2 weeks ago?) where Beck claimed he had some news/information which he’d reveal over the following 24 hours (or 10 days .. a bit muddled) which would divide the nation, and cause things to happen which had never before happened in American history! And of course we are all still waiting for his big revelation, which, unless I missed it, he hasn’t mentioned again. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. Why not just release this earth-shattering information and then let the effects come to pass? I hope that explains it a little better. Thanks for listening.

          • Anonymous

            Look, do you want to be a Jon Stewart or a Bill Maher?  You could make your point with about a tenth of the wordage.  Glenn doesn’t have a God complex.  He’s self-deprecating more than any other trait.  He makes fun of his own love of sweets and his terrible past (we ALL have a past).  I’m not sure what clip you are referring to from two weeks ago.  I wouldn’t mind if you posted it so I know where your coming from on that one.  
            His books, 6 of which I’ve read every word of, aren’t well researched.  I have to rephrase, they are 100% accurately and meticulously researched.  He is under the brightest lights and is perpetually scrutinized by the vast majority of the media in a very disingenuous way.  It makes you a better person to express YOUR opinions, rather than criticize others on an ad hominem basis.  Like I said to edtoohey, it takes no talent to hate.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks for your comments. I’m not quite sure I get the Stewart/Maher reference .. but I’ll try to be brief to avoid annoying you further. It is a discussion thread though, and space is free, so why not explore ideas in-depth?

            1) I didn’t claim that Beck has a God complex. You’re correct in that he is sometimes self-deprecating, although he combines that at times with a real tendency toward self-aggrandizement. That contradictory nature is part of why I find Beck interesting, whereas other right-wing media types are much more one-note & predictable & dull (e.g. Rush Limbaugh). The other day Beck was being humble and boastful practically in the same sentence (another clip on here somewhere, where he was talking about how God had gone through many other vessels but decided they were all too weak, and then he found Beck). I also find it fascinating how Beck combines his desire to be a new civil-rights-leader type of figure, with his tendencies to sink into the lowest form of nasty, juvenile talk-radio-style antics.

            2) Here’s the clip I was talking about, from June 12.
            It’s near the beginning of the audio clip. The video version is somewhere on the Blaze site too, i believe. Also on YouTube, like this:

            3) I wholly agree about expressing one’s own opinions but I’m not sure what you mean about ad hominem attacks or hate. Nothing I said up above is hateful or ad hominem .. I was critiquing a particular thing that Beck does as part of his act. That’s not ad hominem. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, does ad hominem all the time, when for example he calls his opponents evil. Right after the 2012 election, when he was understandably gloomy, he said “half of the country is in darkness”. He described us as an “infection” which is destroying the country. Um, actually, no, Glenn, half the country just voted for the other guy. That doesn’t mean we are evil, or working for “the forces of darkness”, or whatever. No hate coming from me but I can’t speak for Beck in his more dramatic moments.

          • Sam Fisher

            I wonder why these liberals can hear evil on our side like a dog whistle but have no problem people treating Obama as god on earth? These two trolls are hypocrites pure and simple.

          • Anonymous

            Bert, come on, you know Beck doesn’t write most if any of his books. He either hires writers and researchers or buys the rights to books already written. The author of the agenda 21 book has recently come out saying she was duped and mislead by Beck. 
             “100 % accurately and meticulously researched…”? I don’t really know what “accurately researched” means within the context of actually doing research, but I think I get your point, and it’s totally bogus. You’re right, he is under heavy scrutiny, and the scrutiny coming from the leading scholars in basically any and every academic field says he has no idea what he’s talking about. The “brightest lights” don’t discourage beck from peddling his sophistry. 

             When Beck has Barton on, why doesn’t he ever invite Gordon Wood, or Eric Foner, or Jill Lepore into the studio for a debate? How come beck’s idea of “truth” always fits so well within his broader ideological outlook?

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, you are too full of crap. I don’t have the energy to address this.

    • Anonymous

      Why didn’t you display intelligence and insight here?  Why didn’t you make a well-informed political argument here?  Your only goal was to bash Glenn.  You have not addressed anything that has to do with the content of his message.  If you actually were able to grasp what he had said, you’d have heard him say that the civil rights movement belongs to nobody in particular, not MLK, not Ghandi, not Glenn himself, but it’s never ending.
      It doesn’t take any talent or ability to hate anybody or anything.  Look, I know you are capable of saying something productive and not laced with bigotry towards those who disagree with you, but you have not demonstrated this in your post.

      • jen

        Actually that was quite an intelligent comment, regardless of whether you like it or not.

        Beck is telling his audiences that he is like mlk and Gandhi.  Well, not quite.  Both men did not have all the protection, amenities, and staff and estab money/contacts/info that Beck has – is about what the commentator is saying.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah I’ve had you post to me before. Every word out of your mouth is patently moronic. Have a good day bothering people, your only real skill.

    • jen

      I agree with you.  Beck followers are like zombies and take him like a god.  This is unhealthy and laughable!!!  Beck should into his audience to the people that do the work – like write books with his name on it, write his script, and practice his crying, etc..

      Beck has his de/reprogramming centers that he has introduced as well – kinda weird Nazi like.

      Anyway, he shares some good info from time to time – so he has some value.

    • Kanak Attack

      Geez, the trolls are out in full force today!  You’re comments are so ignorant they’re actually comical.

  • Anonymous

  • Sam Fisher

    I see the liberal hoard is out trolling around again. 

    • Anonymous

       Hi, this is in reply to your comment above (in reply to bert28, comment #937898116) .. looks like we are limited here in the number of replies we can have to one comment… This one: “I wonder why these liberals can hear evil on our side like a dog whistle
      but have no problem people treating Obama as god on earth? These two
      trolls are hypocrites pure and simple.”

      I can’t speak for edtoohey, but for my part:
      1) Who said anything about evil on your side? I made a critique of one particular aspect of Glenn Beck’s shtick. “Hearing evil” never entered into it. I’ve never actually heard anyone describe Beck as “evil”, although he is quite fond of using that term when referring to his opponents.
      2) Who said anything about Obama being a god on earth? I support Obama but have never had any illusions about him being anything other than a gifted politician.
      3) My understanding of “trolling” is that it’s an attempt by someone on comment threads to stir up anger/arguments/trouble by posting inflammatory/vicious/nasty comments which are often completely unrelated to the topic at hand. Neither my comments nor edtoohey’s fit those criteria. I post on comment threads in the hope of having intelligent, reasoned, civil discourse with people with whom I may or may not agree.
      Thanks! Have a lovely afternoon.

      • Sam Fisher

        Really. You’re not fooling anyone here.

        • Anonymous


          • Sam Fisher

            Playing stupid is not helping your case.

          • Anonymous

             Sorry – what case? What are you talking about?

          • Anonymous

            His case is to hate Glenn, then attempt to make you and I look stupid (unsuccessfully) for pointing it out, then become dumber through his denial.

        • Anonymous

          High five to you.

      • Anonymous

        What does bashing Glenn have to do with the actual content of his speech?  Oh yeah, nothing.  You can’t even stick to your guns.  It’s been pointed out that you are a misinformed, liberal, uncouth, narrow-minded troll.  I can spot someone who hasn’t picked up any productive literature in their entire lives.  You are a hater.  The more you deny it, the clearer it becomes. 

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm… sorry, I’m not getting your point. You have descended to the level of substance-free name-calling, and yet somehow I’m supposed to be a “hater”?

          I’m not sure what you mean about “stick to your guns”. If you recall, originally a comment was made about Beck’s over-hyping skills; I commented in support of that and tried to answer your remarks with reason and civility. I guess you’re not interested in that kind of discussion, and would rather spout meaningless epithets. Fair enough then. Have a lovely day. I do hope you come to realize that not everyone who disagrees with you is a “hater”. Good luck.

          • Anonymous

            EHS, you’re not going to understand their viewpoints intellectually.  The people responding to you deal in emotion and religiosity; they’re True Believers – that’s Beck’s audience.  Every issue is part of a cause to them, a matter of right and wrong.  And so, they tend to see criticism as a danger to be attacked rather than an opportunity for mutual learning and understanding.  It’s fascinating to engage with them so long as you know what to expect.  You won’t find reasoned debate, but you can get some (often uncomfortable) insight into the extend to which emotion can subvert reason.  You’ll better understand who you’re dealing with and why progress is so tough.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks for that — good points all. I have some family members who are hard-core Beck fans (of the “Glenn has never been wrong about anything” variety) and discussions on politics inevitably get emotional and angry and go nowhere. Maybe trying to bring some calm rationality to discussion threads could at least be useful preparation for those awkward moments around the Christmas dinner table …

          • Anonymous

            I’ve found it best to focus on specifics, esp things that are quantifiable and may be fact-checked. Expect, however that facts contradicting their opinion will be attributed to a biased source. This is the whole raison d’etre of the “liberal media” nonsense they propagate. They don’t like investigative journalism. These folks begin with the conclusion – literally. Their Truth is a worldview based on absolutes, so facts are selected and made to fit. Reason, in the scientific sense, doesn’t play much of a role, since it, too, must serve the higher goal of Truth. I’ve been astonished by the arguments conservatives have made when I’ve cornered them. Hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

            It’s both fascinating and frightening. My liberal friends think I’m crazy to poke around in the darkness as I do, but I find it exciting and fascinating to learn about the depth of the human capacity for self-deception. I have conservative friends who drink the Kool-Aid, and I don’t want to alienate them, so Beck’s site is a good place for discovery.

          • Kanak Attack

            Swank, the mere fact that you’re obviously a huge supporter of socialist America and are making your best effort to write article-length comments on the most Conservative website on the planet shows how much of an agenda you bring to any sort of discussion on here.  Please stop wasting everyone’s time.

            That goes for you too, marbury.

          • Anonymous

             Dear Kanak,

            No. (Concise enough for you?) 

            Seriously, man, if you don’t want to read my comments, don’t read them. You are under no obligation to do so.

            If you don’t mind, though, I am curious about one part of your remarks. It is true that I am a liberal (not a socialist – not the same thing!) and disagree with most things Glenn-Beck-related, although I do find him an intriguing figure in a media / salesmanship context. But I am wondering what you mean by “how much of an agenda you bring to any sort of discussion”. What exactly do you mean by that, please? It’s a serious question; I would sincerely like to know your thoughts.

            Here’s why. You see this a lot (on both sides of the ideological divide) where someone gets accused of having an “agenda” as though just that word, in and of itself, is supposed to give us all the shivers. In my opinion it’s typically a dodge, to avoid tackling the real issue at hand, whatever that may be. But maybe you’re thinking of something else. So what is it you think my “agenda” might be?

            As far as I can see, my “agenda”, if you insist on using that term, is to engage people on comment threads in intelligent, reasonable, civil discourse on various topics.  This is hardly the only site I comment on, but I like to discuss things with people who probably disagree with me (i.e. conservatives) because (believe it or not!) I think I might actually learn something from them, and perhaps they might learn something from me. So is this somehow supposed to be sinister or nefarious?

            Quick example: I see lots of comments on sites like this which lightly toss around the word “evil” — progressives are EVIL! Obama is EVIL! Universal health-care is EVIL! .. and so on. I think those kinds of folks might derive some benefit from conversing with someone from the progressive realm, and perhaps come to realize that just because someone doesn’t share your views, it doesn’t mean he is working for Satan. Does that seem unreasonable?

            Thanks. I’d love to know your thoughts.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • JoAnn John

    I am one American who is proud of what America is supposed to be…the nasty comments from those who choose to criticize Glenn Beck need to offer their sarcastic noise to those in Government who are changing the United States of America…If you have time to spend mocking someone who is trying to get people to pay attention to the craziness in our government…You have ample time to contact your appointed state and federal officials and use your words to help those of us that want a respectful, honest, “United for the good of All American Citizens” Government .  Stop the  “Nasty ”  Start  spreading the information to help

  • jdgalt

    I’d be completely with you, if you left the God business out of it.  But what I hear you saying is what the preachers have been saying for centuries — that only those who follow “God’s word” are worthy and should be entitled to claim a civil right to live the way they want to.  And I can’t buy that.

    If you think about it, I’ll bet that none of you practice religion the way it was in Moses’ day, either.  So who are you to tell the gays and the dopers they aren’t as entitled to be left alone as the rest of us?  In another generation the bigotry against those groups will be as forgotten as the other mistakes in the Bible — unless Christians cling to those mistakes so strongly that society throws out the baby with the bath water.

    By all means, let us go and confront police and bureaucrats who abuse their powers.  And maybe get arrested, peacefully and in a good cause.  But don’t exclude your natural allies, or you will lose and deserve to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Thomas Jefferson, in drafting the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, used the phrase “our civil rights” in the text -and he was talking about himself and his fellow European Americans.  James Madison also wrote about “civil rights”, and he was talking about the civil rights of European Americans.  Civil rights absolutely are not just some African-American thing.

    In the early days of America, Danbury Baptists (who were not African) had good reason to be concerned about their civil rights.  During World War II, Japanese Americans had their civil rights violated big time.  And today, political conservatives, pro-life Americans and American Christians in general are being targeted by a government that couldn’t care less about civil rights -or human rights, for that matter -though it loves to pay lipservice to both.

    In other words, “civil” rights are the rights of all citizens of the political community (in this case, the United States.)  Glenn, you are absolutely right to call this movement a “civil rights movement”. 

  • Anonymous

    HyMrkt: (interesting choice of a handle, by the way)[see his/her comment in response to bert28, below], let’s be fair.  The only one claiming to have been “duped” with regard to the publication of Agenda 21 was the author of a review (?) at Salondotcom, published 11/19/2012, and in which the author complained that the book on which she had done some line-editing had been purchased and published by Glenn Beck.  I have not found any statement by Harriet Parke (the “actual” author of the book, given credit on the cover of the book along with Beck) to the effect that she felt she was “duped” by Beck and/or his minions.  Indeed, I suggest that the reader visit Ms. Parke’s eponymous blog for an indication of what she thought about her association with Mr. Beck, his staff, and the book’s publisher in the publication of her book.

    When you read that article on Salondotcom, you may find yourself a bit bemused by the article/review’s author’s failure to do some basic research on the subject on which she was holding forth.  Firmly entrenched in concepts and beliefs about the “old” America, uninformed by the changes wrought over the past 100+ years by the hyper-patient progressives, the author of the Salon article/review almost laughably reiterated some notions like; the Constitution is “the law of the land,” there is no such thing as federal land use law, and all land use regulation lies with the states and their political subdivisions,  Mayhaps she has never heard of the USEPA and the way it has run roughshod over the rights of individual landowners in this country.  Or the fact that treaties can trump all law in some circumstances.  She dismisses what she otherwise considers and readable and worthwhile book with a cryptic and otherwise unspecified reference to a “few lines from chapter four” [sic][that would be Chapter Four of the official UN document] which she says the Beck group had taken out of context.

    C’mon, you’re better than that.  Be fair.  Attack Glenn Beck with facts, if you can.  Do your own research and don’t rely on the nonsensical progress-o-spew put out there by people who only care about the acquisition of power and the abuse of that power once they get it.

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