What’s next? Glenn explains how Ken Hutcherson and Alveda King helped him see where the freedom movement is headed

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Last week, after speaking in Washington, Glenn felt a shift in his attitude about the direction the freedom movement is headed. He had conversations with members of the Black Robed Regiment in the days that followed that confirmed his new found optimism.

One of the individuals Glenn spoke with was Ken Hutcherson — who Glenn describes as one of the most amazing men he’s ever met.

“I need you to get to know him pretty darn quickly,” Glenn told his radio audience this morning, putting him in the same category with other great leaders of faith he’s met like Billy Graham.

“He’s something special. You’re going to love Ken Hutcherson,” Pat added.

Ken Hutcherson grew up in the south during the Civil Rights movement — not the best place to be if you’re a young, black male. Glenn went on to explain that Ken hated MLK — he was too peaceful and Hutcherson was angry. For much of his youth, Ken was more of the Black Panther’s side of the argument.

“He didn’t get it at all,” Glenn explained, “but then had a profound change and has spent his life trying to tell the truth and be a man of love. He’s remarkable.”

Ken, who is now a pastor, has devoted his life to teaching love and spreading the word of God. Glenn also explained that Hutcherson has severe, stage four bone cancer.

“This guy was supposed to be dead five years ago,” Glenn said. “He has stage four bone cancer…he’s riddled with cancer and doesn’t have a lot of time. But as I was talking to him and as we got to know each other, I asked him to try to help me put some things together.  And really after just a couple of hours, I looked at him and I said, you’re the guy. You’re the guy. And didn’t know he had cancer at the time.”

Glenn went on to explain that it wasn’t until the next day, when he was speaking at the Capitol, that he realized how sick he was. Glenn realized that it’s because Hutcherson is out of time that he is so willing to stand and speak the truth plainly and clearly.

“I don’t think we have a lot of time either,” Glenn explained. “And he’s not going to waste what could literally be his last breath positioning. He’s not going to waste his possible last breath telling you something that is for, what, fame?  For money?  For power?  He’s gone soon.  He’s gone.  You can say whatever you want.  He’s not going to listen to it, he’s not going to listen to bull-crap, and he’s not going to tell you bull-crap.  He’s going to tell you exactly the way it is.”

Glenn has said for the last few days that it’s time for Americans to start leading the movement — that the leader they’re waiting for isn’t coming. They’re the leader they’re waiting for. And it’s people like Ken Hutcherson, Rabbi Lapin, David Barton, and Alveda King who have helped him reach this point.

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Alveda King was one of the first, and she’ll join Glenn tonight at 5pm ET on the Glenn Beck Program for a Civil Rights bootcamp. Glenn recalled the first time he met the niece of MLK. He was on set in Washington D.C. before Restoring Honor.

“I had the faith, hope and charity — I had those three icons that I had painted with Paula Hawking and we had them up on the set.  And she walked in, she said, I just love you.  And I said, well, thank you, Ms. King.  And she said, you know my Uncle Martin, he said that was the answer.  She pointed to those.  And I said, ‘faith, hope and charity?’  She said ‘faith, hope and love.  That’s what charity is, love.  Faith, hope and love.’  And she said, ‘You know what the answer is.’  And I said, ‘I don’t know how to get there.’  She said, ‘He didn’t, either, for a long time.  None of us do’.”

Glenn went on to explain that after Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage, and Restoring Love, all the pieces are there for the next step.

“This audience has done all of the pieces. Now it is time to put it into play and to put it into action,” Glenn said. “Now is the time to link arms and go for a march, and we are putting them together.  And a man who is literally on his last leg, who has no time for BS, and I will tell you — he told me a story.  He said, he said, I had — I had somebody that I knew — I’ll let him tell story, but he had somebody he knew try to mess with him because of his skin color and he said — he went up to them and he said, you know what you don’t do?  You know what you never do?  You never mess with a man who just isn’t afraid.  And I thought, boy, oh, boy, is that the truth.  And he has nothing to fear,” Glenn said of Hutcherson.

“Courage is contagious,” Glenn continued, “but you have to know exactly why you do the things you do — I think you know — and then you have to know what to do.  And that’s where it’s tricky. Because in this world with all of the legal games that they play, you need to have some big‑ass attorneys on your side.”

“In the coming days I’m going to be asking you if you have an attorney firm and you are willing to dedicate your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor and you are willing to help us navigate the waters that will need to be navigated by the right Reverend and those who follow him, if you can help them and if you can help the American people know exactly where the lines are and what to do, so we are always doing the right thing.  And if you are prepared to stand,” Glenn said.

“And I know a lot of people don’t understand this, but you are fighting for Civil Rights.  It is the bill of civil rights,” he continued. “Everything that is in the Bill of Rights, that’s what’s being violated.  Those, that’s all that Martin Luther King was looking for.  What they’ve done is they’ve turned it into special rights.  But that’s not what Martin Luther King was asking.  Martin Luther King was asking, apply that document to me.  Apply those rights to me.  And that’s all you’re asking for.”

Glenn went on to explain that Civil Rights is the reason he and Bill Maher will agree on certain issues. But it’s because the language is difference that the media makes such a big deal about it. It all comes down to freedom, you just have to understand their language: Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, and the Bill of Rights — the right and left may label them differently, but on the fundamental issues it’s all about freedom.

“There’s a difference in our language but not a difference in the meaning.  We describe them as constitutional rights; they describe them as civil rights,” Glenn said. “When we start speaking their language and you know what we mean and we know what they mean, which is those rights that are guaranteed and given to every man by God, when we start defending those things and start speaking the universal language and we start doing with peace and love, I’m telling you the world’s going to change, and you look out.  Because we are not going to sit down.  I’m going out swinging.  I am not going to sit down.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One matter above all else Glenn, as the anger and insanity of Obama grows by the day, watch your back – Obama and many on the left will not hesitate to eliminate you once and for all if they feel it is to their gain.

    • Anonymous

      I sure hope that never happens because all the rest of us Glenns will come out of the woodwork. God bless Cat we are way more than just Glenn and may God wrap his protective arms around us all .

      • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.wilson.353803 Rachel Wilson

        We need to come out of the woodwork, now!  Before anything can happen!

        • Anonymous

          It’s starting Rachel we just can’t kick people into believing that this is all really happening around us everyday, but you are absolutely right .
          God bless you Rachel

    • Anonymous

       I agree with you that Glenn needs to watch his back!
      We must never never forget Hillary Clinton’s friend Vince Foster who know too much about Clinton’s dealing at The Rose Law Firm–like maybe she signed/did things as an attorney when she was JUST a para legal or clerk or worse–who was found shot in the BACK of his head–ruled a suicide! Plus Andrew Breitbart was going to tell what he knew and poof–he was dead–another reporter was just killed as he was working on something that these people didn’t want to come out!
      This whole Adm. are Chicago thugs and so is H. C.–these people are ruthless so
      Lord–please watch over Glenn Beck and his family and team!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Civil Rights and the Constitution, this is the common ground all of us can come together upon; and by doing so, end the nightmare of the Progressives and Democrat Socialists.

    Our nation, our liberty, our very freedom and way of life have been entrusted to us by God; and in doing so we have the sacred responsibility to manage them with wisdom and to be good stewards.

    I and my house stand for and serve the Lord, we are called to duty in His service, and by Him, in this land at this time and place. I will never bow down before any man, nor worship one come what may.

    I belong to the Lord, and it is with Him I stand.

  • Sapere Vedere

    Anyone who has not seen it yet I highly suggest watching C.L.Bryant’s fantastic film called “Runway Slave.”  It stars most of the great conservative black leaders of America and is not only educational but inspiring.  I sent an email to Glenn to suggest airing the film on The Blaze Network, I hope he does.  (see link to info on the movie) 


    • Anonymous

      RunAway slave. Nor runway slave .

  • Anonymous

    Forget that and it’s all for nothing !

  • Anonymous

    Glenn remains about the only inspiration that we the Conservatives have left today, I pray for God to continue to watch over him and to continue his blessings on him, we are entering perilous times in this country.

    • Nanette

       There is also Dr. Ben Carson and a Messianic Rabbi Jonathon Cahn and there are others, so many others…But I pray for a hedge around Glen and the others that STAND…there are many deaths that are hidden in the chaos..little talked about..one only needs to SLOW down get on a ladder and look down at the pieces to the puzzle to “see”! Dear Lord, help us in these days of trouble, we know there is day..a day when your Spirit will be poured out..a day when our young people will prophesy..a day when there will be a GREAT revival… a day before our Christ calls us into the clouds with a great trump..a day…soon a day.Come Lord Jesus..pour your Spirit out on us!

  • Ricky Green

    American’s Civil Rights movement is the “key” to connecting all American’s to real lasting change with Faith, hope and love. My fellow American’s it might take a lifetime, so get your mindset right,  because American’s Freedom is worth defending/protecting for your sake and future generations of American’s to come.  

  • Stephan Bruno

    Velveeta King is a sell out and a black sheep to her family. She hardly knew her uncle and is a straight Tom. 

    • Anonymous

      Sally you just never quit do you if you keep up the hatred someday the profound sadness that you carry on to every story is all you’ll have ” If not already ”
      Have you ever heard about Zoloft or Prozac because you need something dude you are ate up brother. 

      • Mike Nelson

        lol “ate up”… brings me back to basic training :)

        Seriously though… don’t help this racist prick.  Just let it happen.  They never learn until they are forced to, and when that happens they ARE the statistics they so fearfully cite.

        There’s nothing so tragically ironic as a lib whose illusions have just been shattered.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Mike your right this guy is absolutely a dick I’ve been watching him for a long time now (and jacked him many times) I thought that maybe this puss will go get some sort of a pill ,but you are right ,I should remember there is no pill for stupid or racist but I’m sure he wouldn’t talk like he does here if we were standing right next to the punk it’s just a shame ya know what I mean. God bless brother.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the left or Democrats only have hatred.  That is how they survive.  Even Biblically, there has always been really mean spirited people.  We will win in the end and will be with the Lord, unfortunately, they will be left behind.  One day, we will live in a totally pure heaven without all of this evil.  It is unfortunate, that we have to live with that now.  I love everyones comments – can’t believe I heard so many comments about God.  Refreshing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trust in the Lord for that is all that we have – for now.  That will change one day.

  • Anonymous

    We The People don’t have to put up with ANY of this nonsense if we just BAN TOGETHER and “become” The United States Constitution Police Force, and WE THE PEOPLE will do what all police forces, combined, are NOT doing. WE THE PEOPLE will PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL ENEMIES both foreign and (especially) DOMESTIC.
    WE CAN DO THIS “OVER-NIGHT” without having to fire a shot or acting like we’re overthrowing the government.
    TYRANNY cannot take place if Americans, all 80 MILLION or more “hunters”, will STEP OUT TOGETHER, just like on Opening Day of hunting season.  FULLY LOCKED AND LOADED.
    Do it THIS TIME (because we are OUT of time) on July 4, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. EST (6:00 a.m. PST)
    The ONLY DIFFERENCE this time, is, WE NEVER TAKE OUR GUNS OFF AGAIN.   We wear our guns as EVERY DAY APAREL, just like FREE America did in the 1800’s.
    We will NOT go about KILLING each other or trying to OVERTHROW the government.  The purpose is to keep the government from OVERTHROWING the CITIZENS.
    The GOOD CONSTITUTIONAL COPS will support our CITIZEN’S ARREST of ANY cop or politician, trying to DISARM law abiding American CITIZENS, by cuffing them and taking them to JAIL where they will be booked, arraigned, and scheduled for trial on the charge of TREASON for actively engaging in the OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution by trying to enforce UN-LAWFUL ORDERS overriding the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th, amendments that have NEVER BEEN REPEALED and therefore are STILL the law of the land.
    We’re running out of time, folks.  Send this message to all you know on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, phone calls, and personal conversations.
    We can have our country back in a HEARTBEAT and without having to fire a SINGLE SHOT or engage in overthrowing the government.
    This is LEGAL ACTION that we can ALL take and MUST take TOGETHER.
    There’s 80 MILLION of us and only 6 MILLION of them TOTAL, and 3 MILLION of their six million will JOIN OUR SIDE if we step out together.
    That leaves a “puny” 3 MILLION against 83 MILLION of us.  NO GOVERNMENT can overthrow its CITIZENRY if its CITIZENS are CARRYING their guns on them everywhere in PUBLIC.   Criminals of ALL ILK would be FOOLS to take us on.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is correct.  It is time, but unfortunately too late.  The perfect example is the election in Massachusetts where you have a whole state of low information idiotic voters voting for Markey for Senator.  Markey, the person that exemplifies all the problems with Congress.

  • Ricky Green

    We The People must Stand with Faith, hope and love to Restore American’s liberty/Freedom  with gun rights, health rights, soda rights, Removing oppressive Government Regulations destroying American’s jobs rights, the list just goes on and on and they are all American’s Civil Rights being violated.

  • Ricky Green

    Why is it that the Abortion debate is always about Women civil rights of choice ?  Who will Stand for the kids civil rights ? 

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