Glenn and Dr. Alveda King reveal the six steps to fight for civil rights

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On Tuesday night, Glenn did a show that he never thought he would actually do, but it had been in the back of his mind since he was on FOX News: he must teach people how to fight for civil rights using nonviolent means. There has been no greater role model in modern history for this struggle than Martin Luther King, Jr., and Glenn invited his niece Dr. Alveda King onto the show to educate the audience on what they must do.

Glenn explained that this fight must be rooted in values and principles, and that’s what the 9/12 Project was all about: 9 values and 12 principles. Using values and principles, people show others how to be righteous, even when confronting their adversaries.

The Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage, and Restoring Love events were all about strengthening the individuals who are part of this movement. In Washington DC, everyone gathered pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to God. In Israel, Americans showed that they would stand in the face of evil and would not be afraid to speak. And in Dallas, those who filled Cowboys Stadium and watched across the country chose love over hate, creation over destruction.

Glenn explained that the new movement for civil rights must learn from the example of African Americans in the 1960s. They confronted police brutality, oppression, segregation, and terror with honor, courage, and love. Glenn said it was important to learn from their example in order to do the same today. That’s why he invited Alveda King onto his show.

To start, he quoted MLK who gave the model all must follow: “There is little hope for us until we become tough minded enough to break loose from the shackles of prejudice, half-truths, and downright ignorance…but we must not stop with the cultivation of a tough mind. [We must also have] a tender heart…”

Alveda King spent the show walking through the first three steps (of six) of Nonviolent Social Change, a “sequential process of nonviolent conflict-resolution and social change based on Dr. King’s teachings”. From The King Center:

  1. Information Gathering – The way you determine the facts, the options for change, and the timing of pressure for raising the issue is a collective process.
  2. Education – The process for developing articulate leaders, who are knowledgeable about the issues. It is directed toward the community through all forms of media about the real issues and human consequences of an unjust situation.
  3. Personal Commitment – Means looking at your internal and external involvement in the nonviolent campaign and preparing yourself for long-term as well as short-term action.
  4. Negotiation – Is the art of bringing together your views and those of your opponent to arrive at a just conclusion or clarify the unresolved issues, at which point, the conflict is formalized.
  5. Direct Action – Occurs when negotiations have broken down or failed to produce a just response to the contested issues and conditions.
  6. Reconciliation – Is the mandatory closing step of a campaign, when the opponents and proponents celebrate the victory and provide joint leadership to implement change.
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  • Pamela Peltonen

    Glenn, why are you only allowing college aged kids into your audience lately? 

    • Draxx

      Glenn is trying to reach out and break the Indoctrination Barrier that has been raised on our youth for the last 40 years (but more importantly the last 15 years of indoctrination has been rampant with Internet/Computer Technology, Media Propaganda, Entertainment Industries (mainly Hollywood and Disneyland).

      Older people understand better what the Real World is Like from our own sufferages, we have seen more wars, we have Lost So Many Freedoms that we used to enjoy (or simply had), we have Lost Loved Ones to the Prison/Penal System because of Additional Laws that Criminalize Them Unjustly, We Have Lost The Personal Relationships With Our Children Because We Work Too Many Hours and Drive Too Many Miles to work (The Loss of Love and Not being there for your children when they need you has a Seriously Negative Effect).  I was raised you work hard and improve your life as you go along!  Kids now are being raised that Six Hours of Xbox/Playstation/Computer Games Daily is “No Big Deal”, when in reality they are becomming More Detached From Good Moral Values -and- What being a Good Citizen Really Means!

      We All Need To Reach Out and Affect the Youths of America, We Need to Help Them Understand the Perils of Socialism, Communism, Facism, Being Racist, Not Standing Up For Rights Given to All of Us (not just the select few elitist that enjoy true freedom), and the List Goes On and On…

      *Note: Personally I feel that it is Great that Glenn and his crew can even get that many College Aged Kids that want to make things better from a Constitutional Standpoint!  Hopefully, those youths will tell 2 friends and those 2 friends tell 2 more friends, until we have Millions of them Understanding Where We Are Headed If We Do Not Change Directions (and I don’t mean in Obummer’s Fundamentally Way Either)!

  • Draxx

    You Earn Your Living By What You Get…

    You Live Your Life By What You Give!!!

    author: anonymous

  • Ricky Green

    American’s Civil Rights movement is the “key” to connecting all American’s to real lasting change with Faith, hope and love. My fellow American’s it might take a lifetime, so get your mindset right, because American’s Freedom is worth defending/protecting for your sake and future generations of American’s to come. Restore American’s liberty with gun rights, health rights, soda rights, Removing oppressive Government Regulations destroying American’s jobs rights, the list just goes on and on and they are all American’s Civil Rights being violated.

    • Pachy Serrano

      Yep, you want total power to the people. In definition is called Anarchy! Dumbest, Laws and Govt. are not evil. they were supported and created by OUR Founding Fathers. Without laws and Govt, we have no democracy, we have no Republic, fool!

      • Dori Cart

        Dumbarse- why do you think that the Founding Fathers sought to limit big government???? Because they were afraid of socialists like obama changing and growing and RUINING a wonderful country that was founded on (GASP!!!) Judeo Christian values.

  • Charlie Blackmon

    But this will only work if you’re opponent is basicly a good person . History has taught us that the progressives are not good people .

    • Pachy Serrano

      If you believe in God and Love, you won’t be saying the crap you just said. There are many (millions) of progressives who are good people. Who told you only conservatives are good? By the way, by saying that, YOU ARE EVIL!!! and God will judge you with time . . . I hope your daughter or son don’t become one of those you hate.  

      • Draxx

        Pachy, you are a liar!  There are Not Millions of Good Progressives, obviously you have not read the DHS/NSA reports from their spying operations…

        There are 587,442 Progressives Trying To Run (Ruin) This Country, and the reports show that only 32,973 are ACTUALLY Good People that don’t want to destroy America as it has been for the last 100 years.  Also the report has shown that there are Only 256 Progressives that believe in God and True Equality!

        By the way God will Judge You for Your Stupidity in believing Obummer is on your side!  The only thing you will be able to achieve under Obummer is becomming a 3rd Class Citizen (actually to them you are already that but you just don’t know it in your Ignorance).  You will have the Right to Work in the Fields, Mow his lawn, clean his septic tank, or work in a low paying position in a cannery or factory.  Your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend will only be allowed to do his laundry, mop his floors, or do the dishes! 

        What makes you think that those people on Capital Hill/Washington are really going to Treat You Better than the Native Americans, African Americans, Japanese, Russians, or any other nationality they only see fit to be Slaves -or- Dead Because of Their Desires for Land, Wealth, and Power!!!


        • Anonymous

          Man, I’ll be glad when all you kooks die off

          • Sam Fisher

            We are not going anywhere moron. 

  • Stephan Bruno

    Just to let you know that Velveeta King is considered the black sheep of her family and that she hardly knew her uncle. What a coon. 

    • Pamela Peltonen

      I will pray for you

    • Donna Louise Turrentine

      You don’t have to “hardly know” to know with the core of your being…that you are creepy

    • Dagger Rose

      And she’s the only one that inherited his wisdom. Not that you know what real wisdom is or anything.

    • Pachy Serrano

      U got it Stephan. Oye, you are well informed man. Am sure if MLK would have been alive today, he will support our “illegal” mexican neighbors in their struggle. He knew better and understood what were the real issues with the Civil Rights movement. Now these tea baggers think they have been oppressed by their own Govt. (well, only Obama). But the reality is that if your white, protestant, and with guns in America
      . . . U are not doing that bad after all, unless you gay or fat (which are the only white people I know who get discriminated against) Hard truth, ah??

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess Liberal Obama Supporters – Martin Luther Kings daughter is an Uncle Tom? Yeah, how dare you ever smear the name of Martin Luther King for your agenda, but it would not surprise me if you did.

    • Anonymous

      Civil rights for bumpkins now! Vote Beck. Vote Bumpkin!

  • Anonymous

    it wont matter in a few years the Hispanic vote will cancel all this when they get the majority. it will be like the coming of the dinosaur age. In this case please vote for the immigration act. hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyle Ely

      GFY you racist douche

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I wish we had taken this particular exit two years ago. I hope it’s not too late.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the Blaze will post the “contract” that each person who marched with King were required to sign and live. 

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

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  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

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  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

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  • Sam Fisher

    Now let’s see the haters on the left call her a race traitor. 

  • Anonymous

    Alveda is just a beautiful person.  She understands forgiveness, because she understands her true adversary…. SIN.   She did what most people will never do, and that is to let go of OFFENCE.  Now, she has the qualifications to be a real civil rights leader.   Which in it’s truest form is a = Follower of Christ.  Thank you Alveda for being a good example.

  • Nalejbank

    WWJD? Love the sinner but hate the sin. Is that right? If sin is of the devil, are we allowed to hate the devil? Should we pray for the devil? Or is he irrevocably “lost” and unsavable? Did the harlot go and sin no more? Did the money changers ever again subvert the Church – Christ’s bride? Even in our modern day churches? Do “progressive” Christians really believe the government should violate the essence of “thou shall not steal” on behalf of “the needy”? Do Christians really believe that Jesus was a communist? Is that why so many sit in silence while Jesus’s examples are twisted into contradictions? Were the founders of this nation more respectful of Biblical truths and examples than those in today’s modern Churches? If God and God through Jesus recognized each of us as free will stewards of both ourselves and that which God has blessed us to be stewards of in this life, is it Biblical for one steward to “steal” from another his increase from honest labor? Is a worker worth his hire only if he is taxed into giving “charity” through a collective decision of his neighbors to “government” and hence make beholden the recipient to that source while making its actual source a bond slave or law breaker and criminal if the worker refuses? How un-Christian a government have Christians allowed our own government to become? Will our hearts and wills be broken only after our backs are at the hands of an ever growing and arbitrary government controlled by the gaggle of liars and deceivers elected by the corrupt and gullible?

    When shall God’s people wake from their slumber and use the backbone He gave us for His service?

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