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The uprisings that took place in Egypt a little over a year ago sparked what we now know as the Arab Spring, which resulted in violent protests spreading across the Middle East. Among the impacted countries was Syria, which broke out into a brutal civil war that has killed upwards of 90,000 people. With the escalation of the conflict now including possible involvement from superpowers on both sides of the fight, there’s no reason to believe that the violence is approaching a halt. In fact, it looks like more fighting is on the way for Syria, Egypt, and other countries in the region.

While the media may have you believe that the Egyptian people had a “successful” democratic uprising that enabled them to elect a new leader and that the country is back on track, the truth is far from that. Tension is high in Egypt, and last week TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton spent the week in the Middle East and has first hand information about the increasing hostility and violence in the region.

Buck joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss what he saw while he was on the ground in the Middle East.

Buck explained that the one-year anniversary of Mohammed Morsi’s rule will be on June 30th.

“He is the guy who has run this country into the ground,” Buck said of Morsi. “Even people who are completely, which, how should I say this, who voted for him in the beginning. I spoke with activists, people who are in Tahrir Square from the start who looking at me with shame in their eyes. And I’ve got to say I think understandably so given what’s happened because they voted for Morsi. So‑called liberals, people who wanted change in the country, and they’re outraged.”

“Now here’s the problem,” Buck continued, “nothing can really legally come of these massive demonstrations. And we’re talking millions, Glenn. We’re not talking about thousands. They think there will be millions of people Countrywide who will demonstrate in some way. This could lead to bloody clashes in Cairo. The military who sort of has been standing on the sidelines and watching the Muslim Brotherhood just completely run this country into the ground. The military has said, “Oh, we might step in.” Well, guess what. If the military steps in, the possibility of an actual coup becomes very high. If they don’t step in, you have very powerful factions in this country that are warring on the streets and nothing to stop them.”

Buck went on to explain that he doesn’t know who will step in — he’s not sure that they know either…but the protests or “rallies” are coming.

“We’ll watch for these protests starting on the 28th. I actually got a flyer from the Muslim Brotherhood — starting on the 28th, that’s when they are going to get the rallies going,” Buck explained. “And if these things start to get violent and out of control and you don’t see a military presence on the streets, nobody knows where it’s going to end.”

“The only other thing I’d say, Glenn, is there’s a distinct possibility that we may see some sort of U.S. escalation with regard to Syria as well,” Buck continued. “This of course affects everything in the broader Middle East, and I have something up right now on TheBlaze that shows everybody what I learned in the refugee camps in Zaatari, which I would encourage people to go and check out because they’ve got everything there.  They have got Al‑Qaeda infiltrations, they’ve got stories of war.  I mean, that’s really a window into what’s happening there and everything is connected.”

What Buck saw on the ground confirmed many of Glenn’s concerns that the Brotherhood and the Jihadists are all working together. They are working towards the same goals.

“We’re headed towards a Middle East war if things don’t calm down,” Buck said. “That’s for sure. And Glenn, as anybody who looks at how the world wars broke out in the past, certainly the first one, it was that unforeseen inciting event. It was something that nobody could have predicted and nobody was expecting that caused the world to catch on fire.”

“There are plenty of places where there’s gasoline on the ground in the Middle East; it’s just a question of what the match is going to be.”